Sunday, May 31, 2015

Strength and cunning gave Rundqvist victory – Göteborgs-Posten

She has been praised for his rock-hard physique and mental strength. But in the final of the Masters champion was the cunning strategy of thinking that made Danijela Rundqvist this year’s winner.

– It was a cool feeling, it was joy mixed with ” is this really true ?! “. It’s a little as I am when I compete, even though I fall down so I rise up – and so it has been throughout my career. There seems to be a winning concept, she says.

From the beginning, the three in the game, but the wrestler Sara Dikanda had big problems with the puzzle installation and ring throwing in the pursuit, and had to leave the program. In the final battle between Bjorn Lind and Danijela Rundqvist was the water duel that proved decisive. Although Lind at the paper had an advantage was Rundqvist who emerged victorious from race and could quickly move to the next event.

– I knew that Bjorn was very good at holding your breath. He has been able to hold their breath for several minutes earlier. As for the race, I thought “oh, what shall I have for tactics now?”.

The strategy was to go up to the surface more quickly, but stay there a very short time. Björn Lind on the other hand, stayed long in the water and therefore needed more time to recover above the surface. But despite the management took Danijela Rundqvist not until the closing seconds that she had victory in their hands.

– I did not think I would win until I fired the last shot and the fire began to burn. It was a bit surreal, but obviously a lot of fun. And it was especially exciting to be able to see all children and young people out there that anything is possible, no matter what you do.

Is it particularly important that you represent damhockeyn?

– Yes, girls and damhockey players may not have the best conditions in Sweden today. I hope to be able to contribute to that they get better. Then maybe they can feel extra proud and think “she also plays hockey.”

When she gets to summarize the time in the Masters champion, it will be with the words “joy and adventure.” Danijela Rundqvist really appreciated that meet all of the former elite athletes who participated in the SVT series and also loved the feeling of getting plunge into something she’s never done before.

Some of competition rounds looked very distressing out. What did you think was the worst?

– It’s nothing against the thousands of training sessions I have had with my teams over the years. It is clear that many races were tough and hard, but mostly I think such is just fun.

Facts / Danijela Rundqvist

Born in 1984 in Stockholm.

Started playing hockey at age 13. Currently plays for Djurgarden Hockey.

Have participated in the Olympics in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Played for HK Tornado in Russia in 2011-2012.

Has played over 200 international matches for Sweden and done 41 goals.

Current: the winner of SVT’s Masters champion.


SVT revealed the strong reactions – Expressen

SVT directed the glory of “the Masters champion.”

At the same time showed no channel participants’ strong unpleasant reaction to the nasty underwater race.

– I do not like it, says Danijela Rundqvist.

After the tough branch gave Danijela Rundqvist’s gun habit her an easy victory over Bjorn Lind – when her shot hit the bull’s-eye.

Danijela Rundqvist jerked sharply and took home what looked to be an easy victory in the “Eternal Glory”.

But SVT revealed the participants reacted strongly against Mästarduellens initial underwater branch. There, they were forced contestants to hold their breath under water for three minutes.

– They reacted strongly to it and thought it was a pain. There was discomfort. Three minutes is pretty long time, and especially when stressed. It is all on being calm and not consume oxygen, says project manager Anders Wistbacka on the channel.

READ MORE: The criticism of injustice in the SVT program

Danijela Rundqvist was fear the cold.

– I do not like it. The water was cold for me. It was just to try to stay calm and focus. I could not hold my breath that long, she says.

Since the rivals would shoot the gun. A hit right on target did that gasoline ran down and a fire was lit.

Danijela Rundqvist only needed a couple of attempts to aim properly and take home the victory. But what viewers were not told is that she has the gun habit earlier.

A few years ago she beat Olympic hero and sport shooter Hakan Dahlby in pistol shooting during an event Swedish Shooting Sport Federation organized.

– I have pretty good sight. But I was shocked. I tested the electronics shooting, as against Dahlby. You’ve got a sight and be strictly something. It is like. But I have not trained otherwise, she says.

READ MORE: Forced to break the terror branch

On SVT do not contest that gives any advantage.

– We do not know who is going to the final. The branches are already defined. All is supposed to have its advantages and disadvantages. That’s the thing with the competition, says Anders Wistbacka.

The runner Björn Lind hugged Danijela immediately after the loss. Then he sprayed champagne over the winner.

On SVT says that victory scenes were about to get a happy feeling. Danijela lifting and kissing the trophy twice in the program.

– We always make additions if we missed any image. They could have received instructions: “As you can probably hugging”. But they also do things on his own. We want to have joy in the end. So that’s somebody who told them to show joy at the end. All competitions are correct, as they are, says Anders Wistbacka.


This year’s nominations for Guldklaven clear – Swedish Radio

Today, the 2015 nominations for Sweden’s dance band price revealed. During the dance week in Malung will winners in five different categories to be crowned.

Those who could take home Guldklaven this year include Elisa’s and Blender which got two nominations each, and thus the most nominations.

The Year category dance band becomes Scania Derby between Donnez, Lasse Stefanz and Sannex.

– This year’s nominees reflect dansband year very well. Especially exciting in the category Dance Band which of course is a Scania Derby, with huge Lasse Stefanz followed by audience strong Donnez and modern band Sannex, which of course won last year. This shows that there is both strength, stability and re-growth in the industry, says Thomas Deutgen, producer of P4 Dance, in a press release.

Guldklaven awarded 12 July in connection with Dance Bands Week in Malung and gala broadcast live on P4 under the leadership of the P4 Dance producer Thomas Deutgen and confessed Finnish schlager connoisseur Thomas Lundin.

– It’s great fun to Guldklaven Gala stands strong. It has really taken root as a popular and festive evening where the cream of Swedish popular artists awards prizes, together with the cream of our Swedish dance band, he continues Deutgen.


Comedy Stars instituting scholarship – Metro

The popular American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” revolves partly around the science. Now, the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, and the actors decided to share their success to just aspiring scientists.

According to Deadline Hollywood has ordained a Lorre “The Big Bang Theory” -stipendium that can be searched by students studying at UCLA in Los Angeles. The idea is that the scholarship will provide financial support to students from low-income families.

– Some of them might have grown up with the series and inspired to study science. It would be fantastic if we could help, says Lorre.

So far, the TV show’s actors and producers gathered corresponding to 34 million to the Scholarship Fund.

“The Big Bang Theory” had premiered in 2007 and has so far been broadcast in eight seasons.


Pregnant cows got stuck in the swamp – Aftonbladet

Three pregnant cows got stuck in the morning in a swamp.

But the rescue succeeded with their special equipment to release the cows.

– They’re up everybody , safe and sound, and bask in the sun, says Peter Delwér, staff manager.

The rescue services were called to a farm outside Svenljunga shortly after 10 am on Sunday, reports BT.

Three pregnant cows had gone down in a quagmire and stuck. The rescue services arrived at the scene and together with the farmer to do everything to get the cows. But there was a risk of problems.

– They weigh the 600 kg apiece in that they are pregnant. So it is heavy pieces, says Peter Delwér.

Special equipment

In addition, as was the terrain around the swamp inaccessible. But the emergency services have been specially designed equipment to handle this type of events.

– We have customized all-terrain vehicle with a crane. It is relatively common for these kinds of events occur, both horses, cows and moose sometimes go down, says Peter Delwér.

Successful rescue

After an hour the rescue succeeded. All three cows are now free from the swamp.

– We were about a dozen people from the fire department and the farmer had been there a little people too, so then we became strong, says Peter Delwér.

Around the swamp where the cows were stuck had a number of other cows gathered, according to Peter Delwér. Maybe they did not abandon his friends in need.

When the cows well came out of the swamp they were safe and sound but somewhat cooled down.

– But now they lie and bask in the sun, says Peter Delwér.


The brothers Duplass make new HBO series – Vasterbotten Courier

The US TV company HBO has ordered two seasons of “Animals”, an animated series produced by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass.

“Animals” has been created by advertising are Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano and revolves around reviled animal in New York – including pigeons, rats and bedbugs. The series was hyped when two sections shown at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, according to Variety.

The brothers Duplass is already behind another HBO series, “Togetherness” whose second season sent during 2016. As expected also “Animals” for release.


Slideshow from the weekend Summerburst in Gothenburg – Metro

Published: Yesterday, 22:39

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Missing woman still away – Västerbotten Folkblad

News.  F & # xF6; rsvunnen Late last night a woman was reported missing from his home in Bjurvattnet outside Bjurholm. The woman sought including by helicopter.


The woman born in 1936. Approximately 160 cm long, gray hair, sharp.

Dress Black jacket, jeans, sandals.

Contact: any comments dialed in to the police on tel 11414

It was at 22: 45 pm on Friday night as the woman, who is in his 80s, was reported missing.

Then had relatives sought the woman then 17: 30 o’clock. Police with dog handlers and a helicopter was immediately into the search, and during the whole night searching the woman.

During the Saturday morning, the police have changed the personnel on the spot and also waiting for help from the Home Guard.

Handlers from Norrbotten and Västernorrland are on the way as well as a helicopter from the mountains.

In all, a dozen police officers will be on hand, and some 20 people from the Home Guard to help.

The officer in charge at the police Dan Andersson also hope for help from the Voluntary Motorcycle Corps because there is a huge road network to scan.

– Just in that area, it is safe 20 mil way to check, he says.

Primarily concentrated in the search of the roads in the area. Police have also some tracks to follow up.

The police also hope for help from the public and invites neighbors to check their outbuildings, barns and more.

Updated 16:50 : On Saturday afternoon the woman was still missing. Sökinsatser is in full swing, including dogs, helicopters and personnel from the Home Guard.

Updated 20:40: At 20: 30 pm on Saturday night the woman was still missing. Sökinsatsen is still going on.

Update 23:30: At 23: 30 pm, the woman was still not found. The search will continue throughout the night on Sunday.


Three dead in caravan fire – Aftonbladet

The shocked man stopped an ambulance outside Uppsala and stated that it burned in a caravan.

When the police arrived at the scene they made a macabre discovery:

In the caravan, there are the remains of three bodies.

At 9:40 o’clock on Saturday morning, stopped an ambulance on County Road 288 at the height of Hovgarden of a man in their 30s who asked for help because of a fire. When police arrived at the scene discovered a burned-out caravan.

The low residue of dead bodies.

Grilled Night

– Right now it’s a technical investigation and interrogation of the man who alerted us, says Torsten Hemlin, duty officer at the Uppsala police.

The man who sounded the alarm were taken to hospital. During the afternoon he was interrogated by the police.

– He is shocked, says Christer Nordstrom, spokesman for the police in Uppsala County.

The man in the interrogation told the party roast in the evening. Four people slept in the night in the great caravan, one of them is the man who alerted for help this morning.

– He woke up at 3 o’clock that it was filled with smoke, says Christer Nordström.

Mannnen shall then wandered into the area before a few hours later managed to stop an ambulance on the way the 288th

– Yes, it has passed some hours. He was thoroughly shocked, says Christer Nordström.

no suspicious

It is still unclear what happened. The case is still headlined by arson and the investigation continues.

No suspect in the case.

– The engineers have not found anything to indicate that the fire has been landscaped, says Christer Nordström.

The burnt out caravan is on a large gravel plant at a quarry in the middle of the forest.

When Aftonbladet was in place at 13-time low fire smell still in the air and the area was completely cordoned off. The caravan was totally burnt down, only a few remnants remain of it.

– Beside the burnt out caravan is a container, a truck and a few other caravans. It is unclear whether anyone lived in them. The place is also surrounded by a fence, says the Aftonbladet reporter on the scene, Solomon Rogberg.

Relatives not notified

He says that the police technicians worked on the site since early on Saturday afternoon. Among other things, they had a dog on the spot and searched through the ashes with different tools.

The rescue was never on fire during the night.

– There is probably no one who has even seen it burned, it was of course a little for themselves what I have understood, says Magnus Andersson, lead operator in the Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade.

In contrast, went the rescue with the police to the scene outside Uppsala, the police’s request.

– The alarm came at ten o’clock. But all we got back was that it was a burnt out caravan, says Magnus Andersson.

According to the police in Uppsala worked the four men at a business in the area.

“Feels uncomfortable”

Just now the police are not more data on those killed when their relatives are not informed.

A man working in the area and who live in one of the caravans during the week knows men .

– It feels very unpleasant. They have lived here for a few weeks and worked with gabionsten near the area. But they have kept themselves to themselves, he said.

Svevia who manages the quarry, states that migrant workers not employed by them or working for some of their suppliers.

– No, but it is common to live in a caravan next to an area where you have a mission, says Charlotte Sandström, CIO at Svevia.

She does not know who has let them stay at Svevia area, but says that anyone within the company must have given them permission to do so.

– So it must be. It is our pace, says Charlotte Sandström.


Search for Danish digital lending – Västerbotten Folkblad

The Danish library lending of e-books is growing. Especially among men, writes Aftonbladet that refers to Swedish Bookstore. It is partly due to a new agreement signed between publishers and libraries in the fall. The agreement means that the use of library platform Ereolen, and it has added thousands of new e-book titles. Since then, the number of unique users soared.

– We’ve got a whole bunch of new borrowers, especially men, says project manager Mikkel Christoffersen, to SvB.


False LeMarc on Facebook – Vaesterbotten Folkblad

Peter LeMarc has suffered a Facebook coup. Someone who is not the people dear artist has created a profile in his name on Facebook, writes Expressen. The faked page has a profile picture on LeMarc where he sits on the couch with his guitar.

The real Peter LeMarc has reported the fake page to Facebook.

– I is the official page where people write to me and I answer openly and honestly, and then feels like to fool people. It destroys the trust which to me is very important both in text and music, and in what I practice, he says to the newspaper.


If cookies on our services – Göteborgs-Posten


Listen to Tiger Lily and just ate a burger from one of the food trucks in the premium area. Very good! But as the cost of course also 100 bucks.



It is only when the Ullevi is how empty that you realize how gigantic big it is. You feel very little and alone in the middle of the pitch with the stands around him. In a good way.



Wiktor: Yes, it is always more or less like this. Slightly more so this year when the weather is not with us.



Do you know if it was like this last year that no one was there at the opening?



Wiktor: He is in full swing. It’s him you hear on my very first rock for today. Not a single human being in place unfortunately.



Have Aguree already played then?



15:15 is the Tigerlily. Dare we hope for 200 in the audience then?



This is what it looked like when one of the world’s biggest popstars visited Ultra in Miami in March. Something like this, it will be 22:30 in the evening.



Avicii came by the way to Gothenburg in the night and took the opportunity to party a little with Axwell on any of the official after parties. So it seems pretty easy on the knee.



Tiger Lily, one of far too few female representatives on Summerburst, begins play for half an hour. Will check her in.



Here we go! Welcome to Summerburst day two.



Wiktor: Beautiful, as we heard later.



Good morning Daniel will be with you throughout the day:)



Have you woken up? Or maybe not even gone to sleep?
Get ready for day two of Summerburst at Ullevi. I’ll be there from noon 14th



Summer Burst is over for the day and it ends with Type 200 rockets around the Ullevi stadium, inside the Ullevi stadium, behind the Ullevi Stadium. Everywhere!



Haha, sickest pyrone in living memory. Movies coming soon. Out of the box now!



Wow, now all sit down and then jump up when the song started.
“We have not done for a long fat!”



Gotta Beat the Traffic! amirite?



o Axwell Ingrosso sprinting but at the same time, people start to get out from the Ullevi opposite short side. Applies the film til cart …;)



Yep, Do not You Worry Child!



They thought about blowing up the stage with pyrotechnics now?



Axwell: “Now we close down this fucking the club, right!”



So any sensory overload? One gets the nearly epilepsy to watch your clips .. haha: D



Feminism makes Mad Max powerful – Aftonbladet

She breaks out of patriarchy and bring their sisters.

Spring – nay the whole year – hero named furious.

The women who have had enough gas now at the monster truck through the public space.

I’ll start by adding the cards on the table: Action-movie has never been one of my big loads.

Once I saw the first part of “Universal Soldier” – Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude van Damme action-suite whose first film came in 1992 – but it never became more than that.

I prefer the movie where the characters go around with passive aggressive gaze depletes the life out of each other in a draughty castle. I’d rather see French relationship dramas and contrived American indie films than mastiga science-fiction epic.

So the reason that I even went and saw “Mad Max: Fury Road” was that US male activists railed against the film. “Feminist propaganda disguised as kid roll” complained the site Return of the Kings, and continued: “Charlize Theron’s character yells orders to Mad Max. No shouting orders to Mad Max. ” The writer called for a boycott.

They had me obviously already at the “feminist propaganda disguised as kid roll”. I went straight to the theater.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is undeniably a rich film. The vibration of masculinity. It is hunted, shot, exploded and pumped unbearable rock from a dubbelhalsad guitar.

It’s loud, impetuous and completely insane. But there is also the other element. It is so powerful. Had it not been for feminism in “Fury Road” had been my nightmare movie. Now it became instead an energy shot.

Enough will, in future, to talk about “Mad Max: Fury Road” as a breakthrough.

Charlize Theron play the tough Imperator furious that limited this liability a group of women held as sex slaves of the evil Immortan Joe.

furious’ll bring them to a better place – to her childhood place: “The Green Place of Many mothers “. It sounds so lovely there. I would also like to stay in “The Green Place of many mothers.”

furious – the name just gets better and better the more times you think of it – has had enough. She sticks from the patriarchal dictatorship, and with it she takes her sisters.

It is a wonderful thought.

group, and Max hanging on them, then get the help of the weathered mothers – some middle-aged women who have also had enough.

The cocks his gun. Here, no “We Shall Overcome” sung. The transmission must be given back in the same coin. It is really refreshing. Just like the Swedish culture debate right now.

The only thing missing in the “Mad Max: Fury Road” is Ebba Witt-Brattström behind the wheel of a monster truck, armed with a bazooka and incoming from the left with a roar. The catch her.

For the power of those who have finally had enough is inspiring.

It will come as a primal urstyrka and tear down everything in its path.

To all that accumulated anger finally have an outlet.

Last year ended Ebba in place eight of the most popular Swedish maiden name.

For the next year I hope to furious has gone berserk right into the list the first place.

Kristin shortlists week …

… pubrock

or month rather. For new Palma Violets disc itself has been out since the first May, but received far too little attention. Play “Peter & amp; the gun “and I swear that it will grow out a pint in his hand.

… Agitation rock

After listening Refuseds new single “Françafrique” want to go out and overturn anything.

… nyhippierock

Florence and the Machines new album would be a piece of clothing, it would be a great patterned kaftan dragged around in Glastonbury mud. “How big, how blue, how beautiful” tickles like a British bohemian dream.

Lundell lists

first Notoriously partying rock band Happy Mondays is entering the documentary soap opera world. According to British reports, the Shaun Ryder , Bez and the other in Manchester band to go to Panama to work together with indigenous people write music in the program “Singing in the Rain Forest”. Also Scottish Glasvegas involved but they should find their inspiration in the Huaorani-the people of Ecuador.

Now we wonder, of course: When will the Swedish sequel and what goes?

second Chasing clicks have been living in the modern media world but now offers also garage rock stars into baiting. The former White Stripes -sångaren Jack White of his label Third Man Records accused of conducting clicks fishing.

The reason is that White in a question and answer chat said that his former band colleague Meg White refuses to answer when he calls. In a statement makes the record company, however, clear that “Meg is not obliged to answer the phone,” and that White engaged in “clicks fish bingo”.

third If there is anyone who would make a 18 days long let it Thom Yorke – the former Radiohead singer and eccentric environmentally friend who a few years ago would stop touring with the flight and instead travel by train between gigs.

“Subterranea” is 432 hours long – a maxi-single in the truest sense – and created an art exhibition in Sydney. The song started playing last Thursday – and played for 6 June – but it does probably nothing if you happened to miss the first week of it.


Axwell & Ingrosso | Summerburst, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten

When two thirds of Swedish House Mafia made the Sweden premiere at Bråvalla last year, I stood there in the mud and felt … just nothing. The normally so dynamic duo went mostly lost in trying to live up to the rock-star image they so deserved created itself. Backlit, big gestures and very few melodies. A sort of EDM version of smällfet, anabolic fueled biceps rock.

I must therefore misgivings Axwell & amp; Ingrosso opens in exactly the same way that wine cold May evening at Ullevi Stadium before 30,000 who want to dance themselves warm. They show absolutely no mercy, braces on everything at the same time and it pops, smoke, cans and benches so there is enough and to spare. Overbearing, overwhelming. And indeed even insensitive. During the first half hour, we hear maybe a total of 30 seconds vocal melodies and the crowd waits to get unleash something they recognize.

Fortunately, everything turns after one second of silence, a slow construction and a redemptive Something New Håkan Hellström guitar and dazzling chorus. After that, the remaining hours a busy street on the home straight there own hits like Calling (Lose My Mind), a widely used filter wrapped Reload and the Center of the Universe mixed with Otto Knows fine Next to me, a little Calvin Harris and eventually also the usual mash lineup by One more time and SHE Dangan Save the World. Always works.

The conclusion? Do not You Worry Child and a million rockets. Underneath it too.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

He won the “Let’s Dance 10″ – Aftonbladet

What a success!

When the jubilee season of “Let’s Dance” is over, it is clear that Anton Hysén is again the winner.

Thus, the footballer has won the contest twice.

– I am speechless, it’s completely crazy, he says in TV4 after the win.

One wanted to defend his title, the other wanted to take revenge.

Both Anton Hysén , 24, and Morgan Alling , 46, got full marks by the jury in the final dance, the show number.

But after that viewers had their say after the regular fight, it was clear that the big favorite Anton Hysén won the “Let’s Dance 10″.

Two glass shoes

Thus, he now has a full two fine glass shoes to adorn the bookcase with. A pair of shoes that does not match. But even so, Anton Hysén and dance partner Sigrid Bernson overjoyed after the victory.

– I am speechless, it’s crazy. It’s amazing. We have toiled and fought and done all we can for this, says Anton Hysen who got a champagne shower of Steffo Törnqvist after the win.

Tony: “He ought to be a dancer”

In following the broadcast says jury chairman Tony Irving Anton become so good now that he should be in the “Let’s Dance” as dancers, not as participants. And the runner-up Morgan Alling begrudge him the win.

– He’s a great dancer, sick skillful and a great person and role model for many, says Morgan Alling in TV4′s redirection.

Meanwhile, he gives their fans a boot.

– I think they were asleep, he said.

Anton difficult to put into words why it went so well again.

– I am myself, let loose and have a lot of fun just, he says afterward.

Just as he did when he won the 2012, Anton Hysén now deliver on its promise and tattooed his victory in the calf.

Now he celebrate the win.

– Then I’m going home to Gothenburg where I have not been to two and a half weeks, so it will be good.

In the final, got Magnus Samuelsson and Arja Saijonmaa leave the competition already in half.

READ MORE: How was the finale – minute by minute


SVT programs send SMS with a link to porn site – Aftonbladet

SVT’s consumer program for children and young people, “Rea”, has sent out a text message to their mobile reporters with a link to a porn movie.

– The link led to a page with a short movie that is not appropriate for children, says Sabina Rasiwala on SVT’s press department.

SVT’s consumer program for children and young people, “Rea”, has sent out a text message to their mobile reporters with a link to a porn movie.

– Our daughter had no own phone when registering as a mobile reporter, so the message came to my phone. I’m glad she did not see it, but I can imagine that many yet seen it without having asked for it, says one who is a parent of a 12 year old mobile reporter, told DN.

The link to the porn video sent to 66 children, some of whom sms went to the children’s parents. The filmed sequence shows two men having intercourse with the headline “Gay sex is the answer.”

Error link sent

This error occurred when the “Sale” would send a request to their mobile reporters if they wanted comment on a specific issue.

This week was the question of one’s favorite ice cream. With the text message was also sent a link to a deregistration site – if you do not want to continue in the program.

– We would shorten the link to a URL shortening tool and it became imprinted too quickly. An “f” at the end of the address fell away and led to a shut down page with a short movie that is not appropriate for children, says Sabina Rasiwala on SVT’s press department.

SVT quickly called all involved and explained what had happened.

“Will not happen again”

– We sent a new SMS to everyone and then we called all the parents and explained what had gone wrong. Of course, this does not have to happen, says Sabina Rasiwala.

SVT says the tab depends on the human factor.

There are no plans to change the URL to the deregistration side – to prevent the mistake can happen again.

– No, we will not do. We will be meticulous and careful to send the right link now says Sabina Rasiwala.

“Exposed on the Internet”

The parent DN’ve talked to directed no criticism of the program, but wants rather highlight how vulnerable you are on the Internet.

– A letter or number wrong and you could end up completely wrong way accidentally. We have to discuss how they can become less vulnerable and have a healthy Internet use, says parent DN.


260 new million with height biomoms – Swedish Radio

If the previous conservative government most focused on the film policy could contribute to employment and economic development, is the red-green government a different view of why more tax money will be used to keep running Swedish film.

memo that goes out for consultation today notes the Ministry of Culture that film is one of the most important forms of expression in our times and that the art form is of great importance for democracy and freedom of expression and therefore a common political concern.

It is not the words such as nutrition and entrepreneurship as the government now wants to scrap the over 50-year-old movie contract and take over responsibility from the industry. And it also allows those most affected by the changes are the cinemas and eventually moviegoers who probably get more expensive tickets.

The Swedish film from 2017, financed by a height Cinema VAT is clear already, but memorandum strikes Culture Ministry stated that it means 260 million new billion net extra into the Treasury, and that it more than covers the hole that will be when the contract disappears.

Otherwise breathe draft a will to produce more films based on other than books, to support the film that is not made directly for the cinema, but as video on demand services or television. But also to discourage the audience will have to wait for long to see a film that has received public support.

The film industry has until early August in which to come up with responses to the proposal.