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Sinatra Christmas | The Theatre, Sunday – Göteborgs-Posten

The Christmas Show

The Sinatra Christmas

The Theatre, Sunday

By: Christer Sjögren , Gunhild Carling and Andreas Weise

Public: 1400 of 1700 possible

Best: Sandviken Big Band with its impressive horn section

Worst: That everything is so rebuke added and predictably

An expectant murmur welcomes artists – the doyen Christer Sjögren, with its timeless velvety voice, jazzy whirlwind Gunhild Carling and the more stagnant singer Andreas Weise – on stage. What then begins is a surprising lazily intro with Gabby lots, jokes about the Viking Age “Hey young people” and the idol never go home. While it is surprising to hear Christer Sjögren be called a “sweet dromedary”. and quietly anxiety charged when Andreas Weise speak out about their Christmas celebration with father Arne on TV for thirty years. But the same Andreas shortly thereafter interprets Wham! -The Song Last Christmas time, I still wonder how it’s even possible to interpret such a bittersweet love ballad so anemic.

Christer Sjögren step out of the salon publikhav and sings in a round, illuminated small stage in the middle. It will be a technically perfect, but easy soporific version of Judy Garland paradlåt Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas from the 1940s film Meet Me in St. Louis.

Actually, the first when jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling enters the stage with his brilliant version of the 1930s Dangan Prisoner of Love including a brilliant trumpet polo, as the show really begins . She clown, dancing a little swing and tops it all with Louis Armstrong ‘Zat you Santa Claus where she shows that she also manages trombone with great finesse.

Christer Sjögren’s muffled bass dominates over Andreas Weises brighter tenor is sometimes a season, but now and then it becomes most painfully, as in Winter wonderland where Sjögren takes in the abdominal support and sings noticeably more powerful than his young protégé. Many small talk between them becomes protracted and somewhat laddish, at least twice on Gunhild Carling expense. She shows on the other hand, the show through which the enthusiastic jazz fan she is and gifted interpreter especially the 1920s and 1930s, jazzy sound.

Sandviken Big Band show what they can do through the evening, especially in instrumental Carioca before break.

Everything works otherwise so much better in the second act. Gunhild get with the audience on the swing course and play four-handed piano with big band Thomas Jutterström. In Boogie Woogie Santa Claus she tears in on harmonica, but the best is probably still her trumpet solo in Joan Javits, Philip Springer and Santa baby. Carling steals clearly this Christmas show. The nostalgia reaches its climax when Christer Sjögren and Andreas Weise together makes a languorous, but also really, really good version of As Time Goes By, Herman Hupfelds superhit who is also the theme song from the classic film Casablanca.

The show’s most bombastic scene is otherwise as Christer Sjögren takes in from the toes of O Holy Night. As an encore, he gives in addition the audience his favorite song: My way, with a surprising musical twist towards the end. Frankie-Boy theme is inoperative well as red thread in this stylish display that yet most seem to be for the converted.


Pulitzer-acclaimed poet Mark Strand death – Göteborgs-Posten

The Pulitzer prized Mark Strand is dead. The poet, as simple but breathtaking explored life, became 80 years.

The poet and translator Mark Strand has passed away. His poems have been translated into over 30 languages ​​and in 1999 he received the Pulitzer Prize for collection Blizzard of One.

Two of his total of ten collections of poetry has been published in Swedish, both sensitively translated by Stewe Claesson: The story of our lives and The ongoing life. “There is poetry in its most uplifting and addictive form,” wrote author Per Floor Hammer GP in his review of the ongoing life in 2008. He speakers mentioned texts apparent simplicity and the Beach with stylistic full swing unit depict childhood, upbringing and the rest of life until to the moment of death and creates “breathtaking sharp pans of life.”

In his writing reappeared Beach constantly to the concepts of absence and loss, as in the verse: “wherever I am, I am what is missing”.

In addition to poetry, he also wrote children’s books and art criticism. Mark Strand died on Saturday at his daughter’s home in New York, in the wake of liposarcoma, a rare kind of cancer. He leaves, in addition to her daughter, a sister and a son.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Venerable tavern Savoy Grill makes a comeback – Expressen

Classic Malmo-tavern Savoy Grill resurrected.

Behind The new focus is krögarduon Niklas Bill Stone and Joakim Nilsson, who now also operates fish restaurant John P.

“New” Savoy open in March next year.

– We want to create a modern city restaurant with cocktail bar and a kitchen that we build on the shelf inside the historic venue, says Niklas Bill Stone to the Evening Post.

heyday, when Lars Lendrop steered his restaurant empire from Northern Hay Street, was the Savoy with associated Barbecue, Malmö’s leading tavern.

Here was served a number of classics such as sole and Walewski,

Puff Schnitzel, which often ended with a glass of delicacy called house dessert and “elephant ear” (a giant minute steak).

The latter was Ernst-Hugo Järegård favorite.

Elephant Pipe – obvious choice

When Evening Post interviewed and photographed Ernst-Hugo for a fashion feature was the election of local self-evident.

– Then I want that we are at the Savoy so we can eat “elephant ear” for lunch, said Ernst-Hugo.

The classic room, which is mentioned in the books as the Pirate “Buck in the herb garden” and Sjöwall & amp; Wahlöös “Police, police, mashed potatoes”, has been closed for the whole year after the Café le fil du Rasoir closed at the end of the year.

Tasteful duo takes over

That it becomes krögarduon Bill Stone / Nilsson is just to applaud. Then Johan P moved from its former premises in the market hall at Lilla Torg to Hjulhamnsgatan behind Hedman yard, they lift Malmö local tavern scene.

Right now, John P, alongside Bastard (on the other hand Lilla Torg) Malmö most tasteful restaurants.

The Savoy Grill guests should be involved, at least they can watch food being cooked.

– As we move into the kitchen to the Savoy old shelf it will also be grilled over open flames, says Niklas.

There will be fish, meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu and the inspiration for this new restaurant venture has been taken from the big city taverns in both New York and London as Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Want to do Savoy venue

– This is the room we were looking for. Savoy has the best location, now we want to make the Savoy Grill at the venue as the Savoy once was.

2015, Malmö’s restaurant scene to achieve its real boom. In addition to the Savoy Grill opens Marcus Samuelsson two restaurants within the Clarion Hotel in Malmö’s new neighborhood Malmo Live.

It also means a welcome addition to the local cocktail scene.

Skybar in Clarionskrapan and Savoy’s new cocktail bar.

Skybar becomes even looking at Malmö Arena, in Percy Nilsson and Nina Nilsson Ulvinens new hotel, where they also open up new trendy restaurants.


Ola Salo gave back the old cheese – Göteborgs-Posten

The Political lyrics and punk attitude was on the menu when it was Love Antell day so much better. But also a flamsigt sauna and a filthy comment for Carola overtaken with.

– I never wanted to be famous. I have always seen myself as someone who writes songs and pictures with scandals, says Love Antell at the beginning of the program.

Love Antell was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Florence Valentin that made its breakthrough in 2003. He has also appeared as a guitarist in the group Persson pack .

In this year’s SO much better he is possibly the least known participant. But he has made an impression on the other.

– Smart, delicate and fine, says Ola Salo

– Our own little speeded squirrel, is Orup description.

At lunch, told Antell on how it all began. Florence Valentin played in Late night with Luuk and became hugely hyped before they had even released anything. He went out hard in her first interview and scolded a number of colleagues.

– I dissed all, The Ark got a hurring because they were too glossy and not enough political . It was the kind my first interview, I spread well on because I thought it was the only way to create power, says Love Antell.

After a lesson in the sauna knowledge from the Finlandsättade Antell became the sauna with birch twigs and a Love Antell who sat hyschade the other because “In a sauna you must be silent.” It did not help much.

Ola Salo gave possibly again for old cheese when he went all in and whipped on Love Antell with a birch twigs so that he whimpered in pain.

Unclear it was itself the sauna or strong drink that was served but the sauna evolved into a giggly playhouse. And indeed it came not a filthy comment as well, this time from Ola Salo who managed to say “my little dick” into a giggling Carol .

And as we have expected – to Finally even Carola’s legendary fan of the Eurovision Song Contest so much better. Next week there will be a duet-specialty and by pre-Peek judging it looks to be more festive and more physical than before.


Friday, November 28, 2014

The jury in tears after Mollies tribute to Tristan – Aftonbladet

Mollie Linden sang Tristan Björling.

The tribute to your best friend got Laila Bagge cry.

– The only thing I had in mind was that Tristan wanted me to take me to the finals, says Mollie Linden.

Tristan Björling and Mollie Linden lined up in the “Idol” together and became best friends.

A week ago died Tristan Bjorling, only 19 years old.

During Friday’s semifinals of the “Idol” singing Mollie Linden for his friend.

– The only thing I had in mind was that Tristan wanted me to take me to the final. It was the only thing I was thinking. I did it for him, says Mollie Linden.

“Magical Feeling”

Her interpretation of James Arthur “Impossible” paralyzed the jury.

The tears filled Laila Bagge eyes when she gave her opinion.

– You have such a magical feeling and you manage to really find the heart and sing your heart out. I am speechless. I sit here and basically crying because I’m so touched … I admire you because you are able to do it this way, she says.

Even Alexander Bard was extremely taken.

– – You stood Tristan very close, I had not really wanted to take him up in my opinion. We could never know it could be this week. Sometimes things become prophetic. You sing “Impossible” for Tristan. It was fantastic. Thank you, says Bard.

Earlier in the evening held a minute’s silence for Tristan Björling.

– Tristan is not with us anymore and we are very many who are very sad and feeling pretty bad. Our three friends in the evening felt all Tristan. Many who have gone out has come here to pay tribute to him. He dreamed about standing on this stage and do what these girls will do tonight. We will begin with a minute of silence for Tristan, said Pär Lernström during an emotionally strong speech.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

The author PD James is dead – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

PD James wrote 14 books about the detective and poet Adam Dalgliesh, who filmed and shown on Swedish television. The first book he appeared in was in the “Final her eyes” of 1962.

James began writing books in the late 30s and spent after retirement all the time on the books about Dalgliesh. She had a place baroness in the House of Commons House of Lords since 1991, as a lifelong member of the Conservative Party.

Now, reports the BBC that she died peacefully at his home in Oxford. PD James was born in the same city 94 years ago.


Skåne Culture Award for Moodysson – Swedish Radio

The filmmaker and author Lukas Moodysson must Region Skåne’s Culture Prize in 2014. Cultural Committee highlights Moodysson’s blend of courage and earnest, and his ability to portray young people’s conditions and growing.

And it was a happy but slightly nervous Malmö resident who received the award at a hundred thousand dollars on arts complex in Kristianstad.

– Every time there is someone who thinks about something I’ve done makes me very glad. If you also get money for it, it is of course even better. But I’m really not so I assume that people will think that I am doing good things. I always think that people should turn on me and spit on me, so I am always pleasantly surprised if people think the opposite.

Region Skåne Cultural also means a cash prize of SEK 100 000. Money Moodysson say will lead to good working and hopefully more movies.

– Money is certainly first and foremost, the effect that you get a little work in peace and it is first and foremost it. Now I can take it easy and not rush quite as much as I thought I would have to do.

But how Skåne is Lukas Moodysson today?

– Everything I do has Skåne coupling in the way that I live here and write here, but I think it is very nice to go off and shoot. Then I have all these years meant that I had to shoot liters more in Malmo too, he says.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweden’s most beautiful toilets – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Among the ten fantasy toilets took Miss Li’s creations victory. She dressed the toilet in a pink dress, sunglasses and hat – with a toarulle neatly in the “knee”. The design received more than half of the votes in an SMS vote.

– I am so incredibly happy and grateful to all those involved in the campaign and would like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted for my toilet. They have now made it possible for more people having access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education, says Miss Li.

The toilets were auctioned additionally on eBay. Together with SMS voting inbringades total of 49 000 to the campaign I Love Toa. It is an initiative of the organization WaterAid, to raise money for their work to more people in the world to defecate in an orderly manner.

Two and a half billion people do not have access to proper sanitation and more than 1400 children die every day from diarrheal diseases caused by poor sanitation conditions, according to WaterAid.

In second place was the artist and choir director Gabriel Forss “united business with pleasure” in his creations – a toilet with music stands on its back board and a microphone stand into the bowl. Third was the illustrator Jenny Ekstrom with a graphically patterned toilet.

Scroll on the sweep to see all creations!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Arbitrary decision “is theater – Västerbotten Folkblad

The author Lena Andersson’s attention last year’s novel “arbitrary decision” will stage play. Director and writer Karin Parrot Jonzon behind the set to get its world premiere at the Uppsala City Theatre September 5, 2015.

Lena Andersson has accepted her story about the poet Esther Nilsson and the self-righteous artist Hugo Rask becomes theater.

“She was positive, which pleased me. I have been given a free hand, within certain limits, of course, “says Karin Parrot Jonzon in a press release.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Musical star cut his bloody – Göteborgs-Posten

During Saturday’s performance of Flashdance at the China Theater happened to musical artist Rennie Mirro an accident. He fell down some stairs and cut his hand.

– My pants burst from the crotch down to the knees, and I was bleeding like a pig from his hand. It was not that deep, but it met perfectly so it bled something awful, he says to

Despite the fact that the blood dripped he implemented the current number and completed the show.

– There was no danger at all, I still continued. I only have a bandage on it today, he said.

Rennie Mirro have suffered accidents in the past when he stood on the stage.

During the rehearsal of intermission number in the Eurovision Song Contest Malmö last year, Mirro singer Agnes sharp heel in the forehead and blood spurted.

In March this year he broke his foot during a solo performance at the China Theatre.

Flashdance at the China Theater


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Laleh: “Mixgården is my hoods” – Expressen

On the recreation center in Hammarkullen, facing old friends and teachers, was named Laleh Pourkarim the Year Gothenburger.

– It is my place on earth, she said in a recorded video message from Los Angeles.

Mixgården in Hammarkullen has meant a lot for the Year Gothenburger. It was symbolic that the appointment was announced right there, and moreover, at the premiere of the film about Laleh Pourkarim called “I’m not ready to die yet.”

– Mixgården is my hoods, my place on earth. I hope you’ll like the movie, she said in a recorded video message from Los Angeles.

Leisure farm’s auditorium was filled with old friends, teachers and people who remember her from when she lived there.

– She was good at everything, especially in the picture. Music, she began with later. Had it not been for music initiatives we had on Hammer Hill School, she had probably become an artist or actress, says Hasse Nylén, who was her music teacher at high school.

– Laleh is nice and down to earth. You already saw that she was talented. She had great ideas and thoughts that differed from others, says Morris Shabo, who lived next door to her.

The price of the Year Gothenburger distributed by GT, Radio Sweden and Gothenburg & amp; co.

– Laleh is an amazing person to designate the Year Gothenburger, says Stefan Gadd at Göteborg & amp; Co and read the explanatory memorandum.

The crowd rejoices with Laleh and Hammarkullen.

– It’s crap funny that there’s been so good to her. We were buskompisar when we were little and then we became close friends. She’s amazing musical and very theatrical, says Felix Sjostrom.

– There will be very positive for Hammarkullen. Someone in the small suburb has become so big. Finally puts it Hammarkullen on the map for something good. We need it. I hope she sees it in larger dimensions, it is political, says Anna Andersson, as well as Laleh has been engaged in Mixgården.

Even her seven-year daughter is a big fan.

– She’s great, she’s my biggest idol. When I got to choose a song I chose Lalehs. It makes me want to dance, says Emilia Andersson Paunkoski.


Julvärden Dorsin about Christmas: can easily become insincere – Swedish Radio

The highly popular Henrik Dorsin, who yesterday was named the year’s julvärd SVT, comes to Gavle with a new show.

The comedian Henrik Dorsin is currently in Gävle to rehearse before the show While the goat on fire, which he carries with Gävle Symphony Orchestra.

– There is a concert where I sing songs from the Christmas album but also a little second julbetonade candies.

In addition to the show so too Henrik Dorsin current as this year’s julvärd SVT. Something that was presented yesterday but the comedian has a somewhat complicated relationship for Christmas he says.

– I think it often so that when something should be so successful and happy, Christmas, so it can easily be insincere . Should you find comedic sides of it so you often find it a bit darker and more bizarre.

The comedian is visiting P4 Gävleborg afternoon program after half past three in the day Friday.


Helen Sjöholm sings at Kim’s funeral – Expressen

On Monday buried Kim Anderzon in Catherine’s Church in Stockholm – and there will be a farewell worthy of the beloved actress.

Helen Sjöholm sings and on the cover page of the program she rides on his beloved Icelandic horse.

– Losing a man you have lived with for so long is incomprehensible simply says her partner Lars Naumburg before the ceremony.

For almost a month ago, Kim Anderzon away after a long battle against cancer. She was 71 years old.

She had during his period of illness planned his own funeral with my boyfriend Lars Naumburg .

– Her funeral we talked about before she became ill. It has been in a more light-hearted tone. From the time she became ill, she deliberately had a very clear strategy to just talk about it constructive, vibrant, life-giving. She has been incredibly sad that she became ill and felt that talking about death was not particularly interesting to her. She wanted to live. We were not next to each other and talked about “so here I want you to do at the funeral,” Lars Naumburg said.

A ceremony in Kim’s spirit

The program sheet to judge, which Expressen today publishes with the permission of the family, so it becomes a ceremony entirely in Kim Anderzons spirit.

The front is adorned with a painted picture where the actress is riding an Icelandic horse, waving a whip that ends with a rose. Kim Anderzon beloved Icelandic horses and had a variety of other animals.

The music is played spouses Monica and Carl-Axel Dominique . Even my boyfriend Lars Naumburg included among those who make music.

– You go emotional raffle at any left. It’s very, very strange. Everything is strange, he said before the funeral.

Ends with “Glory”

Helen Sjöholm sing his showpieces “Gabriella’s Song”. Procession out of the church to the cemetery seems to be the New Orleans-inspired as it is led by Jesse Lindberg’s Brass Band .

– Losing a man you have lived with for so long is simply incomprehensible. At the same time, in that she was so sick and had so much pain, so it was nice that she had to quit hurting, says Lars Naumburg on.

It all ends with “Glory”. The memorial service for those who signed up, held at Mosebacke establishment.

“bravest I have experienced”

When Kim Anderzon went away was the family by her side, days before the passing gathered 70 -number friends and colleagues to remember the beloved actress’ life and career.

– It is among the bravest I have experienced. She had a farewell party where she bade farewell to all his friends. It is among the bravest I have experienced, said, among other actor colleague and friend Johan Rabaeus .


Friday, November 21, 2014

Pride and heat on Laleh premiere – Gothenburg Post

The atmosphere was warm during the world premiere of I’m not ready to die yet – the film about the artist Laleh. Old friends and teachers had gathered to see suburban pride on the canvas.

The chips are lain tables and live music. Bjuröklubb, of course. In the same room is “Lalehs benches”, two pieces of wood that the artist painted when she was in his youth was hanging right here, in the parish youth center Mixgården.

A certain pride and great community can be imagined, among the 60 people gathered a few minutes before Fredrik Egerstrands and Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholms documentary about Laleh Pour Karim goes up on the canvas. The backs are straight and chins high. As if Lalehs successes were not enough, she also was named the Year Gothenburger during the day.

– She is a good example of how it can be somewhat of a struggle. That it will be all right. She was multi-faceted back then when it came to art and culture, says Pelusa Cornaglia, who worked at the recreation center for 23 years.

– Laleh was such a man did not like when you went to school. She looked good, could sing, paint and had good grades in just about everything, says colleague Lina Renholm Nyby.

Nine-year-old came Laleh Pour Karim and his parents, who fled Iran to Gothenburg and Hammarkullen. “I might live in freedom, they thought” describes Laleh escape in the documentary.

– We have seen many young people with talent, but still end up in the square later. It spoke to her was that it was a political awareness of home. Here we used often music as a way to process what you have been through, says Lina Renholm Nyby.

Hasse Nylén and Jan Khouback was her music teacher in high school. Laleh The teenager refused to be led, they remember, and was terribly accurate.

– We had a song contest at the school and I would help her organize her song. It was not easy. Laleh integrity gave a new face, says Jan Khouback.

– The school at that time was amazing. She is a tiny glimmer of it. Historical gold sand. It’s a girl friend, but damn what she is strong on the inside, says Hasse Nylén.

See a trailer of the movie here:


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paradise hotel “-Eric quarantined,” Be completely self “- Aftonbladet

Alone and isolated.

Eric Hagberg had to wait for 17 days to get back into the “Paradise Hotel”.

– It was little dicey. I was all by myself, ‘he says.

Eric Hagberg , 21, has been released from “Paradise Hotel” before, but when he first went out in a parceremoni, he did not go home to Sweden. Instead checked production him alone in a separate hotel.

– It was a little awkward, because I was all by myself. I did not know if I would have come back in, said Eric Hagberg.

“very tedious”

In 17 days he waited.

– Mexico was fine, and it was sunny. I said the glass at the pool as well. I woke up in the morning, sometimes joined the English movies on TV, but it was very seldom. It was very, very boring, says Eric Hagberg.

He was not allowed to call home to Sweden or contact someone.

– I can not speak Spanish, so it was hard to talk to someone . But sometimes came deltgaransvarige over, they got in touch and made sure I was feeling good.

“was overjoyed”

Eric Hagberg says that production treated him well and that he bettraktade quarantine as relaxation, but was very relieved when it was clear that he had to make a comeback in the reality show.

– It felt good not too good there. I was thrilled when they told me to back in, he said.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Together they murdered 125 people – Swedish Television

They all belong to what is called “The Swedish crime miracle”. But behind the successful facade is also a great darkness.

Roslund & amp; Hellström, Anna Jansson, Catherine Wennstam, Christoffer Carlsson and Denise Rudberg has managed to capture a large audience through his acclaimed novel. Together, they have brutally taken the life of a total of 125 people. Now we find out why.

In the program series detectives gather at the castle known mystery writers at an inn in Värmland to solve various murders. Each author will each receive a day to talk about their lives and careers, and the murders are taken from their own books.

– We think there’s something exciting in that there are presenters who do interviews all the time. Here they talk to each other and about their life and work, says exekutive producer Martin Bergstedt Care.

The program will premiere in January 2015.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Dylan private concert for Wikingsson – Gothenburg Post

In the finale of the web series Solitary Experiments may Fredrik Wikingsson face his biggest idol. In addition, Bob Dylan him a private concert.

The five sections are Marko “Metallica” Lehtosalo alone tried to do things in the web series. Now it’s time for the sixth section, which is also the final.

There will be a special event for Fredrik Wikingsson that have been Bob Dylan fan in a quarter century. He has seen him play at many concerts around the world.

This time, he’ll get to experience a Dylan concert completely alone.

– This is so fucking sick of me, I’m super excited and at the same time very worried. I think of it every ten minutes, all the time, writes Fredrik Wikingsson on Facebook.

Solo concert happens in Philadelphia outside of New York on 23 November.

Read more: http: // experiments alone .com /


Writers Tightly on Book Day – Gothenburg Post

Ragnar Strömberg, Klara Zimmergren, Theodor Kallifatides, Liv Stromquist and Björn Ranelid were among the partial walls.

Göteborgs-Posten Cultural Affairs Gabriel Bystrom struck a blow for free speech along with Ragnar Strömberg, Klara Zimmergren, Theodor Kallifatides, Liv Stromquist and Bjorn Ranelid.Inför a virtually packed artist strode Gabriel Bystrom traditionally to speak lectern and announced it 77th edition of the book day. Bystrom, who earlier this fall gave out the Silence triumph for the fledgling right-wing extremism in Hungary, warned that the development where thousands of journalists sacked and opposition silenced can be done quickly if the parliamentary situation permits.

– It is alarming and we all have a responsibility to challenge the development, he said and read aloud from a recent Hungarian chronicle that compares the Roma with animals that have become extinct.

– We need to preserve free speech and it feels great to stand here and make room for these great writers, Gabriel said Bystrom.

We then got your reading and conversation with sequentially Ragnar Strömberg, Klara Zimmergren, Theodor Kallifatides, Liv Stromquist and Björn Ranelid.

Ragnar Strömberg, the great poet who this year made a comeback after 14 years in the writing come with your heart’s final blow, presented his first poem Antikrundan with where warranted … and looked out over the aging, laughing crowds throng. A crowd who then sat devout and listened to Ragnar’s poems about death, both his older brother and all of fallen friends.

Klara Zimmergren took over and talked instead about life, or about the hope of new life, of a child who did not want to come but in the end actually was there. The air is living in my footsteps, her popular novel, began as a sommarprat in P1 and ended up as a bestseller as healthy changed hands during the break where all authors signed their works in the foyer. There was also Björn Ranelid, this giant that precisely meet their reading audience.

– I have done 3500 author readings, only this week I make four, said Ranelid who claim that the symbiosis between him and his reader gives him pleasure to continue writing.


Gustav Tragardh won chefs struggle – Gothenburg Post

Last year, Hakan Thörnström. On Monday evening, it was clear that the championship title in the Chefs struggle in TV4 re going to Gothenburg. This year’s winner is Gustav Tragardh, chef at Sjömagasinet.

Gustav Tragardh squirmed through the whole season without getting into såsduell once. He has appeared relaxed and almost reclined in a bunch with many winning call.

The tactics being hotheaded proved successful and this year’s winner of the Chefs struggle maintains that he is not a competitive person.

– It is clear that I wanted to win, but I had come second, I had been pretty pleased too. My children are not like that, but I am one, he says.

The program was filmed last summer and when we talked at Gustav Tragardh goes around in a sunny and mild Valencia, where he ran the marathon on Sunday.

– The final day was piss easy compared to that. Me and my buddy Martin tend to run a marathon together once a year. It’s funny, but I will never win any marathon.

The medal he received as a prize in Chefs battle hinges on Mr. Butler at home in the bedroom, along with the Chef of the Year award and the various marathon medals. Gustav Tragardh has no plans to acquire a trophy cabinet.

So you will not divide life into before and after winning chefs battle?

– Nehehej.

But how did it feel like when you had won?

– I’m not that emotional of me, but it was fun. As they stood and counted the points so I realized that this is the way.

Tell us about the finale of torque!

– In the first contest would scale crayfish, it suited me fine. Since one would share an animal, it was also good. Since one would chop vegetables and it went bad, I usually use the mandolin. But I was pleased with the win in two of the three branches.

Since settled it all with a classic three-course menu, where Gustav Tragardh pulled away and won by a good margin.

– I felt totally safe there. It’s one of the few things I’m really good at – cooking.

What was your opponent Frida Nilsson’s strongest side?

– Frida had enough sense of self to remain calm and stay away from såsdueller. Such as Jonas Dahlbom and Danyel Couet went for their sighted too hard on the victory, then you risk ending up in såsduell and where anything can happen. Frida’s strength was that she was so cool stayed away from that.

Was it a strategy on your part as well?

– Yes, it was a branch that I have not mastered so I aimed not at victory, but just to not end up in såsduell. The medal can take later.

And what tipped the scales in your favor in the finals?

– I guess I made food that pleased the jury better. I’m a few years older than Frida so I might have a little better idea of ​​what people like. On one such occasion, I aim wide and makes food that I know that many people think about.

When did you imagine that you would win?

– I immediately saw that it was good races for me. And when I saw the raw materials to the final race, I felt safe. This is my forum. I am good at classic cooking competitions and the poor in memory contests and guessing games. The final races of the last program suited me perfectly.

Has it been hard to keep quiet?

– Absolutely not. Just my wife and my children have known and they are as good as I am at keeping secrets. Loviisa, 11-year-old, told her cuddly toys and promised that it will not pass it on.

How will you celebrate?

– I know not. I’ll maybe take and open a little bubbly after I nattat kids tonight. Tomorrow it’s back to the pub and cook.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

“Herngren series is a happier fast cash” – Expressen

After a few years of bleak realism, this spring it for criminal comedy .

In a few months, it is time a reboot of “The Saint” and TV4 are now displayed “torpedoes” by Torkel Petersson as velor-felon.

Not since the millennium, there has been so happily in the underworld. Prick in 2000 came the last “The Saint”, and the same year beat Josef Fares through with “Jalla! Jalla!” followed by “Kopp”. Torkel Petersson played unprofessional police in the latter and ended up in jail at least for a little while in the former.

But since then, there has been both bleak and brutal. Stieg Larsson has taught us that men hate women, and Jens Lapidus how it really is everyone talking to the wrong side of the law. The color scheme has slowed to a “bridge” to become almost black and white.

“torpedoes” it’s almost like everything is in technicolor again. Bitwise appears Herngren series like the happier version of “Fast Cash” – complete with snälldum svenne dude (Torkel Petersson) who gets involved in bad things of a boss played by Dragomir Mrsic. It’s a bit predictable, but well crafted and energetically entertaining.

Last fall, however, I for two sedate gentlemen: Michael Segerstrom in the opening scene, and Magnus Härenstam as involuntary father to Sonny. Segerstrom so hot sighs heavily, and Härenstam is wonderful as grim upper class gentleman with pool and views. Two comic heavyweights who together form a needed counterweight to the lightweight feel of the ‘sunny side’ -bubbel.


Classic “Hassan” in -skämten ” partying “. Perfect 90′s nostalgia with Kristian Luuk.


If we can not put down “Café Bars” now. Please? Before I do anything rash.

On the web TV …

… I must soon begin to look at the “Kardashian”. Just because allmäbilda me a little about Kim.


Tourist ‘doubly praised in Seville – Västerbotten Courier

The Swedish movie “Tourist” continues to triumph. The director and screenwriter Ruben Östlund received two heavy price when the film festival in Spanish Sevilla ended on Saturday night – best movie and best script.

“Tourist” has for years been shown at major film festivals worldwide. It won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard at Cannes last spring and was named earlier this fall to Sweden’s Oscars.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Robert Wells plays of Anton’s living room – Aftonbladet

Anton Fagerblom, 19, was thrown out of “Rhapsody in Rock” – because he clapped too much.

Now the instance of Robert Wells with a private gig in your living room .

– It was a real jam, says Wells.

“Rhapsody in Rock” was a guest Skövde last week sat Anton Fagerblom in the audience. He applauded and tjoade when Robert Wells rev of their songs. Too much, said the production company’s staff threw out Anton and his assistant from the concert venue.

Anton Fagerblom, who loves music and often do go to concerts, got the money back – but the evening ruined.

Afterwards prayed production apologize.

“Very nice”

Robert Wells wanted to make amends Anton Fagerblom by playing exclusively at his home.

On Thursday afternoon succumbed artist Thus up his piano in Anton’s living room.

– It was very nice. The family was sitting there, and Anton’s assistant Camilla. I had with me my technician, and my wife was singing along with a friend from a Finnish singing group. It became a real jam, says Robert Wells after the show.

Anton enjoyed the concert, says dad Goran Fagerblom .

– It was really nice, Super, top. Anton is pleased, he found this great fun, he says, and heap praise on Robert Wells:

– It was not Wells decided to throw out Anton, yet he comes here and do a gig. What happened was sad but this was a fantastic way to compensate Anton.

“Was a little ball ‘

The show went on for over an hour.

– It was important that we were not rushed. Once we were there we might as well lira. It was really cozy. I’ve played at Ullevi Stadium and the Royal Albert Hall. Now I’ve played in a living room in Falkirk too. It’s a little cooler, said Robert Wells.

Anton Fagerblom also got to star a little piano. Afterwards fikade Robert Wells and his entourage with the family.

The musician was told that Anton was thrown out the day after the concert in Skövde.

– It was an awesome concert, so it was a mental hangover. I talked to my tour manager who was clearly unhappy at what had happened. I want to stand up for those I work with, and do not pretend it’s raining. Now I had a chance to do it, and in addition delight Anton said Robert Wells.


Mia Skäringer | Wrong Mary – Gothenburg Post

The Pub Show

Mia Skäringer

Wrong Maria

Best: The more physical numbers when cutting Inger takes the whole hog.

Worst: Julskämten are predictable.

Audience: Crowded, standing ovations and many laughs.

Mia Skäringer is the new dinner show and follows on the success Dyngkåt and how sacred anywhere. She continues to tell the story of a “little girl with the inside to the outside” who only wanted to be seen and loved and did not hesitate to do violence to himself for a little confirmation.

Mia Skäringer doing really well. She can now control despite premiere nerves both the situation and the scene fully. What is new is that Mia Skäringer been with the band, conductor Stefan Sporsén leads the orchestra through songs by Olle Ljungström, Peter LeMarc, Håkan Hellström and finally Leonard Cohen. Mia Skäringer sing both tender and strong and choose to put aside the usually clear värmländskan.

But it’s not just dialect mask that makes it not really works to seamlessly move between monologue the verbiage and the romantic coat poetry. The terms vary too much.

Otherwise, feel the theme again, not only from Mia Skäringer but from other comedians that are at about the same place in life. And they are notoriously numerous. So it’s about social rules, mingle parties, everyday stress, time for yourself, troublesome sex life, småbarnsliv and so way too long party on Christmas celebration at home in Kristinehamn. Julångestskämten is hackneyed and predictable. I expect more sharpness, bitigare acid and greater willfulness of Mia Skäringer.

Then it’s more fun when she presses the “creative”, horny Hugo Rask-men and the very best is cutting Inger when she plays out physically as the aerobics session on the toilet and in the breakneck one night stand number.

Still, I think it gets too much sacrifice cardigan. Mia’ve all light on it, get our full and undivided attention. We love her. Well, it is clear that it pains especially when cutting Inger gives us hard snapshots from childhood, but I can not quite get it together vulnerable solitude of the reasonable adult problems of Solsidan character.

I would like to hear about how Mia Cut Inger turns from their own history, breaking the repetitions and stepping forward to admit that she took revenge and dare to proclaim himself as seriously loved, safe and successful. I want her to sign for his triumph rather than presenting itself as a “wimp, martyr and bitter cunt.”

In the end, actually the character Tabitha in and berates Mia Skäringer. It’s liberating.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

“Addams family” -musikal risk closure –

The musical “The Addams Family” was played over 100 times in Gothenburg in September before it was moved to Slagthuset in Malmo. Sydsvenskan reports that ticket sales in Malmö has gone bad, and that the musical now risk closure

During Wednesday reported Swedish Radio’s “New Culture” that the company behind the musical, The Addams Family Scandinavia AB, declared bankruptcy. According Slagthuset, which leases the premises for the performances, however, thousands of tickets sold to the kvaravarande performances – if they will play or not is now unclear. Ticket sales are currently stopped.

“The Addams Family” would in our moving to Stockholm and Circus. Last week, however, announced the production company to all performances in Stockholm set, which according Sydsvenskan further fueled the economic problems.

In this musical comedy, among others Lasse Kronér, Claes Malmberg and Petra Nielsen.


Planned a new movie when Brasse went away – Expressen

The Brasse Brännströms last feature film was “Best before”.

Now, says Mats Arehn for Aftonbladet that he and the actor planned another film.

– It was a shit time when Brasse went away, says the director.

Nöjesbladet as the director Mats Arehn talks about the movie plans he and Brasse Brännström had before it that the beloved actor passed away.

Arehn directed “Best before”, the feature film that became Brasses last and in connection with the shooting, they started writing the script for another film titled “Night and Day.”

– “Night and Day” all about Harry, an older wealthy man who becomes a widower. That role would Brasse have played. Harry has a bit secretly lived with another man all his life. Now he moves to Fuengirola in Spain, where he plans to kill himself. But then he meets a woman and a young artist to get him to change his plans, says Mats Arehn and adds that it is:

– This is both funny, sad and melancholy story ..

Mats Arehn says to Aftonbladet that the plan was to record “Night and Day” in the spring of 2015. He describes the film as a “funny, sad and melancholy story” and compares it to “Lost in Translation” and “The Death of Venice “. Arehn says while he is currently fully let go of the film and that he is unsure about making the film with another actor in the Brasses prospective role.

– It must then be in a way that I know Brasse that would have been able to stand for as well.

Brasse Brännström passed away on August 29th. He was 69 years.