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Carl Bildt will receive the bottom of reviews as babysitter – Gothenburg Post

Sweden’s former foreign minister, Carl Bildt, is in the SVT series Celebrity baby sitter in the fall. But the children they are not gracious.

SVT Kulturnyheterna has released a first sneak peek at the episode where Carl Bildt competing for Sweden’s best celebrity babysitter in 2014.

But when Carl Bildt was very busy with his Secretary of State job, he chose to delegate the task to his assistants, a large part of the day.

When the extra dressed children jury will meet Carl Bildt at the State Department, they are met instead of press secretary Erik Zsiga which may show the kids around at UD. The kids are disappointed.

– I thought it was a little sad that Carl did not came and met us, he’s still baby-sitter says Adam, age 10, in the clip.

– Now he is on the rating zero, then zero, says 11-year-old Oriana.

Carl Bildt manages to regain the children’s confidence remains to be seen. The premiere program Friday, October 1st 18:45 is the professional football player Caroline Seger who will guard the children.

Other celebrity babysitters, Anders Bagge, Panetoz, Caroline Winberg, Tobbe Wizard, Katrin “Witch Surtant” Sundberg, Christer Fuglesang, Sean Banan , Amy and Edward Bloom.

Here you can see the clip where the kids are waiting for Carl Bildt:


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Kesha match its producer – Vasterbotten Folkblad

Singer Kesha does her producer Dr. Luke sexual abuse. The 41-year-old producer, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, has in turn sued the successful artist and her mother, Pebe Sebert, for defamation, extortion, defamation and breach of contract.

The lawsuits, which were exchanged in American courts Tuesday learns put an end to nine years of cooperation. Kesha, now 27, wrote to Dr Luke when she was 18 years old.

She now accuses him of sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. Among other things, he is accused of having forced her into drugs and alcohol to facilitate the abuse. Dr. Luke its part accuses Kesha and her mother for having invented “false and shocking accusations” to force him to loose her from the contract.


Booker Prize Richard Flanagan – Västerbotten Folkblad

The English-speaking world’s finest literary prize, the Booker Prize goes to Australian Richard Flanagan, 53, of the novel “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”. The story is about how Japan forced prisoners of war to build the “Death Railway” between Thailand and Burma during World War II.

There is Flanagan’s sixth novel and jury chairman Anthony Grayling said at the presentation of the price that the novel had hit him so hard in the belly “that I could not read another of the nominated novels for several days.”

For the first time, although American authors get the price. Among the six novelists who remained for the final thinning were three Britons, two Americans and Flanagan.

Booker Prize has been awarded since 1969, and the prize money this year is 50,000 pounds. The jury varies from year to year.


Fahl in conversation, Section 2: Annika Norlin – Daily News

Annika Norlin has been making music under the stage names Hello Saferide and Secure for ten years. Right now she is up to date with the book “Lyrics” that gathers her poplyrik, and with the new album “The Fox, The Hunter and Hello Saferide”. Hanna Fahl and talk to her about friendship, Karin Boye, to be afraid of fire, to see words in color shades, getting lost on Åhlens Harnosand and keeping certain parts of itself private. Recorded live before an audience at the Theatre Kaivokatu fourth



Camilla Hammarstrom about an art form that is alive – Aftonbladet

The first time I saw a work of Jeff Koons was in the late eighties. It was his readymades of vacuum cleaner that put me in gentle ecstasy. That it was possible to repeat the Duchamp prank to make everyday objects into art with modern subject felt at this time of refreshing. Interest in the readymades were strong during the eighties and early nineties. At Koons went over there that he reproduced found objects in other materials, and eventually in a different scale. Something he has in common with the two artists he exhibited together with the Museum of Modern Art: Katharina Fritsch and Charles Ray.

The idea of ​​the exhibition Sculpture for Sculpture is compiling artists who broke new ground when it comes to re-introduce it in figurative sculpture, with the highlight the sculptural object’s opportunities today. There are thirteen works by the three artists that appear. Entering the hall feels a bit like visiting a museum of a bygone culture. As if you were in the future and saw the typical expressions of a certain age. Maybe it has to do with how the works presented – quite sober, with just the right distance from each other.

But the more I think I think it’s because they all three are connected to the history of sculpture. Katharina Fritsch life-size elephant standing on a pedestal that raises it to the monument. Charles and Ray’s naturalistic human figures reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. Jeff Koons’ porcelain portrait of Michael Jackson with his monkey Bubbles makes me think of Etruscan tomb chests with characters on the cover.

And that was precisely what happened in the eighties, that the window was opened to history after modernism programmatic forward looking. It was again possible to be figurative, and cite earlier times style grip. And kitsch entered the stage as an adequate means of expression. Katharina Fritsch Madonna is a typical example, an enlargement of a banal figurine painted in bright yellow. More interesting still is perhaps her Lady with dog in 2004 based on a figure made entirely of shells. With her wasp waist and swelling skirts reproducing an image of women from the past that has been completely transformed into characters.

Master of kitsch area is still Jeff Koons. Michael Jackson portrait is unbeatable with its baroque revelry of gold and flowers. It’s not just the imagery that captured the artist, but also the production process around making porcelain figurines, here in almost monumental formats. Koons object is extremely costly to produce. You could say that he works in symbiosis with wealthy art collectors to pursue their art.

While Charles Ray spend great care on his sculptures, which take many times a year to produce . As the tractor, made of hundreds avmodellerade parts cast in aluminum and then merged into one at once fragile and heavy whole. I can not say that it evokes the same aha feeling that Koons works, but in context it still fills its place as a strange, figurative artifact.

at Kulturhuset in progress simultaneously enmönstring of Swedish sculpture. It has its origin in the eighties and nineties by inviting artists who emerged during this time. Is this the same movement towards figurative distinct objects? No, apart from the Klara Kristalovas

glazed pottery figures, so it’s the other way around if moving away from the sculpture as a massive single body. As in the Marianne Lindberg De Geer and Ulf Rollof installations. Or Meta-Isæus Berlin two works: Bedtime and The Awakening from 2014, the first is a bed suspended from thick ropes, the other a bathroom flooded with water – a sort of fountain. Besides being an engineering achievement, it is a wonderful portrayal of total loss of control. Along with the bed that sways like a craft in the dream night created a poetic story about the flows and movements that take place between the conscious and unconscious. If heaviness and lightness, fear and trust.

Installation art shows at other possibilities for sculpture than the figurative highlighted at Moderna Museet. But no matter which way the artist chooses, it is anyway clear that the sculpture as an art form is far from dead.


Preliminary investigation on “Big Brother” -skandal commenced – Swedish Dagbladet

– We have launched a preliminary investigation, but there is no certainty that it will endure, says Mats Eriksson, Information Officer at West of Police, said.

TT: What have you sat for offenses

– It’s unclear. They will look at this and see what it will be.

– You will talk with the people involved and gather evidence.

TT: It’s filmed material simply , such as broadcast and non-broadcast

– Yes, that is quite simple.

It was the night of last Friday that the event occurred. The two male participants were disqualified from the reality show and Channel 9 has criticized the production company Endemol to the suspected abuse was not stopped quickly enough.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Jämtin: I supported Hakan – Aftonbladet

By the S-leader Håkan Juholt resigned after an internal coup.

In a new book singled party secretary Carin Jämtin like intiativtagaren.

– I did my best to support the party chairman, she said if the allegations.

Today was given the book “Party leader who stepped into the cold” out of the S-profile Daniel Suhonen. But this weekend has excerpts from the published in various media and generated debate.

In the book singled including party secretary Carin Jämtin (S) out to be the one that was behind an internal coup to depose the former party leader Håkan Juholt.

denies the allegations

Suhonen tells in the book how Juholt in October 2011 were sent to a training center, officially to prepare for the next party leader debate. In the hidden gathered Social Democratic executive committee at the party office on Sveavägen 68 in Stockholm. On site attended Jämtin, Mikael Damberg, Sven-Erik Österberg, Helene Fritzon, meeting leader Wanja Lundby-Wedin and Elvy Söderström over the phone.

According to the book was the purpose to commit Juholt. Then Fritzon opposed the plans was the plan in place to put pressure on the party leader to instead make the decision yourself.

– It was in effect a coup attempt on Carin Jämtins initiative, three months before he finally fell, said Suhonen this weekend.

Only now she says the information in the book.

– It would never occur to me to Kuppa or behave that way. My job was to support the party in different ways, says Jämtin Aftonbladet.

“There were many conversations”

Jämtin instead describes a wounded party.

– This was an extremely difficult period for our party. It was an extremely difficult period for all of us who attended and worked in various ways to the party’s poll numbers would start going up instead of down.

She denies that she should have called the secret meeting and states that she does not remember who did it.

– There were many calls and who said what in this I will firstly not account for, and secondly I do not remember the exact events surrounding it. But the meeting was about to prop party chairman.

– I would never call an Executive Committee meeting without party chairman knew about it. That I will not do it and I never have. There were many calls during these six months, for a long time as it was very messy and hard for the entire party, and also for Hakan, I would guess, in getting back.

“We did our best”

The aim was always to support Juholt, says party secretary. Not to dismiss him.

he was not at the meeting thinks she is not funny.

– Hakan and I also talked about meeting a few days or a week later and sorted it out . I also think the book says.

the party is disloyal she does not agree with. And she do not regret anything.

– We did our best. I did my best. Offices’ staff, all great people did their best to support the party chairman. One can only do their best.

She is also committed to Juholt was the one who made the decision to resign. No one else took it.

– Absolutely, and he stands by it and announced it on a Saturday afternoon.


Bergenwall Commission wants more investigation time – TV4

In a letter to the Justice Department requesting Commission President Daniel Tarschy the investigation period is extended to June 5 next year, reports TV4Nyheterna.

According to the government’s original directive to Bergenwall Commission mission would have been recognized by 29 January next year.

But, because of the extent of the material examined and because the assignment requires more external contacts than expected, the Commission needs more time.

It was 28 November last year that the then Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask, the Commission gave the mandate to review and report both the judiciary and health care behavior when Sture Bergenwall sentenced for eight murders. Investigators will also provide answers to the question of the existence of structural defects and present to such suggestions.

Footnote: The Government has appointed the Commission which is upggift to review the investigation into Thomas Quick, now Sture Bergenwall.

All about the investigation into Sture Bergenwall can be found here


Snoop Dogg celebrates his birthday in Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

Snoop Dogg comes back to the brewery in Gothenburg in October. It writes the tavern on his Facebook page.

Raplegendaren not seem to have had enough of Gothenburg after the gig at Liseberg in summer. Afterwards there was a party at the brewery where the artist played records for several hours.

Now enter the tavern on his Facebook page that Snoop Dogg will return on Oct. 24 for an event called the Official Birthday Party. The visit confirmed the brewery’s owner Joseph Dinler:

– It became clear a few days ago. Obviously it’s pretty funny that he likes brewery so much that he wants to celebrate his birthday here. It is also the only gig that he does in Sweden during the current tour.


Avicii can get American Music Award – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Stockholm Published October 13, 2014 at. 16:26 Updated 16:42

  • TT John Shearer

Avicii has been nominated for an award at the American Music Awards, the big American awards ceremony taking place on 23 November. The Swedish house star is nominated as one of the three most popular artists in the category of electronic dance music.

At the category Avicii won at last year’s American Music Awards. This year, competing Swede with Calvin Harris, Zedd.

The American Music Awards were created in the early 1970s as a competitor to the Grammys and takes out the prize winners by Internet voting among fans.

The rapper Iggy Azalea has received the most nominations, six, to the gala. John Legend, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams have five chances to win.



Book of Juholt becomes theater – Aftonbladet

Daniel Suhonen book about Håkan Juholt is set up as play at Uppsala City Theatre this spring.

– It is one of Shakespeare’s power plays or Machiavelli’s The Prince, says Stina Oscarson as dramatizes the book.

The director and former theater director Stina Oscarson got commissioned to do a rough draft screenplay in May. And a few weeks ago decided to Suhonen’s new book about Juholts short as S leader, party leader who stepped into the cold, to be erected at Uppsala City Theatre. Soon we will begin to set repeated.

“The comedy drastic”

– What I see as interesting is not who said what. I’m not interested in hanging out individuals. The basic story is so much larger. Everyone has their reasons why they act as they do. I do not think that those who were responsible for sossarnas election campaign would be managed by Prime is evil. It was because they really believed in it, she says:

– What’s interesting is the story of the democracy movement. This might as well have about Mona Sahlin. There is a train that is repeated again and again, says Stina Oscarson.

Oscarsson sees both tension and humor in the story, Suhonen vaskat out of sms, interviews, VU records and tape recordings.

– It is huge drama and at the same time very funny sometimes.

Take for example when Suhonen called up for uppläxning after writing a critical text. And the final battle, the Executive Committee meeting where party leaders took the decision Juholts departure in January.

– It is extremely tragic. Meanwhile, the comedy in some replicas are drastic.

“A beautiful and sad scene”

What do you see as the key scene

– There is an Executive Committee meeting where they’re going to go in another direction. All is about to steer social democracy to the left, but everyone gives. They lay down and decides to take the same financial framework and scope for reform that Borg and the Alliance. One sees forces from outside, you understand. It will be, “No, oh, I get it., Where it happens.” It is both a beautiful and a sad scene. Arch strapped, but lowered again.

Dennis Sandin will be directing. Which actors will be is not yet clear.

– I have not written with any particular in mind. It becomes the theater and Dennis Sandin to be borne by the cast. There are several that I see potential as Juholt, but it would be foolish before it is ready to start talking about names, says Oscarson.

Oscarson sitting in a group to design the Green Party’s new kulturpolitik.- I sit there independent intellectual. I’m no ecologist. I’m very keen not to be partisan.


Avicii: Felt like I would go into the wall … – Expressen

Suddenly asked Tim ‘Avicii’ Bergling in all their undertakings for the rest of the year.

Now he calms anxious fans during a Q & A session on Twitter – but at the same time writes:

“I felt that I would go into the wall if I had not stopped to in a second. “

Now he is hyper-date with” The Days “single, was where Robbie Williams involved.

It all began in 2012, in eleven days were Tim ‘Avicii’ Bergling , 25, hospitalized with acute pancreatitis.

In March 2013 stood Avicii additional gigs whilst the doctors urged him to surgery to remove the gallbladder.

DJ star said no.

Was forced to surgery

But earlier this year he was forced to do just that operation, while doctors discovered that he also suffered a ruptured appendix.

Shortly after the operation resumed Avicii nevertheless its tough schedule – he recently told that he, among other things, spent twelve hours a day in the studio.

“Pause the best I have done”

The crash came after the summer. In early September Avicii announced that he would set all their obligations under the rest of the year.

– I’ll try to take it easier. Taking a break is the best thing that I have done, he later told Billboard.

yesterday said Tim ‘Avicii’ Bergling via Twitter on several questions from his fans. Many described how he really feels.

Avicii writes among other things, that he had known how much the current intense touring he toiled.

“I could not continue to squeeze me the same way anymore, it felt like I would go into the wall if I had not stopped for a second, “ writes Avicii and continues later:

” I feel better and better every day, and even if I take a break from touring so it will get a lot of new music for the next six months. “

New album next year

Avicii is currently up to date with the single “The Days”, where Robbie Williams is involved, which is a first taste of what musical path Swedish DJ Star will take on his new album, which is expected to come in spring 2015 .

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Top model participant brain dead after crash – Aftonbladet

The model Anna Maria Mostrom was hit by a bus in New York on Wednesday.

The former “Top Model” has been declared brain dead -deltagaren and kept alive right now with a respirator.

– The doctors do not think she will wake, says her dad Ronny Mostrom.

At 21 o’clock, local time in New York last Wednesday rode the Swedish US model Anna Maria Mostrom, 29, on the island of Roosevelt’s main street.

When a bus driver in the opposite direction turned left collided Swede, who took part in TV3′s ” Top Model “in 2005, with the front of the bus and fell to the ground.

Police and ambulance were called and Anna Maria Mostrom was taken to Cornell Hospital with serious head injuries.

The family are on hand to watch by her side. In two operations, she has fought for her life but situation looks bleak, says her dad Ronny Mostrom.

– She was rammed off the bus and the damage was so severe that she is brain dead. There’s probably no turning back, it’s very sad. Right now she just drip and breathing machine, he says.

Turns the machine

At the beginning of the week should the doctors to see if she is able to breathe on their own.

– She will be entered into an operating room and doctors turn off the machine. If she is able to breathe for an hour brought her back to his room, he says.

But even if she can keep up the breathing is the doctors’ opinion that she probably will never wake up, according to the father.

– after all, if she would wake up, she becomes a vegetable, according to the doctors. It does not feel worthy of someone who has been so full of speed and joy. It’s not nice to see her lying there in bed completely lifeless. It’s sad but it would be best if she stops breathing by himself and gets to sleep in peace and quiet. We can hope for a miracle, but the doctors said there is no

realistic chance, he says.

More than one hundred friends there

The family has decided on organ donation.

– The doctors have taken care of us in the best way and told us to take the time we need. They have said that such a fit body with such healthy body is a gift from God

for them. We have decided that she will have to donate their organs to get give other people the chance to be saved, says Ronny Mostrom.

During the days in hospital, Anna Maria Mostrom, who lived in New York the past two years, been constantly surrounded by family and friends.

– She has had over a hundred friends here who have come and gone around the clock. It has been a jazz singer who played music and the room is full of all sorts of things, like stuffed animals and healing stones. Everyone has been here to try to understand what happened, said Ronny Mostrom.

The driver of the bus was a 51 year-old man who according to James Duffy on the New York Police remained at the scene. In an email, he writes that they have not made an arrest and that vägpolisen still investigating the accident.


Backyard Babies at Sweden Rock – Västerbotten Courier

Backyard Babies embarks on a comeback tour. Via Twitter announces rockers, who took a break from the band a few years ago, that they will be playing at the Sweden Rock Festival in June 2015, it will be the first gig of the tour, and the band’s first gig in Sweden over five years. Other tour dates are yet to be released.

This spring, Backyard Babies delighted their fans with a tweet with the words “What do you say if we tell you that the break is over? Thanks for your patience. “

According to Blabbermouth working Dregen, Nicke Borg, Johan Blomquist and Peder Carlsson additionally on a new studio album which is expected to be released next year.

Sweden Rock 2015 will be held Sölvesborg June 3-6. Among the major bookings for the festival include Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Toto and Hammerfall.


Angry dogs biting woman – Aftonbladet

Karlskrona. Two large dogs attacked the driver of a van when she got out of the vehicle on a villatomt north of Karlskrona and would knock on the homeowner.

The Angry animal grabbed her with his jaws and bit her. Only when the dog owner opened the door, she was able to tear himself away and take cover.

Dog The attack took place on Saturday. The woman was transferred to extensive damage in the ambulance to the hospital and was admitted for treatment.

The dog owner has been served on suspicion of violating supervision of dogs and cats, reports


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The Haunted | Music house – Saturday – Gothenburg Post


The Haunted

Music house – Saturday

Best: All Against all, Bury your dead

Worst: Cutting teeth

It starts a little wobbly, what is to be likely to develop into the busiest metal gig Gothenburg audience been part of in a long time. Thrash veterans in The Haunted would have played on Trädgår’n in the spring, but for various reasons, the concert, and was moved to the House of Music.

When the appearance initially drawn with sound problems and frowns on stage has time to wonder if local elections was a mistake.

Cutting teeth sounds wobbly and 99 lacks sharpness, although nygamle frontman Marco Aro doing their best to keep their spirits up.

Already in neat riffing Trespass begins, however, it become everything together and the audience’s enthusiasm is palpable. Then it feels suddenly perfectly to the local knotted band playing right here, on a urgöteborgsk scene that previously housed as many sweaty gigs in the same spirit.

And despite the uncertain start, it soon became clear that there is something special in the air this evening. The crowd bounces, cleans and jumping excitedly from the stage (even between songs). The intensity is increased steadily through a mellow The medication and toksvängiga Hollow Ground, with a setback in a fragmented version of Trend killer from the last album Exit Wounds. After that it is snorting mangle all the way to the finish line. Hard hitting DOA makes everyone jump and All Against All shines with strong guitar melodies from wide-legged mainstay Patrik Jensen and talented newcomer Ola Englund.

The one blood-filled is the number after the second grazed by brisk pace, while the temperature in the room rises. No Compromise means appropriately uncompromising hammering from the return of drummer Adrian Erlandsson. The husband of intimate club gig was a long time ago I experienced in Gothenburg.

Marco Aro proclaims that he never wants to stop, and as well is give The Haunted nor before Bury your dead pulled out as a blaring juggernaut, closely result of the band’s first and last song of the evening: Undead.


Bagge had to leave with stomach pain after altercation – Expressen

Readers’ rating on Idols

1 Josefine Myrberg

“Holding Out for a Hero”

1 wasp rating average: 4.3

2 Mollie Linden

“Walking on

Sunshine “

1 wasp star rated on average: 4.0

3 Matilda gratte

“Flashdance … What a Feeling”

1 wasp star rated on average: 3.6

4 Petter Hedstrom


1 wasp star rated on average: 3.5

5 Fanny De Aguiar

“Sweet dreams are made of this”

1 wasp star rated average: 3 , 3

6 Lisa Ajax

“I’m So Excited”

1 wasp – Rating

average: 3.1

7 Louis Turner

“Africa” ​​

1 wasp star rated

average: 2.7

8 Niklas Musco

“Broken Wings”

1 wasp star rated

average: 2 , 4

9 Philip Spång- mountain

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”

1 wasp – Rating Average: 2.3

10 Rolf Öhlén

“Into the Groove”

1 wasp star rated on average: 1.8

View more Show less

Alexander Bard viciousness started a substantial fraction of the jury.

After the brawl forced Anders Bagge leave “Idol” suddenly – after having struggled through consignment with stomach pains.

– I wanted just home, he says.

Påhoppen quick succession.

“Idol” Jury was in open conflict over throughout Friday’s live broadcast.

– It was more trouble than usual, sage r Laila Bagge .

– It was gnabbigt says Anders Bagge.

It was Alexander Bard’s derisive comments against Idols who triggered the fight.

On several occasions went Bard attacked the participants. Among other things, he mocked Philip and called his effort a “roaring”. Rolfs interpretation called Bard for a murder.

“It was over the limit”

In the end, Laila Bagge, Anders Bagge enough – and interrupted the Bard.

– That was over the limit, said Laila Bagge.

– Get off, said Anders Bagge.

the fuss continued during the break. Anders Bagge think Bards way to “educate” Idols is counterproductive.

– It was gnabbigt. He exaggerates and goes too far. He is fierce. We would probably be very different fathers. I want to enthuse young people, he says.

Strong critical

Laila Bagge is highly critical of the Bards harsh words.

She says it happens sometimes that TV4 step in and speak up.

– It is counterproductive. He should give more rose. I usually do not take it up with the Bard. We get tillsägningar of production if we do foul. I do not get it very often. So you can bring the Bard, she says.

Waving away the criticism

Alexander Bard waving from the criticism. He thinks that the harsh words against Philip was right.

– We felt quite different today. We disagreed on most things. But he was standing right there and brölade. And he looks too damn geeky out. I want more fights. I tags to then says Bard.

“We smoke together”

Anders Bagge says that on several occasions he confronted the Bard of behavior.

– We have much discussion behind the cameras as no one knows about. We smoke together. We have had really hard duster. I can get very angry. When it is unfair and not constructive. I raise my voice against Bard properly, he says.

After the fracas disappeared Anders Bagge quickly from the studio.

He had during the live broadcast fought against a sick and had to leave the studio immediately to take medicine .

– I just wanted to home. I was not in the mood for it. It came during the break. I have sick stomach ache. It was samarinläge and I’ve been drinking way too much coffee, he says.

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Nisse Hellberg in the new band with Sator – Västerbotten Courier

Wilmer X frontman Nisse Hellberg has started a new garage rock band with Sators two frontmen Kent Norberg and Chips Kiesbye and Patrik Mr Power. The band name is Bo-Dogs and their debut album “Bad Bad Dog” is released on 29 October.

Nisse Hellberg played with Wilmer X (originally called Wilmer Pitt) since its inception in Malmö in 1977, and he has also published a number of solo albums. Sator was formed in Borlänge and the album debuted in 1986 under the name of Sator Codex.


My dad is a true artist “- Daily News




     “People were screaming through the streets when the news came over the radio,” said Patrick Modianos musician daughter Marie. Here with her Swedish husband and fellow artist Peter von Poehl in Paris.





The announcement that Patrick Modiano awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature has put his entire family in a happy state of shock. The ties to Sweden and Swedish culture has been further strengthened now, says her daughter Marie Modiano.






The announcement that Patrick Modiano awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature has put his entire family in a happy state of shock. The ties to Sweden and Swedish culture has been further strengthened now, says her daughter Marie Modiano.

The singer and songwriter Marie Modiano, the Nobel laureate’s daughter, starts with a language show.

– I speak a little, little Swedish, she says with Francophile vowels. Slightly Swedish master now also her award-winning father – thanks grandchild Orson (after Welles). The same three-year old Orson Patrick Modiano who dedicated the prize to Thursday:


– He and my mom Dominique sits babysit Orson as he speaks Swedish with them, they have learned some basic words of him, says Marie Modiano.

She and her Malmo-born husband and fellow artist Peter von Poehl is at home in St Germain in central Paris and trying to collect his thoughts when DN reaches them. A more than bewildering experience for the whole family.

– We are all still in shock. The Nobel Prize is the ultimate dream for all authors, also for my father. It’s the best price of all. My father has written and worked hard for forty years, and so now this … he is very happy. Orson is also half Swedish makes this event even bigger for my father, he dedicated the to and with his latest book to his grandson.

After Thursday’s press conference with Patrick Modiano , testified a timid man who carefully avoids mobile phones and computers, the whole family went in the company of some of his French book publishers at the local for a “very private dinner.” Completely at peace they were still not be. President François Hollande immediately sent his congratulations and the French press wrote while in nätupplagorna of a “reawakening of hopefulness” in the whole of the French Republic.

– People screamed through the streets when the news came over the radio, which of course is very touching. And it was the same thing when we went from the restaurant – people stood on the sidewalks and applauded, it was such a beautiful thing to see.

Marie Modiano makes no secret of the father has hoped to be rewarded.

– When my parents came to visit me and Peter in Stockholm, where we stayed a few months in 2010, so we showed them the town and passed the Swedish Academy’s house in the old town and talked about what a dream it has been for him to become crowned … in this way as he is now.

They are visibly proud of the Patrick Modianos behalf, but not just for the global honor, but also because the Nobel Prize is just Swedish.

– Peter and I have been married for almost ten years and I am now very attached to Sweden. That’s the population of a small country, but for me it has great significance to me by friends, family and musicians colleagues found there, she says.

Peter von Poehl which sits next to the speakerphone, bursting of yet unanswered voicemails, adds:

– Patrick has been recognized in this way by just my country makes me enormously proud.

Nobel Prize in literature has distributed to far more than, say, French authors American. Do you have a specific cultural ties between our countries?

– Countless Swedish artists and painters’ve flocked to France by history, artistic, there are strong ties and a common respect for the artists. I grew up with books by authors such as August Strindberg and Hjalmar Söderberg and films of Ingmar Bergman in my childhood home. And today, for example, Swedish Institute in Paris this very active and their events always attract a lot of people, it is very popular among the French, responds Marie Modiano.

Peter von Poehl describes how






Stuck in a melancholic loop – Swedish Dagbladet

“Time and again writes Patrick Modiano same story,” stated Ulf Olsson in Expressen already 1993 To more than twenty years afterwards, when the Frenchman has now been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, is the location of good and hurts the same.

As faithful Modianoläsare I have year after year, book after book, turned off his unwavering consistency. You know exactly what you get when you open one of his novels. Through the years, Modiano that nobody else has been his style devotee: a new Modiano is most likely another disassembled noir detective story, packed in deckarintrigens musts but swelled into melancholy and loneliness. It is very night streets, streetlights and half-empty Parisian cafes. In retrospect, it can be difficult to distinguish the different novels from each other. The atmosphere can really be summarized with a single image: Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” 1942.

“nights ‘grass’, which came out in Swedish last year, is how representative of the larger Paris romantic part of his authorship which by now consists of about thirty novels. A low-key and melancholy male jagberättare roam the city streets and remember something that happened a long time ago. In ‘nights’ grass’ is about the love affair with Dannie and attempts to come to grips with some shady types who flourished in the circle around her. Maybe it was the usual petty criminals. Or so they had connections to some kind of spy activity. But is it really so important?

Jean in ‘nights’ grass’ and the other of Modianos amateur sleuths resembles some sitting and staring at a picture and seeking pay attention to things they did not previously added notice. They become obsessed detective mystery, do research, calling number where no one answers, compare different addresses but rarely anywhere. As the most successful to detect any minor detail, filling in any single piece of the puzzle. “It’s funny how some details in our lives who have been invisible emerges twenty years later,” writes Jean in another place, “that when looking at an old family photo with a magnifying glass and sees a face or objects that had not had noticed … “. Further than this blurry face family photo will not.

It is rare occurrence that is the subject matter of Modianos artwork, rather the time since the, the nagging feeling that loss a few strong memories can evoke. For the narrator, it is ultimately not so important who was who and what was happening, as long as it can serve as material for romanticizing.

The other characters remain mappings in jagberättarens interior. The gaze penetrates straight through them and headed osvikligen back to herself in a melancholy loop. What emerges as important and real, that basically the only interesting, it’s man himself . Through all atmospheric melancholy, friendly and low-key melancholy and lovely night streets emerges a modernist solipsism, contemporary post-postmodern self-fixation: my personal story told in their own words.

It is itself of its time, shows Modiano. Man is his own story, his own fashion. The time that goes makes a smaller and smaller, it escapes between the fingers of one. The old archaeologist turned during his studies himself to a skeleton. After all, the presence of the other that makes an interesting, which makes the events taking place, which makes the passage of time palpable, while the absence only keeps for a fourth novel, halfway at best, if the author is skilled.

Modiano is superbly talented, and probably deserves the wide recognition as a Nobel Prize means. It’s a price that goes to the fine print, to the detail and mood, rather than the tired and sweeping stories. But sooner or later be reached, even as his faithful readers, yet a tipping point, about the forward center of each book, and begins to slowly lose interest.

About Modianos novels were novels they had been teeming. As novels, they are however far too one-sided and predictable. Modiano, like his narrator, hook up on a single image, a single sentiment which he mastered in full but never seem to leave. Remember that it was the only one left behind, after all these years, he repeats, over and over again. It’s a beautiful, evocative picture – though not particularly exciting. Future bittersweet time, we already know. The narcissistic life may be beautiful in the moment, but after the fact rather dull.

Maxim Grigoriev is a writer. He debuted in the spring with the short story collection “Cities” (Albert Bonnier Publishing.)


Friday, October 10, 2014

Idols and jury jumps at Bard – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard went too far, according to both the idols and the jury colleagues.

I live stabbed Niklas Musco back after sömnhånet.

– Bard will not forget it. He takes it personally, says Anders Bagge.

He låtsassov when Niklas Musco , 25, appeared.

Accused Rolf Öhlén , 27, to “kill” a Madonna -Let.

and thought Philip Spångbergsvägen , 22, brölade forward a belly flop with his U2 -tolkning.

After the broadcast of TV4′s “Idol” had Alexander Bard , 53, whether the other jurors or participants on their side.

“Sincerity is everything”

– I said it to him live and I still think that the Bard was too harsh. I think we should give constructive criticism but he did not. He goes on too tough, say Anders Bagge and is backed by Laila Bagge Wahlgren .

In addition, targeted participants Rolf Öhlén, Niklas Musco, Philip Spångbergsvägen and Josefine Myrberg criticism of Bards harsh reviews.

Alexander Bard is unsympathetic.

– I’m just saying my honest opinion. It is left for them. Laila can for example take the harder, she’s a little too wimpy. She’s a fucking bitch that will bite off properly. Sincerity is everything and it’s not about being mean, he says.

“He does not forget”

Niklas Musco gave Bard comebacks when he again received criticism for his style.

– It’s not “Top model”, said the participant, and was praised by readers in Nöjesbladet live reporting and the other “Idol” -deltagarna.

Anders Bagge think Bard took mothugget personal.

– It was really well done but Bard will not forget it, he says.

“Looks like blockhead”

Alexander Bard:

– Niklas only get sympathy votes because he messes with me. He looks like a blockhead, and if he does not take it and take in the criticism he will never get a record deal, he says.

Niklas Musco would not comment on Bard’s statement.


Rolf Öhlén was the one who had to leave “Idol” – Expressen

Rolf Öhléns verison of “Into the Groove” impressed neither the audience or jury. And at the end of the evening was the 27-year-old who had to leave the contest.

– There has been a low day, says Rofl Öhlén after the program in the “Idol Extra”.

In the evening took Rolf Öhléns, 27, traveling in “Idol” final after he bagged against Louis Turner.

Rolf was the first idol in the evening’s program and sang Madonna’s “Into The Groove”, but neither managed to impress the audience or jury. And hardest of all critics were juror Alexander Bard.

– This was a real belly flop. Anders and Laila are too nice, said Alexander Bard in the broadcast.

– You’ll have to dance myself tonight because I do not want to dance with this guy. You killer song, and it’s the easiest song in the evening. And your Swenglish is dire, he said.

During the broadcast seemed Rolf not take the criticism.

– I like that they have opinions. But I disagree. I killer song in a good way, he said.

But after utröstningen in “Idol Extra” confessed Rolf that he might not have been totally on top of the day:

– It has been a low day, you have bad days and think about certain things. I may not bubbling as much, but I still think I did well, he says.


Tried to incite her to oral sex – Aftonbladet

They were disqualified after that John was trying to incite a female student to perform oral sex on Philip in “Big Brother”.

Now the participants commented that the incident according to prosecutors, violations classified as attempted rape.

– I’m ashamed of this, says John.

The night of Friday, became the female participant in Channel 9′s “Big Brother” trapped in a room with John and Philip.

She was told that she could not leave the room until she performed a sexual act.

– I stand at the door until you kissed his dick, I’m not going to let go of your past, says John.

Bad language

He is the one who initially is a driving force but may soon persuasion using Philip. Since language is very rough.

– You’re going down with the throat, stools you that, says Philip.

The female student protesters.

– No, no, no, ‘she says.

The broadcast was broken and replaced with a test box. The woman was released only after the other participants responded and appealed to John and Philip would stop.

“I’m ashamed of this,”

Today thrown both John and Philip of the house. They do not talk to the media but leave comments via Channel 9′s press service.

– I’m ashamed of this. It was never my intention to offend or be mean to NN (the female participant, reds. Note). I think it’s fucked up the whole thing. Really hope NN forgive me, says John.

Even Philip expresses his remorse.

– It was definitely not supposed to be like this. I’m really sorry about NN been offended. I hope she will forgive me if she was sad. I do not want the younger guys to look out for here. Do not take after that there was nothing funny joke, he says.

According to Channel 9′s press manager Dan Panas did not get the production company Endemol, the door was closed for the female participant.

– why they not intervened. We are sharply critical. This will not happen again, he said.

The broadcast will be the broken, then the production company should have perceived that something in the situation got out of hand

– They did not see that the door was blocked for her. We have raised the criticism that they need to tighten oversight and in our good dialogue with production company Endemol press this must not be repeated, says Dan Panas.

“Sexual coercion”

According to Dan Panas has the female participant is not wanted police report the incident.

Helene Gestrin’s prosecutor and a specialist in relationship violence.

– It sounds from the description that it may involve an unlawful detention, a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault or attempted rape, she says.

She states that a preliminary investigation, after all, could be initiated.

– A police officer or prosecutor who partake of this may commence an investigation, then it falls public prosecution, she said.

Nöjesbladet have vainly sought the production company Endemol’s CEO. The Company’s executive producer declines to comment.

The male participants have been debriefed and the female participant according to Dan Panas access to a psychologist.

Note: Nöjesbladet has chosen not to include the grossest quotes.


Modianos novel broadcast in radio – Västerbotten Courier

Swedish Radio makes radio serial of a book written by the Nobel Prize in Literature. The recording of Patrick Modianos novel ‘nights’ grass’ is broadcast in P1 during Nobel Week in December.

Many of the French author’s books have been translated into Swedish, but none of them have previously been available as an audio book. It is the actor Staffan Goethe who read the book for the radio.