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Gilmore Girls “star Edward Herrmann death – Aftonbladet

Edward Herrmann is dead.

The actor, best known from “Gilmore Girls”, passed away on New Year’s Eve morning, writes TMZ.

He became 71 years.

Family members say TMZ Edward Herrmann lost his battle with his brain tumor.

The last month of life he spent on an intensive care unit at a hospital in New York. According to the site decided the family to the life-sustaining treatment should be discontinued.

Edward Herrmann passed away on New Year’s Eve morning, local time, at the age of 71st

Hann say goodbye at the hospital

Kelly Bishop played Herrmann’s wife in the series.

Before the actor fell asleep she managed to take their goodbyes at the hospital bed.

– I got a phone call from (his wife) Star on Monday night where she asked me if I wanted to come to the hospital and say goodbye. I went there yesterday and gave love messages from Lauren (Graham), Alexis (Bledel) and Amy (Sherman-Palladino), she says to the site TVLine.

After the show’s end they kept in touch via e-mail.

– Everything feels a little darker now, as if the lights go out a bit, she says.

Won an Emmy

Edward Herrmann’s acting career spanned five decades . Many remember him especially from the popular series “Gilmore Girls” (2000-2007) where he starred in the series all seasons.

1999 was awarded Edward Herrmann with an Emmy in the category of best guest actor. He received the award for her performance in the TV series “The lawyers”. He also appeared in such films as “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), “The Aviator” (2004) and “The Lost Boys” (1987).

– Besides being a good actor, he was a true gentleman, educated and an extremely kind man. He will be missed big, says manager Robbie Kass to The Wrap.

Edward Herrmann married twice and mourned the closest of his three children, writes TMZ.


Falkman delayed at midnight on TV – Aftonbladet

Loa Falkman was nervous before the premiere.

This resulted in time faux pas – the actor missed the stroke of midnight.

– Actually, bells and the text to be more attuned says Skansen director John Brattmyhr Nöjesbladet.

The nerves haunted before the premiere.

And Loa Falkman made its premiere reading of Alfred Tennyson’s “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen on New Year’s night ended the show in the time of chaos.

When the church bells rang at midnight the actor had yet just over a minute of the century left to read.

The reactions were not long in coming.

– Falk’s planning burst at Skansen at midnight, wrote the signature Viktorvalkonensjölin on Twitter.

Skansen manager : Because he was late

John Brattmyhr , Skansen manager, admits that the planning burst.

According to him, it was because of the entertainment show which was held before the century.

– It is broadcast live, no number was too far. Actually, the bells and the text to be more attuned. But Loa handled it like a pro, it may be bjussa on, he says to Aftonbladet.

Tinted himself down fumble

When Nöjesbladet met Loa Falkman after the broadcast, he was pleased with the shipment.

He played down the time-miss.

– We had talked about it before, that the bells would fade in at the very end, so it was quite according to plan. The bells would come every after.

But then he admits that the backlog was larger than expected.

– They arrived slightly early, but it was nothing that bothered.

He could even see it as a boost for the performance.

– Then something happened. The unpredictable is alluring.

Made small changes

Loa Falkman shouldered this year the prestigious task from Jan Malmsjö , who read the poem on the Solliden stage since 2001.

Just as his predecessor did Falkman any changes to the text, albeit extremely small.

“Call out the futility of war years”, he chose to say instead of “Ring out the thousand wars of years.” And then burst into song to ABBA’s “Happy New Year” along with Charlotte Nilsson .

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So, Loa Falkman Kuppa at midnight – Expressen

They have previously read “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen

Georg Rydeberg 1977-1982

Earl Hill 1983-1996

Margaretha Krook 1997-2000

Jan Malmsjö 2001-2013

Loa Falkman 2014

See more Less

Carl Johan “Loa” Falkman

Born: 24 juli in 1947.

Lives: Houses in Stocksund.

Family: Married with Rosy Falkman Jauckens Since 1978, the sons Jacob , 24, and Daniel ; 27.

Occupation: Opera Singer, actor and performer.

Background: Studied at the University College of Opera in Stockholm. Debuted at the Royal Opera in 1973 in the role of Ferdinand in “tintomara”. Got an international breakthrough in a Paris production of “Carmen”. Made in the 90s several acclaimed performances in opera, operetta and musicals in Swedish scenes. Participated in Melodifestivalen 1990 with “The Symphony”, but came in last place. Educated even to the actor at Calle Flygares theater school. Has had major roles in “Like It Never Was Before”, “Death Watch”, “7 millionaires” and “Crown Jewels”. Also did the role of Wall-Enberg in several films about “Little Jönssonligan.”

Current: Should New Year’s Eve read the word Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen. Thus takes over the job for Jan Malmsjö who read the poem between 2001 and 2013.

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Now take Loa Falkman of the prestigious assignment after Jan Malmsjo to read” Ring Out, Wild Bells “.

And the court singer’m not going to keep a low profile – he plans to tonight change the ancient text.

– It may be a surprise. I very much look forward to it, he says mysteriously.

Then Jan Malmsjö , after twelve years, chose to transfer the task to read Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” on New Year’s Eve to someone else, the choice fell on the court singer and actor Loa Falkman .

Skansen Head Johan Brattmyr called himself up the beloved entertainer to offer him the assignment.

– We made a long list. Then we thought Loa Falkman would do it this year. It will be good, says Brattmyr.

“bolt from the blue”

Loa Falkman remember the conversation well. Very well.

– I stood exactly where, says Loa and pointing towards a floor space in his studio.

– It was like a bolt from the blue. I had no idea that Janne (Jan Malmsjö), would stop. Of course I was startled, while of course I was extremely proud. It is solemn and a great honor. I said yes immediately, although in his head felt like it took several hours before I said yes.

Then he got the text transmission. He is thoroughly prepared when he gets up in the evening at Skansen scene.

– It’s just like reading the script, basically. Mala text. Grind, grind, grind. Learn by heart. It is their pork that comes to get it to her. Then I work very subconsciously. Clean but to-wise it does not take that long to learn. Then it must be mine. It’s my, my text. And my subtitles. What I think of when I say “world peace” or “the horrific violence of power”. I myself must have an internal charge on those words. It is important, says Loa.

Loa and Jan Malmsjo have had contact.

– We have spoken on the text. We know each other and like each other very much. I’m very glad that he is so sympathetic to my involvement, says Loa.

“A tension”

Despite the rigorous preparation, Jan Malmsjö and wife Rosy support, Loa nervous for tonight’s mission.

– It is, on the other hand, nothing unusual. My whole job is a big performance anxiety. Need to be able to reach up to the demands placed upon himself, and that it is in parity to the crowd’s demands on me. It only gets worse with age. I’m nervous. There is a tension. It is required for this job, that you are on your toes, says Loa.

– A föreställningsdag is bothersome. It starts when I open my eyes and know that I will perform something in the evening. I am not talking so much, go into my bubble. I am very focused on what I should do. It is important. I have to go for it 100 percent.

Shortly before midnight tonight stands Loa Falkman at Skansen. And now he says that he made a number of changes in the “Ring Out, Wild Bells”.

– There are some changes. Some words that I changed. But there you will hear then. It may be a surprise. I very much look forward to it, says Loa.

The wife Rosy is a great support in life. They met in the 70s and have been together ever since. Together they have two adult sons.

– I stand here in the studio and has stalled on some tunes can Rosy open the door, shouting “Drop your chin” and close again. Then it works.

“No borders”

In order to stay healthy and spirited bicycles Loa much.

– About an hour every day. That’s the goal, he says.

– The body feels great. It’s because I’m thinking about. Also, I am hard hold of Rosy, because she is a dancer. I do not see myself as 67 and senior people. I see no such limits. All the while you are healthy, have the desire and people want to hear and see a funny. I can not think of anything more boring than retire. It is about respect for life. Since breaking out I’m not in spontaneous applause when I see myself in the mirror. I look like a mix between Göran Greider and August Strindberg .

“A very good 2014″

Loa has had a good 2014.

– Job-wise, it has been stimulating and varied. Then we have, and there is Rosy very well, were vacant. “Now we have time off so many weeks’. One way to recharge the batteries. It has been a very good 2014. I have health, we take care of us, he says.

However, he is worried about what the world looked like.

– The war in Syria, IS, the terrible pictures. Sometimes I can almost draw me to watch the news, because it’s so horrible. When you feel very small and insignificant, he said.


Marie-Louise Ekman’s farewell – Göteborgs-Posten

The farewell party is over at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Retiring the theater Marie-Louise Ekman leave the theater with a strong economy and positive audience to his successor. Still worried she Dramatens future.

There were treated to hot dogs marble foyer. A congenial farewell menu for a theater manager who clearly stated that she wanted to blur the Royal Dramatic theater snob stamp.

The thresholds must be removed was the message when Marie-Louise Ekman took office in 2009. In the corridor leading to the boss room has top manager with black marker pen directly on the wall pedagogical spelling out the old men and old women are depicted in portraits.

It’s just days away from the six-year mandate, but Marie-Louise Ekman allows no sentimentality. She works here and now, prefer to talk about the future than looking backwards. Right now Dramatens economy “very good”, but the next few years worrying her.

– If we do not receive financial grossing gallops it away at a tremendous rate, she said.

The theater sits, like many other state institutions, in a leghold trap, she says. Dramatic Theatre’s mission is stipulated in minute detail, but the annual financial enumeration does not correspond to wage movement’s outcome.

– We have a wage movement that might end up at 2.4 per cent and we get 0.4 percent in the enumeration and Then we have a rent increase it. The authorities’ view of a government institution is that each year the slim and pull down.

All managers employed today – whether it be in business or a state institution – get that mission, she says . Pull down on staff or workspaces, but still improve the results. The perception of the economy and labor is only destructive, believes Marie-Louise Ekman.

But how openly critical, you have been able to be as head of a government institution?

– You can be the critical one wants, I believe. But in each context is permitted to choose their battles and choose when one is constructive and when is destructive. I think we have a good financial allocation here. What I am against is what I call a slow drain. It’s a strange National economic planning and vision to do so.

It is nearly time to roll out the stuffed llama who graced Marie-Louise Ekman’s manager s and move into Eirik Stubøs furniture. But llama get a new home with Young Dramatic Theater, one of the outgoing boss’s baby. The business has for a number of years on the stand-alone scene generator had to move back into the heart of the theater.

Scenes feel good to spin around a bit, she says. Organizationally omtänk and new additions as hip hop concert Ladies First and spoken word events have highlighted both the audience and the mood among employees. The lonely artist Marie-Louise Ekman became a widely acknowledged popular manager who has received several awards for his leadership, most recently Head Galan big honorary award in April.

But have you managed to wash away snob stamp from the Royal Dramatic Theatre?

– I do not know if I can say that I have succeeded in this or not. Still, many people think they have to look a certain way or have a certain formation to go here. Not everybody knows that they automatically have access to Royal Dramatic Theater, they think happy that other people are finer than themselves.

And that is unfortunate.

Facts: Marie- Louise Ekman

■ Born: in 1944.

■ Lives: in Stockholm.

■ Family: The husband Gösta Ekman, children Johanna, Loviisa, Billie, Robin and Mons. Six grandchildren.

■ Background: Artist, professor of painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm 1984-1991, principal of the same school from 1999 to 2008. Took over as head of the Royal Dramatic Theatre den 1 January 2009.

■ Current: completes its mission as drama manager last December. Then returns to free artistic activities.


Gabriel Bystrom: What lingers – Göteborgs-Posten

There are a few things that will linger from the year that is about to expire. Events, changes that are meaningful and will play the role too long after other memories of 2014 has begun to fade.

We will not be able to ignore the nationalist wave that is sweeping across Europe and whose consequences we can not yet foresee. There was a wave that grew louder and more distinct in years, not least here at home with the Sweden Democrats who got an unexpectedly strong voter support and used his influence to trap a government. We saw a number of commentators and politicians who gradually began to normalization of a party with roots in Nazism, a party whose leading representatives openly argued for ethnic profiling and questioned freedom of the press. Instead of discussing it, we got a strange debate about labeling. The problem is that politics is there viewable, the past can not be ignored. The responsibility of those who, by laxity or ignorance, relativize a party that wants to start recording original nationality because “culture and values ​​does not disappear just because someone acquired citizenship” is great.

In Europe, the nationalist wave extensive challenges. The Hungarian example frightening. Still, the EU is almost paralyzed before the transformation of Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán hold on to stage without much protest. The unwillingness and inability of the conservative and Christian Democratic party group in the EU – the EPP – to put pressure on the ruling Fidesz is a disgrace. Here is a great deal for moderate and Christian Democrat MPs to answer. In Russia, Vladimir Putin, his transformation of the country. The former KGB agent is celebrated openly of several nationalist groups on the extreme right wing. With the annexation of the Crimea, Putin has shown that Europe’s borders are not static.

In the cultural field has some strange suggestions halted at the last moment. First it was the Mediterranean Institutions like the S-led government cut at an ALL-NIGHT NEGOTIATIONS no one knew what had happened. Then there was some not fully thought through alliance members on the lookout for fifteen million withdrew support to the country’s cultural journals with marginally convincing argument. In both these cases, the politicians got back because the external pressure becomes too hard. It is of course excellent, while it is clear that the cultural is not an area that is wasted much political love on. It should chug on, preferably without serious disruptions. On the wish list for the upcoming budget negotiations: an increased concern for detail and fewer proposal without impact assessments.

About the new Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnkes political ambitions We do not know very much, it is still right airy when their own policies will be discussed. To Bah Kuhnke identifies media pluralism as essential to democracy oxygenation, however, is an important signal. It is possible to discern an ambition to actually see what the state can do to facilitate commercial media to continue to pursue quality journalism in a time of transition and increasing competition from new entrants. Good, important and, as I understand it, an earnest desire to improve conditions.

The media’s transformation is of course one of the things the past year also will be associated with the side of the nationalist wave. Or rather the consequences of media transformation entails. The rate of conversion has surprised many. Several journalists have lost their jobs, opportunities to engage in quality journalism has fallen. The bright spot that may be present is that the debate has now left the media world and engage much more than before. The great values ​​at stake is increasingly a general insight.

On the wish list for the upcoming year is of course that the City Theatre’s new CEO Bjorn Sandmark manage to find an equally skilled and innovative thinking artistic director of the theater as Anna Takanen been. It will also be interesting to see what the city’s new Cultural Director Anna Rosengren will be able to accomplish in his new job. Rosengren will assume in March and is surrounded by a solid reputation. Another important point is of course that the questions which existed at the People’s Theatre is able to be straightened out. There is some evidence to suggest that the worst of the crisis over.


Loa Falkman: “I wake up and rattles off at night” – Aftonbladet

He is one of our most seasoned performers.

But the mission to read the poem that begins with the words “ring, watch, ring” at Skansen may even Loa Falkman to become nervous.

– I can wake up in the middle of the night and start rattling off it, he said.

Interviews, photo shoots, and even more interviews.

These are busy days for the actor and singer Loa Falkman , 67. Everybody wants a piece of the man who should shoulder perhaps our strongest New Year’s tradition.

– Somebody said “Now it’s you and the King”. Well it was a bit exaggerated, but in a way it is a fact. He has his Christmas speech and now I have my speech on New Year’s Eve, he said.

“Make it Mine”

Almost exactly a year ago read Jan Malmsjö “New Year’s Bells” for the last time.

Soon it’s time for Loa Falkman to make New Year’s debut. And he has worked intensively with the text.

– I make it mine. It is an approach so that we can become one with each other. I take in my life experience, my associations and my values ​​to make the text of the mine, he said.

“Always nervous”

– I have lived with this ever since I got the question . I can wake up in the middle of the night and rattling poem.

Are you nervous?

– Absolutely, I’m always nervous when I shall stand. There is a tension that try to exploit its capabilities to the fullest.

He continues:

– It does not matter that I have been in business for 40 years. But I do not see the nervousness as something negative. It is essential to be on your toes for it to be fine.

According Loa Falkman came the question of succeeding Jan Malmsjö as a surprise.

– I was very surprised and flattered . People around has for many years said that “you should not take and read this text?”. It’s lovely, but I have not thought that it would actually happen.

Positive continuation

Now hope 67-year-old on a cloudless New Year’s night.

– Last year I sang at the Grand Square in Örebro before 25,000 people. When singing “O Holy Night” and it is a moderate gale and snowstorm and snow blowing down the neck so it is quite heavy. I hope it will be a decent weather. Above all, I hope it becomes a starry night so the audience can see all the fireworks.

Jan Malmsjö read “New Year’s bells” for twelve years. Loa Falkman does not exclude that there may be more readings at Skansen.

– We have not said anything about a possible continuation. But I would not mind it.


Jan Malmsjö: “Loa Falkman’ll pass it with flying colors” – Aftonbladet

He said he remembered reading “New Year’s bells” until he dies.

But now replacing the actor legend Jan Malmsjö ceremony at Skansen against lobster and champagne at home.

– It will be a great relief, he said.

2001, Jan Malmsjö a deep breath and began reading Swedish version of Alfred Tennyson’s poem “New Year’s bells” at Skansen for the first time.

When he was on New Years Eve 2013 got off Solliden stage was the end of an era. Although Malmsjo said he would read the poem until he dies it said in November it clear that there will be no more New Year’s performances from the actor.

“Feels good”

– I can not rip out the Swedish people, he has previously said.

When Nöjesbladet reaches Jan Malmsjö a week before New Year’s Eve, he seems very pleased with his decision.

– It feels nice in that I took the decision to stop all by himself, he says.

Should eat lobster

– It feels like it 100 years ago, my wife and I Marie celebrated the New Year alone with eating lobster and drinking champagne and having candlelight. It should we do now, just as it was in the past.

Do you feel sad?

– I can not go into such emotional things. It has been an honor to read the poem.

But some tips Malmsjo has not given his successor.

– It is not needed. He’s a hell of a good friend and will pass it with flying colors, he says.

Loa Falkman :

– Jan was very positive when I became, and I am glad breeze. But it is not possible to give a few words of wisdom in a situation like this.

“Toy, toy, toy!”

One of the favorites to take over the reading after Malmsjo was Borje Ahlstedt 75th

Although he was commissioned claiming the actor that he is not bitter. And Loa Falkman say they have only been happy exclamations from him.

– He was a mentor to me when I started. And since then we have cemented a great friendship, he said.

Jan Malmsjö have a greeting to his successor before New Year’s debut:

– Tell him “toy, toy, toy!” It we always said when we worked at the Opera House as a lyckohälsning.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

more craft than milestone – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

“Käääften, Jarnebring!” Five minutes in, it will, exklamationen, utfrustad by Claes Malmberg in a paragraph ham acting worthy of our time Thor Modéen if he ever given beyond farce compartment. Or even that. Is this not precisely the term “farcical” Leif GW Persson please describe Swedish police activities with? And is not the crime genre our most proven genre since the 30s and 40s folk comedy?

We have it actually little as the home of Karl-Bertil Tage Danielsson’s Christmas Carol, though in the present: the presents are distributed, all laughed at the verses of the packages and then leads the Christmas holidays in the common sense of devotion that only a Swedish cop show on TV can vouchsafe people. Exclamations like “I do not care!”, “Now you take the damn quiet!” And “Käääften, Jarnebring” can so doing provide some somewhat religiously in his eyes, as if they were in a nunnery!

Master of ceremonies is again a director Kristian Petri, who together with Danish Kristoffer Nyholm was behind the 2013 GW film version “A pilgrim’s death” an absolutely competent, but the distances congested series of four parts. This time Petri alone and three sections. The rest is largely intact, including the writers Sara Heldt and Johan Widerberg and ensemble, led by Rolf Lassgård, Helena af Sandberg and Per Svensson, with a nice bunch of capable faces in the flank. Literary model is again the trilogy “The welfare state’s case”, from which one now picture set “Another Time, Another Life” and called it “The fourth man.”

It starts in 1989 when Bo Jarnebring and Jeanette Eriksson put on a murder case in Östermalm. The victim is a certain Kjell-Göran Ohlsson, a tranquil Head of Division at Statistics Sweden with few if any friends. Contrary to what Detective Backstrom first predicts it will not be easy at all to find the culprit.

Cut to the present. Lars Martin Johansson, newly appointed SAPO-head, hand pick a group of investigative and intelligence experts. He calls them “my main weapon against those that acute and unexpected may threaten national security.” The very first day shedding a letter in with a hint that maybe you should take another look at the date April 24, 1975, when the Command Holger Meins from Rote Armee Fraktion occupied the West German Embassy in Stockholm. Sure Surely the Germans had help from the Swedish hold? But the Swedes? A few names excavated. A Kjell-Göran Ohlsson, The Quiet murdered bureau chief.

Cut to 1975 and further revelations soon see the light of day. The name Helena Stein stand extraordinary in the eyes of LMJ Group. Today, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense, probably our next Secretary of Defense. But what she did in 1975? Well, was part of a welcoming host for a bunch of German guests armed with TNT, igniters and a number of pistols and hand grenades in the luggage. The goal: West German Embassy in Stockholm.

Holger Meins drama was a while on the wallpaper to Mikael Marcimain and his new screenplay friend JARGONISTIC to film (they gave themselves instead of “Gentlemen” ). When you see “The fourth man” feels that just Marcimain after milestone “Laser Man” has set a new rib in Swedish crime film, especially when it comes zeitgeist and authentic events. Director Petri with team exhibiting at the point nicely craft.

“The fourth man” is more craft than milestone. Style and tone are known, seen and heard. The actors are hardened, stereotypical characters and events – whether you read the book or not – a little easy to imagine. And the title is just right corny.

Nevertheless, or precisely Therefore, it is both worth seeing and appealing. One reason stands out in particular: you stick pretty perfect within the scope of its ambition. A bit like those comedies of yesteryear. I like it, probably more than Salander, actually.

I also like to see when Lars Martin Johansson doing well. It’s exactly 30 years since he, in Tomas von Bröms’s shape in Bo Widerberg’s “The Man from Majorca” had an unusually miserable Christmas, recently divorced, sad and going out into the cold in search jobs. Here he has cozy Pia at his side, a fat new job and a big bowl of strawberries. It is vouchsafed him well.

Series Home Tuesday, December 30th 21:00 in BBC1.


Miley Cyrus hung out in his “knarklya” – Aftonbladet

Hollywood. Here singled Miley Cyrus look like junkies.

The 22-year-old pop star and former Disney actress has captured image with what is reported to be marijuana and cocaine.

– I was shocked at how much drugs she took, says an eyewitness.

It’s weeklies Star and the National Enquirer that publishes the sensational picture on the former “Hannah Montana” star surrounded by drugs.

The photo is reported to be a time when during her 22-year celebration in her luxury villa in Studio City, California on 26 November.

“Very good cocaine”

One of those who was with the wild event says to the press:

– She started by taking hallucinogenic mushrooms. With the rush to bed she smoked a significant amount of marijuana – about three grams.

– Later she told me that she had taken cocaine and it was very good.

The newspapers reported to have been the image of one of Miley buddies. The submission has been made in order to expose the pop star’s addiction.

– I was afraid that she would overdose, says the informant about celebration evening.

“Did not seem unusual”

When the source arrived November 26 was the drugs already in place.

– Miley was about to record music. She has a good work ethic even though she was high as a house.

– The nasty is that this did not seem unusual for her.

The family worried

National Enquirer says that Miley abuse has got her family – her father is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and her godmother is Dolly Parton – trying to persuade her to seek help.

But they have not received a hearing for his appeal.

Or, as the source says:

– Miley has said that many have tried to get into her at weaning, but that she is not interested.


Miley Cyrus drug addiction worries the family – Göteborgs-Posten

Recently published American and British magazines a photograph of singer Miley Cyrus surrounded by drugs. It’s got her father Billy Ray Cyrus and godmother Dolly Parton to react.

Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’s godmother and has previously defended the 22-year-old singer’s youth rebellion and many media gambit.

Read more.

– It’s a smart girl. She needed to be extreme in order to make some good points, said Parton earlier this year to The Sunday Times Magazine, and said that she criticized in a similar way when she was young.

When the magazines Star and The National Enquirer recently published a photo of Miley Cyrus in her apartment, surrounded by drugs, however, seemed to have been heaped measure. National Enquirer writes that the artist’s family, where, among others, the father Billy Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton included, have been trying to get her to seek help. So far, however, she turned a deaf ear.

– Miley has said that many have tried to get her to weaning, but she’s not interested, says the paper’s source.

In August 2013 caused Miley Cyrus twerkdans international scandal headers for an eye-catching appearance on MTV-Gala. After that nakenchock engines and scandals succeeded each other, and the singer’s behavior has by some been seen as a deliberate marketing strategy by her manager, Larry Rudolph, who previously been behind Brittney Spears conversion from much loved Disney singer to six gaming superstar.


Oscar winner Luise Rainer death – Västerbotten Folkblad

The actress Luise Rainer has died of pneumonia in London, 104 years old, writes The Guardian.

Rainer, which was discovered in Germany in the 30s century, is one of five actors who have won an Oscar two years in a row. Both the 1936 and 1937 she received the award for Best Actress for her roles in “The Great Ziegfeld” and “The Good Earth”. Then sank her career and she left Hollywood for good after having been at odds with his film company in the 40′s. Since then she has appeared in a few minor roles, most recently in “The Gambler” in 1998. According to a comment from her daughter, she could “charm the birds out of the trees.”


Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Engaged – Västerbotten Folkblad

Rumor has passed since last summer, but now it’s confirmed: the actors Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are engaged, according to Expressen via US Weekly. The 54-year-old “Milk” star Penn proposed to Theron during a visit to Paris.

The marriage becomes Theron’s first and Sean Penn’s third, Penn has previously been married to Madonna and the “House of Cards” star Robin Wright.

The engaged couple are current with the upcoming movie “The last face”, in which Charlize Theron plays the lead and Sean Penn is a director.


Monday, December 29, 2014

New exhibition about Astrid Lindgren – Västerbotten Courier

During World War II gathered Astrid Lindgren their thoughts in 17 diaries, which will be released in May 2015. In connection with the issuance opens the exhibition “The whole world is on fire!” Astrid Lindgren’s childhood Nose in Vimmerby.

It will be a glimpse into the war years through the unique material, but also in contemporary thoughts on war and racism. Time Boks format examined and examining including how school children depicting their lives today.

“We are constantly finding new dimensions of Astrid Lindgren, a writer who sorely addresses contemporary issues,” says Anneli Karlsson, producer Astrid Lindgren’s Nose in a press release.


Madonna seek peace with Lady Gaga – Göteborgs-Posten

Madonna tries to defuse conflict with Lady Gaga. “I wish no harm to any other female artist,” she writes.

Madonna continues to have problems with her unfinished songs leaking online. The star’s frustration is evident in one of her recent posts on Instagram.

“There are those who want to silence me, but it can handle not. We still live in a world that discriminate against women. There are people who are hateful and try to create conflicts between strong women,” writes Madonna.

The background is the leaked song Two Steps Behind where the text is adopted as a powerful diss of Lady Gaga.

“I wish no harm to any other female artist,” writes Madonna on Instagram and says that she is not willing or able to defend the music and lyrics that she had not chosen to release to the fans and that she believes has been stolen from her.

She also calls her fans not to write viciousness in the comments. Lady Gaga has already had time to answer Madonna through its own Instagram. “Beware witch, I will put a curse on you,” announced Gaga.

Madonna’s management has not yet managed to find out how it is that the music from her upcoming album has been leaked online.

Anyway, the attention of Madonna’s new music has been massive. When she unannounced released a number of songs through I-tunes to those who were willing to pre-order the CD she topped the sales charts worldwide.


Records The evening got a new life – Aftonbladet

Ullevi took “only” 69,349 visitors.

Admittedly, it became the biggest concert in the Nordic countries ever – but even more wanted to experience Hakan Hellstrom record concert.

And yesterday had any chance when Nöjesbladet exclusive could show concert movie free online.

“Jeez, Petter”

Before the premiere at 18:00 sat artist to meet viewers in a chat on nö

Then he answer the question how it really felt like to take the stage before a record crowd.

” Jeez Petter! ‘, I thought. And then I thought it was lucky that I put on the diaper before. Did not really know what head would react with all these people in front of me, but it felt not so strange. Just lovely! “He writes.

On Twitter shared viewers with them of their reactions when they saw the film that was shown at the purpose-built site” Nöjesbladet special. “

” Magic with Hakan Hellstrom one Sunday evening. Thanks Aftonbladet for us who missed Ullevi, “wrote one user.

35 minutes extra

Even those that were in place on June 7th was happy.

” takes place on the couch and thank Aftonbladet that I get to experience Hakan at Ullevi a third time, “writes another user.

Many also took the opportunity to sign up for premium service Aftonbladet plus where members among other things, could take part of 35 min extras from the movie never before seen.

If someone after all missed the premiere party, it is no biggie.

Nöjesbladet has secured the rights to continue showing the movie “Håkan Hellström at Ullevi June 7, 2014 “a long time.

” You who decides “

In the chat told Hakan Hellstrom that he does not plan to implement some concerts during the summer of 2015, he is now working on new material, and that he hopes for a new Ullevi Evening in the future.

“Oh I hope so! But it is always you who decides. But all the scenes are good o fine to play on. We’ll see where we’ll see, “he writes.

Have you not seen the movie yet? Or do you see it again? Click Here!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

It was a little easier to breathe in 2014 – Sydsvenskan

At the beginning of the year brought a small report. It showed, among other things: while hate crimes generally fell 6 percent between 2008 and 2012, increased hate crimes against people of African origin by 24 percent during the same period.

Afro Phobia The report, which was published by the Multicultural Centre, also describes how Afro-Swedes suffer discrimination in the housing market, in education and in the workplace. Swedes born in Africa – even those with Swedish exam – for example, has the worst educational performance of all residents and have to go three times as many job interviews to get a job as a white man.

Beat these statistics down like a Bomb? Hmmm. Or rather, yes and no.

In the traditional media got African-Phobia report is far from the attention it should have been. But it was discussed extensively elsewhere. 2014 was a year when many alternative radical voices were raised, and demanded their place in the public debate.

The room – the separatist site run by young non-white writers rooted in a post-colonial tradition of ideas – showed that there there was a pent-up need for new perspectives.

As belonging to the group Afro-Swedes – ie the 180 000 Swedes who were born in sub-Saharan Africa, or have at least one parent who is it – I feel that the air has felt a little easier to breathe this year. Last spring I saw Osmond Karim and Malin Holmberg Karim’s documentary “Raskortet”. The concept is simple: a series of Afro-Swedes share their experiences of being black in Sweden. Self, I could recognize me too well in a lot, like having one white and one black parent and feel more protected by the white people’s skin.

“Raskortet” became the most widely shared documentary on SVT Play in years, which suggests that it served as a wake-up call for many. In one scene tells Raymond Peroti when he was eleven dropped his wallet where there was a photo of himself – which got hate mail to cave in. Since then he has been forced to have a secret address and phone number. In another telling Tandi Agrell about his mother, the first black physician in Sweden. Once when they drove passed the scene of an accident, and when the mother was about to stop to see if she could help her daughter thought: Please, just drive on. Despite the fact that the mother was a doctor believed her daughter that her help was required – because she was black.

Although there have been no lack of anti-racist commentators on cultural and editorial pages earlier. But in 2014, the non-white writers stepped into the arena and not only wanted to talk a general anti-racist struggle, where the target is often racist parties on the right – but turned his gaze toward anti-racists themselves, and challenged previously given positions.

An example: in 2011 wrote Åsa Linderborg, Aftonbladet’s cultural section, in an article about Ruben Östlund’s film “Play”: “In the space of a nanosecond rolled my involuntary preprogrammed brain up the same confused trailers over the course of history as it always does when I see one colored man: slave ship, Tintin in the Congo, cotton plantation, Rwanda, ANC, Muhammad Ali, family Cosby, I have a dream, negro balls, Malcolm X, children with flies in the face, Obama, AIDS, Idi Amin … “

It is significant that the criticism of the passage – including the room-writer Valerie Kyeyune Backstrom in the Bulletin Board – comes first year. 2011 you could get away with using the dubious notion colored man. 2014 has many replaced it with racialised, a word that describes the social process where non-white people attribute certain characteristics based on their skin color.

During the year, this new movement naturally encountered criticism, not least from a liberal direction . Last summer was worried about Susanna Birgersson, editorial writer for the DN, what happens when rasifieringsdiskursen spreads to “misguided youths in segregated neighborhoods.” The risk, said Birgersson, is that they then get the idea that they “can not get anywhere in this by racist country if they are not performing at least twice as good as a blue-eyed Swedish”.

A classic cheap points: anyone trying to call attention to a problem accused of perpetuating the same, even though the problem description is empirically substantiated. In what other context would be stopped heads in the sand facing the kind of figures presented at the beginning of this article?

The same strange kind of objection came political science professor Bo Rothstein with recently. In Dagens Nyheter debate, he wrote that identity politics, as this movement has come to be called, threatens the Nordic social model. His thesis: trust in society is based on people, regardless of background, gender and sexual orientation, are treated equally by society’s institutions. If someone claims that they are not crashing all together. It is all about how we describe reality, not on how it is constructed.

Identity politics has been accused of being not just whiny, but also alarmist. “The debate about racism it sometimes sounds as if we are in the 1960s, the United States,” wrote Sakine Madon in a chronicle of Expressen’s editorial page. We do of course not. But should we stop discussing unequal pay just because we do not arrange häxbränningar anymore?

The big backlash came when right Åsa Linderborg wrote a long text in which she accused the identity policy to be liberal and “extremindividualistisk” and called for Single struggle. “It is more liberal than left to make representations to a matter of skin color and not structure,” she wrote. As if it were a choice. But it does not matter what you do or do not, there is a structure that ensures that it is more advantageous to be white and less advantageous to be black.

This summer, the author wrote Zach Stafford, growing up in American South, about his all-white half-brother Mitch, who during their childhood “loved black people more than I did.” In adulthood may Stafford a call. Mitch, now trained police have shot dead an unarmed black man. First, he wants it to be an accident, as fatal shootings of black people usually described by the police, but then he is forced to painfully realize: his brother hugged shutter button just because it was a black man. His conclusion is that the brother at the individual level has developed into a murderous thoroughbred racist over the years, without there being a racist culture in the US police.

It is precisely the identity politics is all about: to dare to see the racist structures, to realize that we are all, to use Linder’s words, has an involuntary pre-programmed brain.

The New American research that has been shown that whites tend to see blacks as carriers of magical powers. It is customary to talk about the dehumanization of people, but here it is about a kind of superhumanisering. Black is considered to have a higher pain threshold than whites. Therefore, the lower doses of painkillers in hospital. Therefore, a white police describe an unarmed black teenager as a demon and Hulk Hogan, who refuses to die when he peppers his body full of lead (as in the case of fatal shooting in Ferguson).

It is quite true that black sheep sit next to white on the bus today. But on a mental level, there are still things that have not changed as much as we think. The classic However, the test – where black American children had to choose between a white and a black doll – were first made in the 1940s. 2008 saw it again in Denmark, with both white and black children. The result was the same: a majority of the children preferred the white doll because it was finer, sweeter or simply white.

All of this can we keep talking about next year. Or we can just bury our heads in the sand.


SD submit censure Löfven – Aftonbladet

The Sweden Democrats will submit a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

– A Prime Minister who break their promises to the Swedish people time and time again not deserve to remain in its mail, he says to Aftonbladet.

Stefan Löfven Strikes Back:

– It’s just nonsense.

In the opinion polls have shown that the Sweden Democrats is one of the few parties that would have gone forward at a new election.

After the announcement that the extraordinary election will be announced think SD submit a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

– We have no confidence in a prime minister who constantly breaks his promises to the Swedish people, says deputy party leader Mattias Karlsson told Aftonbladet.

– He has said that he will not reign with a Alliance Financial, and he has said that voters will have their say on the situation. But he breaks promises again and again.

“The majority will decide”

According to Karlsson violates the agreement against democratic principles.

– Democracy is based on the one the majority should decide. Now imposed rules that allow the minority to decide what the majority, he says, and continues:

– If the Alliance parties have not given up their opposition role they should be supporting the motion of censure. Otherwise, SD Sweden’s only opposition party.

Loof and Löfven saws SD

When Aftonbladet hits Stefan Löfven on Saturday afternoon saying he only briefly:

– This is nonsense.

Although the Centre Party Party leader Annie Loof is highly critical of the Sweden Democrats ‘actions.

– This shows that the Sweden Democrats’ role in Swedish politics is set to chaos, she says to Aftonbladet TV.

– A few weeks ago they voted on a budget they do not want, and now they want to distrust explain away the government. Now it is important that we stop talking matters of form and instead start discussing politics.

The Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund is on the same line:

– It is not appropriate for us to support a Censure of yet. But we do not exclude that we will topple the government later in the term.

“13 percent is not enough”

According to Stefan Löfvens press secretary Eric Nises the Sweden Democrats’ vote of no confidence is not likely to lead anywhere.

– It is the SD free to submit a censure. But as far as I can see, it will not have any impact, he says to Aftonbladet.

– SD may have 13 percent, but it is not enough to convict a government.

Johan Ingero, presshef of the Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund:

– We consider a vote of no confidence is something that should be used very sparingly. It is something you take when a government or a minister acted very wrong.

He continues:
– This seems to be more a way for SD to show that they do not like our settlement. It is the totally free, but it is not grounds for censure. It’s childish behavior.

Alliance parties’ members are likely to abstain at no confidence vote in parliament.

– We do not support the government, but we do not support nor distrust requirements that only about to get a few columns in newspapers, says Johan Ingero.

“Can perceived as fegar from”

At the press conference this morning said Stefan Löfven to government parties and the Alliance agreed to drop until the Prime Minister who has the strongest support in parliament.

In this way, the Sweden Democrats excluded from influence.

But according to Linus Bylund, SD MP and former press officer of Jimmie Akesson, will it will not work in the long run.

– These special solutions are only temporary. Sooner or later they will be forced to talk to us, he says.

In the eyes of voters, the decision to not call a new election is seen as the government backs down, according to the Linus Bylund.

– The could be understood that the fegar out. But it is not surprising that they do not want to engage in a battle that they know they will lose. Then, they chose to flee instead of fencing, he said.


Malmö steaming against SHL – Aftonbladet

AIK-BIK Karlskoga 2-5 (1-1, 1-3, 0-1)

First period: 1-0 (3:31) Johan Andersson (Daniel Olsson-Trkulja, Michael Lindqvist), 1-1 (12:31) Gustaf Thorell (Marcus Nilsson) game five against three.

Second period: 1-2 (10:22) Jesper Olofsson (Johan Nilsson), 2-2 (10:34) David Lillieström-Karlsson, 2-3 (18:08) Jesper Olofsson, 2-4 (19:09) Martin Thelander (Johan Nilsson, Alexander Ytterell).

Third period: 2-5 (8:57) Daniel Wessner (Marcus Nilsson, Andreas Holm).

Shots: 32-19 (12-10, 11-5, 9-4).

Ext, AIK: 5×2. BIK Karlskoga: 3×2.

Team Pierre Schilken, Lulea.

Public: 7 232.

Asplöven-Oskarshamn 6-3 (1-1, 3-0, 2-2)

First period: 0-1 (3:59) Greg Squires (Luca Caputi, Frederick officer), 1-1 (13:17) Marcus Bohman (Luke Salazar, Johan Pors Berger).

Second period: 2-1 (5.23) Henri Kind (Martin Hellgren, Nicolai Bryhnisveen), 3-1 ( 11:17), Jesper Dahl Roth (Jacob Lagace, Luke Salazar), 4-1 (14:23) Gabe Guentzel (James Sixsmith, Jacob Lagace) game five against four.

Third period: 5-1 (8:54) Johan Pors Berger (John Tornberg), 5-2 (11.00) Greg Squires (Luca Caputi, Evan McGrath), 5-3 (15:48) Luca Caputi (Arsi Piispanen, Marc-Anthony Zanetti) game five against four, 6-3 (19:56) Jonas Berglund (Martin Hellgren, Jacob Lagace).

Shots: 28-26 (9-7, 10-11, 9-8).

Ext, Asplöven: 5×2. Oskarshamn: 5×2.

Judge: Peter Lyth, Tullinge.

Spectators: 1. 304th

Bjorkloven-Almtuna 4-3 e forgives (0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

First period: 0-1 (3:39) Hugo Lindbom (Oscar Milton).

Second period: 1-1 (2:52) Viktor Ekeståhl-Jonsson (Stefan Andersson, Jesper Thörnberg) game five against four, 1-2 (12:46) Sebastian Hartmann (Tobias Hage) game five against four.

Third period: 1-3 (0:08) Martin Janohls (Martin Karlsson), 2-3 (11:17) Stefan Öhman (Emil Lundberg), 3-3 (18:27) Jesper Thörnberg ( Mark Hurtubise).

Fourth period: 4-3 (1:01) Stefan Andersson (Stefan Öhman) game four against three.

Shooting: 31-16 (5-3, 13-9, 10-4, 3-0).

Ext, Bjorkloven: 3×2. Almtuna: 5×2.

Team Daniel Winge, Leksand.

Public: 4031 .

Mora Malmo 1-2 (0-0, 0-1, 1-1)

Second period: 0-1 (14:56) Johan Ivarsson (Mattias Persson, Henrik Hetta).

Third period: 1-1 (7.13) Alexander Hilmerson (Kevin Mitchell, Daniel Hermansson), 1-2 (19:51) Jens Olsson (Nicklas Jadeland, Magnus Häggström).

Shots: 28-34 (11-10, 9-12, 8-12).

Ext, Mora: 6×2. Malmo: 6×2.

Team David Bergman, Stockholm.

Public: 4210 .

Södertälje-Timrå 4-2 (1-0, 1-0, 2-2)

First period: 1-0 (11:20) Jacob Dahlström (Jonas Engström, David Lidstrom).

Second period: 2-0 (16:45) Par Edblom (David Lidstrom) game five against three.

Third period: 2-1 (0:58) Oscar Johansson (Eric Nystrom), 3-1 (4:52) Pär Edblom (David Lidstrom, Mattias Beck) game five against four, 3-2 (7:09) Eric Nystrom (Per Hallin) 4-2 (19:53) Par Edblom (Mattias Beck) game five against four.

Shots: 28-28 (7-8, 13-7, 8-13).

Ext, Sodertalje: 4×2. Timra: 5×2.

Team Robin Karlsson, Alvesta.

Public: 3377 .

The White Horse-Rögle 3-1 (1-0, 1-0, 1-1)

First period: 1-0 (11:44 ) Henry Thegel (Henry Bankelius).

Second period: 2-0 (9:05) Sean Michel Sunnqvist.

Third period: 2-1 (2:37) James Lilja (Emil Molin, Niklas Hansson), 3-1 (16:28) Anton Brehmer (Alexander Larsson, JP White).

Shots: 29-37 (14-12, 13-11, 2-14).

Ext, White Horse: 3×2, 1×5, 1 match penalty. Rögle: 5×2, 1×5, 1 match penalty.

Team Mr Hall, Stockholm.

Public: 3 873rd

Vasteras Karlskrona, 1-3 (0-0, 1-1, 0-2)

Second period: 1 -0 (1:08) Dustin Johner (Eddie Davidsson, Stefan Gråhns) game five against four, 1-1 (18:04) Jimmy Andersson.

Third period: 1-2 (1:38 ) Alexander Bergström (Joel Kellman, Jimmy Andersson), 1-3 (19:09) Philip Cruseman (Erik Thorell).

Shots: 21-21 (6-5, 7- 13, 8-3).

Ext, Vasteras: 6×2. Karlskrona : 4×2.

Team Patric Bjälkander, Kungalv.

Public: 4902 .


It got stuck on the mountain – injured and cooled – Expressen

A skier fell ill this Winter in northern Sweden when he was out and went off piste.

Alpine rescuer was forced into a difficult rescue operation.

– Unable to get down to the actual scene of the accident with the scooter, so the mountain rescuers have had to climb down to him, saying Dan Anderson, duty officer of Västerbotten police.

The man has now been taken to hospital – hard cold.

It was at 14 o’clock in the day that the alarm came. A skier had fallen ill in connection with off-piste driving in the area around Kittelfjäll. According to police, the accident occurred in the so-called Norway-turn, an off-piste routes that can be reached after about 30 minutes of climbing.

– He has managed to end up in a very difficult area. Now we have mountain rescuers in place of the injured. He has back pain and may have some pelvic injury. But because of the terrain so calculated it may take at least two hours to get him from the scene, said Dan Anderson, duty officer of Västerbotten Police earlier today.

The skier was reported to be both injured and cooled and mountain rescuers saw that he kept the heat. The man was conscious but had lower back pain and lower back.

How did the accident happen?

– He has fallen out of any ravine or cut. So, I have interpreted the situation in any case.

During the evening managed to rescue personnel bring down the man, they had to pull him down on foot and the skier was transferred to the hotel Kittelfjäll where he was recovering slightly.

The man was excessively cold.

– He was then taken to the hospital, I really do not know if it was Lycksele or Umeå since the case gone over to the infirmary values. Anyway, it is a journey of nearly an hour in both cases, says Dan Andersson

The skier will reportedly not from the resort.

– He lives here at the hotel, but more than that would I do not say, says Kaj Merstrand that drives Hotels Kittelfjäll.


Hollywood Men most overpaid 2014 – Sydsvenskan

Adam Sandler (tops the list for the second year in a row). According to Forbes, the latest movies just earned $ 3.2 (around 25 dollars) for every dollar he got in wages. Last flops – Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy.

Photo: Chris Pizzello / AP

The $ 4.1 for each salary dollars. Flops – The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows.

Photo: Gero Breloer / AP

Ben Stiller. $ 4.80 for each salary dollars. Flops’ Tower Heist and The Watch.

Picture: Nathan Denette / AP

Ryan Reynolds.4.90 dollar for every payroll dollar. Last flop: RIPD

Photo: Joel Ryan / AP

Tom Hanks. 5:20 dollars for each payroll dollars. Last flop Cloud Atlas (it did not help that Hanks played six roles.)

Photo: Jon Furniss / AP

Will Ferrell. 6.60 dollars for each payroll dollars. Latest films, The Campaign and The Other Guys, have suspended some, but not enough.

Photo: Richard Shotwell / AP

Channing Tatum. 6.70 dollars for each payroll dollars. Is usually considered not overpaid, but qualify for the list after a big paycheck for Magic Mike, in combination with other films have not been so well received as expected.

Photo: Evan Agostini / AP

Denzel Washington. 6.90 dollars for each payroll dollars. Can rake in big bucks for all their roles, which means that all films must be real blockbusters. Last rollers have been good, but not good enough.

Photo: Andy Kropa / AP

Sandra Bullock. $ 9 for each salary dollars. Not considered overpaid by Hollywood standards, but qualify for the list because of the fat paychecks for The Blind Side and Gravity.

Photo: John Shearer / AP

Ben Affleck. $ 9.37 for each salary dollars. No big flops in the trunk, but movies like Runner Runner has not been as good as expected.

Photo: Chris Pizzello / AP

The list has been counted out by Forbes looked at the stars paychecks and compared with revenues from N the last three films they starred in.