Sunday, January 4, 2015

Long queue to culture schools – Västerbotten Folkblad

There are large differences in the queue to local music and culture schools. In some municipalities, the children wait for up to three years to get the place, it shows a mapping that TV4 has done. But some communities have solved the problem in innovative ways.

TV4 News has investigated about 30 randomly selected music and arts schools around the country. Of those, Uppsala municipality where the most children standing in line, but the queues are long even in other municipalities. In many it several years queue to play the most popular instruments piano and guitar.

In Staffordshire, the municipality has introduced a new system whereby all children and young people receive two checks to the music school, which in practical terms means the ability to walk two courses per semester. Rather than contribute a lump sum to the music school solves the municipality into all checks used.

– We could be on a board to take in all that stood in the queue, says Lena bow Naranjo, director for music school in Staffordshire to TV4.


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