Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gustaf Norén: “For me there is no Mando Diao” – Aftonbladet

For the founder of the Swedish super group Mando Diao is over.

In the television program “Breaking News” on Channel 5 gave the now defected singer Gustaf Norén his version behind the defection .

– I have not left Mando Diao. For me there is no Mando Diao, says Gustaf Norén.

The defection came as a bolt from the blue for Mando Diao -fansen .

But it was hard to believe the news when so cemented it definitely in tonight’s episode of “Breaking News” with humor duo Philip & amp; Frederick .

– For me there is no Mando Diao, said the former singer of the band Gustaf Norén in the program, which gave a somewhat confused impression.

Some concrete explanation for why the band and Gustaf Norén go their separate ways did not, however, TV viewers, other than that he and most of all the previous coupplehorse Bear Dixgård had different views of what the band means to them.

– It was mostly my direction in music …

Filip Hammar: As he does not like?

– Yes. We are free from all contracts, he replied cryptically.

According to the band’s official website was the break between Gustaf Norén and the band that the two parties had different visions and Noren therefore chosen to drop out.

Doubt press release

A press release from the record company gave an apparently neutral quote from Mando Diaos singer Björn Dixgård.

“Gustav is an incredibly creative and talented musician and artist. Now he gets the time and freedom to realize their ideas without compromise and it will be very exciting to see where it goes. The rest of us in the band will continue as usual and look forward to meeting the fans at all gigs this summer
– Bear Dixgård. “

A statement Gustaf Norén itself does not give much, he stated in the TV couch at Philip & amp; Fredrik.

– I do not think he said that. You hear the yourself how it sounds. After 20 years so … I do not think Bear has said it. It sounds like a machine. My car has more sense than that.

The tone of the interview was somewhat dark – Filip Hammar described it as “funeral atmosphere” – and when the hosts wanted to make a toast to a “fresh start”, corrected Noren them short.

– recently divorced.

Fredrik Wikingsson: “Strong interview”

After the TV program was Gustaf Norén quickly a hot topic on social media, among other things because of a statement Gustaf Norén shed that he “has little preparations in the body.”

When Nöjesbladet when Fredrik Wikingsson, he quickly Gustaf Norén in defense.

– There was a very strong interview with a person who is very emotionally affected.

– Many wonder if he had drugs in the body, but it was penicillin and fever. This morning it was not even certain that he would be with the program because he has the flu.

At the same time, he understands that the interview arouses reactions.

– I think it was Breaking News Best interview ever to the felt anxious. I can relate to how it is to be in a duo. If I had been in his shoes, I would be dazed.

Mando Diao shatter not even the defection, but will continue to tour under the same name and a new constellation.


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