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Thompson: “We live in a dangerous time” – Göteborgs-Posten

Emma Thompson think british people have become brainwashed with the images of the “evil” germans. She wanted to be in the movie “Alone in Berlin”. Arkivbild. Image: Axel Schmidt

Fun When Emma Thompson grew up, she learned that all germans were villains, and that all englishmen have been good during the second world war.

- We were brainwashed and knew nothing. All the movies about the war were propaganda films that said the same thing, ” says the now 57-year-old actress to the TT.

It was one of the reasons why she felt deeply in order to make “Alone in Berlin”. In the film Thompson, a woman whose husband works as a foreman at a factory in Berlin. When their only son is killed on the eastern front, committing the pair to begin to oppose the nazis, and to do this, write a short antinazi-slogans on postcards that they put out in the city.

Inspired by the reality

the Film is based on Hans Falladas acclaimed novel "Alone in Berlin". It was in turn inspired by actual events.

- I had read the book a long time ago. When I realised how brainwashed we had been in England, I was very interested in this period, and I did the "Remainder of the day", which is about fascism in England. "Alone in Berlin" is also a story that depicts the so-called common man with respect, and it is unusual because it tells about the working class.

the Husband is played by Brendan Gleeson, Daniel Brühl makes a role as a police officer, and Mikael Persbrandt plays naziofficer. The film is made in English. Emma Thompson does not think that it is a problem.

- I thought of this, but realized that it was good. It makes it a universal film, and it is a universal story about a couple of people who stand up and do something.

Protested against the war

Emma Thompson himself belongs to the actor who is not afraid to say what they think.

- 1990 protested, I was against the first Gulf war and I received very much criticism, even from well-known journalists. Now, almost 30 years later, we can see what has happened in the Middle east and how an entire generation has been radicalized. It makes me crazy that no one seems to want to talk about it.

- Right now, we live in an extremely dangerous time. We really need to lift the pork and give us out and speak with people.

Choosing her own movies if there is a message in them? She hesitates.

- Sometimes I make a movie just because I want to have fun, perhaps because I’ve just made something that has been heavy and dark. I need to laugh. So after the "Alone in Berlin" I played Mrs. Potts in "Beauty and the Beast". At the same time, there is probably some sort of message in everything.

She has won two Oscars, one of them for the screenplay to "Sense and feel". No new scripts at once?

- Well, I should write a romantic comedy, but I won’t really in time.

Facts: Emma Thompson

Born: 1959 in London, in a teaterfamilj.

Background: Began acting at the university of Cambridge and then got different teaterengagemang and roles in tv comedies. In 1987 she played in the movie “Fortunes of war” against Kenneth Branagh, who she later married and worked with in several productions.

the Most well-known films. “Howard’s End”, “the Remainder of the day,” “Sense and sensibility”, “Nanny McPhee”.

the Current in the: “Alone in Berlin” which is currently shown in Swedish cinemas. One of the roles is also seen Mikael Persbrandt.


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