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William Spetz: “really nervous that no one will come” – Aftonbladet

Grandma Ulla died in his arms.

In the autumn celebrates his her with a theater show to say goodbye to her.

– I really nervous that no one will come, says William Spetz.

She was his best friend in the whole world.

William Spetz , 19, grandmother Ulla died in his arms at the hospital in Umeå in January last year, lost his third parent, as he puts it.

in the fall do he was a stage show that becomes a love tribute to their relationship.

– She’s still so strongly present in my life. She was diagnosed with coal just as she would be retired and would fill 72 when she fell asleep.

Although the disease caused her to languish extinct never her spark.

– From 2010 to 2015 was bad. She was such an independent 40-baby boom women but lost strength. At every effort to get an asthma attack in principle. When she, who usually was so active, was forced to isolate themselves in their sofa and could not cook so she dropped although a part of himself, but the spark was still there until the last day. We could still sit next to each other, joke and laugh until we cried. I want to show people how strong she was.

“was set free when she went away”

During his last day she slept peacefully.

– Although death is so painful and filled with such sadness, I think the grandmother became free when she went away. The disease had pulled her down so long.

“Grandma, I know you’re in heaven, but you have an hour?” At the Scala Theatre is an imaginary final day where he and his grandmother changing life experiences before parting. Besides himself plays William Spetz even side characters adverse Sofia and Lisa high performance.

– I have noticed that I almost only female characters. I have had so much girlfriends all my life and have so much women around me, so it is well located just closer somehow. The only male character I have is Peter and he is sexist.

Are boys and girls so different really, then?

– No, I think not, that is my personal relationship … man as man. The characters supposed to be people, not sex.

If you write about yourself might be able to change the gender of characters to not make it so obvious?

– I do not know, I might have thought so subconsciously. I think everything is about how to do it, how I play Lisa. I will run with the expectations placed on her, rather than pushing with her.

Want to make the audience feel too

Despite a vårförkylning bubbles he endorphins to finally get to talk about show, his first theatrical performance in which he broadens his side from mere comedy.

– I want the audience to walk away from the theater and be filled with something, to have got to know. Since there is laughter, sadness, or just an awakened mind, I can not take responsibility for. I have something to tell, how to receive it is up to each one.

How easy is it to get your young audience to the theater?

– I’m really nervous that no one will come. The day before yesterday I could not sleep because I was thinking that “no one will come to this.” It’s really nerve-racking.

In the aftermath of the “Eurovision” he writes now clear the last of the script, summer ordained since the rehearsals before the premiere on September 8.

– This is the last thing I think before I go to sleep. I can wake up at night and write down the words in your mobile. When I wake up, I think “what the hell does that.” When I wrote “stick”, “fire,” “darkness”.

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Ulf Lundell lose in battle tower – Swedish Dagbladet

photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

the artist and writer won last year when the provincial government tore up the municipality’s decision to give the tower building permits – to now be turned down by the land and environment Court decides that the tower be allowed to continue, writes Dagens Nyheter.

According to the newspaper believes the Court that it is already transparent Ulf Lundell home from the properties in the vicinity, and that the tower does not damage the natural values ​​of the site.


Lundell lose art struggle – Aftonbladet

Court has had its say on art dispute.

Ulf Lundell lose towers combat arts foundation Kivik Art Centre.

This means that the 18-meter high concrete tower get a building permit.

the Artist Ulf Lundell has long been in conflict with art foundation Kivik Art Centre gällade construction of a sculpture park. Specifically, a tower foundation has traveled. The artist points out that the curious visitors can see into his home in Lilla Stenshuvud Österlen from the building.

Now the Land and Environment Court said their battle and decided to grant planning permission for the foundation work of art. The Court believes that the artwork is well integrated in the environment and landscape values ​​in the area will not be damaged.

The judgment also shows that six other artwork granted planning permission in the sculpture park.

The decision also means that the right highlights County Administrative Board’s earlier decision – which was to the benefit of the artist.

Nöjesbladet have searched Ulf Lundell.

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Imre Kertész testified about the Holocaust and taught literature to say no – Today’s News


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Kertész directional light against darkness Europe – Swedish Dagbladet

In his novels and diaries testified Nobel laureate Imre Kertész on totalitarianism and the Holocaust-black absurdity. As the Hungarians, he had experienced both Nazism and Communism, but he was dismayed even by today’s growing nationalism.

Imre Kertész (1929-2016). Photo: Dan Hansson

The author Imre Kertész was born in Budapest in 1929. In the end of the war in 1944 was deported 800,000 Hungarian Jews to the extermination camps; 15-year-old Imre Kertesz was one of them. As raised in a secular jew family, he often testified that the Nazis made him a Jew.

“1961st It is a year since I started writing the novel. Everything has to be thrown away. “So begins” Galärdagbok “by Imre Kertész; the book was published in Sweden in 2002, the same year as the Hungarian writer won the Nobel Prize in Literature. It is typical self-critical, but also ironic lines of Kertész, meaning the debut novel that would eventually make him famous: “Fatelessness” from 1975. A young boy tells of the deportation in 1944, the selection, the meager food rations, fellow prisoners, the labor camp Buchenwald and the unlikely liberation. “Fatelessness” is a linear story about how a person gradually breaks down ( “Step by Step” was the congenial title of “Fatelessness” when the novel was first published in Sweden in 1985).

in a radio interview, Imre Kertész declared that he wanted to talk about themselves, and therefore he stripped away most of autobiography in the novel; he would rather talk about what happens to a human in a totalitarian system. The process itself – the gradual breakdown of the individual, explaining the minor, förbarnsligandet. They do not understand what is happening. To survive you have to adapt. One day suddenly stops this dictatorship; from one day to the other one is exempt. Life is absurd, it is no wonder that you as readers sometimes think that you are in a novel by Kafka during the reading of Kertész’s books, incidentally, his household gods.

Imre Kertész takes with him from Auschwitz is a view of life which he will return to the book after book. Kertész can not see Auschwitz as something defined, an exception. Auschwitz was only a logical consequence of the then European society, an authoritarian, militaristic, patriarchal system; somewhere in his writings associate Kertész paternity of Auschwitz; in the author’s view of a father, he is an oppressor. Auschwitz is not a turning point, the way to treat fellow human beings as means to achieve a particular purpose, including al-Qaeda used when they attacked the World Trade Center September 11, 2001, says Kertész in the radio interview.

After Buchenwald return Kertész to Budapest, he will earn a living as a journalist, translator and writer revue. 15 years after the liberation, in 1960, he begins the novel “The Man Without a fate.” In 13 years he collects facts and background to be able to recover Auschwitz. When the book comes out in Hungary in 1975 it passes almost unnoticed. The subject fiasco will be toured in every possible way in the meandering novel “Fiasco” (2000), about a middle-aged man – with the experience of deportation during the war – who writes a novel about these experiences, which will be refused in a country – Hungary – which stands unsympathetic to the book’s content. The protagonist Köves even use the word failure to describe the fact that he did not like 15-year-old died in the extermination camp; He should have died, as it says in the novel, because society sanctioned his death.

The name Köves can be derived from the Hungarian word requirements and obligations; he is one of the survivors of the Holocaust and he is obliged to write: it is his joyless duty, because he was not good at anything else. There is only an excuse for his miserable existence: writing. Just this theme recurs Kertész to book after book, but the view of writing is not necessarily “joyless duty”. In an interview, he says that everyone asks him about Auschwitz, when it would be better “ask him to tell you about the secret joy of writing”.

Auschwitz experience and perception of Imre Kertész giving the datum that characterizes all the books; The third novel – “Kaddish for an unborn child” (1996) – could never have occurred without the Auschwitz because the middle-aged Jewish man in the book do not want to turn their survival to triumph by bringing children into the world. Rather continue executioners work by “killing” her unborn child; in a winding, at times sarcastic, at times self-deprecating or self-contradictory monologue utslungar he’s NO! No to bringing children into the world, no to fatherhood – a father uprising that means that he never wants to be the “father, fate, god of another human being.”

During the reading of “Galärdagbok”, that the diary as Imre Kertész writes alongside his other books for 30 years, it becomes clear that Kertész treats the imprint that the totalitarian systems has left in him. “Galärdagbok” reminiscent in many ways of the novels that make up the debut novel by birth, that is, “Fiasco,” “Kaddish for an unborn child,” but also “Liquidation” which is another tournament of the author’s complicated relationship with survival. I will return to the novel.

“Fatelessness” is a straight narrated the story of a boy’s deportation and camp stay, a story that never deviates from 15-year-old dazed and startled perspective, other books by Kertész far more multi-layered; they seem to be several pages of the author who constantly resonate with each other.

The models for the often dystopian, yet comical, expositions are not hard to find in the “Galärdagbok”, in which he often returns to Kafka but also Beckett and Camus. Man is ejected in an absurd, godless existence. The starting point is the experience of totalitarian systems in which people’s life choices are dictated by the dictatorship; Kertész’ve experienced both Nazism and Soviet Communism.

In his Nobeltal describes Imre Kertész that he chose to remain in Hungary after the crushing of the 1956 uprising for linguistic reasons. “This time I could then observe, not as a child but as an adult, how a dictatorship functions. I saw how capable a people denying their ideals, I saw the first signs of adaptation, I understood that hope is an instrument of evil service, and that the Kantian categorical imperative, an ethical approach, only self-preservation complaisant servant. ”

Next diary project, begun after 1991, called “another” (2003) and the struggling writer incessantly with their identity, both Jewish and Hungarian. The diary describes a post-communist Europe. At no time should Kertész attend an author reading and accessed by the message that the Hungarian Government does not consider him representative of Hungarian intellectuals because he only has a subject, that is Auschwitz. Not only did the author recalls how the Nazis made him a Jew, now he remembers well the silence that surrounded him at the date of the earlier books, he is also not Hungarians; He is a stranger in his own country. The only identity, with any degree of sustainability, he finds are writing.

Kertész is in the diary to terms with Hungary in its lack of history does not seem to want to admit his involvement in the Holocaust, the fact that the Hungarian Arrow Cross was assisting with collecting the 800,000 Hungarian Jews for forwarding to the death camps; just because one is inclined to repeat the patterns that allowed Nazism. He writes, for example, about the xenophobia that again rears its ugly head in Hungary.

The novel “Liquidation” (2004) can be said to end the suite of Auschwitz / Holocaust. For once, it is not a middle-aged jew writer as for the word, but a ditto publishing editor and lecturer. The author as such (there must always be a writer in Kertész’s novels) is absent, it turns out that he has taken his life. In a way, pointedly, he may personalize the subject Auschwitz. It turns out to be is born in Auschwitz and he hit adulthood Judith, who also has Jewish ancestry, the mother has died of an illness she suffered in Auschwitz and his father is one of the survivors.

varied once again the theme of “Kaddish for an unborn child” because Bé Judith deny a child the same reasons as the middle man in the earlier novel: it must not transform the survival of victory and triumph by bringing children into the world. The author also goes in the “Liquidation” a step further by letting the protagonist, the author of Be, tricking the extermination machinery that allowed him to run by taking his own life. “Liquidation” also includes the hunt for a missing manuscript that it proves that the fire / flames – at the author’s request to Judith – “liquidated”, for the novel “by the fire /…/ get there where it should be …” .

Thanks to the eminent translator Ervin Rosenberg’s diligence, there are several books by Imre Kertész available in Swedish. The space will allow me just to mention one more pair. “The English Flag” (2008) describes the short, intense, hopeful period between the two disasters in Hungary, the protests against the authoritarian Stalinist regime grew into a popular uprising in 1956, which, however, after a week was crushed by the Soviet army. In “The Exiled Language” (2007) notes Kertész with dismay how his countrymen manages their newfound freedom: it is the same old stale nationalism again rises from the colossus ruins, he said.

There is no doubt Imre Kertész came to belong to our time’s strongest and most important central European voices, he was – in spite of the Hungarian government’s deception – an obvious representative of the Hungarian intellectual elite. Through its consistent, relentlessly challenging writing has Kertész problemised some of the 1900s main topics: totalitarianism, Auschwitz, the Holocaust and the complex issue of human existence and identity.

Erik Löfvendahl is the author.


Nobel laureate Imre Kertész has died – Aftonbladet

The Nobel literature laureate Imre Kertész has died, according to his publishers told Reuters.

Kertész was 86 years.

the Hungarian writer Imre Kertész was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 2002, because” writing that upholds the individual’s fragile experience against the barbaric arbitrariness of history “.

Kertész was sent as a teenager to the concentration camps Auschwitz and Bucenwald later. A year later, in 1945, he became free.

Author career began in 1975 with the novel Fatelessness whose plot revolves around a 14-year-old boy deported to Auschwitz. Last year, his last book, diary novel The last refuge.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mannerströms concern chef participants in TV4 – Expressen

Sofie Gudmundsson burst into tears and had to leave “the Swedish master chef”.

Afterward was supported her by Leif Mannerström who says he is worried that the participants creaming .

– I support them forever, for I am as sorry for yourself, he says.

the finale of “Swedish master chef” in TV4 is fast approaching.

Wednesday’s semi-final did nerves themselves felt at the participant Sofie Gudmundsson, 24, from Malmö, who broke down and cried through his last race ever in the program.

the press and expectations of the jurors became too large, and the amateur chef could not pull herself together, which worried the judge Mischa Billing, 50th

– what, what is it that spins in the head? Do you know? Take a deep breath Sofie, she said in the program.

Sofie Gudmundsson told me crying that she lost it all press.

– I do not know, I just dropped it. It’s so close, and there is so much at stake. It’s damn hard to beat Katty, she said, and continued:

– No, I’m blown away by this.

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the tears continued to flow even when it was time for Leif Mannerström, 76 and Mark Aujalay, 44, to taste and evaluate performance.

Again wondered Mischa Billing what really was wrong. Sophie told me she just been taken by the moment.

– What was it that happened? asked the jury.

– Very Press, said Sofie Gudmundsson.

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after the tears were Sofie Gudmundsson finally by Catarina Konig, 31 from Gavle, who along with Daniel Lakatosz, 27 from Haninge, made it to the final.

Leif Mannerström tells us that the risk is imminent that the pressure becomes too great in competition rounds.

– I support them forever, for I am as sorry for yourself when they go out. But it is as it is, it’s such a competition and everyone knows that participate, he says, and continues:

– It is well in ordinary life, but especially in this kind of competitions. We must be fair and then it can be tough.

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Perrellis anger against NRJ “lies and slander” – Expressen

Charlotte Perrelli sharply criticizes the “Wake up with NRJ”.

In the live broadcast claimed the radio show claiming namely Charlotte Perrelli run around with German number plates to avoid paying the congestion charge, which the singer denies.

Meanwhile, tells TV host Ola Lustig to NRJ now pulling back the data.

“It’s incredibly distasteful,” wrote Charlotte Perrelli in a text message to Expressen.

It was earlier in the day as “Wake up with NRJ” on the air went out with information about Charlotte Perrelli has German number plates on his Volvo. This in order to avoid paying parking tickets and congestion tax.

“Not ok, what do you say?”, Writes “Wake up with NRJ” in a post Facebook signed Hosted by Ola Lustig.

However, according Charlotte Perrelli is itself data completely false and she now directs sharp criticism at “Wake up with NRJ” and Ola Lustig.

“Huh ?? Volvo was bought in Sweden and svenskreggad other words, this is a lie and slander ! Do not think Ola Lustig seem to be able to sit in the place he sits, he should not check the veracity of the rumors he hears or has he just made it all up? not ok, what do you say ?, she writes on Instagram.

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When Expressen reach Ola Lustig he says that the channel removed her status update.

– we’ve had some problems with our source, which was unexpected. this person has withdrawn the information. we do not know why or something more, but right now we have removed this, he says.

will you ask Charlotte Perrelli apologize?

– Yes, it is absolutely possible. If we have been wrong, we will of course apologize. Absolutely. But I do not know more at the moment.

How much did you have on your feet before you went out with this?

– It’s always difficult when you given a task and choose to trust a person, then it’s.

After the publication Expressen Ola Lustig developed incident and apologized.

– I take full responsibility for the consequences of my actions, says Lustig.

Charlotte Perrellis manager Staffan Jordansson is very critical.

– Charlotte is not happy Ola Lustig. He gets the act together, he can not write the shit he wants, even if he needs all the time in the spotlight, he said.

Are you connect lawyers?

– Yes, it must surely do. We will look at what we can do about it. What is the next step? He seems to have no track at all. It’s stupid, I do not know where he wants to come. It’s so damn unnecessary.


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In a text message to Expressen also targets Charlotte Perrelli harsh criticism against Ola Lustig:

“I do not have much more to say than that they have picked out their posts due to Ola Lustig has found everything. Amazingly distasteful! program manager and various other people from NRJ called middle management and wondering how they can make it up here. Slander straight off, “writes Charlotte Perrelli.

She continues:

” the Volvo is sven bought and svenskreggad, everything else drivel snack is also made up. do he is uneasy! No expertise to sit in that place he sits. “

Charlotte Perrelli says that NRJ themselves told them to go out with a retraction.

” I think this is quite embarrassing for them. just think it shows a lack of research and expertise. “

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So let Håkan Hellström’s new album – Expressen

Later this year released Håkan Hellström’s new album.

Now reveals producer and låtskrivarpartnern Björn Olsson to Gothenburg Son draws inspiration from one of Sweden’s biggest bands.

– It sounds less indie and more Abba on the new songs, he says the blog Hisingenftw.

This year, let Håkan Hellström, 41, his eighth disc. And Peppen is large. Already in April, a sample of four songs released and in an interview with the blog Hisingenftw now reveals producer and låtskrivarpartnern Björn Olsson how the album sounds.

– It sounds less indie and more Abba on the new songs, he says to Hisingenftw.

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During the summer, conducting Håkan Hellström several concerts at Ullevi and it is for these shows that the new album expected to be released. According to Björn Olsson has the great performances influenced the new material, which is also produced by Charlie Storm.

– It’s obvious that it’s more serious now with the big concerts and so, everything sounds more uppstyrt, and it is after all thanks to Charlie Storm, says Björn Olsson and continues:

– he’s been important before, but now he has become indispensable to Hakan. Everything gets a little better when he’s with. He is so damn clever, he also plays some drums and synthesizer and guitar on some of the new songs.

When Expressen, as Björn Olsson says that he can not say much more about the record.

– I can only say that it’s really fun that it will come, everyone is happy. But I can not say when it will come.

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He also develops the quote Abba-influences:

– You know where we all come from, india’s almost död.Innan Hakan Hellstrom became a solo artist, he played in Gothenburg bands Honey is Cool and Brother Daniel. So far he has released seven solo albums. The latest, “It will never be over for me”, was released in 2013.

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This sounds more like a break, Avicii – Aftonbladet

Tim “Avicii” Bergeling has some things in common with Bjorn Borg .

Both were and are world famous.

and both ended at age 26.

Borg played his last tennis match against Henri Leconte in Monte Carlo in 1983 and Bergeling puts dj cap on the shelf for this year’s tour.

Now it’s not so Avicii ends, not in the literal sense. There is no definitive with his Facebook post.

The music he releases do not. And when it comes to concerts, he lands in some form of “you should never say never.”

“Never” is a big word to use when you’re only 26 and has a relatively short career behind him. The breakthrough with the single “Levels” was for only five years ago.

However, Avicii never felt comfortable in the role of superstar. He seems to regard the public spotlight with great suspicion.

He seems to like it better as EDM vampire – in darkened and isolated environments where the computer screen is the only source of light and where he undisturbed work with his music.

Those who want to be at peace, it is not always so easy today. The rumors are growing around such people. In Aviciis case, it was enough to end by saying that he looked a bit tired in the morning on a photograph of the fans would start to fear for his life.

The fact that in the future he chooses to live a more anonymous Max Martin -tillvaro as a songwriter is not a wild guess. It would certainly suit him better.

And, sure, now he has the chance to break through, playing superstar, add and make a grand comeback before it even stands 30 candles in the icing on the birthday cake.

It is so, quickly marched, regardless of genre.

and somewhere must the entertainment industry soon invent new words for “end” and “stop”. They mean nothing anymore. Everyone does it all the time.

How about taking a break?

For a little further out in the margin also announced Yohio that he is moving to Japan. He soon makes his final concert in Sweden.



Liljenstrand: Avicii ends in absolutely the right time – Expressen

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Schlager Artist Roger Cicero has died – Expressen

Schlager Artist Roger Cicero, who performed the German contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, has died.

He died of a stroke 45 years old.

“On the whole Eurovision Song Contest family’s behalf we direct our sincere sympathy to Roger Cicero’s family and friends,” writes

The German pop star Roger Cicero made it to the Eurovision Song contest in Helsinki 2007 competition entry “Frauen regier’n die Welt”.

There, Germany ended up in 19th place.

“left behind his son “

Now, artist and actor passed away 45 years old, said

” Roger died March 24, 2016, he left behind his son who was born in 2008 “, printed it on the site.

the cause of death is said to be a stroke.

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“our sincere sympathy”

Eurovision official website sorry for the family and friends of great sadness.

“On the whole Eurovision Song Contest family’s behalf we direct our sincere sympathy to Roger Cicero’s family and friends. “

Now, Roger Cicero representatives established a charitable fund in his name:

” Children Which Cicero supported “.

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Roger Cicero’s career as an artist continued after the Eurovision Song contest, writes

the following year, the race did he also acting debut in the German film “Hilde,” and he has appeared in several television programs.

Cicero broke through already 16 years old when he appeared in television with the RIAS dance band.

His song “Für nichts auf dieser Welt” became Germany’s official song during the UEFA European Championship in 2012.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mia Parnevik: There will be no more season – Gothenburg Post

There will be only two seasons of the popular Parneviks on TV3. At least if you believe the mother Mia Parnevik, which explains why in an interview in Expressen.

– Now you feel that, no it can not. We must stop when it has been the most fun, she says to Expressen.

The reason that family has decided not to set up more seasons is that the recordings means too big stress and pressure on the family. They can not put together the schedule, says Mia Parnevik, certifying that the decision is final.

– You should never say never, I always say. But this time we actually decided, she says to Expressen.

TV3 has not given up hope for a continuation of the success. According to Susanne Nylen, press officer at TV3, nothing is decided yet.

– We are of course super happy about the success of Parneviks and would love to do a third season. But now we are focusing on to finish the season two and then, as usual, so do an evaluation and see how it looks ahead. Then make it a decision, so it is too early to say anything about, she says to Expressen.

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Johan Lindqvist: Avicii draws on the playing field – not given to tour – Göteborgs-Posten

On 20 January 1969 the Beatles made their last gig on the roof of the record company Apple’s London office. On March 29, 2016 Avicii writes on its website that the upcoming tour will be his last. It does not work anymore, just like it for various reasons did not work for The Beatles.

Most things in life moves in cycles, so even in the music industry. When record sales dropped like a stone and the industry is yet to find a system for making money on the streamed music got live music, a fantastic boost.

At the same time grew EDM scene big and strong and Avicii, along with not at least Swedish DJ colleagues, reformulated as a live experience can be. DJ stars become the new arena performers and here in Gothenburg was and is Summerburst a fantastic party.

Everything has its time and as more and more think that EDM music stagnated, it is natural to Avicii seeking new ways. He has certainly much outrättat in the studio. Spotify, Tidal and future channels will be his future scenes.

It is not just of industry and technology. In his letter to the fans again, Tim “Avicii” Bergeling several times to darkness and adversity. The young star has been ill for periods and apparently found it difficult to find a good way to take care of themselves and their health. Although Avicii is “in good company” through the history of music in terms of an unhealthy lifestyle, it is good that he listens to himself and taking the consequences.

More are sure to follow Aviciis example. Audience want to have extraordinary experiences but it is not given that the major artists on tour the same extent as in the past ten to fifteen years. Only in Sweden chooses Kent to end later this year and Håkan Hellström need not leave Gothenburg to draw fans in the tens of thousands.

Even if you can make money big money on touring costs are also dragging around giant productions, and there is obviously a price to pay in terms of time and health. More artists will tour less and less. It is becoming more common to stay in one place and allows fans to stand for travel. It would not be surprising if, for example, Justin Bieber and Rihanna future priority is to perform at a small, exclusive locations in the US and Europe and attract the audience there instead to roam from the hotel.

Thus, I think we are eventually get to see Avicii on stage again. Already before, and also during the upcoming tour, has a significant share of Aviciis shows have been “resident-gigs” where he stayed a long time in the same place. Not infrequently in Las Vegas or in Ibiza. There is also a future.

As it looks now, will be the very last gig at Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Ibiza. It’ll be a proper blow-out.

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Aviciis brother: “He really is burnt at both ends” – Aftonbladet

Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling family support star of the choice to stop touring.

His half-brother Anton Körberg explains to Aftonbladet that he has been concerned.

– It’s supposed “wonder how long will he cope?”. Now they’ve got the answer, says Körberg Nöjesbladet.

Actor and artist Anton Körberg , 38, then Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling brother, think it is the right decision of the artist to withdraw.

– He has worked so damn hard for five years at a stretch. A period was the seven gigs in three days in four different countries. When one thinks “what the hell, come again?”. It should actually be nice to see him to rest up. He really burned at both ends right now, says Anton Körberg Nöjesbladet.

Anton did not know Aviciis plans in advance, but there is nothing that shocks him. Just because his schedule was so tight for so long.

– I have absolutely no idea if he will return. Maybe it will start to itch … I have absolutely no idea, he said.

“Not been seen”

He explains that the family has been there as a support during the difficult time.

– When he’s home, we try to meet, but he tours so much. We have not seen. And the only way to be seen is to go on any tour, he said.

He has plans to meet with his brother Tim considerably more now.

– It will be nice to able to say “we’ll rent a movie today and eat some tacos?” Such a thing. For I do not think that he has done in five years. There, I look forward, says Anton.

Have you been concerned about?

– You do not know really. One can only imagine that it will be damn hard and stressful for him. Sure, it’s supposed “wonder how long will he cope?”. Now they’ve got the answer, then, he says.

“Ordinary life”

Körberg and Bergeling met a few months ago.

– After he has rested up, I think he will try to catch up with having a normal life. Or a little more normal life. For he will never be able to have a completely normal life. With usual, I mean that he will not sit in a two-room apartment somewhere with a thick televisions. He has another life, he says.

Avicii has during his career has had some health problems. In 2012 he was admitted to hospital after suffering from inflammation of the pancreas. READ ALSO PLUS The music teacher wanted to give Avicii IG – in music


Tonight’s episode of the popular TV3 series “Parneviks” was the absolute last. – Aftonbladet

Tonight’s episode of the popular TV3 series “Parneviks” was the absolute last.

The family feels that it is too stressful with the recordings, writes Expressen.

– You should never say never, I always say. But this time we actually decided, says Mia Parnevik to the newspaper.

In the evening the TV3′s program “Parneviks” season finale. It was also the last episode ever, writes Expressen.

TV3 wanted to continue with the program, but the family Parnevik have taken a joint decision to turn down.

– It’s boring, it is always sad when something ends. But there has been so much fun and you’ll surely stop when you’ve done something good, says Mia Parnevik Expressen.

The schedule can not get together

Mia Parnevik told the newspaper that recordings put too much pressure and stress on the family. Jesper is away a lot and playing golf. The children Peg, 20, and Penny, 18, left home and soon the youngest daughter Philippa, 16, to go off to college.

It is simply impossible to put together the schedule.

– You should never say never, I always say. But this time we actually decided, says Mia Parnevik Expressen.

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“Did the same thing as”

TV3′s press officer Susanne Nylen tells Aftonbladet that nothing is clear yet.

– We are very happy to have them in the channel. Now we have just finished the second season and then do an evaluation after that, to see if and how we can move forward with a third season.

But if the family refuse it will be well hard with a third season?

– I would say this, exactly like Mia said after the first season as well. This is a discussion that we will take the family Parnevik and there is nothing we will do in the public right now.

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Avicii stop touring – Göteborgs-Posten

Avicii stop touring. After 2016, the Swedish DJ star no longer perform live. Now he thanks all his fans in a long farewell letter.

It is in a personal way, the right way and the open letter as 26-year-old Tim “Avicii” Bergeling talks about his decision to quit touring. Having thanked all their friends, colleagues and professionals addressed Avicii special thanks to all the fans who have supported him over the years.

“It is your thoughts and ideas about the music that has helped me to grow and everything I have is thanks to you. “

” My path has been marked by successes but it has not been easy. I have grown up while I’ve grown as an artist, I have come to know myself better and realized that there is so much I want to do with my life. I am interested in many different things but have so little time to explore my interests, “writes Avicii and continue.

” my choices and my career, never driven by material things, although I am grateful for all the opportunities and amenities that my success has given me. I know I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to travel the world and perform, but I have too little space left for the real the person behind the artist. “

” I will never end up with the music, I will continue to talk with my fans through it, but I’ve decided that this year’s tour and shows will be my last. Let’s make sure it ends with a bang! “

” A part of me can never say never, I might come back … but it will take a while, “concludes Avicii his long letter .

It was the song Levels by Avicii had a breakthrough 2011. Since then he has lined up international hits like Hey brother, the Days, wake me up, and he has worked with several of the biggest names in the music industry.

in both 2012 and 2014 were Avicii sick for a long time after a problem with his pancreas, appendicitis and gallbladder, as a doctor in Miami surgically removed. He was forced to set up more than 25 gigs because of their health problems.

Aviciis world tour starts this Friday April 1, Dubai. After that occurs, the Swedish dJ star of including Las Vegas, Tokyo and Pildammsparken in Malmö August 5 before he concludes the summer part of his tour with a handful of gigs in Ibiza.

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