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Freddie’s and henryk’s widow approved the “So much better” – Expressen

Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s death came as a shock.

In the evening, hailed the singer in “So much better”. At the same time tells the TV4 channel has held talks with Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s widow Bella Laessker Freddie on the design of the program.

” of Course, it has been emotional, says Martin Nygren, producer of “So much better”.

On June 2 this year lost to Sweden’s most legendary voices. Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s death came suddenly – just a week before the recording of the year “So much better” drug in the time.

During his last year of his life, fought Freddie Wadling against several diseases. In 2004, diagnosed him with cancer and he also suffered from pneumonia and COPD. In addition, he fought against back problems, iron deficiency, magbråck and a cracked rib.

When Freddie Freddie died it was after a shorter disease course.

– Freddie was ill. Freddie was poor. Went in, Henryk Lipp, who started the Blue for two together with Freddie Wadling, previously told.

what Exactly happened on that last week wanted to Henryk Lipp then do not reply to:

” I can’t comment on sjukhusgrejerna. It is a surprise for us. Or not a surprise. It is a shock. It has been a long journey. It has been very difficult. But lately he has been very much in love.

Despite the fact that Freddie Wadling passed away living his spirit, however, remain in the program and in tonight’s episode will be a tribute to the karaktäristiske the singer.

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In the program, the other artists, Tommy Nilsson, Lisa Ekdahl, Danny Saucedo, Jill Johnson, Magnus Carlsson, and Little Jinder, to interpret songs both from the Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s solo career and from the many bands he played in.

in Addition, the sent one of the last interviews that was done with Freddie Wadling, where he among other things talks about how he suffered as a child.

According to the TV4 has the channel had continuous contact with the Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s widow Bella Laessker Freddie during the work with the program.

” I met her last week. And we have had contact with the people around Freddie, says Martin Nygren, executive producer of “So much better”.

Bella Laessker Freddie also had to give its approval to the program would get rid of.

” of Course so was, of course, she had to be on it, otherwise it would have not been possible to do it. Therefore, we asked her before we went on, it was very important.

She has also been possible to see the program in advance.

” But I don’t know if she has had the opportunity to catch a look at it yet.

It must have been an emotional process for her?

” Well, of course it has been there. But I think it has been Good. Bella has set up and been helpful in every way. We have had a great cooperation.

she Had no demands or requests on the program?

” No manifest.

Martin Nygren also says that TV4 done a great job at getting the program to have the right tone.

” Yes, it is, you want the thing to be a fair program, even if it was from the beginning intended to be something completely different with Freddie present. Now he is not there. But I still think that we have managed to put together something that describes Freddie’s pretty good and all who stood nigh him and who has seen the program have made a thumbs-up. It feels great, we want it to feel right for those who stood him near, but also for the fans.

It must have been something of a challenge anyway?

” oh, Yes, we felt in any case at the beginning, in that it came so close to recording. When Freddie passed away it was only a week until we could go down so the plans were overthrown. We thought from the first beginning; “how shall we resolve this?”. But it still went quite quickly and Bella and all of the performers were there from the start.

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Freddie Wadling was 64 years old.

the Express newspaper is looking for Bella Laessker Freddie.


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