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Foo Fighters will Cesena – Göteborgs-Posten

Dave Grohl respond Cesena – in Italian.

On Thursday could GC tell you how 1000 musicians in the Italian town of Cesena gathered to play together Foo Fighters song Learn to fly. This is to entice the band to the city.

Now, Foo Fighters responded. In a video, talking singer Dave Grohl directly to cesenarna – in Italian! – And promises that the band will show up.

Watch the clip above.

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Here is a translation of what is said:

Ciao Cesena, sono Davide (Cesena Hey, I’m David)

Mi dispiace, non Parlo Italiano, solo un po (I’m sorry but I do not speak Italian, just a little)

Questo video! ma che bello che bellissimo! (That video, so beautiful, so very beautiful)

Grazie mille (thank you very much)

Stiamo arrivando, prometto (we will come to you, I promise)

C vediamo presto (see you soon)

Grazie mille, ti amo, ciao (thanks so much, I love you, bye)


Rose garden singer’s death – Göteborgs-Posten

No, it is not Dolly Parton singing (I never promised you a) Rose Garden. The singer’s name was Lynn Anderson, and she died on Thursday of a heart attack 67 years old.

For their hit song (I never promised you a) Rose Garden rewarded Lynn Anderson both a Grammy and price Country Music Association’s female vocalist of the year 1971. It topped the country list and reached number three on the singles chart Billboard Hot 100

The song was written by Joe South, and has been interpreted by artists like kd lang Martina McBride and Kon Kan.

Country singer collaborated during his career with Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, John Wayne and Tom Jones, and performed for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.

She was also featured in several episodes of the TV series Starsky and Hutch.

Among her other hits found Rocky Top, You’re my man, How can I unlove you and My husband ice.


Dafoe plays against Noomi Rapace – Metro

The Swedish Hollywood star Noomi Rapace is joined by actor Willem Dafoe in “Dead Snow” -regissören Tommy Wirkolas new film “What Happened to Monday,” writes Variety.

Even Glenn Close is ready for a role in the dystopian thriller set in a future where overpopulation has forced one-child policy. The recordings started in Bucharest, Romania, and the film is likely to reach theaters sometime during in 2016.

Noomi Rapace last seen in Daniel Espinosa’s “Child 44″ and will play opera singer Maria Callas in a forthcoming film ” Whale Rider “-regissören Niki Caro.


First test: Snoop dogg drugged – Today’s News




     Had Snoop Dogg drug in the blood when he was in Sweden, or not? That we know for sure in a few weeks.

         Had Snoop Dogg drug in the blood when he was in Sweden, or not? That we know for sure in a few weeks.






After a concert last week arrested and drugs were tested artist Snoop Dogg Uppsala police. Rasprofiliering he called it then, but a first kiss sample shows that he may have had drugs in the body.






After a concert last week arrested and drugs were tested artist Snoop Dogg Uppsala police. Rasprofiliering he called it then, but a first kiss sample shows that he may have had drugs in the body.

It was after a concert at the City Garden in Uppsala on July 25th that Snoop Dogg was taken in for a drug test at Uppsala police.

Because the police believed that the rapper showed signs of being under the influence, he was taken to the station for body searches and urine tests. As always when someone is in control was tested urine directly into a screening instrument in the station.


– It showed that there were traces of suspected drugs in his body, says Christer Nordström, spokesperson for the police Uppsala.

The first test provides an indication that there may be suspicion offenses and therefore Snoop Dogg is now suspected of minor drug offenses. But you can not judge someone on the screening test, explains Christer Nordström.

The sample sent to the laboratory and the result takes normally a few weeks – only then can you give a clear answer on whether the rapper has taken any illegal substances.

According to the police, it was pure chance that the vehicle Snoop Dogg was a passenger in was stopped when they were on their way from the concert when it was a sample. But he himself went quickly – in the police car to be exact – into their Instagramkonto and made a film that he considered himself the victim of racial profiling by the Swedish police.

– I can understand that he is upset but that there would be no such police this is nonsense, says Christer Nordström.






Snoops rapid test was positive – Aftonbladet

After the concert in Uppsala stopped Snoop Dogg of the police.

They suspected that he was the influence of drugs and took him to the police station to pee test.

Now, rapid test that rapper had traces of drugs in itself, writes UNT.

– The quick test that we conducted on Snoop Dogg was positive. It shows that there were traces of drugs in him, says Christer Nordström , information officer at the police in Uppsala, the UNT.

To get it completely determined, however, takes longer.

– The final assay response of the sample may take several weeks, says Christer Nordström.

“A chance”

During and after the police intervention was Snoop Dogg considerably pissed and told about the incident in several videos on Instagram.

– I know that many of you are worried about me. I made it. They took me and forced me to pee in a cup and did not do shit. Nothing. Fuck you, he says in a clip.

After leaving the station, police said Nöjesbladet that it was a pure coincidence that rapstjärnans car was stopped.

– There is a chance. We had control of the vehicle which, as I have interpreted it, said Christer Nordström at police in Uppsala Nöjesbladet then.

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Game of Thrones “is in the grave after season eight – Aftonbladet

Congratulations “Game of Thrones” TM fans, you get an extra season.

But that’s the end of the fun.

massively popular TV series will probably end after season eight, says HBO’s program director Michael Lombardo.

A couple of weeks ago they started the recordings of season six of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. It has been previously reported that the series will end after season seven – but now the plan seems to have changed, writes E Online.

According to Michael Lombardo , program on HBO, is the fantasy series’ executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss eager to make an eighth season.

– I think just seven seasons has never been an issue. The question is how many seasons after the seventh we will do. As you know, we play in the sixth now discussing hopefully the seventh. They know that there will probably be two years after the sixth, he says.

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“Would love to get them to change”

He also explains that the decision is entirely in the hands of the executive producers.

– As I have said before, I’d love to get them to change, but this is what we are looking at right now.

The same applies to a possible prequel.

– I’m open to everything, Dan and David want to do with “Game of Thrones” in almost any way. For us, it depends on what they want to do, says Lombardo.

“Game of Thrones” was nominated recently for the entire 24 Emmys, and the sixth season is expected to premiere in the spring.

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HBO and U2 make documentaries – Västerbotten Folkblad

U2 has hooked arm with TV company HBO. Two film projects, both premiering this fall, are afoot, writes Deadline. First up is a documentary that follows the Irish rock band behind the stage on their current tour “Innocence + experience”, which will have its world premiere on HBO on Nov. 7. The next week, the band plays in Paris – a concert that will be shown on HBO shortly afterwards.

– U2 continues to take risks, which made them one of the most enduring forces in rock ‘n’ roll. The combination of documentary and the following concert will give viewers the ultimate insight into this outstanding band, said Michael Lombardo on HBO.

U2 front man Bono, in the lead, was formed in 1976 and has released 13 albums. The latest, “Songs of Innocence”, came last year.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Guy Ritchie has remarried – Västerbotten Folkblad

The director Guy Ritchie, known for films such as “Snatch” and “Sherlock Holmes” but also for his eight-year marriage to pop star Madonna, has married. The bride is his partner since 2010, the British model Jacqui Ainsley.

The couple had been engaged in a year and a half when they exchanged rings in his summer house in the English Wiltshire on Thursday. The wedding was attended by many famous guests, including Brad Pitt and David Beckham, reports E News.

Ritchie and Madonna, who has two children, divorced in 2008. He is current as director of the movie “Man from UNCLE “with the Swedish Alicia Vikander in one of the roles.


Martin Liby Alonso: The West must not yield to Beijing – Daily News









Ai Weiwei refused visas shows on British appeasement policy toward Beijing. And it is part of an unfortunate pattern.






Ai Weiwei refused visas shows on British appeasement policy toward Beijing. And it is part of an unfortunate pattern.

Last week, Ai Weiwei finally returned his passport. This means that the Chinese artist and dissident to travel abroad again for the first time since he was put under house arrest in spring 2011.

That it is about a limited freedom of movement, however, was soon clear: On Thursday announced the British Embassy in Beijing Ai Weiwei that he denied the six-month business visa he applied for his London visit in conjunction with an exhibition in the fall. The reason is that the artist has been convicted in court and did not declare it in his application. Instead, he gets a special short-term visa allowing him to stay in the UK for 20 days in September.


This is a very strange decision from the British. Ai Weiwei has indeed repeatedly had problems with the Chinese police. After the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, which cost nearly 70 000 people carried the artist to a survey by the actions of the authorities in connection with the disaster. Many children had died and there was a suspicion that it was a consequence of the corrupt party bureaucrats embezzled money that would have gone to building more stable school buildings. It was not appreciated by the police, who beat Ai Weiwei difficult.

Three years later, he was suddenly abducted by security authorities after obstinately and publicly criticizing the regime and supported the democracy activists. The artist was accused of tax evasion and held incommunicado for three months before he was put under house arrest and was coated with what eventually became a four-year ban.

But Ai Weiwei refused business visa is likely not to list criminal record or his inability to declare this. Even if one ignores the fact that Ai Weiwei’s “trouble with the police ‘words about persecution of dissidents remains a simple fact: The artist was never convicted of any crime – he has only got to spend long periods locked up by the Chinese state, without either trial or them.

instead of the reason it denied the visa probably Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit the United Kingdom in October and that Ai Weiwei should not be there at the same time and in any way could interfere visit .

The British, compliance is against Beijing is lamentable. And unfortunately it is part of a clear pattern: When the Chinese flexes its economic muscle slopes Western democracies increasingly from his defense of dissidents and human rights criticism.

After Cameron early during his time in Downing Street 10 criticized China and received the Dalai Lama, the Communist Party’s enemy number one, froze Beijing portions of the diplomatic and commercial relations between the two countries. And it has had the desired effect.

In recent years, the British prime minister selected distance to the Dalai Lama. And in connection with democracy protests in Hong Kong, the country’s former colony, was London remarkably quiet.

The British are not the only ones to be exposed to Chinese pressure or fall away for them. During the last decade, both France and Germany, Portugal and Belgium were suffering financial reprisals after having received the Dalai Lama – and to some extent they have adapted.

After the Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, China imposed a boycott of Norwegian salmon. In a few years fell Norway’s share of the Chinese market for the fish from above 90 to below 30 percent. And when the Dalai Lama last fall visited Oslo kept government at a distance.

especially severe is the inability primarily among Europe’s democracies to close ranks. When Beijing was boycotting Norwegian salmon look at other countries the opportunities to gain market share, instead of showing solidarity. By selectively punish and bring benefits succeeds Beijing therefore play off countries against one another and get them to tone down criticism of human rights violations.

The world’s largest country becomes richer are obviously good – nothing has done more to reduce the Global poverty than China’s rapid growth. And that the country wants the voice and the responsibilities of a great power is natural. In several areas, it is important to work with and go to Beijing meeting.

But when it comes to human rights, and the defense of Chinese dissidents like Ai Weiwei, should the West never disappoint.






1000 musicians play Learn To Fly – simultaneously – Göteborgs-Posten

1000 musicians have gathered in the Italian resort of Cesene to play Learn To Fly simultaneously. The crazy project will attract the Foo Fighters to town.

In a project called Rockin ’1000 has 1000 musicians learned to play the Foo Fighters song Learn to fly together – at the same time. The aim is to motivate Dave Grohl to come with his band to the town of Cesena in Italy.

In the video above you see the final product, where the huge, HUGE group consisting of drummers, bassists, singers and guitarists manage to get together a to say the least unique version of Foo Fighters classic from 1999.

The project, led by Italian Fabio Zaffagnini, has taken a whole year to achieve. It has cost 415,000 crowns – Money collected in a so-called crowdfundingkampanj.

All that remains is a response from the band, who at least have previously set up at gigs in the US due to the smaller campaigns among fans. Keep your eyes on the social media.

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Amazon: Investing in new car program with Top Gear trio – Dagens Industri

Amazon: Investing in new car program with Top Gear trio

                  2015-07-30 15:09

 (SIX) Amazon has signed an agreement to produce a new TV show  with the famous Top Gear trio consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard  Hammond and James May.       It reports the London Evening Standard.       The program, which has not yet been named, will be broadcast on  Amazon's streaming service Prime Instant Video, and is expected to premiere  during the next year.       With the new agreement is Prime seriously settle into  among the major players in the market. No information about the transaction,  published but a person with links to Amazon states that  the company has made "a significant investment".      Luke Östman  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Amazon: Investing in new car program with Top Gear trio – Dagens Industri

Amazon: Investing in new car program with Top Gear trio

                  2015-07-30 15:09

 (SIX) Amazon has signed an agreement to produce a new TV show  with the famous Top Gear trio consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard  Hammond and James May.       It reports the London Evening Standard.       The program, which has not yet been named, will be broadcast on  Amazon's streaming service Prime Instant Video, and is expected to premiere  during the next year.       With the new agreement is Prime seriously settle into  among the major players in the market. No information about the transaction,  published but a person with links to Amazon states that  the company has made "a significant investment".      Luke Östman  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Summer in P1 30/7: Maxida Märak – Göteborgs-Posten

Furiously tells Maxida Märak of childhood, rebellion, resistance, and music. Sometimes she goes, consciously, across the border.

Maxida Märak mixes hip hop with jojk and on the verge of a breakthrough. Her music is closely intertwined with the struggle for Sami culture, reindeer and against plans to transform Jokkkmokk a mining town.

“I’m ambivalent, I’m layering”, she says and develops why she makes the music she was missing but could hear in his own head. “Yoik for me is set to music sense. Hip hop is a kind of working-class music – honest, raw and sexy.”

Growing up in a colorful, loving family dealt with expeditiously. What is crucial is how she constantly moving toward and into the Sami culture and how Steve Earle’s song The Mountain will be an eye-opener that makes Maxida Märak involved in the struggle against the mining establishment in Kallak outside Jokkmokk.

Maxida Märak is as scorching engaged as eloquent when she talks about Sami history, friend’s suicide and the lack of mental health services in Sápmi, silence culture in small communities and especially the reindeer industry.

I think she making across the border when she expresses understanding of why people become terrorists and mean that Swedish society has shown that “the wolf is a thousand times more valuable than a man.” But so too is my base and horizon other than Maxida Märaks. But that bites the heart when she states that “I promise that I’ll never cowardly and put my skins before others.” Maxida Märak appears brutally fearless. For better and for worse.


Trend spotters in Leif GW’s new novel – Expressen

In Leif GW Persson’s new novel takes a modern professional woman in the main role of the Security Service Manager.

Maria Edström is skeptical about the portrayal of Muslims, but is delighted when the characters start talking to the professor himself.

This summer I I do not know how many times reading about Leif GW Persson debut novel” Grisfesten “who came in 1978. And once again impressed by the novel Open reasoned form, the depiction of a softly, lingering Stockholm. And by Persson credible figures that are already here are in place, as Lars Martin Johansson. There already thrown dark shadows ahead to the trilogy of the murder of our prime minister – also ready for the classics shelf.

While Persson has been the professor of the Swedish people have new cards are mixed in the literary game, like Anna Holt and Linda Martinez. But most attention in recent books have “the little fat accident,” male pig Backstrom had – initially amusing but more like a skit that’s been too long.

And despite Persson cultivation of a kind of “motvalls persona” as it seems that he is now almost 40 years after the debut is still keen to be in step with the times.

So now Lisa Mattei , who has previously appeared in the scenes appear on the scene as COO of SAPO in the new book “Bombmakaren and his woman.”

Lisa Mattei is a comprehensive and intelligent woman in her 40s, with an eye on diet and weight, very moderate with alcohol and with constantly feel guilty for his daughter, even though she has a husband who is reminiscent of the 1950 wife-ideal in the large upstairs in Östermalm. Lisa likes sushi and think that female colleagues who are old, ugly dressed and eating that whole men are clearly suspect. Mattei is not easy to become so where over fond of, if you say so.

For her defense should said that he is neither a computer genius or have a diagnosis but probably should have the role of a modern competent professional woman who can take care of itself. Just as Frank Motoele – “black, Muslim, gangsta” which he in itself unlikely enough presents itself – the police colleague who has the role of the “dark-skinned” police the corps suffers a critical shortage of.

Persson, in publicly expressed their concern about the risk of a terrorist attack in Sweden, so the action moves logically around the investigation against a suspected terrorist; Swedish-Somali Abdullah Mohammed Khalid, 28, who lives in Eskilstuna with its large and deeply religious family where the father has four wives.

A tip from the “English colleague,” pointing to a terrorist attack during the royal family’s celebrations National Day at Skansen. The questions that may be history’s engine purr is: is the tip? Or there’s a mole within Säpo?

As usual Persson best when he describes the laborious and tedious investigative work, ignoring contemporary interception and allows the different employees hold presentations which sounds suspiciously like the author’s own. Which keeps Persson championship in the gray nuances, far from the spectacular and action-breaking that otherwise eating into the Swedish police prose.

Although the book hints of gray areas in the West’s fight against terror and that it is mainly Muslims victims of Islamist terrorism, so landing unfortunately “Bombmakaren and his woman” to the end in a kind of “us against them” story of Hollywood Cut where little sloppy attributed to both September 11 and Breivik .

And where the image of Muslims did not feel completely comfortable. The search conducted on the family Khalid’s house is reminiscent of his distance of a drone sniffing around and increases only in a sort of general alienation. Not much is otherwise to modify the picture – the life that the Swedish majority of Muslims live shows barely a trace.

“Look for faderulingen to be on time” may Lisa Mattei say completely style criminal and one need not directly be shrink to wonder if Persson really misses his old protagonist Johansson – “a profoundly convinced humanist with a strong primitive traits” as they say.

Now you can hardly Persson let Johansson resurrected, but a new suite of a retired professor who has been involved since pig feast days and investigate “cold cases” – it would in any case not me Neja myself hoarse to.

Maria Edström

Leif GW Persson’s employees in Expressen. Therefore, his book is reviewed by Maria Edström, critics of the Swedish Radio “Culture News”.


Timbuktu inaugurated Pride: “What is normal?” – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT news agency

On Wednesday afternoon, opened the gates to Pride Park Östermalms IP in Stockholm. Inauguration Gala, under the leadership of the entertainment duo Sean-Magnus, was launched by hip-hop artist and presenter Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, who in his speech thanked his parents, hailed differences and warned of how fear can propel the “desperate solutions.”

– What is normal, and who the hell wants to be there? I want to meet people, I do not want to measure the people, he said, among other things.

– We must achieve equal rights for all. I am willing to sacrifice all the time I can to make Sweden the most equal country, he concluded.

After the speech presented a skit where a Putin-impersonator got a cake in the face.

During the opening evening parts, RFSL Stockholm and Union prizes. Traditionally, the front singer Marlene Laszlo “Somewhere over the rainbow”. Even artists like Ace Wilder, Meja and Louise Hoffsten occur during the evening, and this year’s Pride artist Mariette Hansson front of this year’s Pride song “My revolution.”

– We are delighted that operators and organizations with and fills our platform recognizes enthusiasts and organizations doing important work for the equality of all people. That is how we must change the world. There are many, many ripples, says Sandra Ehne, president of Stockholm Pride.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT news agency

Stockholm Pride closed 1 August. The program is full of program events, from seminars to music, the festival’s bases Pride Park, Pride House, Kinky Block, Young Pride and Pride city.

A new feature this year is that the Pride for the first time attended by hip-hop artists. On (For) the party in Pride Park on Friday night to play, among others, Grilling & amp; Grandy and Lilla Namo.

– Stockholm Pride has historically had a narrower selection of music on its stage, with more pop and schlager. There is no group that is as heterogeneous as the LGBT community, but we must be transparent and admit that music offering has been extremely homogeneous over the years and many have not been able to identify. The point of the reservation is to show the diversity that exists in the community. We wanted to book acts that are 100 percent behind the message and struggle for human rights and LGBT rights. It feels great, says Jessica W Sandberg, Producer (For) party.

Saturday’s Pride Parade departs from the Maria Square at 13th


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Timbuktu rage against politics: “Put people’s interest first” – Aftonbladet

“Timbuktu” railed against the class differences as he opened the conference at the Pride festival.

Jason Diakte is not known to duck controversial statements.

– Sweden is an egalitarian country, but not all and not all the time. We have much work remains, he said.

Hundreds of people gathered in the pouring rain at Östermalms IP in Stockholm for this year’s inauguration of Pride Week.

Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité was the year’s opening speaker, and right before he got up on stage broke up the weather.

– We see how the elected representatives put the business in front of people’s interest. The same business maximizes its growth and avoiding at the same time to pay taxes and contribute to making a better society, he said in the speech.

He rages against today’s social structure where money is valued higher than people. He also gives a swipe against class distinctions.

– We see today how the dismantled welfare in Sweden and Europe has led to more and more people are worse off financially. And how the reality that many live in feels hopeless. While a few operators consolidate large fortune. And how the differences between us is growing all the time in the hidden.

A fear throughout Europe

According to Jason Diakité raises this fear. A fear of many branches where racism, homophobia and sexism must take more and more space.

– Sweden is an egalitarian country, but not for everyone and not all the time. We have much work left. I am ready to sacrifice all the time I can to make Sweden the most equal country, he said.

Sandra Ehne, Chair of the Pride, is on the same page.

– The Sweden Democrats Never come here. For here are all of equal worth and here we back that up together. Now we fight, she said before the inaugural speech.

“Who the hell wants to be normal?”

In addition to breaking up with social structures wants Jason Diakité also break up with standards.

– What is normal and who the hell wants to be there ?, he says.

He goes on to ask: who created the standards? why did they for? Whose standards?

He talks about how he as a young man never felt he fit in. He says that if he mixed with black, he was white and he socialized with white, he was black.

– Now I know better. I want to live in a world where we meet people, do not measure people.

It is is the 18th inaugural speech in Pridfestivalens history.

In previous years, including January Guillo, Magdalena Ribbing and Mona Sahlin spoken.

– It is not by chance I’m here. It is by the will. You are my people, ‘he says to all who gathered to listen.

“His people” who, he stands for justice, equality and equal opportunities.