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Mustafa Can remember a sad Yasar Kemal at a Chinese restaurant in … – Aftonbladet

When I reached of the commandment Yasar Kemal’s death, I will think of a late night two days before New Year’s Eve 2006 – Havana.

Gabriel García Marquez sat with an entourage of beautiful women and serious, broad-shouldered, men in suits on the couches in the back of the nightclub “The one-eyed cat”, below the storied Hotel Nacional where the mafia bosses , spies, movie stars, politicians, writers and other celebrities rubbed shoulders with each other at one time.

Encouraged by my friend Lars Asklund I went up to the author and thanked for magnificent reading experiences. Marquez nodded and asked guardedly where I came from.

– Sweden. But I’m originally from Turkish Kurdistan.

– Oh, from the same country as Yasar Kemal , he exclaimed, delighted and raised his drink glasses.

Although I have not mentioned that I occasionally met with Yasar Kemal continued Marquez:

– A very nice and inspiring colleague. Health virtually from me when you meet him.

Five months later, we were a few people who sat with a sad Yasar Kemal at a Chinese restaurant at Fridhemsplan in Stockholm. To cheer him up – he had come to visit her in death sick friend and fellow author Mehmet Uzun – I told him about the meeting with Marquez.

– He said therefore, “inspiring colleague”? laughed Kemal. Maybe it’s the good Márquez way to admit that I was ahead of Latin Americans with the magical realism.

No, unlike his Colombian colleague got Kurd Yasar Kemal, who wrote in Turkish, never the Nobel Prize in Literature. A price he rarely wanted to talk about – even though he was the candidate for many years.

– If you get the stories of mother’s milk should not go around thinking about prices, you should just tell you, he snorted on a tavern in Istanbul after a literary seminar at the Swedish consulate in 2004.

Kemal told vividly how his Kurdish parents had fled from Lake Van to escape the Russian armies in 1915. How growing up in the only Kurdish family in a poor Turkoman village, Hemite, in the lowlands between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea led to his command of the Turkish language better than their mother tongue.

Yasar Kemal lowered his voice when he came into his life-long regret for his father who was shot dead in a mosque of his adoptivbror when he was just five years. And raised the tone and temper again when he said it was bards, oral storytellers who, before he had learned to write, inspired him to wander from village to village to collect more or less true stories, memorize and retell them in dramatized shape. Journals which could be days. And the work of sorting books in the empty library in the region of the city of Adana and the meeting with Homer , Cervantes , Stendhal , Chekhov

– The Western literature gave me a new world. These authors made me realize later that “my” Literature must be sprung from my family and my people’s history with its treasure of tales, folk songs and myths.

Even with his first novel Let thistles burn (“İnce Memed,” 1955), he became the Turkish literature prominent figure. The inspiration for the works of the little lean one fatherless rebel Mehmed, explained Kemal, came from the men in his mother’s family. All were outlaws, revolutionaries, none of them died because of age.

His childhood landscape in the fertile Çukurova plain was his own Macondo. Yasar Kemal depicts in his epic of the oppressed lives and what happens to both man and society in times of upheaval. When the peasant society meets modernity, poverty confronts capitalism, desire for liberation encounter yet another brutalized political system.

Despite the fact that Kemal’s works mainly takes place during the 1900s permeated the stories of thousands of years of breathing where each object has its secret story and different epochs going into and out of each other. On Çukurovaslätten liver ancient settlements from the Neolithic and the ancient Cilisien left. With temples, stone writings and prophetic cave villages. Hettiteter and Babylonians, Persians, Armenians and Kurds, Romans, Greeks, Arabs and Turks. A chorus of rulers and slaves, peasants and feudal lords as everyone moves between nocturnal shadow landscapes and dazzling dream worlds.

The novels sounds in many different parts simultaneously. It’s breakup, mass exodus and settlers. Hatred, revenge, suspicion and violence is always present. But the revolt, the love, the beauty, the overheated imagination and man’s indomitable quest that even in the midst of a tattered time dream of light and peace.

For the atheist Yasar Kemal, man was the measure of all. Man is, however, an empty vessel without nature. When asked why he commences almost all his novels with long, lyrical depictions of nature, he replied:

I’m an atheist with a sometimes crippling agony. Nature is neither good nor evil, it’s just grand, and its beauty is perhaps my main argument against death.

As a child, he could for hours, days watching a butterfly’s journey, flight of the birds, shimmering blue wild bees flying up and down the glittering clouds over the plain, cloud formations, the Taurus mountain’s light shades, Tistlarna maces, peach and apricot trees blossom, wild almond trees when they hit the pink and purple. He inhaled the scent of wild thyme and closed his eyes as he listened to the wind, the stream of sounds and the brown and rödspräckliga rapphönornas songs.

The old farmer, tractor driver, cotton picker, night guard, letter writer, teacher vicar, rebel and socialist, was under many years one of the Turkish nation’s few public conscience. Reluctantly, like his friend Orhan Pamuk.

Yasar Kemal hated to talk politics, but still could not stay away from politics. Mainly when it came to issues of freedom of expression and the systematic repression of the Kurds.

– I’m a writer, not political commentator. My task is to write as good as possible, but what choice do I have when freedom-hungry people on the street are persecuted and even sentenced to several centuries of imprisonment, tortured and murdered?

It was for him immoral to be politically neutral lock themselves and just indulge in fiction, while the world around him burned. Particularly in dictatorships and in fragile democracies where all can not read and write, it was the intellectual’s duty to put ethics before aesthetics, highlighting inflation in society civilizational value and disrupt social order.

Turkish media ran for many years incitement – and hate campaigns against Kemal. Through the years were prosecuted or threatened, he often the prosecution and imprisonment of supporting terrorism and propaganda for separatism. I remember Yasar Kemal’s sad face when a young woman during a writers meeting in a bookstore asked how it felt to now be known as a human rights activist than as a writer:

– I am no more than a man among men. To be human means perhaps primarily to feel responsible for everything that happens in the world and are grappling with both the present and the past. Especially now in the libertarian pluralism market hysteria.

The times I met with Yasar Kemal interrogated, he always about Sweden – “my second homeland” – and mentioned the street he lived in during his exile in the country for a few at the end of 70s. Årstavägen 29th

He described the cold, the dark, the deserted streets and solitude. And what språklösheten do with man, to be shielded from the rest of society, feels like a helpless victim. For what ultimately saves man is her ability to communicate. But …

I have never been as productive as exile in Sweden, I wrote several books in a few years. The silence and tranquility that I met there, I have met before or since. Although I missed my home, I was very happy in Sweden.

Two years ago, when we met briefly on a gallery in Istanbul, I asked Yasar Kemal if he knew he during the 70s was the most lent foreign writer at Swedish libraries.

His boisterous laughter echoed from the walls:

– This in any case no Nobel Prize.


Leonard Nimoy is praised by friends and stars – Expressen

Sci-fi icon Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock in “Star Trek”, passed away on Friday.

Now, celebrates his colleagues him on social media, according to Female First.

I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent and his ability to love , “writes William” Captain Kirk “Shatner on Instagram.

Leonard Nimoy won science fiction fans’ hearts through his role as the always logical iskalle officer “Mr. Spock” aboard the USS Enterprise in “Star Trek”. On Friday, the actor died at his home. He was 83 years old.

At the end of last week, he was taken to hospital after severe chest pain but had to come back home after the examination. Nimoy said to have suffered carbon as a result of his many years of smoking, which, however, he should have stopped for around 30 years ago.

Now, celebrates his colleagues from “Star Trek” him on social media, according to Female First . William Shatner, who played in the series Captain James T. Kirk, posted a picture on Instagram and writes:

I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent and his ability to love.

” A great friend “

George Takei played helmsman Hikaru Sulu in the series writes on his Facebook page:

Today the world lost a great man, and I lost a great friend. Now all that we leave you to the stars, Leonard. You taught us to” live long and prosper “and it made you really, my friend. I will miss you in so many, many ways.

Zachary Quinto took over the role of Spock in the recent film adaptations have of “Star Trek” series . Nimoy also had roles in the films and scenes together with Quinto.

My heart is broken. I love you deeply, my dear friend. I will miss you every day. May the angels sing you to rest , “writes Quinto on his Instagram.

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Kemal was peasant boy who became a writer – Expressen

Some should never die.

I did Yasar Kemal, the turkiskspråkige world the author of Kurdish background, us in a hospital on Saturday.

He left us after struggling intensely with heart problems, infections of the liver and respiratory problems since January.

Yasar Kemal was the farmer’s son who became a journalist and then switched to the author. The International narrator of rank was inspired by Cervantes and Chekhov. The fact that he wrote a lot about village life in Anat Alien and in the Kurdish areas were defined, he not infrequently as “peasant writer” or “working writer” by the Turkish media.

Kemal’s authorship is large and wide. The memories and the people from childhood he never let down.

Kemal always gave voice to the right helpless and powerless. In the bestseller “Let the thorns burn”, (en transl 1970), a Turkish variation of Robin Hood is about the thin rebel Mehmet, who tire of her cruel employer Abdi Aga and take up arms and go to the mountains with his beloved Hatice.

“The thousand bulls Mountain” (1976) he allows nomadic tribe Karachullu be heard. With great dedication he depicts how the nomadic tribes forced to abandon their pastures because of those in power laws in Ankara.

Kemal himself had grown up in difficult conditions and knew what impotence meant.

To our common friends he used to in recent years point out that “Vredgadhav” (en transl 1985), which depicts a few fishing villages outside Istanbul and the fisherman Selim was one of his two favorites. Kemal addressing environmental degradation seriously – long before many authors.

The man who wrote great books and could sing thousands of Kurdish songs have changed the planet.

The loss is great, but the world shall remember His work.

His first name means “the one who always lives”.

It hurts to a much loved author did not receive the Nobel Prize as he was considered for already in the 1970′s. According to a member of the Swedish Academy did not Yasar Kemal price because he wrote simple.

I hope that the setting will not affect any other appropriate Nobel Prize candidate.

Yasar Kemal was 91 years.

Rest in peace.


Bill Cosby denies libel – Västerbotten Folkblad

The comedian Bill Cosby’s lawyers have asked a federal judge to close a lawsuit for slander against Cosby.

There are three women in the US state of Massachusetts who tried to sue Bill Cosby after he publicly called them liars when they claimed that he had sexually abused them.

A total of nearly 40 women accused the 77-year-old comedian for sexual offenses. Cosby strongly denies all the allegations and because the events must have taken place way back in time, they have all passed preskriberingsdatumet.

Bill Cosby lawyers argue that the lawsuit on defamation is a misguided attempt to circumvent preskriberingstiden for the alleged abuses.


Mr. Spock is dead – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Friday, February 27, 2015

- Sandbox if you ask me! writes Peter Apelgren, comedian. – Aftonbladet

In the premiere of “Let’s Dance” did David Hellenius parody of the Eurovision Song Contest-character Filippa Bark.

Then raged celebrities on Twitter.

– Sandpit if you ask me! writes Peter Apelgren, comedian.

In this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has the character Filippa Bark, played by comedian and actor Sissela Benn caused strong reactions. Among other things, the character accused of being embarrassing and boring. Benn has also been criticized for making fun of people with a disability.

criticism of comics

In tonight’s premiere program of “Let’s Dance” took TV host David Hellenius to give a hefty swipe at Filippa Bark and great competitor SVT. During interviews with the contestants dressed himself a pair of glasses, and put their questions on stapplig Skåne. It created strong reactions from viewers – and celebrities – on social media.

– What happened to this “Let’s Dance”? Mocked a middle-aged man a funny female human who goes home porcine much in young girls? writes the comic Josephine Johansson, known from P3′s humor programs Pang Prego, on Twitter.

“A little sour stomach that?”

She is backed by comedian Peter Apelgren , which is not appreciated Hellenius parody.

– Ops! David took out a little sour stomach against Filippa Bark there? Needless! Sandpit if you ask me! he writes.

Also comedian and TV host Karin Adelsköld question joke.

– I thought the lack of heat. Felt mockingly somehow, she writes.

Several jokes about SVT

During the evening’s program could David Hellenius and program leadership colleague Jessica Almenäs addition to joke healthy about Melodifestivalen röstningsapp that has been criticized for it not functioned properly.

– It works, because not until the mid-program, said Jessica Almenäs.

Nöjesbladet looking for David Hellenius for comment.


What color is the dress? – Aftonbladet

A picture of a dress that a woman was putting on the net has caused complete chaos.

The woman wondering simple if the color of the dress: Is the white and gold, or black and blue?

Everyone who sees it thinks indeed different!

BuzzFeed was the first to publish a woman’s picture of the dress, which she posted on twitter. After that thousands of people have been involved in a vote on the color – and everyone seems to look different.

The woman herself is convinced that the dress is black and blue, but her friends say it is white and gold. Of the nearly half a million people who voted for Buzfeed think 72 percent of the dress is white and gold, while 28 percent see it as black and blue.

However, it seems that the dress is black and blue . In any case, if you look at the website selling the dress in question.

The answer: Color Blindness

According to eye specialist Enping Chen is the answer to why we see different colors quite simple – it concerns color blindness.

– We humans can perceive color differently. Some have a defect on the different types of colors.

What colors do you think that the dress has?

– I think the dress is blue and black.

But Enping Chen still can not say with certainty that it is his response that is right.

– No, I do not know. But it’s the colors that I see.

Celebrities reactions

Even more celebrities have taken sides in the debate about the color of the dress. Justin Bieber writes on Twitter that the dress is black and blue, actor James Franco agrees. But Kim Kardashian thinks that the majority of those who voted for Buzfeed – the dress is white and gold.

Readers’ Opinions:

Aftonbladet’s readers have this morning been in touch with their vision – and even This is disagreement:

In your view is the dress purple + green.

Anna Maria

It is light blue with brown. Sure there’s a glimmer of gold in some places but the most part is brown and light blue.


The dress is quite clear blue and black !!!


I look white and gold but my partner sees it as black and blue, but if you squint a lot, then the black front of me that looks white and gold.



Star Trek “star Leonard Nimoy death – Aftonbladet

It was last year that the actor walked out with that he suffered from the deadly lung disease coal. According to his wife Susan Bay Nimoy was the disease that took his life.

Leonard Nimoy died on Friday morning, local time, at his home in Los Angeles -stadsdelen Bel Air.

Over the past few months, Nimoy been hospitalized several times. Last Thursday, he went to the emergency room with severe chest pain.

Star in “Star Trek”

Nimoy became a cult figure like Mr. Spock, first officer on the spaceship Starship Enterprise in the iconic films and TV series Star Trek.

The actor is now celebrated by the fans who uses his motto “Live long and prosper” on social media.

He urged smokers

In February 2014 told Leonard Nimoy he suffered pulmonary disease coal, which is often caused by smoking. In connection with it he wrote on Twitter that he stopped smoking for more than 30 years ago. But unfortunately it was not early enough.

After the announcement illness, he invited everyone to quit smoking.

“Smokers, please understand. If you stop after you have been diagnosed with lesions in the lungs, it is too late, “he tweeted.

Last greeting to fans

The star was active on Twitter until the very end. On February 23 he wrote to his 1.1 million followers:

“A life is like a garden. Perfect occasions can be experienced, but not preserved, except in memory. “

The tweet ended with LLAP, abbreviation for Live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy was 83 years old.


Color researcher: That is why we dress differently – Helsingborgs Dagblad

The dress is actually blue and black, but why do so many like gold and white? Are they color blind – or?

It is about how one species (humans) perceive colors in a world where light is constantly changing, explains neuro-color researcher Bevil Conway at Wellesley College in the US.

As is known, consist of light of different wavelengths, where each wavelength represents a certain color. The light passing through the lens and strikes the retina at the back of the eye where different neurons convey impulses to the brain which converts them into different colors.

We humans are adapted for a life in the day, but the light of day shifts. From a more pinkish-red in the morning to blue-white at noon and then back to the reddish evening.

According Bevil Conway trying our vision constantly compensate for this shift in the color scale by ignoring certain share it.

Usually it works just fine. But there are individual differences in how our brains choose and sometimes hits the reflected light of an object just “on the border” where we interpret the colors differently.

– Some people ignore the blue side, and then one sees dress white and gold, or ignore the gold side and then the dress is blue and black, says Bevil Conway to Wired.


Missing Picasso found – Västerbotten Folkblad

A Picasso painting that disappeared from Paris for over a decade ago has been found in the United States.

The painting, “La coiffeuse” from 1911, was stolen from a warehouse at the Museum Centre Pompidou in 2001 and has since been disappeared without a trace. Until now.

According to The New York Times discovered the painting in December last year in connection with that it had shipped from Belgium to Newark airport outside New York. According to the description that came with shipping contained the object in the category of “craft / toy”, worth about 300 crowns. The board’s actual value is closer to 21 million.

Oil Painting owned by the French state and now work to return it to France started.


What color is the dress – really? – Göteborgs-Posten

A picture of an ordinary dress has quickly become the internets big thing. The reason: Different people see different colors on the fabric.

Taylor Swift has settled into twitter debate, as the Backstreet Boys and Kim Kardashian. The dress that was uploaded to the blog site Tumblr of 21-year-old Scottish singer Caitlin McNeill has certainly provoked reactions in the celebrity sphere.

In a telephone interview with Business Insider says she will dress brand Roman Originals worn by a woman on her friend’s wedding, and immediately realized that there was something odd with it when they saw the photos from the party.

Depending on who looked at the photo was described namely the color of the dress as either blue with black accents, or as white with gold details.

And on Twitter discussion has exploded. Kim Kardashian says on the site that she looks white and gold while her husband Kanye West looks black and blue.

The pop star Taylor Swift tweet:

“I do not understand this strange dress debate and it feels like there is a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS. It is obvious that it is blue and black. “

A lot other twitterers shares her confusion. Some of the comments that have appeared on the site on Thursday:

“The dress is white and gold and I feel physically ill.”

“The This #dressgate allowed me to understand the intoxication that sports fans can feel sometimes. “

” My daughter thinks that it is blue and green and we are heading to the emergency room. “

Technology Site Wired has tried to find an explanation for why so many perceive the image differently, and brain researcher Jay Neitz says in the article have come up with the solution.

When light reaches an object the dress is reflected before it reaches our eyes. When we get the information to the senses contains the words both the original color of the light and the object’s original color. Our brains then sorts automatically remove the light color so that we only perceive the object’s appearance – a process that works differently good for different people, he says, and adds that the dress boasts the largest difference in the perception that he has ever had.

Bevil Conway, also neuroscientist, has another theory. According to him, decides daylight different colors how the dress is perceived, a light that can be pink in the morning, bluish-white by day and red at night.

– People ignore either from the blue side when they see the dress, which means that they see it in white and gold, or they do from the gold side, which means that they look blue and black.

Photoshop reveals

The Business Insider using modern technology to help and placed the photograph in Photoshop, which can determine which colors in an image. It showed that the colors are in equal elements in the photograph. Are your eyes more sensitive to black and blue you will perceive the dress in the colors; they are rather sensitive to the brighter colors, are you likely to those who think that the dress is white and gold.

Okay, interesting. Very interesting, even. But what color is the dress then?

It reveals Caitlin McNeill for Business Insider:

It is blue and black.


Long-awaited day for House of Cards fans – Göteborgs-Posten

On Friday released all 13 episodes of House of Cards third season on Netflix. Dig in!

Netflix self-produced House of Cards is now used as a textbook example when speaking of shameless popular television series, and Together with Orange Is the New Black the effort that generated the most renown for the company.

Today, Friday is the premiere time for the third season of House of Cards . In his usual mannerisms add Netflix up all 13 episodes at once.

Here you can see a teaser for the new season.

House of Cards is about the power-hungry politician Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, and his equally ruthless wife who is portrayed by Robin Wright. When we meet Francis in the first season, he has just been denied post of Foreign Minister in the US government. He embarks on a kind of vendetta, and tramples over countless people on their way for more and more power. Some people get killed.

At the end of season 2 reached Frank Underwood their goal and became president. Therefore, we should see conflicts on an international scale in the following sections, and even more diabolical plots to a greater extent from the spouses. For example, there will be tensions, both Russian state and within the couple Underwood’s marriage. We also know that two members of Pussy Riot guest will play as themselves during the season.

Two weeks then it became eager exclamation on Twitter when the new season had seemingly been far prematurely. According to Netflix was the early publication of a bug in the system, and the sections were soon removed again.

It has been speculated that it may have been about a publicity stunt from the company’s website. For example, wrote Fredrik Virtanen on Instagram that Netflix at it this way bought himself free advertising in all the major newspapers.

House of Cards Official twitter account was written:

“This is Washington. There is always a leak. All 13 episodes will be released on February 27th.”

See the latest trailer.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Aid Kit made this year’s albums – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Tove Los solo career started in 2012, but it was not until last year that it got real wind in the sails. At this year’s Grammy Gala, located in a glam Cirkus in Stockholm, was awarded 27-year-old with the price of the two prestigious categories this year’s artist and song of the year for chart topper “Habits (Stay High)” – flit round played on the radio both at home and in the US.

Furthermore, it was the first time she visited the Gala.

– It feels fantastic, unreal. Had I gone gala a few years ago, I sat there and dreamed, and now you can experience both this and the dream at the same time, says Tove Lo said.

She says she does not want to that prices will mean so much – but they still do it. Especially now that she just is back after a throat operation.

– My year has been crazy, I’ve given a lot to myself to my songs and my music and remained at home after surgery, so getting get back at it this way feels magical. I like to buy vinyls, for then you have an artwork associated with the music. A little so it is with prices too, it’s something to keep in, says Tove Lo.

Anyone who is hardly a newcomer in the Grammy-context, Kent singer Joakim Berg. During the band’s 25+ year career, they have picked home no less than 21 Grammies. This year they did a repeat of his first success in 1995 when they received the evening’s top prize, in the category of this year’s rock, thanks to his eleventh album “Tigerdrottningen” – for which Joakim Berg, who, however, were not in place, later in the evening too awarded that year’s lyricist.

The prize for the album went to the two sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit, for the critically acclaimed album “Stay Gold”.

– There is a great honor, says Klara Söderberg.

However, there was “only” a prize this time – two years ago, they went home from the gala with four statuettes.

– I believe in Somehow we are even happier this year, because we have got to do this even further. It was so new then, and this is yet another proof that people like us, says Johanna Söderberg.

2014 was the year when “live life” became a familiar phrase. The quotation author, hip-hop artist Lorentz, was awarded this year’s hip-hop / soul for his first solo album “Love Songs”. Newcomer of the Year was Seinabo Sey while rapper Silvana Imam, nominated in three categories, went home empty handed.

In the category of this year’s pop won Josefine “Little Jinder” Jinder.

– This is a such a sick thing, which I never thought would happen to me. I figured I did not touch me in this sphere, then I get a sudden price. That’s fine with that sort of affirmation, because I had the image of myself, says the Little Jinder, who also handed out an award at the gala with his mother, nationwide fiddler Åsa Jinder.

Last year’s acclaimed record industry Sven-Bertil Taube with Grammy Gala Honorary Award. This year, he received instead receive the prize for best folk / view, while the honorary prize went to jazz singer Lill Lindfors, whose debut album has 50 years of history.

The ceremony was rounded off when Teddy Bears took the stage together with young rising star Baby Trish .

Grammy Awards for broadcast in BBC1 and SVT Play will start at 21:00.


The Göteborg Opera Orchestra | To live, die and survive – Göteborgs-Posten


The soloists Omar Ebrahim narrator, Anna Lena Persson, soprano, Katarina Karnéus mezzo-soprano, Tomas Lind tenor, Patrick Harryson cello, Göteborg Opera Orchestra

live, die and survive

Registration (Brundibar) Mia Ringblom Hjertner.

Conductors Henrik Schaefer and Finn Rosengren

There is no mistaking the conductor Henrik Schaefer’s special commitment to this concert. It emerges in the highly concentrated interpretation of Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw and Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde. But also in the conversations that take place in one of the breaks, between Schaefer and dramatist Goran Gademan.

Schaefer talks about how anti-Semitism is spreading, and the special responsibilities of representatives of cultural life. He highlights music’s broader political meanings: how the social context in any way affect the music expression. It is important standpoints, not least Schaefer points out Richard Strauss dubious relationship with the Nazi regime, as head of the National Music Chamber appointed by Goebbels, and how he thereby, in music, had to administer the Nazi sick ideas on Entartete Kunst.

This, in turn, the performance of Strauss Vier letzte Lieder rare charged. The soprano Anna Lena Persson’s a great soloist, and suddenly realizes how this music, composed just after the war, associated with a political context.

This also applies to the evening as a whole. It begins with a very convincing interpretation of His Krásas children’s opera Brundibár, the Göteborg Opera Children’s Choir and distankör, and a small chamber orchestra Finn Rosengren’s management. At the advent expressed this Stravinsky- and Kurt Weill-influenced works 55 times in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, before both the composer and the majority of the participating children were sent on to the extermination camp Auschwitz.

And then to hear Schoenberg’s depiction of Nazi terror in Warsaw, is a thrilling experience. Omar Ebrahim is terribly good as the narrator, tight and factual, with a virtuoso ability to hold together the mood. This in turn affects how you perceive the other works, particularly the completion of Mahler’s song cycle Das Lied von der Erde. Here are Katarina Karnéus and Tomas Lind not only convincing vocal soloists. All Mahler Varnish has been washed away and you hear the human essence of the term, the actual vulnerability. The orchestra plays with an unusual nerve.


Pascalidous haters can not get the win – Expressen

The journalist and critic Alexandra Pascalidou ending his job as hostess for Ring P1.

There is a radio show that is not always suitable for sensitive souls, but Pascalidou have with their background and their opinions apparently attracted until the most blatant racist vote. They have called the program and they have sent emails.

Now dryers Alexandra Pascalidou no more, she writes on her blog.

From a democratic and social perspective, it is a terrible defeat that people in Sweden feel compelled to leave their roles in the public sphere because of hatred and threats.

Public figures may incur hatred for many reasons: for what hen write, say or think. To Be Attacked for being who you are, for example, for their ethnicity or skin color, is particularly serious.

So far, police have not been successful in accessing näthatare, to put it mildly. But the new National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, has announced that it’s going to change that. The police should concentrate on protecting open democratic society, writes Eliasson in Dagens Nyheter. Plans include a national cybercrime center with the combined resources and expertise to meet the crime online.

There is a real and important priority. If the judiciary would succeed trap a number of people näthot would such precedents being set. It would show both that the police can find the culprits and that society condemns such behavior.

But no amount of investigative resources could keep the network free from hatred. Furthermore, it is understood to inflict injury without breaking the law – low frequency damage, but it may be the straw that wears away a stone.

Some magic solution, is not available today. But we must do what we can. It should also be possible to develop technical solutions, such as better spam features that allow obscenities does not reach the addressee. Employers must build support functions to affected employees can get help with hotvärdering and to just talk, vent.

But there are of course small employers and there are those who freelances – which Pascalidou. They are particularly vulnerable.

Prevention is of course important. Society must not get used without wearing down, wear, wearing down into the näthot and -hat is pathetic and contemptible, and that there are real people of flesh and blood is being attacked. Especially important is to instill in children. It’s not just adults who are victims of atrocities. Children and young people are bullied and harassed online and mobile. When this happens, young to be taught that they are immediately going to tell you, so that the adult world can step in.

To some extent are public people unfortunately had to learn to live with some nasties in the mail bin. You can not get away from. Simply decide to ignore the idiots that do not react like they want you to, is an act of resistance that too.


Alexandra Pascalidou have had enough of hatred – Aftonbladet

The program director Alexandra Pascalidou ends on Ring P1.

On her blog, she writes that the cup has overflowed and that she did not do more.

– Hat and threats and harassment have been a part of my everyday life, she writes.

This morning announced Swedish Radio that it was Alexandra Pascalidous last day as hostess for the popular program Ring P1. On her blog, she writes that it is the constant hatred that is the cause.

“Today spilled the cup over. While painful mail dropped in during the live broadcast raised some callers tone and was downright so insolent that my patience snapped, “she wrote on Wednesday night.

Hat and threats every day

She writes that since she started as a host for Mosaic in SVT 20 years ago, hatred, intimidation and harassment has been a part of her everyday life, just because she is doing its job. She writes that she endured invective that svartskalle and blatte and writes that she has been asked to “go home to their country.”

“I have been forced to relate to this, I have knockats, dodged, arrest me , responded with kindness and respect, tried to avoid becoming bitter, hateful, pessimistic or depressed by a variety of home-made survival strategies and pepper techniques, “she writes.

Can not handle more

But after yesterday she has decided that enough is enough.

“I have done my best. But I can not be bothered anymore. “

She writes that others are experiencing the same hatred and wonder what has happened in Sweden.

” It’s a shame about all those forced to swallow and poisoned of hatred without ambient support and encouragement. For their sake – stand up. Stand up for them and with them. Stand up for the future. I can not take anymore, “she concludes blog post.

” Unusually severe threat “

Thomas Björklund, producer and coordinator Ring P1, confirming that Alexandra Pascalidou has received threats and hate, Like the other presenters for the radio show.

– Maybe she has received more. It happens now and then it gets much, he said.

She has received some harsh threats, he says. On his blog quote Alexandra Pascalidou a hatmejl where he writes that “it would be nice if someone shot you.”

– It is uncommon. So do not look all emails out, there are more general violations.

Does threats seriously

When someone presenters receive threats usually discuss it, says Thomas Björklund.

Have you made any special effort to help Alexandra Pascalidou?

– Every time she received a threat by Ring P1, we will send it on to the security department. We do not ignore the threat, we take very seriously, but exactly what we are doing, I would not go into.

Not clear if she sends back

Alexandra Pascalidou is scheduled as hostess for Ring P1 two weeks in May.

– I have not talked to her so I do not know if she stops. She has a formulation on her blog that I do not really know what it stands for, so I can not comment until I know says Thomas Björklund.

– I sincerely hope that she sends.

Aftonbladet has sought Alexandra Pascalidou for comment.


The investigation against Cliff Richard is growing – Västerbotten Folkblad

sex crimes investigation against the singer Cliff Richard has swelled considerably, according to the British police. The 74-year-old artist’s home was subjected to house searches in August after allegations involving a boy who was under 16 in the 1980s.

Cliff Richard let himself voluntarily heard and dismissed the allegations as “completely false”. He served no criminal charges.

Now, prompting a senior police investigator that the investigation has grown and that the lawyers for one of the UK’s most popular singers of all time are aware that “there is more than an accusation.” Cliff Richard continues to deny and called on Wednesday accusations “absurd and untrue.”

Cliff Richard was called at the beginning of his career for Britain’s Elvis Presley. He boasts 14 single ones at home and is where the only singer who had a number one five decades in a row, from the 50s to the 90s.