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Taubes break that did not appear in the program – Expressen

Sven-Bertil Taube was a trace at the beginning of ” So much the better, “but that the artists were informed.

The reason – which was not explained in the program – was that TV4 out of consideration for the 80-year-old took the decision to rest him from the recordings.

– I never asked for any such favors, says Taube.

At the same time forced Taube refrain from activities because of his vision problems.

Miriam Bryant’s day “so much better” TV4 started with a joint breakfast in the kitchen.

Then took Miriam, Niklas Strömstedt, Philip “Phil” Living and Ison Glasgow a bike ride to Hoburgsgubben while Lisa Nilsson and Andreas Kleerup had little time the two of you.

But Sven-Bertil Taube, 80, was not to be.

The artist was absent during both breakfast and things and it is only When participants enter the barn for lunch as Sven-Bertil pops up, then escorted by Ison.

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The reason, which is not explained in the program, was to TV4 by concern for Sven-Bertil let him have a lie-in.

– We are open to them to take a lie-or nap in the afternoon, because it’s pretty intense days. There we talked about before, and said it will be possible to it, and the decisions were made gradually. Most often, they were told the night before that applied the day after, says Martin Nygren, a producer at TV4.

– He’s not on anything for obvious reasons. We have gone away from this whole that all must be uniform, sometimes you have to take a little sleep in and get saunter up look later in the day, said Martin Nygren.

According to him, it happened also at some point be Sven-Bertil Taube to bed earlier and therefore had to perform her song until dinner.

Sven-Bertil feels that he never asked for any favors, but it was TV4 let him rest.

– It was probably more that they decided that I needed to be with. They were a little kinder to me when I was needed, I could sleep for a while maybe. But all we were more or less all the time, and sometimes did not need me.

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Taube also had to forego certain activities because of synfelet.

– The fact that I do not see that, I can not be on some things and then it was natural to let me be when I was not needed. I can not, for example cycling and such.

Miriam Bryant, who was the protagonist of the day says that the performers were not informed of the reason for Sven-Bertil Taube’s absence.

But she says Sven-Bertil had to sleep in some mornings.

– I think he got little sleep. Neither I nor anyone knew that they darkened for us, but it was only: “Yes, it was so, then it was good.” There was never any funny business, she says.

– We do not begrudge him that he got a little fairer schedule, there has of course been taught that you become more tired when you get old.


Snow White becomes a playful musical with Nanne and Yohio – Aftonbladet

Clean the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nanne Grönvall shines as wicked queen and witch. Yohio is fun as cocky prince. And Niclas Wahlgren picks up his inner Sune Mang in a double role.

The old story is a playful musical with some horror.

People Sagan is old, but here the modern languages ​​and newly written songs of different variety. Some could have got the second chance in Melodifestivalen, other sounds like house party.

Yohio already has a look and image that comes from any Japanese fantasy, and his appearance fits well in this twisted the saga. He makes his entrance late in the action, but has enough song number to make an impression.

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Fine transformation to Witch

Until then, it is the villain who dominate. In the run-up we meet the grieving king and his daughter, Snow White, whose mother died in childbirth. But then the Nanne Grönvall evil queen and take over the kingdom and the theater. She rules the roost with many spectacular costumes and magnificent songs. She has great contact with the audience quickly understand who to boo about.

Her transformation into witch is also nicely done in the middle of a song.

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tall dwarves

The Queen sends Snow White in the forest where she is murdered, the show’s nastiest moments. But instead allowed Snow White escape into the dark forest where she hides of those here called dwarfs. However, they are tall (in all directions), and all units Konrad. A talking Eva Rydberg-Skåne, a Norwegian, a sound like Sune Mang and a few more female voices.

We also get to meet some dancing rabbits, three shady ravens and the princess very large stuffed animals.

It is contagious to sit beside the child with half-open mouth and staring eyes are drawn into the theater miracle. A mix of fairytale scenography, talented actor, hand-clapping songs and general knasighet.

Va said he, did he say?

Robert Dröse as directed and processed has done a good job. Possibly he can think again on the lyrics “I am a happy shit / I’m Snow White.”

All is not gold that rhyme.


Tense anticipation of Stars Wars at the fair – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Some trade visitors has allowed interest to be a time consuming and expensive hobby. Lars-Åke Siggelin showed off his Star Wars robot that has cost thousands to build.

– Right now I build R04-LO is a new variant that comes with the new film. At best, I can run the robot at the premiere. But I do not know if I will get off from work yet, he says.

A big draw is TPS FPS game “Star Wars: Battlefront “as many visitors test performed.

But it’s not all about Star Wars. A display stand with YouTube network splay Networks attracted a large amount of visitors.

– The fans get to meet the network known Youtubers. It’s not often they get the opportunity to do so. There have been long queues there all day, says the fair’s project manager Christian Kullman.


Suddenly, it happens: Sven-Bertil Taube want to gang up – Göteborgs-Posten

Miriam Bryant invite two tattoo artists to their day so much better.

Sven-Bertil Taube responds to the naked belly and order a large clef.

Miriam Bryant shock his colleagues by challenging them to tattoo themselves in tonight So much the better.

Evert Taube tattooed never

Sven-Bertil Taube, 80, has never tattooed themselves. It was not his father Evert Taube either, despite a long life as a sailor and artist. And Taube is skeptical.

– Now it seems to be popular with tattoos again, he says in the program.

He is not alone. Initially, only Miriam Bryant himself and Ison Glasgow who accepts even a tattoo on his already vältatuerade bodies. Miriam Bryant will not give up without curls and cry out for the other participants.

“Can we get a bass clef?”

Suddenly it is as if anything comes loose. Sven-Bertil Taube open the light blue shirt and baring his stomach.

– Can you get a treble clef on the stomach? Quite so big, it should be visible, he said.

Miriam Bryant gets enthusiastic.

– I’m so proud of you, Sven-Bertil. Here we go!

Five of the seven artists take the leap

How does it end? There you will see on TV4 at 20.00 Saturday evening, but before the exercise is finished, five of seven artists have taken the leap and put himself under the needle.


The Swedish bear population | Pustervik, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten


The Swedish bear population

Pustervik, Friday

Public: Sold

Best: Party atmosphere

Worst: Cooling off the wind could sounded better

There is something naive and kindly of art and music collective The Swedish bear population from Norrköping, rather they are cuddly teddy bears than wild predators. Something they underline by appearing in pajamas similar scene costumes in front of a twinkling starry sky.

Normally, the seven members of the band but on this tour is just sex with. Perhaps that is why it feels like something is missing in the harmonies?

Well, the energy of the seven they have in all cases. Already in the first song, James from the new album, they started singing along.

The quirky lyrics is one of the bear population stronger sides. The audience knows how songs can sing more than happy with. The fact is that the band lives a little too high on singing and recognition. It hides the musical performance on stage is not always on top, especially in the biggest hit Wherever in the world I turn. Audiences bawls happy with, but I’m a little disappointed. Worse, the Cooling off the wind that does not sound good at all.

But such country from the new album of the same name sounds fancy and we also get to learn what the lyrics “I was country and you were absolutely incredible” really means, it is so clear about small-town complexes, to get to Stockholm from a small town and feel bonnig.

The Swedish bear population learning course have had very limited experience of playing instruments before their first tour and there is something charming in that they learned afterwards. But it still sounds better on record than live. And is not it typical that one of the bears forgotten how encore go and get instant scratch a bit first. “There are so many notes to keep track of.”

But the art of carpentry trallpop with choruses that stick. Lättuggat and charming even though it rattles a bit empty at times.

As a party band works they still amazing so it will be a third in the rating. The Friday crowd at Pustervik sings and jumps enthusiastically from beginning to end. During the second song, Dance music, boil the dance floor and then keeps the bears mood at top concert through. An hour including extra songs are on the short side, however.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Rock stars will play at Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, writes … – Aftonbladet

The Hellacopters reunited.

Rock stars will play at Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, writes Kulturnyheterna.

– Almost every band I’ve seen reunited been like this, you go from there, it was fun to see but they say still always that “it was better before”. We will try to make that not happen with our audience, says band member Dregen to the program.

It has been seven years since the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters bade farewell his audience at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. Now they have decided to reunite in the original set for a concert of this summer’s Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, writes “Culture News”.

The band will also be releasing their debut album again.

Sweden Rock Festival will be held June 8 to 11 in 2016.


Tove’s tears – after his best friend had to leave “Idol” – Aftonbladet

They found each other in “Idol” – but after the two friends hung loosely received Ida da Silva leaving the program.

Then came the tears.

– It is very heavy, says Tove Burman.

In the sixth Friday the final of the “Idol” was written between Ida da Silva and Tove Burman . The vote was an emotional process for the two friends, and when it became clear that Ida da Silva forced to leave the program broke down both.

– It’s really hard to Ida got to go. The longer it has gone in the contest and when pitted against those that have been closest to, it becomes so terribly heavy. We are in this bubble and when someone torn out of this bubble becomes really like this person disappears, says Tove Burman Nöjesbladet continues:

– I’m sorry, it does not feel good at all. Me and Ida came so close and always pepped each other. We had a special relationship.

Do you miss her?

– Yes, very much. We’ve shared everything with each other during this trip.

“Did not think I would start bellowing”

Ida da Silva’s tears did not stop flowing

– The is heavy, said a weeping Ida da Silva.

– It’s just empty, I have not really taken it in, but it will come soon. It was incredibly difficult to stand against Tove.

Meanwhile, says Ida da Silva that she is at it, she would smoke.

– It was so strange, we sat on the couch just before the transmission would start and then I said to her that we will hang loosely, and I go. And so it was so.

– I thought I would start bellowing that I was hanging loosely but it was because I saw her standing there.

Now, Ida da Silva do everything in his power to Tove Burman proceed.

– I will vote for her all the time, she’s great. It feels great that she went on.

What do you do now?

– I do not know, I have to land. It is so difficult for you have not prepared themselves to go out. It will bang on. So now it home and work on. Home to Helsingborg. God yes.


Simon Zion: I have Västerbotten in the back! – Sweden’s Radio

Last week, he was criticized by the entire Idol jury. But Simon takes it with a grain of salt and feel the audience’s strong support.

Tonight is the time for the Friday finals in pop culture. Tonight’s theme is country and former Umebon Simon Zion should sing First Aid Kit’s “My Silver Lining”.

– I have my own version, I have filed to own guitar accompaniment and make it a little more like Johnny Cash says Simon Zion.


Reluctant tvillingfar lost in HD – Aftonbladet

Legal. When the twins were born wanted the father terminate fatherhood – he consented only to an embryo when the couple would get help with IVF.

Now you have the unique dispute walked all the way to the Supreme Court (HD) and paternity remains.

The married couple agreed that the woman would undergo IVF abroad. She traveled to Latvia and received two embryos to increase the chance of getting pregnant, even though the man explained to the then wife that he only agreed to an embryo was planted.

In court, the woman confirmed she is the spouse’s willingness transferred two embryos instead of one during treatment.

In December 2012 born twins.

The right of parents

The father said that consent only was an embryo does not mean that consent has been withdrawn, considered Malmö District Court and referred to the law the fundamental objective that every child should have the right to two parents. A ruling which has now been established by both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeal reasoned that the man committed the paternity of a child or children as twin births can not be excluded. The consent highlighted not only because the woman asked the clinic to transfer two fertilized eggs and not the reasons the Supreme Court.

– One might think that she has departed from the agreement, but in that case it is rather a test of their relationship, instead of accessing it through judicial channels. And it depends on the interests of the children of the father prevails, says family lawyer Sophie Palmgren Paulsson who followed the case from a distance.

– This judgment will hopefully get the result that you become extra vigilant on this with the consent of the such as how a possible withdrawal should be done.

Unique judgment

The judgment emphasizes HD to children’s interest in having a father outweighs man’s unwillingness to become the father of twins.

– It’s great that HD has tried this. It has resonated in a clear way, stressing the child’s interest in fatherhood, says Palmgren Paulsson.


She moves to the “Twin Peaks” – Vasterbotten Courier

Jennifer Jason Leigh is the latest in a line of actors linked to the new season of the cult series “Twin Peaks,” the deadline.

Even Peter Sarsgaard (“Black Mass”), Amanda Seyfried (“Ted 2″), Robert Knepper (“Prison Break”) and Balthazar Getty (“Alias”) will participate in the TV series set in a small town with the same name.

Jason Leigh has previously starred in the TV series “Revenge” and “Weeds” and in such films as “The Machinist” and “Road to Perdition”.

The recording of the season three of the “Twin Peaks” has begun and the new sections is expected to premiere 2017.


Slowly and gracefully in “Under the cherry trees” – Radio Sweden

Japanese director and Cannes veteran Naomi Kawase is current with the movie “Under the cherry trees,” a film she also competed at the Cannes Festival in the spring. Catherine Wikars have seen it.

Actually, this film, as in the original be called something like sweet red bean paste. “Under the cherry trees” is so general, as a Japanese cliché, while it is precisely under the cherry trees that this friendship sprout between the older woman Tokue seeking work and Sentaro, the man in the street kitchen that makes dorayaki-pancakes with bean paste which he purchases finished.

And it is very slow on one of those, at least initially devastating attractive way, the first hour of the film makes the right bönpastan, the beans should cook for several hours, must feel welcome, they have traveled a long way, from the fields.

Then they have to get used to the sweetness, like an arranged marriage, it is, hurrying slowly. For a long time, I think that’s what the movie is about, this slow cooking, before the birds waking up. But that deepened the story, what is the bony hands she has, and it turns out that she is in more than fifty years hidden away in an institution, a kind of sanctuary for the lepers.

A shame disorder. And perhaps it is also the captivity that unites them, whether an external and internal. For although he carries his burden, says: I do not deserve to listen to others’ stories. And as the seasons succeed each other as meet and separated people to maybe meet again. For the cherry trees will bloom again after that. And there’s a reason for everything. And a film’s action may as well pass unnoticed among the trees. It is slowly and gracefully and sometimes plattitydartat boring. As life perhaps.


Bieber Oslo Concert – a world first – Aftonbladet


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New Bond looks like before – Swedish Radio

So is it once again time for a premiere of a James Bond film, the 24th order, called the Spectre and the director is just like the previous film Skyfall, Sam Mendes, and the man who plays Bond – James Bond for the fourth time Daniel Craig.

If the previous film, Skyfall, marked some sort of effort to make a little blacker, more unpleasant Bond, so Spectre a return to a more playful, småironisk and as it should be, completely illogical Bond film.

I can see how the Franchise Company Bond movies, where Ian Fleming’s heir sitting around a gigantic conference table and sour is spinning his pen between his fingers, said: No thank you, Mr. Mendes . No deeper dive into some kind of seriousness, giving the audience what they expect: entertainment, and it should look expensive out.

And we, the prologue, mini history of its inception, this time set in Mexico City is an orgy of rhythmic film narrative where svenskholländske Hoyte van Hoytemas photo together with Mendes directing deliver inflated action where either the number of extras or expenses for clothes and props are stored on, the computer animation with the game so deceived you anyway me.

Meanwhile, the Mendes on a little thinner ice when he chooses to go back to any more of the ironic wink DEVICES Bond, for which we have been so many times. What remains is just kind without work. How can we do it this time .. it looks well cool out?

Well it does, and Christoph Walz he makes his patented villain at that sleezy way that only he can, but he got somebody directing? French Lea Seydoux shows that feminism has gone forward, in that she can even order their own vodka martini empty get Bond to say – I take a similar one.

Do you buy disjointed stories, ticking screens that display when the houses will be blown, and a hero who survives? Well, then you have two and a half hour decent posture in front of you. We had hoped for a little more content is also a little more disappointed.

Gunnar Bolin


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Swedish Radio-profile forced to stop working – Aftonbladet

Today, she is one of the most popular profiles on Swedish Radio P1.

But Catherine Hahr , 54, has had to fight against all odds. Meanwhile, the School of Journalism, she suffered a sudden the regnbågshinneinflammation.

31 years old, she became blind. First reaction was that she did not want to live anymore.

– To take my life. The reaction was that life was over, that blindness was not an option and I was there. It’s been really tough. I had to start working for free for taking me in from below.

“Like sitting in jail”

But she succeeded. Thanks to the accompanying help from the municipality, she has been able to work and live as normally as possible. Her “Catherine Hahr face” has become a favorite of many listeners.

But after 20 years came the news that the municipality pulls out her escorts, she told SVT.

– It was in late July and again last week. You get a registered letter “Unfortunately, you will not get help.”

This means that she can not leave home, let alone carry out their work.

How did you then?

– “it is finished”. A life without being part of the community what it is for life, it’s like being in jail.

Now she has appealed the matter to court.

Katarina Hahr wonder how the decision goes together with the politicians talk about the importance of everyone to work.

– We talk all the time about how important it is for everyone to work. But people with disabilities is not talking about, we are no longer. But I found. What should I do now?

She wonders why she must pay tax if she can not take part of the safety net that will give everyone the same opportunities to have a family.

– Then they get Well give me a tax break so that I can hire someone yourself, or how should I do? The law says that we have the right to participate in society on equal terms. We have signed the UN human rights of people with disabilities shall be entitled to attend and have civil rights. Then I say: bullshit. If not, I can get an escort when I’m not worth as much. Is my job worth anything? I am worth as much as others? Should I participate in democracy or not? Previously counted blindness as a disability that limits your life, now think that it is not there anymore.

They tell you to fend for yourself?

– Tell me to go out for lunch, it’s clear that I can not do it yourself. Or I’ll buy clothes for my son. Live, all the things that everybody does all the time.

She believes that the change came two years ago.

– I have had the great care managers in all the years and so they switched and then it became a halt.

You do not know what changed?

– My problem has rather become worse and my need of help has increased.

“This is an overall assessment ‘

Katarina Hahr has given SVT authority, but His Wallöf , operations planner on the Kungsholmen district administration in Stockholm, would not comment on the case.

When Nöjesbladet reaches him, it is the same answer.

If a person, in general, need escorts to work, it must get it?

– There’s a giant difficult question you ask me now, because it gets so categorically. It is clear that people with disabilities are able to work and earn an income … it gets tricky. It is clear that people should be able to work in möjligste extent but this is a helhelsbedömning.

And where have you made this assessment can be observed.

– It is clear that the starting point is that the person to be out of work even with a disability.

This is not about some cutbacks or changes in the regulations?

– nejnej, absolutely no such thing. No, it does not.

Can you imagine that if you pull into a person’s contact person, do you mean that the person can do their work anyway?

– I will not comment more than this.

“There is some now”

Katarina Hahr not aware that she had no explanation for why the escort disappeared for 20 years.

– Previously, I belonged to the provision, LLS, which is that you should have the right to a good levnadsstanadard. Now they say that I do not belong to what they call “personal community”. What they suddenly want to do is put across to the Social Services Act. Which should have a “reasonable” standard of living and then you are not entitled to more than food and shelter. Not jobs, to move, then put yourself in the same position as 94-year-olds. They are trying to hand over responsibility to my husband who is pursuing workers and would go under.

They change words section of the law?

– Yes, but they do not talk about it. I do believe that this is a way to save money. There are lots of blind people who are now losing his companion under LSS, the ongoing anything now. The municipality’s response has been horrible.


– You are treated like a cupboard. It’s like talking to a wall. “We have new guidelines,” they say

As they say therefore that there are new guidelines that His Wallöf says it is not.

– Yes.

“SKL never liked the legislation”

Leif Jeppsson , legal advisor at the Visually Impaired Association, agrees that image.

– There is a problem that lasted for many years. From the beginning, we got through quite easily, since the practice has been tightened at all times. It’s almost as if you can touch a finger is considered one does not have the right to help. Then it does not matter that you had help in the 20 years before.

The problem lies in the LSS first paragraph, where the third person circuit includes persons who have “considerable difficulties in daily life and hence an extensive need for support service “. The question is what is “significant difficulties”.

Although the LSS are not reformulated ceaseless test cases where the Court interpreted the law more stringent.

– Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) has never liked this legislation. They work very legally to help municipalities to get away from this. It uses the argument that the person can attend to their personal hygiene, for example. The bill is also about difficulties in moving and it has of course the visually impaired, especially in places where you have not been before, says Leif Jeppsson.

When a person is not covered by LSS applies municipalities rather than the Social Services Act which means that they can charge for the service.

Katarina Hahr see only one way forward: to win his appeal and get their lives back. For she is not rich enough to pay for escorts yourself.

– I do not sleep. I’m thinking of how I have the energy to work even more, with nothing on the weekends.

How are you today?

– Poorly. The weekend was tough. But nobody cares if I go in, I have to fight and show what it has become. This is new in Sweden today.

Footnote: Aftonbladet have searched Labour Minister Ylva Johansson (s) and her cabinet minister and Chairman Raimo Pärssinen (s) of the Labour Committee for more general comments, but without result.


Mauro Scocco gets special prize – Swedish Radio

Music Publishers honorary award goes to musician and songwriter Mauro Scocco.

The daily Dagens Nyheter.

The justification is that “he makes us long and dream of a different world.”

Mauro Scocco began his career in 1980 when the band was formed Ratata.

His first solo album came in 1988 and included the song “Sarah”. Last summer, he released the single “This moment”. Additionally, he has written songs for artists like Lisa Nilsson, Peter Jöback and Monica Zetterlund.

Music Publishers Award was established in 2003 and awarded this year on 6 November in Stockholm.


Twin Daddy can not renounce paternity – Swedish Radio

The man from Malmo who wanted to renounce the paternity of her twins to be considered the father of the children. There, the Supreme Court decided today.

The married couple had twins after receiving assistance abroad with so-called in vitro fertilization. The woman received two embryos to increase the chance of getting pregnant, but when it became the twins did not want the man to accept paternity because he had only agreed to the transfer of a fertilized egg.

Both the District Court and Court of Appeal has previously decided that the father will continue to be the father of the children. Now, states thus the Supreme Court verdict because it believes that consent is valid with regard to the interests of the children to have a father.

The goal has been described as unique and is also the first of its kind. But Svante Johansson O, judges of the Supreme Court, said in a statement that this type of case is expected to become increasingly common as the medical knowledge.


Another arrested for multiple robberies in the night – Göteborgs-Posten

A total of four persons reported to the police that they have been robbed during the night. A pickpocket will be arrested on suspicion of muggings.

– A person shall be arrested for muggings. Probably he has been singled out by someone says Anki Larsson, duty officer at the police Western Region.

The first alarm about the robbery came 0:11 after a man with a knife should have tried threatening to their mobile and money from notifier. The man should, however, have only come across a pack of cigarettes. Neither the notifier or the perpetrator remains when the police come to the scene.

0:29, a man should have gotten rid of the mobile phone when he was distracted. No one is arrested for murder.

1:01 calling someone who should have been robbed outside the ER at Sahlgrenska. Police later found not the one who alerted but later alerted a person of a similar event from Olivedal. Police suspect that there may be the same event.

3:02 Grips a pickpocket in Brunnsparken after stealing from a guy.

It is unclear whether there is any connection between the robberies.