Sunday, November 13, 2016

Little Jinder is really too good ”So much better” – Aftonbladet

Little Jinder is really good for the program.

But it is nice that she is presented in the best time.

What was that? What happened? Rewind the tape. Right there towards the end. Stop.


It is a bit Kalle Ankas julafton over everything.

It feels like Danny Saucedo and Little Jinder makes a strange "So much better"-cover of Lady and the Tramp.

But Danny has a bit of a problem. He pushes köttbullen, in this case the song "Super 8", with the nose. However, he may not bullen over the plate. Spagettilasset seems to be more tricky to get through during the filming on the island of Gotland than in the disney film.

He stops, breathes, and start over. Stop, breathe and start over. The feelings that the song and the text arouses in him seems suffocating.

the Tension rises. It is the last straffsparken in a football match. Will Danny make the goal or go by the plan with the gamnacke?

But end up putting Danny Saucedo their cover of the nättaket. All of the participants around the dinner table cheering. What a relief. A round of applause.

"Super 8" was something of a revenge for Danny after last week’s resounding stolpskott version of Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s "Ships". He is much better when he evokes their inner Usher and take in for the king, fatherland and Little Jinder.

Otherwise, I am getting a little worried over the participants ‘ popkoll.

common man does not know to Little Jinder might not be so strange. But musicians and artists? And last week, about the same number of absolutely nothing if Freddie Wadling, which is directly embarrassing. It should immediately organised a basic course on rock music for the future "So much better"stars. There is a big world to discover outside their self-absorbed bubbles.

However, slarvades not the artists as much with Jinders music. In some cases, became her long-established flair for words and the melodies more clearly.

It was "So much better"-version of Little Jinder, who faced the viewers, and not the artist who did an interview with rockjournalisten Fredrik Strage in the magazine Café.

she said among other things:

"The dress completely beige is probably a pedophile. Or bird watchers. Or academics. They want to blend into nature to get away with their sick interests."

How entertaining, must not be in "So much better". But it is clear that Little Jinder is better and more fun on their own than as TV4-product. And that someone may be provoked by that she necks the tequila with the Filip in the tv says a lot about our sick world. It is about as outrageous as buying a cinnamon bun at the Ica.

A small question only. Spådamen? It was really a necessary hocus pocus?

I can understand and sympathize with the Magnus Carlson confused glance.

What is the next step? To Malin Berghagen health on a medium, and teach the participants to hunt for ghosts in the attic?

It is so stupid, everything.


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