Monday, January 5, 2015

Lykke Li sick – are now forced to set up gigs – Expressen

Lykke Li’s sick.

Therefore forced the Swedish artist set his tour.

“I’m really devastated,” she writes.

It’s winter concerts at the festival Laneway as Lykke Li forced to cancel. The festival tour in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

On its website, writes the Swedish artist that she is sick.

“screams to me to heal”

“I’m really devastated. Sometimes we push and push but the body would not obey. I gave everything I had, my body and my soul. After seven years of touring screaming / ask my health me to heal,” she writes.

Now prescribe Lykke Li himself rest.

“I will come back. Stronger. But for now, my friend, I must rest. You can not always win. Take care about you, “she writes.

” I love you “

Lykke Li asks fans for understanding. She also writes and thanks for the support.

“Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for listening to my bleeding heart, and see me dance in the dark. I love you,” she writes.

Lykke Li has the past year been out on a busy tour, which extended over the US and Europe.

A total places the artist in seven concerts in January and February. Some new date is announced.

Expressen looking for representatives of Lykke Li.


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