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Let Zara Larsson avoid having to set a good example – Metro

First: I’m not in any way liberal drugs without worry contrary fat lot about how young people’s attitude to grass more and more similar to that of the United States. But it is not Zara Larsson’s or another young woman’s role to take responsibility to change. That is up to us adults.

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Being a young female artist has the old, dumb, tradition with rusty structures by definition meant to be a role model for other young women. And we’re not talking someone who says: Be strong! Resist! Believe in yourself! Be healthy! Patti Smith.

No, modeled here means to constantly set an example as any old-time good girl. Have the entire clean clothes, be happy, clever, always compliant, agree, be hetreosexuell, wonderfully sexy in a completely safe manner and time to be sober.

No male artist, the requirements themselves. The term sex, drugs and rocknroll coined as when it barely existed female musicians.

Therefore, I am delighted by Zara Larsson fat middle finger to the old conventions. Not just when she posts wise called on gender equality at Instagram or Twitter. But actually, even when it involves a selfie in dress with silly marijuana-prints (incidentally, one of the most popular pressures on clothes this season), topless pictures with Sweden’s own badgal Joy or idols on a grass smoker Rihanna.

Or when the house duo Rebecca & amp; Fiona receives press the right bit vinfulla midday. It not only decadent – it is to set a really awful example.

I love it!

The female pop star’s emancipation is a process that has been going on for a while. Molly Sanden was premature to burn their hard snared corset at the stake: In an interview I did with her in Expressen summer of 2014 directed her purse kick against the music industry gylfar – she told openly about sexism and how she gagged for almost the entire his career. Smile and sing. Molly Sanden rotted, started their own business and started talking. In an interview I did in the same newspaper last summer, she talked about her liberal views on smoking grass:

I think it is wrong to filter too much. Trying to be perfect, I’m human. No, I’m not tvärnej to marijuana, it may seem controversial in people’s eyes. But I hope that those who have me as a role model to buy all of me.

One of the biggest international pop stars, Tove Lo, get small children to sing that they are high all the time (Habits, stay high) and messes about a guy with perfect body can have sex with her for the rest of his life if he plays his cards right. Sometimes she shows her breasts on stage if she feels like it.

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We are in the midst of a revolution. Revolutions require revolt, and it is often uncompromising. Just like punk frontal attack on Thatcher’s England is required although this extraordinary expression of achieving a bigger goal. Tove Lo is a fantastic role model for young women. She writes both their own and other artists worldwide hits and is probably one of the highest grossing artists right now. I think Zara Larsson has done more for feminism among young women than any minister.

In the near future we will look back on this revolution just as punk.

And I’m just indescribably proud to participate and to depict it.

Annah Birch

Journalist and style and music blogger


- Now peaks we as polluters – Aftonbladet

Filip and Fredrik laps globe three times in the new tour program – but it has a price.

With flights leaving the duo a carbon footprint equivalent to several persons emissions in a year .

– I think we peaks as polluters, says Fredrik Wikingsson.

The hosts Filip Hammar , 40, and Fredrik Wikingsson , 42, is a success in Channel 5′s “Around the World in 6 steps”, where they without using its network of contacts to seek a famous person by a maximum of six steps. The challenge takes the duo three times around the world.

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An average Swedish emits about 5.5 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year. Emissions from the duo’s flight (160 hours) is equivalent to the total emissions to get to 24 tons of carbon dioxide per person.

– Never have I and Philip traveled so much in so little time. I think we are peaks that polluters. On the other hand peaks that we also creators. It is fortunate that the program has been so well received, otherwise I measure even worse, says Fredrik Wikingsson.

Is ecologist

He explains that the fees paid for carbon offsetting.

– It is one of the first things we said, there is something very good in this format, but it will be a hell of a lot of traveling. What can you do about it? Well, you can do something called carbon offsetting. We have at least made.

Is there a cheap way to buy themselves a good conscience?

– I think it’s a pretty expensive way to buy his freedom. But there are things you do now. There is the usual straw to the stack.

According to a researcher at KTH are your emissions 24 tons of carbon dioxide per person, while the average Swede releases 5.5 tons per year. What do you feel about it?

– It is an abstract figure almost. I can not sit and say “it’s too damn” because then I would have shit in doing so. I get to have some balls and say … Someone may well invent an electric aircraft soon. I hope for the lot. Things happen with electricity.

Discussed you and Filip environmental aspects?

– Yes, of course. I am “outad” ecologist. It would be absolutely ridiculous if I had not weighed in this. Of course I do.

– We were at least only five people. SVT had made this program had been spent twice as much staff. There is a strength in that we have a small team on the basis of this way of looking at it, he said.

Do you have bad climate conscience in general?

– Haha, what should I say? It’s a lose-lose situation purely rhetorically if I say that I am good in general. But I do things that are completely obvious. I am exactly as good or bad as the general public.

Have you had any reactions regarding the environmental aspect of the program?

– Not yet. And I was expecting to get it earlier. But I guess it is normal that they had done a crappy program, it would have been worse. There is probably also a value in seeing how the world looks.

“We start with the idea”

Wikingsson mean that it is impossible to take creative decisions utfrån example, environmental aspects.

– You can weigh in so afterwards, but we start with the idea and what could be a story. Then we can think ‘what can we do about it deplorable when it comes to climate change? “. We can offset and has at least done it.


Katrin Zytomierskas kroppshån notified – Aftonbladet

Katrin Zytomierskas attacks in TV4′s “Malou after ten” have been notified to the Review Board.

Six viewers have reported the channel and call the element of “discriminatory,” “insulting “” oppression “.

– She is allowed to spew hatred, writes a disgruntled viewers.

The blogger Katrin Zytomierskas participation in TV4′s “Malou after ten” on September 21, aroused heated debate. Then the Zytomierska havoc with radio program host Stina Wollters body, as was shown in the program in a video. The reactions were not long in coming. The element has received massive criticism, and Stina himself expressed his disappointment TV4′s way of handling the debate.

“I feel so cheated and sad, used and abused. It stings the throat of the same garb as svidit as long as I can remember when someone treated me unfairly, “wrote Wollter on Instagram.

Now, six viewers notified TV4 element to the Review Board.

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“Believe me not to have to sit and be offended”

“The element of Zytomierska is clearly discriminatory. Had she been talking about a different group than obese so had TV4 violated broadcast” writes one viewer.

“I do not consider myself having to sit and be offended, unsuspecting when I see the morning program,” writes another.

“She is allowed to spew out a hatred and contempt against the obese, “wrote a third.

TV4′s press manager Malin Lindahl Born comments:

– Malou has already commented on the whole and bite sorry for Stina Wollters images. We have nothing more to add, but will of course respond to the Review Board issues, she writes in an email to Aftonbladet.

‘deeply unfortunate’

The host Malou von Sivers has previously commented on the incident on TV4′s website.

“Unfortunately, we showed only pictures of Stina Wollter during the call, which was deeply unhappy. It was a mistake. Our idea was to show a series of images in many different women showing off their bodies with pride on social media. Stina Wollter have been hurt and felt insulted and it is deeply regrettable, “she writes.

Even Zytomierska has pudlat considerably and apologized for his statements:

” To start With so I want to sincerely apologize to the people who have taken offense at things I said in the program. Pardon. What I wanted to get up, I was not articulate properly, and I’m very sorry. “

Aftonbladet have searched Malou von Sivers.

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Eat your Christmas dinner at Hogwarts – Today’s News



     Now more experience the Christmas spirit in the Hogwarts Great Hall when Warner Bros. invited to Christmas dinner.

         Now, more experience the Christmas spirit in the Hogwarts Great Hall when Warner Bros. invited to Christmas dinner.





Anyone who is willing to pay 230 pounds can now experience the Christmas spirit at Hogwarts when Warner Bros. invited to Harry Potter Christmas. It writes the Huffington Post.




Anyone who is willing to pay 230 pounds can now experience the Christmas spirit at Hogwarts when Warner Bros. invited to Harry Potter Christmas. It writes the Huffington Post.

The third opens December Hogwarts up for Christmas dinner. For the reasonable price of 230 pounds can prospective Harry Potter fans get the opportunity to experience a Christmas dinner just the way you know it from the movies of Harry Potter.

It is Warner Bros. that opens up the large hall where filming of the Harry Potter films were made. After dinner, served in a hall adorned original décor from the films, it is possible to take a tour of the family Weasley kitchen and the Gryffindor common room – and to eat dessert on platform 9 3/4.



Christmas smorgasbord will not have the youthful charm that it had in the movies – where participants must be over 18 years old to participate in the Christmas table. And because of the great interest in the seats at the dinner are already sold out.






Sabbath’s farewell tour to Sweden – Västerbotten Folkblad

Black Sabbath’s first band that is set for participation at “Monsters of Rock” is resurrected at the Friends Arena in Solna, July 9, writes Live Nation said in a statement. For the Sabbath’s part, it is also the group’s last tour ever.

The legendary heavy metal band with Ozzy Osbourne at the head embarks on its farewell tour next year, starting on 1 June. The band promises that this last tour will be their most lavish production ever.

– Then it’s over, said Osbourne earlier this year.

The festival Monsters of Rock was arranged in Sweden in 1984 and 1986 at Rasunda Stadium with bands like AC / DC, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Scorpions and Def Leppard. More artists will be at this year’s edition of the Friends Arena.

Tickets go on sale on 6 October.


Rosling’s inflammatory speech hailed – Sydsvenskan

This means that half the audience represents the portion of the population that fled, explained Rosling. Eight million are displaced within the country, and four million – equivalent to the audience in the stalls – have been taken to other countries. And the audience on the first three rows in front Rosling had to represent the 80,000 people who come to Sweden.

– Welcome! said Rosling, to the cheers of the audience, and praised the courage of the refugees with the rest of the world to understand the extent of the disaster.

Rosling’s speech tokhyllades Then on social media: “Hans Rosling received the worst rock star at the Globe tonight. Long live the popular education!” wrote commentator Helle Klein on Twitter.

“We have far too little public education a la Hans Rosling. More stuff”, writes journalist Frida Boisen.

” Hans Rosling is our last outpost of what is called popular education. Let us all cherish this. ” “Hans Rosling you are cruel. Explains refugee crisis like no other.” “Hans Rosling is KING!” Read some other comments. One tweet said that the speech “may be the most important SVT sent in decades”.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get the controversial statue standing in Varberg? – Radio Sweden

The statue “With purse weapon” has an important symbolic value, says the buyer. But the son of the woman, who work inspired by, appeals to the municipality to respect his deceased mother.

– I understand those who consider themselves to be victims in different contexts and so they associate it with a piece of art they see. Then I have respect for it, but it can not control my actions. Symbol value is much, much bigger. It weighs over, says Lasse Diding.

Varberg profile bought Susanna Arwins bronze statue inspired by the famous photograph of a woman hitting the bag against a neo-Nazi in Växjö in 1985.

He now wants to donate the sculpture to Varberg municipality. But the plans could be dashed because the son of the woman in the photograph has appealed to the municipality not to receive the work.

Municipality Council, Ann-Charlotte Stenkil (M), said that desire carries weight.

– Of course, we take into account the relative’s comments, she says.

Växjö has previously said no to work. Tomorrow the municipality of Varberg an extraordinary meeting to discuss the statue.

Son says to P4 Halland that he does not want his mother used for political purposes.

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He thinks I feel sick to an artist against the family’s will can make a profit by selling sculptures of the mother, and that those who want to make her a symbol does not have a clue who she was.

The buyer Lasse Diding , however, thinks that the symbolic value outweighs everything else.

– It has been an anti-fascist symbolism. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

– I myself have been a victim of the Nazis here in my home, which has pulled the plastic strips around the house. When it highlighted hung suddenly five handbags on my fence. It shows that this purse is already a strong symbol of peaceful resistance.

But Lasse Diding hope to further discussion and that the statue will end up on display in central Varberg, otherwise the statue in the garden instead.

– It is also fun when they come here and look at it instead, he says.


It was a fine and strong evening in the Globe – Göteborgs-Posten

Alcazar, Amanda Bergman, Bjorn Dixgård, Bo Diddley, Carola, Darin David Batra, Filip Hammar, Fredrik “Benke” Rydan, Fredrik Lindstrom, Fredrik Wikingsson, gina dirawi, Graveyard, Jill Johnson, Joel Alme, Johan Glans Jonas Gardell, Gunilla Backman, Kim Cesarion, Kodjo Akolor, Duvemåla Ensemble, LaGaylia Frazier, Laleh, Lars Frederiksen, Lena Phillips, Lisa Nilsson, Lilla Namo, Love Antell, Malena Ernman, Markus Krunegård. Martin Stenmarck, Maxida Märak, Maja Francis, Melissa Horn, Miss Li, Molly Sanden, Niklas Strömstedt, Ola Salo, Orup, Patrik Isaksson, Peter Jöback, Petra Mede, Petra Marklund, Petter, Redline Allstars, Sanna Nielsen, Sarah Dawn Finer, Seinabo Sey, Sister Sol, Tensta Gospel Choir, Tomas Andersson Wij Tomas Ledin, The Hives with Michael Alonzo and Steppan, Marty Robbins, weeping willows.

The gala, held at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, was broadcast on SVT and via TV3 Play, TV4 Play, Channel 5 Play, Swedish Radio as well as in a number of newspapers’ sites including GP’s.


Nicki minaj upbringing becomes sitcom – Vasterbotten Courier

Her plates have sold many double platinum and music videos are breaking new records. But it is not the musical successes that becomes the focus of a new comedy series about rapper Nicki Minaj, but her upbringing in New York in the 1990s when the family immigrated from Trinidad Tobago, writes deadline.

Minaj will itself participate in the series, which has been purchased by the television channel ABC Family, and is also the executive producer.

– This is one of the more unique adventure I have ever embarked. I could not be more proud and happy to work with an amazing group of people who want to give the world something really special, says Nicki Minaj according to Deadline.

The series is not the first time that MINAJ humor talent to the test, among other things, she starred in the comedy movie “The Other Woman” and the television program “Saturday Night Live”.


Paul Walker’s daughter, does the Porsche – Västerbotten Folkblad

The actor Paul Walker died in 2013 when he crashed his Porsche Carrera GT in California. Now sued the car company of his daughter Meadow Walker.

According to “Fast and Furious” -skådespelarens 16-year-old daughter is now guilty of manslaughter, because it saved on security measures that could have prevented the crash or its fatal outcome.

The lawsuit points out that Porsche was aware of the specific model’s shortcomings.

Biljättens lawyers have previously denied that it would have been something wrong with the car that Walker was driving. They have not yet commented on the lawsuit.


Expressen broadcasts live – all day – Express

They appear on the “All Sweden rattle”



Amanda Bergman

Bear Dixgård

Bo Diddley



David Batra

Filip Hammar

Fredrik “Benke” Rydan

Fredrik Lindström

Fredrik Wikingsson

gina dirawi

The Graveyard

Jill Johnson

Joel Alme

Johan Glans

Jonas Gardell

Gunilla Backman

Kim Cesarion

Kodjo Akolor

Duvemåla Ensemble

LaGaylia Frazier


Lars Frederiksen

Lena Phillips

Linnea Henriksson

Lisa Nilsson

Lilla Namo

Love Antell

Malena Ernman


Mark Krunegård

Martin Stenmarck

Mauro Scocco

Maxida Märak

Maja Francis

Melissa Horn

Miss Li

Molly Sanden

Niklas Strömstedt

Ola Salo


Patrik Isaksson

Peter Jöback

Petra Mede

Petra Marklund


Redline Allstars (feat. Linda Pira, Large, Mohammed Ali, Jacco, Carlito, Amsie Brown & amp; Aki)

Sanna Nielsen

Sarah Dawn Finer

Seinabo Sey

Sister Sol

Tensta Gospel Choir

Tomas Andersson Wij

Tomas Ledin

The Hives (feat. Michael Alonzo & amp; Steppan)

Marty Robbins

Weeping Willows

See more Less

Expressen broadcast live all day today ahead of – and during – “All of Sweden rattles”.

Now load the artists up for a historic and emotional fundraising gala for the benefit of refugees.

– There will be tearful, says Sarah Dawn Finer.

In the evening broadcast “Full Sweden rattling” in a unique collaboration of a variety of media.

Expressen transmission starts already at nine o’clock in the morning. During the day visited the broadcast by Malena Ernman, Carola and Anna Kinberg Batra.

In addition, Expressen team on site in the world to participate in the broadcast. From Lebanon are Kassem Hamade with, from the border between Hungary and Croatia are Cecilia Anderberg, Thomas Kvarnkullen and from Istanbul Therese Christiansson.

While charging the artists up for an emotional and historic gala at the Globe.

Sarah Dawn Finer encourage everyone to donate money. But above all, she wants to get as many as possible to get involved to help others.

– When it comes to money, we all sit in different positions. Donating what you can. There are so many other ways you can help if you can not afford. One can only talk to people, help with language, she says.

Sarah Dawn Finer think that she will not be able to hold back the tears during the collection Gala.

– It is absolutely amazing. It is historic. There is a large and important statement. I think it will be a night of a lot of joy. I think it will become tearful. I’m so sick bloody and crying all the time, she says.

The concert is broadcast live on a unique collaboration of SVT, TV3 Play, TV4 Play, Channel 5 Play, Aftonbladet TV, Expressen TV, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri , Sydsvenska Dagbladet and Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sveriges Radio.

Galan at Globen begin at 19 in the evening, but Expressen TV starts broadcasting already at 09 in the morning and follows the rehearsals and uploading.

will also report about the refugee catastrophe from our broadcast.

Programme in the studio in Expressen house is Hanna Malmodin and Karin Bülow Orrje. Hostess in Expressen’s studio in the Globe’s Anna Herdenstam.


Three “Fast & Furious” movies to – Swedish Dagbladet

Part Seven’s sales figures had in principle already guaranteed a sequel, but according to Entertainment Weekly, it is now confirmed that the seventh film will be followed by an eighth, ninth and tenth.

“Universal has treated me so well and trusted my vision so much. They have been like family to me. So I promised the film company that I will deliver a final trilogy to end the saga, “writes Diesel on his Facebook page.

Wine Diesel and Universal are looking for a director who will take over the baton after Part Seven’s director James Wan, who declined to make more films in the series.

“My producer colleague Neal Moritz and I would not want anything other than to say yes to a director, but this film series is so special that it must be handled with great care, “writes Diesel.


The Herd “JK tendered for defamation – Vasterbotten Courier

A related to the girl who was subjected to rape in Bjästa 2009 has reported the film “The Flock” to the Chancellor of Justice (JK) for defamation and insult, writes Swedish Radio Kulturnytt.

The notifier believes that there are “striking similarities” between the film and what happened in Bjästa, among other things, that the film is set in northern Sweden, the girl is as old and that rape occurs on a school toilet. According to the notification, the film has been made without the girl and related parties’ knowledge.

The director Beata Gårdeler has previously told TT that she was inspired by the events in Bjästa, but that “flock” should be seen as a regular feature film.

The events in Bjästa attracted considerable attention, particularly since SVT’s “Mission Review” has taken up the case and showed the girl victim of defamation after the rape.

The film, JK-notified once before, but which was refused registration on the grounds that the film has not yet premiered.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Trainspotting 2 “will be recorded next year – Vasterbotten Courier

The director Danny Boyle says that the sequel to his acclaimed film “Trainspotting” will be recorded next year, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the first film, writes Entertainment Weekly .

According to Boyle have the recording made in a reasonably healthy pace, then the actors Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller schedules are otherwise Recorded with jobs in television series.

In addition to Carlyle and Miller will Also Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner to reprise their roles from “Trainspotting”.

“Trainspotting” was based on Irvine Welsh’s novel of the same name, and the sequel will build on elements of Welsh continued, “Porno”.

– But “Trainspotting 2″ will also stand on its own, says Danny Boyle.


‘Morran and Tobias year’s comedy programs – Aftonbladet

Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson do it again.

During Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price won the duo the heavy category of this year’s humor program “Morran and Tobias.”

– We have met a few times to see how it feels and how we can take it further, says Robert Gustafsson Nöjesbladet.

Crystal Gala earlier this year won the year’s program.

On Monday evening made Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson hit again.

Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price was “Morran and Tobias” this year’s comedy programs. Additionally went this year’s male humor achievement for Johan Rheborg for the role of Morran.

– It feels great, because we had such a big argument about the course is three kg bronze statuette. And that’s a figure that is a bit difficult to split in two. But it solved after all with one each, said Robert Gustafsson Nöjesbladet after the gala.

It is uncertain if future

Johan Rheborg says that now they do not work with “Morran and Tobias” ·

– We do nothing right now, it lives by itself. We recorded it all during a busy month last year. We must digest this and see what you do in the future.

Is “Morran and Tobias” little new “Ronny & Ragge”?

– I think Ronny & Ragge feels like a lovely nostalgic comeback. This is a little blacker. We said when we started this that we wanted to make shapes that you became frightened, disgusted and nasty fascinated. But one would still like to keep up with in one day, and then go home. It was a little goal to do that, says Robert Gustafsson.

Ronny (Peter Settman) and Ragge (Fredrik Granberg) reunited briefly at the gala scene praises the duo.

– My favorite was won by “Morran and Tobias.” It’s the kind of humor that I love and I think the series is really fun, says Fredrik Granberg and Peter Settman adds:

– It is here that one must laugh at the vulgar and what is not is “good enough”. I think it is great fun.

“Humour is able to be”

Now Reveals Robert Gustafsson that he and Johan Rheborg look at how it gets with the program in the future.

– We have met a few times to see how it feels and how we can take it further. Then we met again, and then we found some tracks that we’ll start working on.

The night was about both childhood cancer and humor, how do you see it?

– There are two extremes, of course, I also thought of it when I saw elements. But without humor life will be much harder. Laughter is important, says Johan Rheborg.

– It’s the only thing common to this theme have with each other, to the humor able to be and see the good things of life and thus have the strength to withstand major challenges. Otherwise, there is no common for that which was shown during the evening was unbelievable, I find it very hard to take it all. I get very sad, especially when it comes to children, says Robert Gustafsson.


SVT slopes for criticism and will send Prince Nicolas baptism on 11 October. – Aftonbladet

SVT slopes for criticism and will send Prince Nicolas baptism on 11 October.

Earlier, SVT has said no to sending baptism, arguing that it is too much royal box in 2015.

SVT to reconsider its decision not to send Prince Nicolas baptism.

– Many viewers have heard of , and said that they absolutely want to see the ceremony, and something that made an impression there, many said that they do not have a fast broadband connection and therefore can not see it online. So we have chosen to make available this event for the entire Swedish population, says Clara Mannheimer, programs commissioner of culture and events on TV.

Less transmission

Last year was sent Princess Leonore’s baptism but before her younger brother, Prince Nicolas baptism became the first slammed from SVT.

SVT will make a small consignment of baptism, compared with, for example, Princess Estelle’s christening.

– If you compare with when you we had a fairly extensive broadcast both before and after baptism. Now it becomes a straighter and simpler version without the studio. The viewer will be involved within the Drottningholm Castle, Church and take part in the ceremony and what’s important, says Clara Mannheimer.

“We are very happy”

The baptism will be broadcast on BBC1 and SVT Play at 11:50 on 11 October.

– We have had a dialogue with the court to find a level that we are both happy and pleased and we have done that now. I am very happy about this, says Clara Mannheimer.


Records premiere for new bridge – Göteborgs-Posten

1 481 000. Never have so many looked at the bridge that at Sunday’s season premiere.

Perhaps it is because Sofia Helin’s estimated character Saga Norén get much larger space in the new season, perhaps because the GP’s Johanna Hagström called Helin “magic well” and says that the entire TV series are well played with his clever constructed script. Whatever attracted season premiere of Bridge III, a record number of viewers on Sunday.

According to preliminary viewing figures from SVT (Official figures come after lunch) was seen Sunday’s episode of 1,481,000 people. So many have never seen an episode of the bridge during the two seasons that the series appeared.

– Great fun! It is clear that the bridge is a series that has found its place in the audience. Many have a relationship perhaps best Saga, says SVT’s drama director Christian Wikander.

And it looks great interest in the third season’s ten sections likely to continue. There’sa namely more goodies.

“One of the turns, as revealed in the fourth section, is so elegantly designed that erupted spontaneous applause in my television couch afterward,” writes GP’s Johanna Hagström in his review . Read it here.

With a viewing figure of 1 430 000 was the last episode of season 2 just behind Sunday’s record premiere.


Third season of the Bridge has premiered simultaneously in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It appears on Sundays at 21 BBC1 and on SVT Play.

Cast: Sofia Helin, Dag Malmberg, Ann Petrén, Maria Hill, Adam Palsson, Sonja Richter, Nicolas Bro and others.

Viewed: in 160 countries.

Praise: Prix Europa for Best TV Series (2012), Banff Rookie Award (2014) and Crystal (2014).

Last week’s most-watched programs:

The first Doobidoo (BBC1, Friday) 1,565,000

second Bridge (BBC1, Sunday) 1,489,000

third Farmer Wants a Wife (TV4 Wednesday) 1,252,000

fourth Modus (TV4, Wednesday) 1,222,000

5th Skavlan (BBC1, Friday) 1,215,000

6th Idol (TV4, Friday) 1,017,000

seventh Mandate Review (BBC1, Wednesday) 1,011,000

8th Genius Fight (BBC1, Sunday) 972 000

The ninth Faith, hope and love (BBC1, Tuesday) 915 000

10th Who do you think You Are? (BBC1, Monday) 856 000

Measurement period 21 / 9-27 / 9 2015. No news program, sports program, or program for ten minutes included in the list. Source: MMS.