Sunday, November 6, 2016

Leif GW Persson when he was cheating”

Leif GW Persson has been married three times.

In “Hellenius corner”, he talks about his failed relationships, and about when he was cheating on his former wife.

In the evening visit Leif GW Persson David Hellenius in TV4-program “Hellenius hörna”. In the program tells the polisprofessorn among other things, that he thinks he has been bad in their previous relationships.

” I am no role model in any traditional sense. I am married to my third wife and so there. But I’m pretty good at parting out when it comes to the other, says Leif GW Persson in the program.

David Hellenius then asks if you would describe himself as a womanizer.

– No, however it is no secret that I’ve always been more fond of women than in men. And it is not over, ” he says and tears down the applause.

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Since 2003, Leif GW Persson married to Kim Olsson and in “Hellenius corner”, he also asked if he would say that he is a better husband today.

” Definitely. Among other things, I have stopped lying.

David Hellenius wonder what Leif GW Persson used to lie on.

– It is where the ordinary that you usually lie about when you can’t manage their relationship.

David Hellenius presses Leif GW Persson:

– You vänstrade a little bit?, says the host of the show.

– Yes it is clear, not a bit. I did, and it was nothing good.

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Leif GW Persson also says that the hardest part with the left is that you have to have such a good memory.

David Hellenius will then ask Leif GW Persson to give him relationsråd. David Hellenius and Renée Nyberg has been married for 15 years.

” I can understand That, she is a damn nice woman, says Leif GW Persson and the river down the laughter from the audience.

” you Said and licked you on the mouth, replicates David Hellenius.

“Hellenius hörna” broadcast on TV4 in sweden on Sundays at 20.00.


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