Thursday, January 1, 2015

1/1 Winter announcer: Lars Lerin – Göteborgs-Posten

Lars Lerin says in his Winter program that he does not understand why one should keep quiet about how you feel, his alcoholism, his private life and his neuroses. In

nth not understand why he so often hears that he is brave who tells so much about himself. In contrast, he wonders if maybe he should start lying for pleasure. As long as you just lying to others and not for himself.

Yes, Lars Lerin is not , disguising themselves or trying to be someone he is not. Not this time either. He is as frank as he used to when he lets his brittle Värmländ sound through the radio space with his thoughts about life, aging and love. With open damper. Straight into the soul where the heart is bleeding.

Lars Lerin is like an art world Håkan Hellström, equally beloved by the people and loved as the skeve ballad poet from Gothenburg. It’s not only a distinct dialect and a large portion of self-distance connecting the two, Håkan Hellström and Lars Lerin also have in common is that both of them against all odds has gone home in the masses. With both his art and his personality.

Because that’s something in there where when you dare to be most private and omission, then it will also specify the location of others.

In this program he exhibits also an equally unexpected as comic talent when he cut into small skits where he disguises his voice, imitating all kinds of characters from both the Värmland rural central Stockholm, that makes fun of Celebrity Lars Lerin.

As usual with self-distance and humor.

The last sentence : It is claimed that a crow never forget, so who knows? Maybe one day.

Music : All kinds of gentle tones from greats such as Etta James, Freddie Wadling and Bob Dylan.

Listen to the program here.


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