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The boy with the gold pants – Gothenburg Post


The boy with the gold pants

Director: Ella Lemhagen

By: Luke Holgersson, Olle Krantz, Nina Sand , Shanti Roney, Jimmy Lindström, Annika Hallin etc.

Sweden, 2014 (99 min)

The Mountain King, Biopalatset

The new version of the boy with gold pants have a high recognition potential for Göteborg.

Those gold pants fascinated me immensely when I was small, after watching the TV series and read Max Lundgren’s book. The pants appeared in dreams and daydreams: Imagine just shove your hand in your pocket and pull up the bill after bill, in a never-ending stream. Swimming in the money, giving away money, buy what you want … Stop poverty, help those who are starving. But what if it was illegal? And where did all the money really come from?

The Beatles sang can not buy me love , while the boy Mats pulled out another note from his pocket and tried to put up with his hopeless father Tocken . Meanwhile, when the euphoria over the pants magic subsided, book boy was hit by the pain-in-the-stomach-inducing realization: that no money in the world is able to subdue the pain in your chest when your parents do not care.

While the movie holds several strong, parallel tracks. It presents the rich class society swindler in contrast to a knocked-puncher. The pants cash flow is a tale of greed and gluttony that eventually lands in sharp konsumtionskritik.Thrilleraktigt exciting it will be when the police, banks and various shady characters are in search of Mats but especially his gold pants. Heartbreaking drama created when the boy unceremoniously dumped by her mother with her self-centered journalist father.

Who could be more suited to explore, and try to merge, all of this than the director Ella Lemhagen? Ever since his debut in 1996 with the drama Prince Charming – The movie about Em , she has sensitively told from the perspective of children and adolescents. Always with a critical eye toward the adult world bigotry. And always with asgrymt soundtrack. So even here, in the evocative collaboration with composer Fredrik Emilson.

The adventure is visually captivating and becomes, after a somewhat slow start, more and more breathtaking as the chase escalates. The main characters are nicely castade by veteran Maggie Widstrand, but the game remains sometimes somewhat unresolved. Shanti Roney do well as bewildered father while Annika Hallin as resolutely SAPO-head pointing with the whole hand. Most fervent Jimmy Lindstrom in his work as bag lady Zeke together with knähunden Batman is given a significant role. Harald Hamrell, original series Mats, also glimpsed past the police.

Gothenburgers film has high recognition potential environments from hotels worldwide and the port is recognized. The adventure has been modernized in every possible way: instead of tens comes first 100-piece, then 500 pieces and thousand krona banknotes out of his pants. Mats have made new friends and they revel more in toys and video games than in ice cream. Soon, the inventive teenagers both fiscal police economic crimes authority heels, like the rip-financier William Otto.

It will be captivating and morally thoughtful, but sometimes also a little too obvious.

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