Thursday, November 3, 2016

So will the new season of Miss Frimans war – Sveriges Television

Miss Friman and her valiant friends are back with a third season in jul. In the new season of the storms it more than ever, at the same time as a new love blossoms. The gang gets supplements in the staff at the Swedish Home and the couple May end up in a real tight spot.

do you Remember how it started? See the first two seasons on SVT Play!

With an audience of just over 1.5 million viewers on the previous two seasons of Miss Frimans war series has become a beloved christmas tradition in the SVT. The text below contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the first two seasons you should stop reading here!

the Plot of the third season (warning for spoilers)

In the third season of Miss Frimans war, a young woman in the circle around Dagmar Friman and her friends mistakenly registered as a prostitute. It makes that women in the Swedish Homes to open their eyes to the dreary conditions of the city’s prostitutes live under, all to protect the men who are customers. But the women are divided about prostitution really is a question that the cooperative will operate. Kinna think it is obvious that they must stand up even for women who find themselves at society’s bottom. Dagmar is not at all in the mood. Lotties dress Shoulder engages, however, is in question, which will be a new trial in their marriage.

Alma is trying to convince Emmy to move back home to her. They are both lonely, and would get the company of each other in old age. When Emmy gets courted complicates the plans. Jon, who has lived in the Alma Lill-Inger, wants to show that he can stand on its own and arrange their own accommodation for themselves and their daughter. But the authorities breathing down him in the neck. Can a single father take care of a child?

Frithiof Johannesson has fallen out of favor in the parliament and will stay at home and surar. But his wife Ruth do not intend to find themselves in it. With flattery and cunning, she tries to persuade her husband to return to the corridors of power. Something she may come to regret.

In the lead roles: Sissela Kyle, Sofia Ledarp, Frida Hallgren, Maria Kulle and Lena T. Hansson. Screenplay: Pernilla Oljelund. Director: Harald Hamrell.

Here you can load up for the third season by seeing the first two seasons

to Premiere on christmas day at 21.00 in the SVT Play and BBC1


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