Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sanna Nielsen hailed by the readers – the newspaper Aftonbladet

Nöjesbladets reader rejoices Sanna Nielsen.

That SVT has appointed the singer to the year julvärd seem to go home in the cottages.

She is perfect, fits well with his lung voice, and the wonderful dialect, the type signature Anita Engström in Nöjesbladets chat.

the SVT has appointed Sanna Nielsen, 31, for the year julvärd and the one who puts himself in SVT’s studio, turns on the light and keeps us company along with Donald Duck and Karl-Bertil Jonsson on christmas eve.

– It should be a person who the audience knows well and likes, and it fits very well on the net julvärd, said SVT’s director of Lena Glaser during Tuesday’s press conference.

Now she gets echoed by the Nöjesbladets readers.


"Can’t be anything other than cosy. Beautiful happy and positive woman who is already taken the Swedish people in his arms, while we her. Toppenval!" writes the signature Lotta in Nöjesbladets chat with readers.

the Signature Urban Ottosson writes:

"Absolutely the right person this she is able galant. She is a person who is popular among all ages."

"Perfect choice for all who need a safe, comfortable and friendly soul in the julmörkret and solitude," writes MJ while Karin Nyblom tribute to her singing voice:

"Great, she is very happy and can sing".

"Feel a bit of the snark"

A few critical voices in the Nöjesbladets chat remarks on the choice of Sanna Nielsen does not feel particularly challenging.

"Feels like a safe and boring choice. A little overdose of True. She will surely do well, but feels a little snark," writes the signature Davve.

"Damn, eighth map. The world’s largest snarkkudde on it. I sit and fall asleep here," writes Guest.

But in the chat they got the critics quickly counter-thrust:

"Fantastic! Tragic that people are going to complain about the elections every year, True spreads joy like no other and this is going to be great!" writes Niclas while the signature Dude think that she fits well in his new role:

"Finally a julvärd which is julvärd just that she fits to be julvärd! Beautiful, nice and talented". SEE ALSO Not the most exciting choice of julvärd, SVT,


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