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Lisa Ajax breach of Eurovision rules – Expressen

She sings “fuck” ten times in the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

But if Lisa Ajax win and represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Ukraine, she will be forced to change the song.

at the same time reassure her that the whole thing is a PR stunt.

” I can take an example like “Fuck cancer”, you can’t say it any other way, ” she says.

Lisa Ajax, 18, competes in the second round of the Eurovision song contest in 2017, which is broadcast from the Malmö arena.

In her contribution “I don’t give a,” sings the singer to “fuck” ten times. Anything that violates the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. She goes ahead and gets to represent Sweden can, therefore, she stopped.

Now tells Lisa Ajax on how she looks on this week’s resurrection.

– the Song is about love and a couple. People are saying to them that they are not good for each other and they respond “I don’t give a fuck” because they want to be with each other. So it is not the direct translation which you think (“fuck”, ed.), she says.

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” For me is fuck an expression to explain a feeling. For this is a sense. There is no other word that can replace this in a good way right now for me. So it is an important word in this song and it will probably make if you hear it.

If you would win the Eurovision song contest and get to go to Ukraine you will need to change in the song?

” Yes, exactly. We must. But we have not thought of how we shall do it yet. Now we only focus on the Eurovision song contest. I have not even scratched so we can’t think of Eurovisiong Song Contest now. We must take then.

You did not know that you don’t get to say “fuck” in the Eurovision?

” No, I knew well that this does not apply to it. But I didn’t know it was so in the Eurovision, but we had not even thought of. For it is not there yet. So no, I did not know.

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To use a swearword is not only a PR stunt to get more attention for the song?

” For me? No, God no. This song has a very nice message, and as I said, it is not possible to replace the word with something else right now. And when we do not need to make it so we don’t want to do it for it describes something.

” I can take an example like “Fuck cancer”, you can’t say it any other way. It really is so strong, you really mean it. And it is exactly the same thing in this song. The word is very important in this song. But of course, when it is not allowed do I need to change it. But we then.


Mariette if the plan on having children: “Not this week” – Nyheter24

Singer Mariette Hansson tests the Eurovision song contest a second time after her success in 2015 with the “Don’t stop believing”.

She is förhandsfavorit, even if the odds from Betsson now has been raised and Benjamin Ingrosso have crossed her as the big favourite.

In an interview with Expressen talking Mariette about his longing for children along with girlfriend

” No, not right now, but maybe in the future. I think I want to have kids any time. But not this week. This week, I am happy that I do not have children, there will be no children made, ” she says to Expressen.

In this week’s Schlagerspaning think Simon Lundberg in all the cases that she takes it to the final, but Gabriella Bark is doubtful.

Check out the clip in the player above – and the entire program here.


Benjamin ingrosso’s major weight change – Expressen

Melodifestivalaktuella Benjamin Ingrosso dropped 9 kilos in six weeks.

But to lose weight is easy for him, ” he says in the podcast “wheel of Life”.

” I am a periodare. But we are so in our family, that we go up and down sick easily, ” says Benjamin Ingrosso.

Benjamin Ingrosso performs in the Eurovision song contest on Saturday with his “Good lovin”.

In the podcast “wheel of Life”, he talks about his health ahead of the competition.

“It will be a little diet-fashion,” says Benjamin Ingrosso in the podcast.

the Artist says that he finds it easy to go up and down in weight, and has fluctuated in both the front and back.

” When I was 14, I was a bit “chubby”, then I went down 11 pounds in a month, “he says and continues:

” But I just came from Los Angeles and then I went down type nine kilos in six weeks. But then I went on a diet and ran every day. It is much easier over there, when there is sun every day. And, above all, in Los Angeles, which is “healthy town” and that everyone should eat raw food, he notes.

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To commute in weight has both its advantages and disadvantages mean Ingrosso – and it is something he has in common with the rest of the family.

– It is a hassle to go up and down so easily. I am a periodare. But we are so in our family, that we go up and down sick easily.

Benjamin Ingrosso also think that it is really not so much matter how much or how little you weigh, just that they are comfortable and feel good.

” Just you look fresh and relaxed so it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, then you can weigh 110 pounds. But I notice that I feel better when I’m in form, ” says Benjamin Ingrosso in the “wheel of Life”.

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Supermånga heroes in the new ”Avengers” – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

The upcoming "Avengers: Infinity war" seems to bid on a record number of superheroes for money. The gang, including Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, will once again be joined by the amazing Spider-man, writes The Wrap. The news, revealed in a video clip from the recording, with several of the film’s actors.

In the new movie think Marvel also bringing together "the Avengers" with the heroes from "Guardians of the galaxy" in order to let them make common cause against the dead arch gangster Thanos. In the video from the shooting seen Chris Pratt, who plays the lead role as Starlord in the popular rymdäventyret, together with Tom Holland, who plays Spider-man and Iron Man skådisen Robert Downey Jr.

the New "Avengers"movie is expected to premiere next year. "Guardians of the galaxy 2" and the new "Spider-man"film later in the year.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Billy Elliot dance on in Stockholm – Sveriges Radio

the Heroes from Billy Elliot at the Stockholm city Theatre card examples

David Fridholm in Billy Elliot – The musical. Stockholmspremiär 10 February 2017 on the main stage. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Photo: Sören Vilks

the Film Billy Elliot was a musical with music by Elton John and it was a great success at the Malmö Opera last year. Now have the same set, but with the new ensemble on the scene, had its premiere at the Stockholm city Theatre.

Title: Billy Elliot – the musical
Location: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, sweden
Music: Elton John
book and lyrics Lee Hall
Director: Ronny Danielsson
Translation: Calle Norlén
production Design: Julia Przedmojska
Suit: Annsofi Nyberg
The scene: Jakob Eklund, Sara Jangfeldt and Robert Noack with several
Also: In the first instance to the november 22

The musical about the boy who wants to become a dancer in the midst of and during the English gruvdistriktets darkest, most violent strejkdagar was the equally acclaimed when it come to Malmö that movie was when it came.

the Fame of its excellence of the true one hundred percent. It is gripping and in the positive sense educative. Musically this is good and effective but not unique.

The resourceful of Billy Elliot is that it is entirely based on the archetypal, simple schablontyper as the male pigheaded gruvarbetarfarsan not have any visions, the crazy powered and elittänkande balettläraren, the virriga the grandmother, the dead mother, and a fun killkompis to the lead role of Billy Elliot. It is a musical that works entirely with dramaturgins easiest toolbox and still manage the creation of a story that I care about and want to follow.

this takes its cue against all the clichés and build up a realism, but sockrar the excessive musikalfantasier. We see sudden danschocker with the entire ensemble where dragshowartister come from nowhere, or police officers and striking miners who dance.

there will be a cleverly work with contrasts – the individual against the collective, the art against the policy, conservative thoughts towards innovation and the agitation against the sentimentlitet. Over all this is a theme that can attract the stummaste of spectators to be involved. It is: Should he succeed, against all the odds?

of Course, it is not possible on the key roles is possessed by the amateurs. This work, in particular Sara Jangfeldts dance hard with Billy at the premiere, unfortunately and fortunately, was depicted by two: Jacob Hermansson made the first act but became ill, and David Fridholm got to jump. It went very well for both of them – the third is Carl Sjogren. Jakob Eklund makes billy’s dad and he can sing-si-so-there, but it works perfectly in the role he does.


Dismissed: There is no mask we wear.


Eurovision song contest means the party and the glamour and the artists of jewellery adds style points from the toes. The band Dismissed is no exception. With a difference. – This is not a mask we wear, it is, of course, so here we are as a people, ” says the singer Tor Höglund.

the Group Dismissed with the members, Freddie Van Eijsden, Johan Carlsson, Tor Höglund and Douglas Woodbridge.Image: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Göteborgsbandet stands out with its androgynous glam-rock, and has already met the reactions – both positive and negative, just by the short clips that are available on SVT’s site.

however, They are not surprised.

” We are used to both love and hate. So it is to be an artist that stands out. We might arouse both anger and joy, ” says Höglund.

” But I am going to Eurovision’s glitz and glamour. So very wrong, we are not. We have seen such here “wuuaaaah”-tough metal band that stands out more than what we do in this context.

The criticisms that reached them feels of course.

Extra much when it hits straight in the heart.

” We go out there ourselves. All the attacks are on us as a people, it is not a costume we wear for example, if you were to compare with the Kiss. But we may try to distance ourselves from the negative things. It’s a win for us, we achieve the reactions, ” says Höglund.

TT: So, you jewellery adds style points to not up you only for that it is Mello?

– No, this is the way that we look. Maybe not on a hungover Sunday is a package of milk… but otherwise, you want to be make themselves a little bit nice. Just like all the others.

the Facts: Dismissed

Members: Tor Höglund, Johan Carlsson, Freddie Van Eijsden and Douglas Woodbridge

Song: “Hearts align”

Written by: Ola Salo, Peter Kvint

Other: the Band was formed in Gothenburg in 2011, their biggest hit to date called “Dance on the borderline” with 67 000 plays on Spotify


Hip hop festival will take back the house of culture in Umeå, sweden – Radio Sweden

“this gigantic house of culture, it is for us or not?”

Johan "Brother John" Bäckström, Alexander Juneblad, Nathalie Missaoui/Cleo and Marc Strömberg

1 of 2

the Musicians Johan, “Brother John” Bäckström, Alexander “Academics” Juneblad, Nathalie “Cleo” Missaoui and the creator Marc Strömberg is some of the Umeåprofiler involved in this weekend’s new hiphopfest in Umeå. Photo: Cecilia Gustafsson/Swedish Radio

In the morning hit the house of culture the Fabric of the Umeå up their gates for the new hiphopfesten Mästerbotten. And the artists involved have high-flying plans.

in Addition to the club and concerts in the evening, including paltmingel, lectures on the male role, opening reception and a workshop with the musicians Cleo and Brother John on how to increase your self-esteem on the schedule.

The Umeåprofiler to participate in the day Program met see Mästerbotten a bit like a revenge after the capital of culture Year 2014.

– There is any form of dissatisfaction in our generation in Umeå right now. A little bit about 2014, how the city has changed when it comes to culture and the scenes and forums that are for our generation and our target audience. There is a big missing for something, ” says Cleo, or Nathalie Missaoui who she really is.

Cleo is one of the founders to Femtastic-movement which is a network for women in the music and the cultural sector. She and the others who are on the scene during the Mästerbotten, among others, Brother John, and Academics, hoping to hiphopfesten to be a recurring festival.

When they on Saturday, the controversial Fabric, they want the audience to feel welcome and that the house of culture is everyone’s place.

” So we was like this: should we sit and be sour about it? Or should we try to do something on the Web, which has become a bit like our enemy also. This gigantic house of culture, is it us or is it not for us? Can we be here? says Nathalie Missaoui.

Brother John has made music with the northern collective Random Bastards – which is one of the organizers – think Mästerbotten fills a void in the city.

– When talking about the Umeå music scene, then it is always “do it yourself “Umeå”. It is what I is raised with, that you can do all of this yourself. Now, I think it is missing a bit of the vein, so as to come back with the thing that feels important, ” says Johan, “Brother John” Bäckström.

He believes that Saturday’s events will be epic.

– There seems to be some sort of vibe in the entire city if this is going to happen. I think this is going to live up to the expectations and after that it will be “will you remember Mästerbotten?”


The film about Django is full of links to our time – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Cecile de France, director Etienne Comar Reda Kateb posed on the Thursday before the screening of "Django" at the Berlin film festival. Photo: Michael Sohn / AP

guitar virtuoso, jazzikon, legend among his own people, and the right amount of kulturman – belgian-French-romske Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) did much, during his short and intense life. Which has been the experienced French producer Etienne Comar ("Men and gods", "the Women on the sixth floor") for the first time, take registolen. "Django" has just opened the 67th international film festival in Berlin.

For regidebutanten himself, the main character has appeared since boyhood, tells the Comar during the press conference.

– Django has always existed. My father was a big fan and had the wonderful ep’s and albums. I have always been very aware of the music around me. To move me out of the world and into a world of its own, just my felt fantastic. The score fits in very well into Django’s own essence.

Biografifilmen seems to bring an ever-vital existence, not least in the field of music. Lately we have from different directions take the part of the life stories of Monica Zetterlund, Liberace, Bob Dylan, Serge Gainsbourg, Ian Dury, Miles Davis and Edith Piaf. It’ll be more. Works on, inter alia, Destiny’s Child, and Victor Borge is in the offing.

the Methods vary and Etienne Comar soon had his own idea about what he wanted to show, namely a few critical years during the second world war.

– the Most obvious would have been to depict the years before the war with Stéphane Grappelli and French Hotkvintetten, and the arrival of a music that was like when the rock showed up, or technon. But the period we portray is less known.


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France is occupied and the legendary quintet scattered to the wind. Violinmästaren Grappelli (well worthy of his own film one day) is in England. Reinhardt stay in France and continue playing.

And it was precisely this that he and his fellow musicians were able to make themselves into a universe of its own beyond the reality that surrounded them. Instead of making a biografifilm if his whole life, so I wanted to focus on the years between 1943 and 1945, when he was confronted with the second world war. The music stands the out additional greatly during the German occupation. Every time I hear it I am as moved.

the Credits of "Django" accompanied by authentic photos from the records that the germans created in connection with the rasforskning of different travellers.

– It is a story that has not been portrayed very often, reminds Etienne Comar, who, during the filmmaking also discovered some parallels to today’s världssituation, on several levels.

” I thought a lot about it. I would ask the audience to reflect on this angle? To suddenly be samtidsdebatterande is not something you just do.

this points seems to match Django’s essence.

” He was a rather egotistical artist, whose eyes were opened to the world around him. Then he took the position, but by his passion and his art – not by means of stylish statements and placards. That’s when it really makes an impression.

the"Django" will be purchased to Sweden and should be launched later in the year.


Radioprofilen Roger Nordin held on to the choke – Aftonbladet

Close to becoming the new lineup of the popular radio show

vitamin C is useful – in small doses.

It was Roger Nordin from the "Rix Morronzoo" aware of, when he put a apelsinklyfta in the neck – and held on to the choke.

"It was close to it was a new lagupställning again," writes the radio programme on their Instagram.

He returned to the Rix FM’s morgonshow last year after a couple of years at the competitor NRJ.

But during Thursday it was close to Roger Nordins a comeback in the radio show came to an abrupt end.

Radioprofilen put suddenly a apelsinklyfta in the neck – and held on to the choke.

– It began to flow froth from the mouth, ” says Roger Nordin.

The dramatic incident occurred when he planned the next day’s shipment in on Wednesday. He was well tucked at his desk and no one saw what was about to happen. Not even when Roger Nordin stood up and tried to attract attention by pointing towards his neck, someone reacted.

He managed to hobble off to the marketing department, where he ultimately got help from the marketing manager Sebastian Voght, who got out apelsinbiten with the help of a Heimlichmanöver.

Who can do a Heimlichmanöver?

But first talked with the colleagues together who actually could make a Heimlichmanöver.

– "Who can?", "Not I", "But I can try," says Roger Nordin to discuss.

finally intervened Sebastian Voght. He is pressed to about the waist of the Roger Nordin. But nothing happened.

– He tested two times. The second time flew the orange out.

A shocked Roger Nordin could finally take a breather.

– I thought Roger was joking at first, but then I realized that it was not for fun when they did Heimlichmanövern on him, ” says programledarkollegan Laila Bagge, who saw the whole incident.

– When I saw apelsinbiten fly out, I was shocked. He could for the phase to have died if no one helped him or if he had been himself.

Close to becoming the new lineup in Rix Morronzoo

"Morronzoo"-the gang discussed the incident in Thursday’s program. In addition, published the radio, a picture of his Instagramkonto with the text: "It was near that it became the new line-up again in the Rix Morronzoo".

Where send the followers greetings to Roger Nordin and his saving angel.

"Sebbe! You are a hero!", write a.

"Glad you’re okay Roger, of course, but I must say that the story itself and how you told me it did so I myself put in the neck though only a coffee and I almost tanned lip of me this morning. Thanks for the good start of the day hihi", writes another.


Moonlight by Barry Jenkins – Today’s News


Bildpoesin strengthens the drama of the Moonlight – Göteborgs-Posten

Moonlight is primarily a universal depiction of the to take the step from child to adult, about having the odds against him, writes Mats Johnson.


Director: Barry Jenkins, USA, 2016 (111 min)

Moonlight kicks off with the Boris Gardiner 1970-talslåt Every nigger is a star on the soundtrack, and we are thrown back in time. Venue is the rough Liberty City, Miami. Drugs, crime, misery. You would expect a smutsgrå social realist film, but megabegåvade director Barry Jenkins chooses instead a bildpoetisk line. Photographer James Laxton’s use of long, slow, a double bass onto a. Despite the fact that Moonlight is based on a play (In the moonlight black boys look blue), the film is not in the least flamboyant but eminently cinematic.

In the three chapters we follow the dramas protagonist Chiron. At the age of ten, as a teenage guy, and to end up. The first chapter, called Little, is by far the best and grasp on the real. Lille Chiron is the quiet, bullied, and has a mother who knarkar. Up pops a chance the kind-hearted kubanen Juan, superbly played by Mahersala Ali, who becomes the Chirons surrogatpappa and friend at the same time. The problem is that Juan earns his living as a drug dealer and deliver the crack to the Chirons mom, played with a great intensity of Naomie Harris.

you can to highlight the film’s gay theme, which the film chooses to do in the trailer, but the Moonlight is in the first place, a universal depiction of the to take the step from child to adult, about having the odds against him, if not to have too many options to the choices in life.

Barry Jenkins has worked a lot with the soundtrack, a mix of classic and funk. Chiron is played in turn by Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes. They are not particularly similar to each other, but there is something with skådisarnas expressive eyes, which leads us to believe that this is the same character all the way.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Swedish opera tenor Nicolai Gedda is dead – financial times

Rickard Söderberg: He was totally unique

Swedish opera singer and tenor Nicolai Gedda is dead.

– He is without doubt one of the biggest we had, ” says the opera singer Rickard Söderberg.

opera Singer Nicolai Gedda died in January at his home near the swiss Lausanne. He was 91 years old.

the Announcement came on Thursday after the family announced his passing.

Nicolai Gedda was one of Sweden’s greatest tenors and worked at all the world’s major opera houses. He was born in 1925 and made his debut in 1952 at the Royal Opera house as Chapelou in "god loves you, from Longjumeau." The following year, he launched a världskarriär when he visited La Scala in Milan, writes TT.

Soprano Kjerstin Dellert remember when Nicolai Gedda made his debut at the Royal Opera house.

– It was completely unbelievable. It was absolutely sensational and people were standing in line to buy tickets. He really had a beautiful tenor voice, ” she says.

They sang together many times and were friends.

– He made an international career that not so many swedes did, ” says Kjerstin Dellert.

"One of the really big"

Rickard Söderberg, singer, reached by the news of Nicolai Geddas death on Thursday.

– I’m sitting right now and listen to his music, ” says Rickard Söderberg when Aftonbladet reaches him on the phone.

He describes him as one of Sweden’s greatest singers.

– He is one of the true greats from the golden age. He is without doubt one of the biggest we had, ” says Rickard Söderberg.

What will you remember of him?

– His beautiful tone and incredible height, his technology, and language processing. He spoke six languages fluently, he was completely unique.

Rickard Söderberg has met Nicolai Gedda several times, and is itself inspired by tenorens song.

– the final scene of his recording of Carmen, I think I’ve listened to ten thousand times. I have listened so much on him.

What are you thinking of now?

– Now I think of those who are with him near, the family and relatives. For them, it is a sadness, really. But for the opera world, it is not sadness, but a happiness that he had been with us for so long and that there will be so much left of him. He will always live on, ” says Rickard Söderberg.


A star has fallen silent


Mandelmanns concern after the success on TV4 in sweden – Aftonbladet

Pair Mandelmann on: People’s love, nasty comments, and any new season

The meet of fine tittariffror and the people’s love.

But after the success of "Mandelmanns farm" in TV4 is Marie and Gustav Mandelmann troubled.

– We are afraid to make people disappointed, ” he says.

the Apartment and the town felt too tight.

Then left the family Mandelmann apartment in the Södermalm district of Stockholm and were looking across the country for a farm.

– We wanted to give the children a good upbringing and show how to do with animals and nature. We were looking in the west coast of sweden, Norrland, Gotland and several places, but nowhere we felt us really welcome. We lived half a year on the island, and found that everything tastes so good there. So we found a farm that was for sale, but it felt like they were not curious to outsiders would buy, ” says Gustav Mandelmann.

Fate served him and his wife Marie a farm in Djupadal in the skåne Österlen.

– We were so welcomed, those who sold said: "we want you to buy the farm, you are young, you have young children, we feel that you are right". Imagine being able to hear it. They did not raise the price despite the fact that several other invited over, I am so grateful to them, ” he says.

Worried about after the tv success

since Then, it has rolled on, Mandelmanns gardens with associated restaurant has been a watering hole with more and more visitors in the summer.

It is not likely to be reduced after the "Mandelmanns farm" has become a box office hit in TV4 during the winter.

– There is actually a problem, the fact is that we are afraid of… actually, we want to have less people and not more. It’s not fun when it gets to be too much people and the queues for long. Of course, we are not McDonald’s who can buy more food without doing it all themselves. We’re thinking now, maybe, we are introducing online booking for tickets. It is we simply need to act, we want to be able to be spontaneous. We are afraid to make people disappointed, ” he says.

Woman: "Please, adopt me"

Premiere was viewed by 950 000 only in the linear-tv, since then the figure has remained steadily around from 8 to 900 000. The love has been pouring in to the family via social media.

– It is totally unbelievable, what the people are amazing, take the time and write so fona things. Then there is hope in the world, ” says Marie.

– It was an adult woman wrote: please Marie and Gustav can’t you adopt me, it is a lovely comment. 10-12-year-olds are writing and want to come to us, ” says Gustav.

The critical comments have come up now and then during the 20 years, and has not become more of the program.

– do you Have a farm with animals, people have opinions about animal husbandry. I usually reply, "maybe we can talk about in the summer". Any racist pops up and wonder what Mandelmann is for the weird name. Then I explain it. On the internet it becomes easy unfriendly when you can’t meet, ” he says.

Discusses the new season

And many will be inspired by the joy and genuiniteten in the skåne farm. Already after the premiere discussed TV4 possibility of a new season.

– Nothing is decided yet, but later in the day we talked about it. There is so much more to show from the countryside, ” says Gustav.

Now, the pair is in Stockholm doing interviews with Television, and Malou after ten.

– On the train up, I replied to an email from a family that was keen on Österlen. It is clear that they should consider the chance and hope that you meet people who welcome you, and maybe doing something extra, offer a cup and give tips. You become happy when a family wants to come and beat down bopålarna.


Mandelmann if…


– Yes we do. During the recording we made of things, I am so curious to see what Marie found on.

How he and Marie met:

– We met at a school of painting in the north of Bohuslän. I had a break from medical school. I thought Marie was so beautiful. She played and sang very beautifully so sweet music occurred in several ways. We were blixförälskade. After school we were quite quickly on the blast, and rented a cottage north of Stockholm. Where we started to grow and bought some sheep from a 4H-farm, ” says Gustav.

– We had (John) Seymours självhushållningsbok, so when we skulel slaughter our first ram was Gustav there with the book, but I could it, ” says Marie.

hard work:

– When we found the farm we were, that swallowed, it was a diamond in the rough: lots of sly, the fences were hung on the three quarters and a house in which we still discover secrets. The first five years cleared, we really just, we were so pent-up energy after years in the town., says Gustav.

Opportunities in rural areas:

– When I see the countryside with empty houses that do not cost many crowns, so much soil that is not used and cultivated, but rather cultivated with spruce and other terrible, it is such opportunities. So very beautiful houses that are just waiting for chicks.

To visit Stockholm:

– It’s okay one or two days, then I desire really home. We once have moved away and do not want to return at all. We are so lucky now. But it is a great city to walk around in as we did when we had young children and strollers. I just got hit by a small stroller and then I felt really recognize myself as the bumbling dad, ” he says and laughs.


Mandelmanns tips: So you start inside the town

Compost on the balcony: We had a whopping, for leftovers and such that have fallen into the tygblöjorna. Mix it often and get the worms so that the circulation works.

Grow: We had apple trees in a large pot and gardening on the balcony: tomatoes, chili. You can then get an allotment.

instead of tv: We got a working bench in the living living room and went containerrundor where we found pieces of wood to cobble with. It someone think is junk can become a bookcase.

Baking bread: Put the dough in the fridge over night. Get up a half hour earlier and put the dough in the oven or stir-fry pizza bread. To be with and roll can bring up the kids in the morning and get them keen on the breakfast.


The coin cabinet has not money to pay the rent – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

The 31 march closing several of the exhibits at the Royal coin cabinet. The museum’s ground floor, with the exhibition of all the world’s money, are open until 20 August.

the coin cabinet will move instead of the Historical museum at Narvavägen.

coin cabinet, since 1996 has had its own and specially designed museum at Slottsbacken in the Old town. But now the lease with the property owner Folksam is terminated.

– The main reason for this decision is financial. Of Myntkabinettets appropriations of about one-half to the premises, which is not reasonable, ” says Maria Jansén, superintendent of the State historical museums, in a press release.

Even the Museum, far East museum of fine arts may be forced to leave its premises in Stockholm city centre because of high rents.

see also

there Is a place for culture in a "hot spot"?


"Hyressystemet for museums has gone wrong"


Director: "We are not in politics"



Time Out is making a comeback on TV4 in sweden – Aftonbladet

Anders Jansson to become the new presenter Martin Timell is changed

Time out for Martin Timell.

He has collided format since 2003, but when the "Time Out" makes the first show on TV4, it is with Anders Jansson of the archipelago.

– They wanted to have a change, ” says ty pennington.

The entertainment programme "Time out" is making a comeback on the TV4 – with the new hostess. Comedian Anders Jansson, 49, takes over from ty pennington, 59.

But ty pennington takes the news with quiet.

– TV4 decides sometimes to change the of winning, it is not queerer than that. They wanted to have a change simply. It’s nothing dramatic, ” he says to Aftonbladet.

in addition, He has a busy spring ahead of them, with the show "home at last" and "Fuskbyggaren" with Anders Öfvergård on the schedule. It had been difficult to squeeze in "Time Out" also.

– No, I have enough and will be over, but it is clear I will miss it for it is a great fun program to do.

What do you say about your successor, Anders Jansson?

– I actually have no idea! I have not seen anything of him since in the past, but it is certainly good. And with Annika Andersson and Robert Gustafsson as the anchor, it can not be anything other than a success, ” says ty pennington.

At his side, Anders Jansson of its standing parliamentarian Robert Gustafsson and Annika Andersson. Together with the Swedish humorelit, and the greatest sports stars, they will compete on who has the best track on the sport.

– It will be great to do this program. I like both sports and quiz."Time Out" is interesting because it is a program with sports stars who are extremely good at one thing, and comedian who is not really good at anything, says Anders Jansson in a press release.

Comedians and sports stars visit the program

In the premiere, February 20, featured the program of the comedians Babben Larsson and thomas Dekker and the swimmer Sarah Sjöström, footballer Lotta Schelin.

More comedians during the season are, among others: David, Ann Westin, Måns Möller and Özz Nûjen. Among idrottsstjärnorna be seen: Anders Limping, Jenny Rissveds, Danijela Rundqvist, J-O Waldner, Robin Soderling, Khaddi Sagnia, Angelica Bengtsson, Björn Ferry, Klara Svensson, Isabelle Gulldén, Kevin Walker, Stefan Holm and Ida In gemarsdotter.


Filmduo draws on scenturné – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

In our own field the actors Bear A Ling, and Johan Östling on tour with his stage show "you fucking coward". According to a press release offers the show on much music, and humor.

Ling and Östling are known from the humorserien "Ack Värmland" and movies like "Slim Sussie" and "Bröllopsfotografen". In addition, they have been on stage together in several years, including in it much touring showbandet Starboys.

tour schedule: 17/3 Örebro, 18/3 Jönköping, 24/3 Trollhättan, 25/3 Kristinehamn, 31/3 Falun, 1/4 Säffle, 6/4 to Be, 7/4 Borås, 8/4 Kungsbacka, 28/4 Karlskoga, 29/4 Uddevalla, sweden.


Unknown lungsjuka elude Blekinge Museum, Västerbottens Folkblad

At the end of last year, the Blekinge Museum a box of a private individual, containing 89 photos taken on the Furs in sanatorium for roughly 100 years ago. Sanitariums were special tuberkulossjukhus where the patients were isolated in order to rest and eat nutritious food.

Now the museum help to identify the people in the pictures, reports SVT Blekinge. Fotoantikvarie Jonas Eckerblom have put out pictures in social media, but have not yet received a response on what people can be. Not with the help of 86-year-old Anna-Lisa Blomberg, who spent three years at the sanatorium in the 40s, the museum has been able to identify any.

the Images are valuable for the museum as there are many pictures of the staff at the sanatorium, bilddokumentation that has previously been lacking.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Even a cave of the dead sea scrolls found – Aftonbladet

Israel. the Archaeologists have found another cave where the famous dead sea scrolls existed.

But no writings were left in the cave, which is likely to have been looted during the last century.

in the Past, researchers have believed that it consisted of eleven caves that contained the scrolls, which were part of a klosterbibliotek from the centuries around our tideräknings the beginning and with the beginning of 1947, was dug up at Qumran by the Dead sea. The new discovery represents the twelfth cave, and it is the first time in over 60 years that another such cave is found in the area.

In the cave was shattered urns which have contained scrolls, fragments of fabric that wrapped the rollers, a string for tying up a roll and a piece of processed leather from a scroll.

israeli archaeologists are certain that the cave contained the writings.

“There is no doubt that this is the twelfth cave,” writes Oren Gutfeld, an archaeologist at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, in a statement.

But no writings were found in the cave. However, found the heads from a couple of modern hackyxor indicating that the contents have been looted during the 1950s.

in Addition, found arrowheads and shards of flint, and a seal made from the gemstone carnelian, findings that indicate that the cave used in the past – including during the neolithic.


It aroused a big stir when some shepherds found the so-called dead sea scrolls in the 1940s. They came from a klosterbibliotek from the centuries around our tideräknings the beginning and was found in caves by the Dead sea.

There was as good as all the books from the Old testament, plus other literature and framework for “the monks”. Large parts of the discovery consisted, of course, tumnagelstora fragments, but the rollers was “pristine” from a scientific point of view. There were many who hoped that they would give the unedited picture of christianity’s emergence, but it did not. Still in dispute whether the Hebrew and aramaic texts.



Madonna breaks silence: Adopts twins – Aftonbladet

now Show the first pictures of the kids

Madonna’s family has received two new members.

She was in the african Malawi to adopt two children.

– I am overwhelmed that they are now a part of our family, writes the star on Instagram.

the 58-year-old Madonna can now call himself sexbarnsmamma.

The twins she adopted is four years old. According to The Sun is called the children Stella and Esther and have been living in an orphanage in Mchinji together in two years.

In the Instagram comments on Madonna yourself the adoption.

"I am overwhelmed that they are now a part of our family," she writes on Instagram.

She also thank her friends and family for support and ask the media to respect the family’s privacy .

Denied the first

According to her first statement, she was in Malawi to ensure their projects. During the star’s stay active, however, rumors that she was there to adopt.

According to the Mirror should the pop star have applied for adoption on 25 January earlier this year – something she was quick to deny. Instead, she claimed that she was at a place in the country to work with the charity she founded in 2006 to combat poverty.

Share image

Before Madonna published the picture of the twins told talesmanen for the Malawi judiciary, and Mlenga Mvula, for People to the highest domtolen in Malawi, confirmed the adoption of a child from the country.

Ago in the past, Madonna has the son David Banda born in 2008 and daughter Mercy James, born in 2009, both from Malawi. She has also a mother to her biological daughter Lourdes and son Rocco.


Lisa Ajax for the ugly in the mouth of the Eurovision – stopped – Aftonbladet

Forced to change their song if she wins in the Eurovision song contest – coarse language is prohibited

MALMÖ. Lisa Ajax let violates Eurovision rules – the text is too rough.

If she wins the Eurovision song contest, her song will be stopped from competing in Europe-final.

– Contributions with unacceptable text will not be approved for performance in the competition. Violation of these rules can result in sanctions, ” says a spokesperson for the Eurovisionarrangören EBU.

Lisa Ajax, 18, lyric beat down like a bomb in the Eurovision world when SVT announced the onsdagseftermiddagen.

the Reason: it violates the Eurovision song contest’s strict rules and would never be allowed to compete in Europe-final if it wins the Eurovision song contest.

Singing prohibited text

In the song sings Lisa Ajax the word "fuck" a total of ten times. It is one of the English language’s worst word, directly translated, means "fuck". But the rules of the Eurovision song contest are crystal clear. Profanity and other coarse language are not allowed and may lead to disqualification.

Lisa Ajax let "I don’t give a", or other contributions with the word "fuck" in the text will be stopped from to be delivered in the Eurovision to be confirmed by the competition’s organizer, the european television union EBU:

– the Eurovision song contest is a family show and it’s for all entries must reflect it, ” says a spokesperson for the EBU.

– EBU and the host country will ensure that all contributions comply with the rules of the contest. Contributions with unacceptable text will not be approved for performance in the competition. Violation of these rules may result in sanctions.

BBC put a stop – SVT was forced to cut about

In the English språkvärlden considered the word "fuck" so serious that it is in the everyday speech often replaced with the term "f-word". According to the BBC’s broadcasting licence may, the word does not occur in the television program whose transmission started before the clock 21, and because of the time difference broadcast the Eurovision song contest at 20 in the Uk.

SVT Melodifestivalen, the production is well aware of the strict rules of the language in the Eurovision. When the Eurovision song contest was broadcast from Malmö 2013 had SVT at the last moment to change a pre-recorded skit with Björn Gustafsson. Late at night was the SVT had to cut away just the word "fuck"," because, among other things, the BBC would otherwise have been able to get hefty fines if they had shown the sketch in the broadcast.


the Same rule which prohibits political messages and advertising

In the rules of the Eurovision song contest 2017 notes EBU:

"Text and/or the performance of the song may not put the show, the Eurovision song contest or the EBU into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of political nature are allowed under the ESC. No profanity or other unacceptable language is allowed in the chlorine or in the performance of the songs. No message that promotes an organization, institution, political message or other, company, brand, products or services are permitted in the show or in some of the Eurovision sites. Violation of the rules can lead to disqualification."

Source: The EBU /


singing Lisa Ajax

Excerpt from "I don’t give a" was written by Ola Svensson, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Anton Hård af Segerstad.

"I don’t give a
I don’t give a
I don’t give a
fuck what the others say."


"'ll lo love you anyway
fuck what they say
I don’t give a
fuck what they say."


How much earn hip-hop


Nakenchockens history – from Lindfors to Måns Zelmerlöw


Benjamin ingrosso’s reunion with Emilio – Expressen

I want to Expressen should be the magazine which is most generous with the rebuttal, corrections, and how we report any censure from the Press Council.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s ambition is clear. In our “Quality policy” switch, I wired it as published to be accurate. My first decision as editor-in-chief was to establish a fixed place in the magazine and on the site for corrections. But we are humans. Who make mistakes, get ripped off or rushed to carelessness. There are a few explanations to the errors in the media, but the excuse still not to the editorial staff of one exposure for publicitetsskada.

the Express newspaper is behind the “Ethical rules for press, radio and tv” formulated by the publicist club, the Swedish union of journalists, newspaper publishers, the Swedish Magazines, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Swedish educational Broadcasting company.

“the Rules are more of guidelines than a formal set of rules,” notes the Public press ombudsman (PO). What is good media ethics must be determined from case to case, and there is no exact answer. But it is good that the matter is discussed.

Expressen speak often and feel free to be clear, we inspect and we disclose; it is journalism that is not everyone will appreciate what we are telling them. If you believe you are a victim of a publicitetsskada is the fastest way to get redress, please contact us: e-mail to or call our nyhetsdesk on telephone: 08-738 30 00. But it is also possible to make a so-called PO-notification to get a pressetisk trial.


Ebba Busch Thor has become a mother – Expressen

I want to Expressen should be the magazine which is most generous with the rebuttal, corrections, and how we report any censure from the Press Council.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s ambition is clear. In our “Quality policy” switch, I wired it as published to be accurate. My first decision as editor-in-chief was to establish a fixed place in the magazine and on the site for corrections. But we are humans. Who make mistakes, get ripped off or rushed to carelessness. There are a few explanations to the errors in the media, but the excuse still not to the editorial staff of one exposure for publicitetsskada.

the Express newspaper is behind the “Ethical rules for press, radio and tv” formulated by the publicist club, the Swedish union of journalists, newspaper publishers, the Swedish Magazines, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Swedish educational Broadcasting company.

“the Rules are more of guidelines than a formal set of rules,” notes the Public press ombudsman (PO). What is good media ethics must be determined from case to case, and there is no exact answer. But it is good that the matter is discussed.

Expressen speak often and feel free to be clear, we inspect and we disclose; it is journalism that is not everyone will appreciate what we are telling them. If you believe you are a victim of a publicitetsskada is the fastest way to get redress, please contact us: e-mail to or call our nyhetsdesk on telephone: 08-738 30 00. But it is also possible to make a so-called PO-notification to get a pressetisk trial.


Rymdserieskådis death in cancer – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

The american actor Richard Hatch has died at 71 years of age, writes Variety. The actor passed away on Tuesday from complications of pancreatic cancer. Richard Hatch was primarily known for her roles in the science fiction series "Battlestar galactica" – both as Apollo in the original from the 70′s, and as Tom Zarek in the acclaimed remake from 2004.

Several colleagues from the television series are now expressing their condolences. "You did the universe a better place and we love you for it. Rest in peace my friend," writes the actor Edward James Olmos on Twitter.

Richard Hatch made her debut in the tv series "All my children" in 1971 and also appeared in series such as "San Francisco", "Dynasty" and "MacGyver".


Richard Hatch is dead – was 71 years old – Expressen

the Actor Richard Hatch, best known from “Battlestar Galactica” is dead.

He died from complications of stomach cancer, confirms his family to TMZ.

the Hatch was 71 years old.

the Actor Richard Hatch has passed away, 71 years old.

It now confirms his family to TMZ.

Hatch, who was known from “Battlestar Galactica,” died from complications of stomach cancer, which he had fought against for a long time.

in recent weeks, he had been a patient in the hospice to receive care.

Richard Hatch was both an actor, screenwriter and television producer, and broke through on tv in 1970 when he got a role in the series “All my children”.

READ MORE: Richard Lynch found dead at his home

READ MORE: Såpoperastjärnan Agnes Nixon is dead

Eight years later, he became a recognized name when he played Captain Apollo in the original version of “Battlestar Galactica”. A role he was nominated for a Golden Globe for, “Best male actor”.

After the success of “Battlestar Galactica” got Richard Hatch guest roles in the 1980s in the well-known series such as “Murder, she wrote”, “The love boat” and “Fantasy Island”.

“Battlestar Galactica”fans were excited when he also returned to the series when it was made in 2004. Then played the Hatch in place Tom Zarek.

On social media mourned now Hatchs death of friends and colleagues.

the Actor Edward James Olmos mourn his friend on Twitter.

“Richard Hatch. You made the universe a better place and for that we love you. Rest in peace my friend,” writes the actor.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Busch Thor had to be with – not Ekström – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

KD-leader Ebba Busch Thor made a lauded appearance in "så ska det låta", but Anna Ekström (S) may no longer be in the "On track" since she was appointed to the secondary and kunskapslyftsminister.

— I was of course sad, it was great to be in the "On track" and generally, I think it is good that politicians are not only in serious applications, ” says Anna Ekström.

TT: What do you think about Ebba Busch Thor can be with in the "there you go"?

— I have no comments on it and I do not think ministers should have comments on editorial decisions, ” says Anna Ekström.

SVT:s unclear line when it comes to their participation in the entertainment programme has raised a lot of questions, writes Dagens Industri. According to Per Rådelius, project manager for "så ska det låta", made assessments on a case-by-case basis, of each individual production.

— If it had been an election year, we had not made this assessment, ” says Rådelius to DI Ebba Busch Thor’s involvement.

— She was mainly involved because she is an amazing singer and not because she is a politician.