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Peter Jihde: I am bipolar – Expressen

Peter Jihde is up to date with the book "Jihdes Diabetes – a match for life" on the publisher Volante.

at the same time tells TV4 profile that he is struggling with an additional illness – he was diagnosed as bipolar.

“Perhaps,” says TV4 to the "bipoläre Peter, him we do not want to work more with". Or so they say that it is a disease that many creative and talented people, ” says Peter Jihde.

It was four years ago, TV4 profile Peter Jihde, 45, was diagnosed with diabetes type one. Now he, along with his wife Karin Jihde, 43, wrote the book "Jihdes Diabetes – a match for life" about how it is to live with the disease. The book is out of print, Volante.

– It is the book of mormon, and I and my relatives had when I got my diagnosis. The ignorance about diabetes is huge. It is a match for life. I can’t get rid of the disease, ” says Peter Jihde.

"Jihdes Diabetes – a match for life," he tells both about his own journey and everyday struggles – but the interviews also other diabetics about their life with the disease. Among them, the artist Molly Sandén and ex-football player Pär Zetterberg.

” I’m getting more and more experienced as a diabetic. But the disease itself never gets easier. Even if I take care of me so well I can just so I can one day wake up with a cold, going to take my four devices, but then does not work it. Instead I lay there, shaking, can’t talk to the body sets itself on survival. At the same time, I learn to know my body more and more, ” says Peter Jihde.

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Everyday life as a diabetic is uncertain.

– Sometimes when I stand in the kitchen and the cooking, and the family is 45 minutes late, and I will be low in sugar, I can stand and ask myself "cured I, peppered I?". And a few minutes later I begin to wonder again. The body close by, just trying to survive. Every day people who have diabetes down into the black, due to low blood sugar. People don’t know how common it is. It can happen that one dispenses a bit wrong, a bit stressed, have slept badly and so gets it wrong. Then it is just to go by ambulance, or you die. It bothers me the most with diabetes, the mental game, ” says Peter Jihde.

in the Spring of 2013, Peter got a different diagnosis. After a long psychiatric examination, it was clear that he is bipolar.

the Diagnosis was bipolaritet, type two – the milder variant.

Months before, he had felt low and had a hard time to find motivation in life.

– Everyday life when you are bipolar and are in the darker phases are… even if I would look out the window and the sun was shining, I would play golf, meet friends, and then see a concert with Robbie Williams – all the things that I really love – they are whatever. You can’t get out of bed and motivate yourself to do the things you think are the most fun, ” says Peter Jihde.

A time before he was diagnosed, he had felt depressed. The depression coincided with him in 2012 was on paternity leave and went home.

” I was depressed. Thought that everything was dark. I only continued forward. I lived my life, shielded me from the family and tried to take me on from day to day. Tried to do it I had to do. The job that gave me the motivation and meaning. I did and took care of the things I would do at home, too, but without inspiration and joy. I was probably no fun man to have to deal with, ” says Peter Jihde.

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His depression led to a crisis with his wife Karin.

– A bipolar person that is down in a dark phase is not fun to be with. I’m not either. Karin felt bad. She had her battle on and on with the job. Finally, she went into the wall. We were both about to crash. But we went in parterapi, and things turned around. They did, in fact, already before the diabetes-news. It had gotten better already before it, ” says Peter Jihde.

Peter has decided to medications – instead, he works with the therapy.

– When the thoughts just swirl, you are hugely creative, you feel like Gunde Svan, so it is not lying awake all night and read a book and then sleep in 45 minutes. It comes to really hold the energy, ration it. The higher I get, the steeper will be the case then. I’m trying to live normal even when I feel like I am speeded. The darker phases, it is training and socializing. It makes me feel good. I don’t drink wine to get me through the day. I eat right and sleep well. All of it is the same thing that applies to diabetesen. There are two diseases to manage in the same way, ” he says.

To tell you about her bipolar disorder hesitated Peter long before.

” I felt hesitant to tell you about it. I don’t know what to expect. Perhaps says TV4 to the "bipoläre Peter, him we do not want to work more with". Or so they say that it is a disease that many creative and talented people, ” says Peter Jihde.

today, life feels meaningful.

” I don’t have all the keys, but I know what I need to do to make life feel meaningful.


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