Sunday, January 4, 2015

The star’s brother is fighting for his life – Aftonbladet

He touched all over Sweden to tears when he Melodifestivalen sang about his dead brother.

Now watching Linus Svenning over little brother Rasmus fighting for his life after a serious car accident .

– I and my family and friends want to put all the love, power and positive energy of Rasmus and his recovered, writes Linus Svenning on his Facebook page.

At 3 o’clock the night of Saturday, Linus Svenning picked up by his good friend and manager Joakim Jarny.

They went rushed first to the hospital in Malmö, then to the intensive care unit in Lund where Rasmus was operated on for his life-threatening injuries.

Violent Crash

A few hours earlier had been a passenger in high speed driving for a post on the Inner Ring Road in Malmö.

The crash was violent. Parts lying on the roadway and the road had to be closed for some time.

In the black Mercedes, coated with driving ban, sat two young men.

The körkortslöse driver, a 20 year old, was seriously injured, but he has been heard by the police. He is suspected of drug DUI, driving without a license and causing bodily harm.

His 21-year-old friend, Linus little brother Rasmus, was so badly damaged that paramedics initially suspected he was shot.

Located sedated

The Rasmus condition was first described by doctors as life-threatening but was later changed to “serious but stable”. After the surgery he’s now sedated in the hospital in Lund.

“Stay strong bro, you can do this,” wrote Linus Svenning on his Facebook page on Saturday.

Along with other relatives watches he Now when Rasmus sickbed.

Acclaimed its big brother

“Brothers” is the name the song that Linus Svenning appeared in the contest last year.

It is mainly dedicated to the big brother Jim who passed away four years ago. He died of chemical pneumonitis caused by long-term medication.

Jim’s death was a hard blow for Linus. He suffered from anxiety but the music saved him from depression.

And the support from the family.

Got the support of parents

When Linus sang in the Eurovision Song Contest sat his mother and two brothers in the audience. On the screen behind were shown pictures of the siblings along with the lyrics “I miss you beloved brother.”

He was nervous, but it helped to have brothers and mother in the audience, he told me then.

– I tried to keep happy thoughts in my head. To have them there felt so good. It was really nice to hear them, he said.

Even Rasmus loved the song, it put words on his own feelings.

has approved this text

Now he lies on a ventilator. The doctors tried to disconnect it for Sunday, but after 30 minutes it was clear that Rasmus can not breathe on her own.

Linus Svenning can not be bothered to set up some interviews, but he has given his consent to this text published.

So here he wrote at 16 o’clock on Sunday on his official Facebook page:

“Want to thank for all the support and all the positive messages, memos, phone calls and sms .

My beloved little brother Rasmus was a passenger in a car that crashed, a single vehicle accident.

Right now the situation is good for the driver, but it is still critical for Rasmus. It goes in the right direction, but a lot can still happen.

There’s not much more to say at present.

I want this to ask the media to respect that we do not have the strength to comment on this. I and my family and friends want to put all the love, power and positive energy of Rasmus and his recovered. So please do not try to reach me right now, pallets are not there. “


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