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The author and the musician Jacques Werup is dead – Svenska Dagbladet

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“I hope I to be able to write a beautiful thing, but I have special demands on it now. Late in life, higher demands on yourself than ever. The remains of life may not always store away”.

So said Jacques Werup in an interview with TT in the last year, just before his new book of poems came out. It was not, however, “You have been here – poetry on life and death”, was his last work. In it he summed up his four decades of activity as a poet, but was also their favoritdikter of other poets take place in the book.

Werup grew up in Malmö, sweden and debuted as a writer in 1971 with the “return Ticket to Poland”. The big breakthrough came with “Casanova’s later journeys,” in 1979, a novel that earned him the ezra pound big prize for novels. He was also awarded an Award for the script of the film “As white as snow” in 2001.

In the 1980s was Werup also known for musikpubliken as a singer. He toured extensively with musicians and artists such as Rolf Sersam, Michael Saxell, Lill Lindfors and Mats Ronander. Latest album, “Wiehe & Werup” which he made together with his friend Mikael Wiehe, 2008.

There was a time when I was a very strong and young and talented, and wrote about the destruction of those who not prevailed in my life.

In a written statement to the TT says Wiehe that he feels deep regret after his friend of 50 years:

“Another singing poet has left us. The crowd glesnar. We were friends but we also worked together. It was a great pleasure. I appreciated his warmth and humor, his desire for fellowship, his artistic integrity. And I admired his ironic distance to everything that smelled of powers”.

Karl Otto Bonnier Jacques Werup publishers in over 30 years, and describes a writer “very full of life”.

– Of my author, I believe none has been so intensely living and full of optimism and energy. Of course there were darker streaks in his personality, but it was not they who came to expression. In his writing you can sense a sort of sadness and nostalgia over such things as lost, but when I met him it was like a firework, ” says Bonnier, whose personal favorite out of the Werup’s writing is “Shimonoffs desire” from 1983.

ten years ago came Werup memoir, “Living together”. On why he wrote his livsberättelse already at 61 years of age, he said in an interview in Sydsvenskan:

– The shrinking of time is present. I have become aware of it. I can quote myself a little bit. There was a time when I was a very strong and young and talented, and wrote about the destruction of those who not prevailed in my life.

Jacques Werup was 71 years.

Jacques Werup

Born: In Malmö in 1945

Awards in selection: the Large romanpriset, Piratenpriset, Ferlinpriset, the city of Malmö’s culture prize, the De Nios grand prize

Bibliography: Casanova’s later journeys (1979), From the door to the secret (1985), Pornografens death (1988), the Appetite and senior (1994)


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