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Tommy Nilsson was on a big tour of sweden – Sydsvenskan

In the winter gives Tommy Nilsson out on a big tour of sweden. The “So much better”-aktuelle the artist wants to invite his audience a different experience. – I would like people to either feel the “what the hell was that?” or “it was magical!”.

In the winter gives Tommy Nilsson out on a big tour of sweden. Arkivbild.Image: Leo Sellén/TT

Tommy Nilsson’s music and artistgärning ended up in the spotlight in the first episode of TV4′s programs. When he embarks on tour in the winter, he takes all of his interpretations of the other “So much better”-the artist’s songs in the kappsäcken, but will also to look back through its own catalogue.

– People will get to hear everything they want to hear, I promise, but maybe in the new versions, or with a different idea behind it, ” says Tommy Nilsson.

He is restrained of exactly how the shows will be, but says his upcoming appearances are to be regarded as “a performance” rather than “to stack hits on each other mixed with mellansnack”.

Earlier this fall, released Tommy Nilsson single “Same man”. Before turnépremiären, he promises new music in the form of one or two new songs, and more new material, it should also be in the future.

here, we had started with before “So much better” ended up in his lap and we continue with it. You don’t want to just be “So much better”, and I think I have my best music in front of me. Perhaps not the commercial success, but my best music is in me, and shall out.

Tommy Nilsson says that he is in a good place. He also enjoy that he, thanks to his participation in the “So much better”, which he calls a fluke, have managed to reach out to a new and younger audience.

” It has just been a fantastic response in all sorts of ways. I can not put down the phone without having a lot of new in it. It is great fun and it was very long ago, it was in this way.

the Facts: Tommy Nilsson

Born in 1960 in Stockholm, sweden.

Was the lead singer of the rock band Easy Action in the 80′s.

Has released nine studio albums as a solo artist.

in 1994, came “A husband of one wife” with the single “Open your door,” which became this year’s song”).

Won the Eurovision song contest in 1989 with “One day”.

Lined up in the competition again in 2007 with “I believe in man” and this year, along with Patrik Isaksson and Uno Svenningsson, with “Keep my heart hard.”

the Facts: the tour schedule

Here, play Tommy Nilsson in the winter: 23/2 Be, 25/2 Karlstad, 28/2 Stockholm, 1/3 Borås, 2/3 Örebro, 4/3 Falun, 8/3 Luleå, 9/3 Umeå, 10/3 Östersund, 17/3 Karlskrona, 18/3 Jönköping, 19/3 Uppsala, 22/3 Malmö, 23/3 Kalmar, 24/3 Gothenburg, 25/3 Halmstad, 1/4 Linköping, 2/4 Västerås, 6/4 Växjö, 7/4 Nyköping, 8/4 Norrköping, 9/4 Helsingborg.


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