Saturday, November 5, 2016

Magnus Carlson: ”I didn’t know” – Aftonbladet

Freddie Wadling suffered so much that he chose to stop talking for seven years.

In a pre-recorded interview, participants in the "So much better" take the part of the story that was previously unknown to his friend, Magnus Carlson.
– What a horrific story. No one should need to have it so, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

Before the Freddie Wadling the dog managed to TV4 play in a long interview with him. The participants may take part in the freddie’s and henryk’s hyllningsavsnitt. In the interview tells Freddie that he grew up with his mother and grandmother. The mother worked a lot, which meant that Freddie spent a lot of time with his grandmother.
– My grandmother was a little strange. She was hyperneurotisk to say the least. I was not allowed to go out and play because I could hurt me, go away, die or whatever the fuck at any time. I did not play with other children very easily, ” he says in the interview.

freddie’s and henryk’s schooling was characterized by bullying, ” he says.
– They were both physically hard and mentally hard. So I stopped talking. And so I was silent in seven years, basically, ” he says in the interview.

Magnus Carlson was the fact that Freddie has been quietly in the seven years previously unknown.
– I didn’t know about it. It was something I had to hear, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

He continues:

– What a horrific story. No one should need to have it so.

In its own section told Magnus Carlson on the tough bullying that his father had to endure.
Bullying is the worst I know simply. Therefore, I feel with Freddie, ” he says.

He’s talking also hot on the message he thinks that Freddie sends out, through their story.
– It is an important message he conveys to us the other. It is the right to be who you are. To be as you want it. To be who you are, ” he says.

How was it to see the interview with Freddie?
– It was sensitive. It was of course strange that he was not with. But it was also very much Freddie. It was like he was from the other side all the time. I am quite sure that he had enjoyed our company and I think he would have loved everyone’s versions, ” says Magnus Carlson.


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