Saturday, November 5, 2016

No one could interpret Freddie Wadling properly. – Aftonbladet

No one could interpret Freddie Wadling properly.

One part was all the damn criticism.

But Little Jinder made the best attempt.

the Participants had to sing to an empty chair.

Freddie Wadling is someone else now.

And the strength of this section is that one of Sweden’s most distinctive and unique artists, presented for the estimated around two million television viewers.

cultural activities is a well worn concept. But how else to describe a program in which "Ronka" by The Target gives a sort of honorable mention?

the Programme looked more like a rockdokumentär about freddie’s and henryk’s life and career, where Magnus Carlson had to stand at the case and keep in the teaching.

Punk brought the artist and the artist in Freddie Wadling. It was there that he received a voice, a context and a community of like-minded people. All that he had, until then, been missing in his life. It didn’t matter that he from the beginning could neither play or sing.

the Music was also a creative outlet for anger, and loneliness. Freddie suffered hard in school in the 50′s. He described himself the experience of the third world war. And it also got him to stop talking for seven years. Between eight and fifteen, he was quiet, in a conscious protest against the external world.

the Question is whether one’s self-esteem ever recover. Freddie seemed to see himself as the monster that the audience pays to point at and laugh at. He loved horror. He felt at home among the freaks and ghosts and could identify with Frankenstein’s monster. Already as a child he wanted to be Mary Shelley the iconic creature. And when Freddie got to play him in Tom Fjordefalks opera production at the Göteborg city theatre in 1999, he called the success of a livsdröm.

The outside usually have a greater knowledge of the human heart and the darkness. Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s voice, how deep and hard the affected people who were listening, is a mystery. Songwriter and artist Tomas Andersson Wij compared it to a basement.

Several of the participants did not know Freddie before the recording session, and it was obvious. The tone was straight through warm and respectful, but unfortunately it is quite telling to sing Freddie Wadling. It is easy to be lightweight. Or superfluous. Or hopelessly banal.

It hurts to hear Danny Saucedo make childish slarvsylta of "Ships" with the Blue For Two. And who wants to hear Tommy Nilsson drain all the blood and life out of "It’s in you"?

Little Jinder had a thought with the album on the Cortex "The freaks", which was inspired by her self.

Otherwise, it was fairly obvious that artists such as Freddie Wadling is not produced in the tv program where the participants sit and studs Lasse Berghagen.


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