Sunday, January 4, 2015

Evergrey | Gothenburg Sound Festival, Trädgårn, Saturday – Göteborgs-Posten



Gothenburg Sound Festival, Trädgårn, Saturday

Public: approximately 800th

Best: professionalism of.

Worst: A bit pompous periods.

Something tells me that Tom Englund never done anything half-heartedly. When Evergrey strongman calling for troops to make a new album so he gathers together the best. Järngänget. The result Hymns for the broken one of 2014′s biggest metal plates.

And when the same Englund takes home his team for playing at home so it is obviously important to show who’s boss in construction. Putting down the boots tightly and firmly.

Very true: Evergrey is Gothenburg Sounds mightiest, most professional, best looking and short best experience. Everything omkringjox, from light show to flamethrowers and projections, is at least one level above all others and musically they play in a league of its own. They’re usually right reed if you are doing progressive metal, something Evergrey said to deal with, but instead of hiding behind introvert finesse uses the band its talent to mangle up grand, black synth metal. Tom Englund phenomenal singer.

Best song? King of errors. Listen if you have not heard!

During the evening, the second and last of Gothenburg Sound Festival, we also got to see and hear the Ice Age do both appreciated and nifty comeback after 25 years in the freezer. Välrepat and aggressive. Stable Tip: Thrash Queens releases debut album in 2015?


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