Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Now make the “Sunny side” comeback – as movie – Expressen

Congratulations to all the “Sunny side”-lovers.

Now, says Henrik Dorsin to manusarbetet with an upcoming feature film is in time – the actor has been set to start work in the spring.

– but perhaps not in public? Now I get to call around to everyone and apologize, ” says the man that portrays Ove Sundberg in the popular tv series.

Henrik Dorsin has rested from its very popular Ove Sundberg for a while, and is currently working as the sjuttiotalsbaserade skivförsäljaren Bengan in Ulf Malmros ‘ film "Flight into the future".

considering komikerns Grotesco-past with skits like "A portal to the seventies Gothenburg" it is of course a character that fits like a glove.

And Dorsin admits that he is an old soul in a younger body:

” I am more of a "Singing in the bush" than Youtube. But I want to keep up with. I ask my children what they are doing and looking at. But there was so much good before!

but perhaps it is enough to go back a few years? To "The Sunny Side". The latest time Dorsin devoted to the "Flight into the future" and to tour with the Grotesco. In our waiting operatic debut with "the Merry widow", a third season of "Grotesco", and so then possibly the recording of "the Sunny side"-the movie.

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Henrik Dorsin on the plans for the Sunny side

the Project has been in concept stage for a long time now. But as late as in the spring, “said Ulf Kvensler, one of the screenwriters, that he has not worked with the project then:

” I have just heard that there is interest from the production companies, FLX and Jarowskij, and even from the actors I think. Then there is the very busy people so it is difficult to get the timing and such. But, I think that it would get rid of sooner or later, I think many would love to see a "Sunny side”-film, ” he said then.

But now pulls it together.

” There is talk about a "Sunny side"-feature film possibly in the spring.

“I think it is written on a script,” says Dorsin.

– but perhaps not in public? Now I get to call around to everyone and apologize.

How do you feel yourself in the face to return to the Ove?

– Now it was a while ago, so it’s fun to meet with friends, and it becomes a fun script, it is fun. Then when there is the tv series to the film, usually it is always to be abroad.

Exactly! So where would you go?

” Yes, it is well what they are sitting and thinking right now – where they want to go!


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