Sunday, November 6, 2016

Enkelstöten – a krimkomedi if the two women had enough – TV4

Next week I will start the recording of TV4′s and FLX’s sitcom Enkelstöten which is based on the hit series Dubbelstötarna from 1980. In the lead roles is seen Sissela Kyle and Lotta Tejle, who, after ledsnat on everyday life, decides to rob a bank. The series is directed by Felix Herngren and Emma Bucht.

- Finally I get to work with two women in the leading roles and in addition, two of Sweden’s best komedienner! the Dubbelstötarna is a series I watched when I was a child, then with Björn Gustafson and Frej Lindqvist in the lead roles. And I have really strong tv-memories of you waited with bated breath for the next episode. In addition, Handelsbanken is Drop my old bank branch and it is fun to get to plan a robbery against them after so many years as a customer, ” says series one director Felix Herngren, sweden and laughing.

Jenny Bengtsson (Lotta Tejle) is a teacher who lives in Kalmar and struggling to stay afloat in the midst of a divorce. Her best friend, magläkaren Cecilia ‘ (Sissela Kyle) has financial problems after a failed business on the stock exchange. They get the every day crap from students, parents, patients and managers that they fail to deliver the service expected of them. They are tired of women end up caught in the middle between family and professional life, and that they constantly have to fight to get the time and the money to suffice.

When they both realize that the future is everything other than light, they decide to implement something drastic and really crazy – to rob Handelsbankskontoret at Karlaplan in Stockholm, sweden.

Enkelstöten is about the process in the face of the crazy decision to actually carry out a bank robbery, about the preparation, about the robbery and about the aftermaths: resolve any problems or will it be just more? How does it work to run flyktbil with a drunk teen in the back seat? How do you do when you are forced to have with their grandchildren during a burglary? Or how poisoning the best way a whole biker gang?

In the other roles be seen, inter alia, Tomas von Brömssen, Ralph Carlsson, Gunilla Röör, David Wiberg, and Danilo Bejarano. regi Felix Herngren, sweden and Emma Bucht.

” We are very pleased and excited to get to make a new and updated version of this humorklassiker. It feels like that Felix will again give us something that we haven’t seen before. The FLX has gotten together a fantastic cast with Sissela and Lotta in the lead as the slightly unexpected bank robbers. Enkelstöten is a part of our big wager on local drama and humorproduktioner and we hope that the audience looks forward to this as much as we do, ” says Josefine Tengblad, dramachef, TV4 and C More.

Enkelstöten is a remake of the tv series Dubbelstötarna, which aired in the 80′s, based on the books Enkelstöten and Dubbelstöten by Tomas Arvidsson. It is a krimkomedi produced by FLX and appear in 6 episodes of TV4 in the autumn of 2017.


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