Sunday, November 6, 2016

Polisprofessorn about SVT: Maybe give me fired – Aftonbladet

Leif GW Persson leaving the SVT and TV4 in the spring.

There, he reveals in tonight’s episode of "Hellenius corner".

– It is old of their cases remained which I find hard to let go, ” he says in the program.

the SVT’s flagship in kriminaljournalistik, "this Week’s crime" belongs to the channel most watched by over a million viewers each week.

In the evening is polisprofessorn Leif GW Persson, 71, a guest at David Hellenius, 42, in TV4. Where he reveals that he is in our skips to konkurrentkanalen.

Then the start channel to send "GW’s murder," where he goes in depth with unresolved criminal cases.

– It is old of their cases remained as I have a hard time to drop, it sits as a nail in the head on me, ” says Leif GW Persson in the program.

All the cases he has chosen himself – hopefully he will also be able to solve a few.

– Sometimes I am pretty sure that I have solved it in no truth in meaning, but it is uninteresting for it’s supposed to a court to which parts of the view.

Himself, he takes down the expectations of the program – but admits it will be nice.

” It will be, as usual, when I’m in tv. I walk around there on a lot of old crime scenes and kicking. There are some mixed observations about the high and low.

you Will end up on the SVT? ask David Hellenius in the program.

” Not what I know. But they might give me the sack, ” says Leif GW Persson. SEE ALSO Leif GW’s success and back with new names in the cast

"We do not put"

Parhästen and seasoned tv host Camilla Kvartoft, 48, is happy for his colleague’s sake. According to her, it also becomes something completely different than the "Weekly crime."

– It is well great fun for the viewers that they get to see more of Leif. I understand that TV4 is excited about it, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

at the same time she takes kanalbytet with ro.

” We will continue to send the "Weekly crime." We should not put off. I hope we continue for many seasons.

You had not wanted to comply with the GW?

” I’m an employee at SVT and is working both with the "Weekly crime" and "Agenda" so I have plenty of it there.

According to SVT’s head of media relations Nicholas Wilson is kriminalprofessorns program approved by management:

” We know that Leif GW Persson to make a program for TV4. It will not be sent at the same time as "this Week’s crime", so it is okay for the Swedish Television, ” she says.

"We are proud"

TV4 has previously made attempts to take up the competition with the "Weekly crime." Last year launched the channel "English cases for the FBI". Now run the rope out and refer instead Leif GW Persson.

” We are very proud and happy that Sweden’s tyngste expert in criminology will to TV4 and do a series on the murder case that he himself is most fascinated by. GW is a master at telling a story, so I dare to promise an exciting and captivating series for the spring, ” says Fredrik Arefalk, channel manager for the TV4 Group.

Nöjesbladet have searched Leif GW Persson for comment. SEE ALSO Leif GW Persson about plagiarism suspicions against Frans vinnarlåt


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