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So remember friends Åke Cato – Aftonbladet

Friends mourn Åke Cato, who died Wednesday after a long illness.

” I will remember him with great regret. He leaves a huge void in the entertainment industry, ” says Lill Lindfors.

the Friend Michael Neumann, 66, worked together with Åke Cato for over 20 years. Among other things, they wrote several folklustspel to Eva Rydberg at Fredriksdalsteatern in Helsingborg, sweden.

– There are few people who could put the thumb on the right of the humorous things that Ake could. I will remember his funny dry sense of humor and all our hours together. I have written together with Åke since more than 20 years. He has fought to the last. He had the fine-drawn that despite the fact that he was sick so he wanted to never ömkas. He never wanted to feel sorry for him, ” says Neumann.

"I remember him with joy."

Anders Gerdin, 72, Aftonbladet’s previous editor-in-chief, worked together with Åke Cato on Aftonbladet nöjesredaktion. Cato started as a reporter and columnist in 1974 and completed his permanent employment in 1989 and became a freelance columnist.

– Åke wrote weekly chronicles in his elegant and subtle way that was very popular with the readers. We were then a fairly young bunch of nöjesredaktionen and Åke was a little older and wiser than what we perhaps were. He developed into a lyricist and has written the revues, books, and scripts. As Åke was a valued companion on the nöjesredaktionen, ” says Gerdin.

The beloved artist Björn Skifs, 69, worked with Åke Cato in the 1980s, mainly in connection with the "Nöjesmassakern".

– Where I got to be on a corner. It was a very cozy time. Those guys were not really wise. There was so much crazy happened and their ideas were quite quirky, and it appealed to me. He was not only a writer and lyricist, but also a natural sketchbegåvning, ” he says.

” I remember him with joy, I must say. Maybe it is, above all, the sketch in which he played Jesus for me. It is available on Youtube still. I play a man who meets Jesus and don’t know who it is. People still ask after it. It was ake’s idea. It is with sadness, yet with joy I remember Åke, continues Skifs.

"Leave a large void"

Lill Lindfors, 76, has known Åke Cato since the 60′s. Among other things, he wrote and Björn Barlach text to Lills melody and created together succélåten "Music should be built of the joy." Cato also wrote the English text to "Mördartango", and lots of other texts that Lill Lindfors said. Now mourning her friend and colleague.

” I have worked with Åke ever since the 60′s to and from. He has been a huge contributor to my success with their texts, their ingenious, humorous insights, ” she says.

” I will remember him with great regret. He leaves a huge void in the entertainment industry.

Åke Cato wrote the screenplay for two successful 80-talskomedier "Gräsänklingar" and "Smugglarkungen". the Janne "Loffe" Carlsson, 79, played big roles in both.

– He has written scripts for various things that I have done. It was a fucking funny man. Once he wrote a kåseri that I read and it was so damn funny that I did a monologue on it and drove. There, he was damn happy too, ” he says.

Loffe notes that Cato was much more serious in the private than in their professional capacity.

” We had very fun together and became such good friends. I have fond and bright memories of Åke Cato. It is sad that he has passed away, but we are all going in that direction, ” he says.

"spent time in the youth"

the Director and actor Gösta Ekman, 77, was also one of the leading roles in the "Gräsänklingar" as written by Åke Cato and Jan Richter.

” It was disappointing to hear, but that is the reality. What a relief that he became so mature in all the cases, ” says Ekman when he reached the dödsbeskedet.

” I think we met at the end of the 50′s or early 60′s. I remember him as a largely contemporary, allmänbegåvad man with a sense of humor. But we have not seen in decades, it is almost so that you can say that we hung out in his youth. I worked a little with him and Lasse Richter, they wrote together. We laughed a lot together, he was a warm man with a sense of humour and I am childishly fond of, ” says Gösta Ekman.

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