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Television anger against Richard Wolff: Was pissed off – Expressen

Richard Wolff surprise in “Stars in the Castle” took the other participants on the bed.

Özz Nûjen reacted with anger, threw his script and refused to convey his number – now he talks about the frustration.

– I had a minor crisis and did not know what I would do, he says of anger.

In tonight’s episode of “Stars in the Castle” had Rikard Wolff planned an activity where the He and the other participants would perform in front of an audience. Something that took the other participants on the bed. At short notice they received a individual numbers to convey to an audience of 1000 people – something they initially thought was a joke.

– I think he’s kidding, it will be well not be the audience, says Helena Bergström in the program.

– He’s become dizzy, he has lost everything, says Örjan Ramberg.

threw the paper in the ground

But when they arrive at Sövde The amphitheater was 1,000 people in the queue, and the appearance was a fact. Something that got Özz Nûjen to react strongly.

– The first thought was: what the hell is this? I had a minor crisis because I did not know what I would do. I got a paper in his hand and then try to perform at one time. I became angry, saying Özz.

In anger he threw the paper into the ground.

– Unable to make the monologue. It started raining and it can not be done when the audience does not hear, and you must have more than 20 minutes to prepare. So I had to improvise, says Özz, who instead made an impromptu stand-up show.

“Could not back down”

Even Örjan Ramberg was surprised by Wolff’s prank.

– I thought he must surely joking. You can not do anything unprepared for the audience, says Örjan Ramberg and continues:

– But we could not back out, we had promised to do it for Richard. It was just to do.

Rikard Wolff became fövånad of the other participants’ reaction.

– I had tried to develop things that I thought they would enjoy doing. But we would have audience came a bit like a shock to them. I did not check that it would be so terrifying that there were people on the spot.

“was cursed”

– Özz was cursed for a while. Well I had thought that he was the one who was most prepared to improvise a performance, so it was a bit surprising.

Özz changed structure he has no problem with that.

– I did after all a gamble in dragging up some of the biggest artists on stage without them knowing about it. It was not nice. So I was just grateful that all three were with. It was just creatively to Özz did a whole different thing.

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