Wednesday, November 2, 2016

TV4 profile Henrik Norlén in car crash – the Express newspaper

Henrik Norlén, the current in TV4′s new dramasatsning “Syrror”, has been involved in a nasty car accident on the E4 highway.

Here is the picture of the actor crashed the Porsche.

“You usually say that you have guarded by angels,” says Henrik Norlén.

Henrik Norlen, 46, has been involved in a nasty car accident. On Instagram, tells the actor, known from the soap opera “the Different worlds”, the “Johan Falk”movies and most recently TV4′s drama series “Syrror”, about the crash.

“Hey nice car… #guarded by angels #sättpåvinterdäcken”, writes Henrik Norlén on Instagram, where he also uploaded a picture of his crashed Porsche.

the Accident occurred on the Vätternleden near Jönköping. On Instagram says Henrik Norléns followers about how relieved they are that the profile will not hurt themselves seriously.

“But guud va scary! And thank god or someone for that you are ok!”, write a person.

“Oh herrejävlar Henrik!! Shit which guarded by angels you had. Now you take it pretty damn quiet. You are too precious,” writes another person.

When Expressen reaches Henrik Norlén he is on the road to Gothenburg from the scene of the accident.

– It is good, but I’m a little jumpy so clear. It gets a little adrenalinpåslag, it becomes almost a little tired afterwards.

What was it that happened?

” all of a sudden it became freezing rain, then I lost the grip with the car on the highway and then spun the car a lap. I ended up in the side barrier and then landed the car in the shoulder luckily. Had it parked right in the roadway, I had probably been hit by a car from behind. So it was really an awful turn. It was a little uncomfortable.

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Henrik Norlén managed to miraculously escape any damage.

” No, nothing.

the Car went on, however, it worse.

” No, it went not so good with. But it is just material stuff. But it is 15 years old so it is not so expensive anymore, I don’t even know what it is worth today. But it feels very boring.

Drove you to the fort?

” No, I drove quite calmly for it started to snow, but it didn’t help. Right next to lake Vättern where it will enter the winds, and then it is easy to get a bit freezing. It said in all cases the emergency services?

Just hours before the accident charged Henrik Norlén up a picture on his Porsche, which was covered by the snow.

“Time to set the car maybe.”, he wrote then.

Henrik Norlén says he was on the way to set of the car when the accident.

” I was just down and set the car for the winter so I do not drive it in the winter. It was the last tour here. It was boring.

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you said that You were guarded by angels?`

” Yes indeed, something I had in all of the cases. The guarded by angels, and that you can say that you have when you are coping so well and can walk away unscathed.

How does it feel now?

” I’m sitting here in the car with my brother, he came and picked me up from Gothenburg. We are on our way there now. I feel a little tired and jumpy actually. But it will be good. I also feel very happy that it went so well.


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