Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jockiboi: ”It was sheer panic” – Aftonbladet

sorry, hugs and deep conversation about childhood.

When Joakim "Jockiboi" Berg’s dad is coming to dinner for the first time it will be an emotional meeting.
– It is a pain to so many years is stolen from us, ” says Joakim Berg to Nöjesbladet.

In the last episode of "Jockiboi and Jonna" eat Joakim Berg dinner with his biological father for the first time. Joakim has not had contact with his father during his childhood, making him feel extremely nervous before the visit. Last they met was a short moment of Joakim and Jonna lundell’s the wedding during the summer. Before then, they have not been seen in 15, years says Joakim.
– I supposed to meet an adult man who is my biological dad, but I don’t know who he is, what he likes or barely what interests he has. It is, of course, an unknown man for me, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

When the father arrives dare Joakim’t open the door.
– It was pure panic. I didn’t know what I would do. So I had to ask Jonna if she would open. SEE ALSO PLUS Jockiboi: Tried to kill me two times

Joakim tells us that he lived his life in the belief that his dad does not want to have any contact with him. But after taking part of over a thousand pages long document from social services, it has been shown that there is a lot of information from Joakim’s childhood as he is not known. In a previous video clip where Scrooge tells his followers about his childhood, he says that his daddy hit his mama. Something he, with the help of the documents realized is not true, ” he says.

During dinner he asks his dad to apologize.
– I would have liked better sorry. I tried to say it so many times. But it was hard to get it all out there at the kitchen table in such a short time. But I got very good response from him.

How was it to get it where kramen when he went?
– It was lovely very. But it is a pain to so many years is stolen from us. Life had been very different if I had had him in my life.

are you going To meet again?

“Yes, on Sunday, I think we should be seen for a while,” he says.


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