Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hyvönen impresses on Swedish – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Frida hyvönen’s last album ended with bröllopsklockor and a rusigt lovers on the road to a happy life in all his days. On the new album "Women and children" is the marriage of history and berättarjaget choose to do with their romantic notions, one by one, until none remains. Or, possibly, remains “cupid’s reprehensible arrows", which is the name of the avslutningsspåret. Against them, she lives in constant readiness, in order to continue their life alone, in peace and in freedom.

When the album’s first single, "Impress me" came, it was the first time we heard Hyvönen sing in Swedish. However, she has always been close to the mother tongue when she c to the English language through creative direktöversättningar, let their northern dialect shine through, and by the vivid descriptions of Sweden.

"Impress me" is her reduced version of Destiny’s Child’s "Independent Women", dansgolvshiten about women who can handle themselves. But while Beyoncé and her fan base puts the accent on the own money has Hyvönen and her audience larger capital. Obviously, Hyvönen pay for itself – this is not even a question – but she can also "play, sing, change the tires, think freely and cook palt". As well as Destiny’s Child, she asks questions to her male admirers. She asks if he can impress her without trying to reach up to her level, something that probably is impossible.

Frida Hyvönen has always been superb at creating the effect of a punch to the face, and she succeeds better than ever. R&b-rocking "the Lake" and takes such unexpected twists and turns to it toward the end leaves me speechless. And the title track "Women and children", with the soft elements of the nyckelharpa, is a feminist post ko.

the Sole disadvantage with that she’s singing in English is perhaps that it does not give the opportunity to reach out in other countries. Hyvönen likes to travel and she like to write about cities such as London and New York. For a while, then she lived in Paris, where she downloaded the stuff to two of the new songs. The first is vaudevilleaktiga "Everyone knows that it is beautiful in Paris", where she creates contrasts by telling them how miserable she feels in the glamorous tourist town. In the second "Friday morning", like Niklas Strömstedts "Last morning", we get a detailed and factual description of what it was that made her unhappy. The story of the failed marriage intrudes and rising after every verse, until it is not possible to keep away from it.

Instrumental the piano in the centre. Guitars don’t exist really in Frida hyvönen’s world. She and producer Tobias Fröberg is also widely used by both the cello and a cornet, which moves in the outskirts of the soundstage, as if it is coming from an open window on the other side of the street. Her personal voice is dynamic. Sometimes messes the a – or tvåtonigt, slides up and becomes shrill, it slides down to the abyss when she has to illustrate a turning point or an end.

Frida Hyvönen would be a hitmaskin but choose not to be there. Instead borrow her influences from the commercial, which form the backdrop to what she want to tell you that both are political, vardagsrealistiskt and inward looking poetic.


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