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Bard broke TV4′s rules – gave Matilda Melin golden ticket back – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard broke the TV 4′s rules.

Although Matilda Melin already come sixth in the race he let her be with again.

– This came to our attention only when Matilda already been asked by Alexander says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of “Idol.”

In tonight’s “Idol “on TV4 was Matilda Melin, 19, who came sixth in” Idol “in 2013, a new golden ticket without even having to audition. Viewers got to see the Alexander Bard , 54, and Dominika Peczynski 44 tap the home of a shocked Matilda Melin and give her the joyful news.

– Because it’s my last year in the “Idol” -juryn hell with the rules, says Alexander Bard in the program.

Actually, one must not seek to “Idol” if have already been involved in the program and placed among the top 20.

– It feels great to be the first to come as far as can be with the “Idol” twice. For me it’s a huge honor to himself Bard, the toughest jury member, turns up and wants me back, says Matilda Melin.

A total surprise

Matilda Melin would get a new chance to win the “Idol” came as a complete surprise to both her and TV4. The day when the program was recorded told her parents that a broker would come and look at the house.

– But it was not. But there was a whole television crew. At first I thought they were there for an interview. Then I saw Bard and Dominicans. Then I thought: “What is the matter?”. I was really shocked, she says.

TV4 was equally surprised.

– This came to our attention only when Matilda was asked by Alexander and why we chose to make an exception from the rules says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of “Idol.”

Want to be greatest in the world

Then she went out of “Idol 2013″, she struggled to keep artistic dream alive. She has performed at home, doing some concerts in Gothenburg and has been in Stockholm and written music. Now that she has a new golden ticket in hand Matilda dare to dream big again.

– I want to release an album and obviously want to be the biggest in the world. It’s great to be on stage for the rest of my life and feed me about it, Matilda says Melin.


Three allows you to stream Spotify free – New Technology


Three give music listeners sour cream in their subscriptions for mobile data and mobile broadband. This means that the amount of data consumed when the music is streamed from the three music services Spotify, tidal or Deezer will not be deducted from the customer’s monthly pot.

This applies to all company subscriptions are prepaid, but might make the greatest difference for those who have a subscription with a bit of data. Tres lowest data pool is 0.5 gigabytes per month, equivalent to over 100 hours of music listening on mobile phones.

According to a survey made by the company with the help of the Youth Barometer holds 33 percent of the Swedes back to music listening to the fear that consuming too much of their surfing pot. Now hope Three to calm the turmoil and at the same time might attract some additional customers on the purchase. If the offer may be relevant also for its prepaid customers, the company’s CIO Kamran Alemdar not answer today.

It might happen later, he says.

When it comes to other music than the three available from the start, so it may be necessary depending on whether there is interest and if it is technically possible for three to sort out the streaming music from another data transmission from the service.

Try our all-digital newspaper Digital Technology – currently 6 numbers for 149 crowns!


“Gentlemen” can get Nordic Council Film Prize – Swedish Radio

The movie Gentlemen, directed by Mikael Marcimain is nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2015. The winner will be chosen on 27 October.

Gentlemen, by director Mikael Marcimain and author JARGONISTIC compete against Dane Bille August’s “Holy Heart” and the Icelandic Dagur Kári’s “Fusi”, the Norwegian director Ole Giaevers film “Against Nature” and the Finnish director JP Valkeapää “They have escaped”

The winner receiving 430,000 SEK in addition to the honor, will be announced on October 27 during a ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the Nordic Council’s other prizes will be awarded.

– We are very excited and proud of Gentlemen has been nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize. I feel honored for the film and for high performance and dedicated film crew who received the Klas Östergrens original tale to the silver screen, says Mikael Marcimain in a press release.

The jury said: Gentlemen takes us on a meandering story where perspective and identities as fluid as the boundary between dream and fantasy. Concern for the film’s various media together for an outstanding personal, playful and self-reflective works.


Horror master Wes Craven is dead – Radio Sweden

Horror master Wes Craven, known for the classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is dead. He was 76 years old.

“Nightmare on Elm Street” came in 1984 and Freddie Krueger has scared generations of sleep, for fear that Freddie will your nightmares and kills you. The great movie database IMDb writes that Wes Craven invented the youth horror genre again with the film “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

It is also he who made the “Scream” series. In the 90s ran it around a man in a mask on the film, and killed the people in that way like horror movies usually do. It is often said that it was a tribute to the early horror films, and he resurrected slasherfilmer. Scream films will be a great success and record millions of crowns.

In the middle of the Scream Producer force could he get to film in a completely different genre. Drama “Music of the Heart” gave the actress Meryl Streep an Oscar, it’s just one of a number of famous actors like Wes Craven worked with.

During his career, he has made more than 50 films, most as a director. but those that have recorded by far the most money is the Scream films, and this year he has also been the executive producer of the series of the same name.

In the movies play David Arquette police and Dewey makes his probably most famous role and becomes a star. He opened a twitter account after it was known that Wes Craven gone away, only to say how deeply saddened he was. “Wes was a great man and I loved him very much” wrote David Arquette. While Courtney Cox starred in the films and wrote that “the world lost a great man today. My friend and mentor Wes Craven.”

Lots of people have already expressed their sadness on social media. They thank you for nightmares and for entertainment. Wes Craven’s family wrote in a statement, as BuzzFeed quote, Craven died at his home in Los Angeles after battling against brain cancer, and he died surrounded by love, in the presence of his family. Wes Craven was 76 years.


Here are the winners of the MTV Video Music Awards – Expressen

Kanye West in the presidential election, Nicki Minaj called Miley Cyrus a “bitch” and an acclaimed tight jumpsuit. Here are the snack ice and the winners of the MTV Video Music Awards.

On Sunday night went this year’s MTV Video Music Awards take place. One of the artists who won prizes were Nicki Minaj for her video for the song “Anaconda”.

But the star was not content with being happy.

When she would receive the award she took to give singer Miley Cyrus a a sneer.

– Your bitch, she called her.

The reason must be a Cyrus recently expressed negative feelings about Minaj in an interview in the newspaper New York Times.

“Nicki Minaj is not very nice and not very nice. I know you can make it seem like I do not understand her, because I am a white pop star. But I can statistics. I know what happens in the world. And to be honest, I do not think that MTV did it on purpose. “

The last-mentioned of Miley Cyrus quote refers to Nicki Minaj dissed all nominated for” Best Video “MTV gala before because she believed that only” slim girls nominated. “

READ MORE: Kanye West VMA:” Shall stand for election “

Even Kanye West made a strong statement at the gala.

He received the special prize “Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award”.

– I will stand for election in 2020, said hip-hop co-star in his acceptance speech.

Performed live on stage – for the first time in over two years – did the teen idol Justin Bieber with a flying numbers.

Nicki minaj anger towards Miley Cyrus at the gala

The evening’s most acclaimed apparel (except Miley Cyrus who underwent countless freaked outfits) bar model Amber Rose. She came to the gala in a tight jumpsuit covered in the “things she has been called,” she told MTV’s broadcast.

Over her whole body was words like “whore”, “end” and “gold Digger “in large letters.

Net Video: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Best Male Video: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”

Best Female Video: Taylor Swift – “Blank space”

Artist to watch: Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”

Best Hip Hop Video: Nicki Minaj – “Anaconda”

Best Pop Video: Taylor Swift – “Blank space”

Best Rock Video: Fall Out Boy – “Uma Thurman”

Best Collaboration: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Song of summer: 5 Seconds of Summer – “She’s Kinda Hot”

Best Video with a social message: Big Sean ft. Kanye West and John Legend – “One Man Can Change the World”

Best director: Kendrick Lamar – “Alright” (Colin Tilley & amp; The Little Homies)

Best art direction: Snoop Dogg – “So Many Pros” (Jason Fijal)

Best choreography: OK Go – “I Won ‘ t Let You Down “(OK Go, air: you and Mori Harano)

Top filming: Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Never Catch Me” (Larkin Sieple)

Best Editing: Beyoncé – “7/11″ (Beyoncé, Ed Burke, Jonathan Wing)

Best special effects: Skrillex & amp; Diplo – “Where Are U Now” with Justin Bieber (Brewer)


Kanye West VMA: “Shall stand for election” – Expressen


It was just as messy as an MTV gala is expected to be.

The night’s main person of the year’s Video Music Awards was Kanye West who received the special award “Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award”.

In his acceptance speech fit he was about to launch himself as – America’s next president.

– I will stand for election in 2020, said the hip-hop star in his thundering speech.

“Now we know what happens when Kanye’m at,” joked the evening’s host Miley Cyrus after the hip-hop icon received its special price.

Well, Kanye West admitted he smoked grass before he got up on stage to receive the statuette from none other than Taylor Swift – singer, he stole the show from the right VMA awards six years ago.

– I will often the first time I met you, said Kanye West and directed to Swift during a moment when he seemed remorseful.

– When I’m at a baseball game and 60,000 in the audience booing at when passing the middle head.

The story is well known. Kanye West jumped up on stage while Taylor Swift just would like to thank for her music video prize in 2009. He stole her microphone and exclaimed that “Beyoncé made one of the best music videos ever.”

Did svammeltal

Kanye’s own speech last night seemed more like waffle, where he was one moment looked to be about to cry, and the next was directly defiant against both the organizer MTV and the industry at large.

He ended with the comment:

– You may have already figured it out now that I am here, but I will stand in the presidential election in 2020.

The evening included other dramatic sequences – as when Nicki Minaj went on the attack against the landlady of Miley Cyrus.

It was after having received the prize for the hip-hop video of Minaj would leave the floor to Cyrus again.

– And Now , back to this bitch who had many opinions about me in the press this week, what happens Miley ?, exclaimed Minaj with ice-cold eyes.

That she was referring to was an interview Miley Cyrus made the New York Times, She claimed that the artist colleague was rude and a bad loser when she was nominated for a VMA category for best choreography.

Bieber appeared

– I was not the price in 2008, it did nothing, it’s just a price !, responded Miley Cyrus in the night, as if to re-emphasize that Minaj was fainthearted.

Among the night appearances stack Macklemore and Ryan Lewis out with his new song “Downtown “. Performed live on stage – for the first time in over television year – did the teen idol Justin Bieber with a flying numbers.

The evening’s most acclaimed apparel (except Miley Cyrus who underwent countless freaked outfits) bar model Amber Rose . She came to the gala in a tight jumpsuit covered in the “things she has been called,” she told MTV’s broadcast.

Over her whole body was words like “whore”, “end” and “gold Digger “in large letters.

The evening’s other big winners were Taylor Swift took home the prize for video and year popvideo, both for” Bad Blood “- a song produced by Max Martin and Shellback.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Director Wes Craven has died – Aftonbladet

The American film director Wes Craven has died.

He is also known for having written the screenplay for and directed the horror film Nightmare on Elm Street.

On Sunday, he fell asleep in his home in Los Angeles.

The film director was suffering from brain cancer and lost on Sunday the fight against the disease, reports The Hollywood Reporter .

The news was released by his family. They were with him when he passed away at his home in Los Angeles.

As a filmmaker, he will always be remembered for films like The Last House on the Left, A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream.

Wes Craven was 76 years old.


Criticism Storm against Chrissie Hynde following statement about rape – Today’s News







A statement on the abuse of the rock band The Pretenders frontman Chrissie Hynde has aroused strong reactions in social media this weekend.




A statement on the abuse of the rock band The Pretenders frontman Chrissie Hynde has aroused strong reactions in social media this weekend.

In an interview in The Sunday Times says 63-year-old Hynde how she was young was sexually abused by a member of a motorcycle gang. And that, says Hynde, was partly her own fault.

– Whichever way you look at it was the one who did this and it was my responsibility. (…) Motorcycle gangs do so here. One can not paint themselves into a corner and then ask themselves whose brush was. It was I who was naive, she says.



On the question of whether the motorcycle gang exploited her vulnerability respond Hynde: “It is no secret that whoever plays with fire gets burnt,” and continues:

– If I walk around drunk in my underwear, whose fault is it then if not mine?

The interview has stirred up criticism storm online and condemned even by the British organization Victim Support, which supports victims .

– Victims of sexual violence should never feel, or be made to feel that they are responsible for these heinous crimes, said the organization’s president, Lucy Hastings to The Guardian.






Musicians requires stricter legislation – Västerbotten Folkblad

Entertainment News. Record companies are acting like pirates and outsource the artists music streaming services without fair compensation. The mean Musicians’ Union, which now requires the government to tighten up the legislation.

Musicians and performers should not have to sue record label to obtain fair compensation for their music. It writes the representatives of the Musicians ‘Union in an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, before the lawsuit starts on Monday, where the union is suing the record labels Warner and MNW.

The lawsuit is about the record companies’ rights to lay musicians and performers music streamed music services and what compensation the artists actually should get.

– Record companies want to maximize their profits and we go to court because we do not manage to regulate this themselves. The companies have so much power and there is so much money in circulation that artists have too small a portion of said Musicians’ Union Chairman Jan Granvik said.

Strengthened legislation

According Granvik the mood has two purposes:

– It is quite unreasonable that one should have to sue to reasonable fees and to go to court again and again. But we also want to get to the strengthening of legislation, he said.

Earlier this year, settled a similar dispute in Finland, where the rock band Hurriganes got right to the record label giant Universal. In that case, the record company could not demonstrate that there was no valid agreement to use the band’s music digitally, but referred to practices and tacit agreements. According to the Musicians’ Union, a similar Swedish judgments mean that about half of the Swedish music that exists today on Spotify be outsourced illegally.

TT has sought Warner for comment.


Error winner was called the “Crystal” – Aftonbladet

The confusion was total in the “Crystal” gala.

Error television program was named the winner in the category entertainment program.

– Okay. TV3 might want to practice a bit before they do live galas, tweeted Jessica Almenäs from the live broadcast of the gala.

After the Eurovision-winner Mans Zelmerlöw will distribute Year award Entertainment programs during the “crystal”, he reads the “Let’s Dance”.

But it was impossible that they should have won because previously revealed that it is “Idol” and “On the Trail” that has received the most votes by the jury.

Zelmerlöw bursts out laughing shortly after he read the envelope. The confusion is total during the gala.

David Hellenius and Jessica Almenäs is still on the scene.

– As it goes on TV3 put it up three stuff. We are so happy that it was wrong, said David Hellenius.

– After those two selected was somewhat unexpected, says Jessica Almenäs.

“Thank you for watching strange broadcast “

Pär Lernström and his” Idol “-Gang will then be up on stage to receive the award.

– Thank you for the watching this strange transmission. Congratulations “Let’s Dance” to the other site of that is about where you end up, says Lernström.

Rachel Mohlin says that there may be a viral moment when the clip can find on the net.

– what we just saw is a lovely clicks rocket, says Mohlin.

Bornebusch adds jokingly blame on Mans Zelmerlöw.

– It was great to Måns not able to hand out this award. It was, of course, “Idol” explains Bornebusch.

Nöjesbladet reader speculates live chat if the event is planned or a miss.

Error in the order with the glassworks

– Måns did it on purpose. Guaranteed. Sabba for TV3. Though production is crap, writes the signature Claes.

Later Nöjesbladet photo evidence of benefit Zelmerlöw actually read out what was in the envelope, which was “Let’s Dance “.

Jessica Almenäs took the opportunity to tweet from space:

– Okay. TV3 might want to practice a bit before they do live galas she wrote.

– Måns take this like the pro he is with a smile. It was the wrong program in the envelope. It is extremely regrettable and due to the human factor, writes Susanne Nylen , Head of MTG TV, in an email to Aftonbladet.

According Nylén made the error long before the gala was broadcast and depends on an error in the order with the factory making crystals.

– The communication between the order to the glassworks was a human error that followed all the way down into the envelope, writes Svante Stockselius , Kristallens Chairman .


Jan-Olov Andersson about their “crystal” -favoriter – Aftonbladet

This year’s program (appointed by television viewers)

“Ack Värmland” , TV 4, “Breaking news” , Channel 5 “Morran and Tobias” , SVT, “Parneviks” , TV 3.

Four good program series, really quite hopeless to compare. But “Ack Värmland” is a comedy series that grew for each section. So wonderfully dramatic in the mix of humor and seriousness.

This year’s entertainment program

“Idol” , TV 4, “Let’s Dance “, TV 4, Melodifestivalen, SVT, ” Ninja Warrior “, Channel 5, ” On the Trail “, SVT.

“On the Trail”. Eurovision Song Contest attracts many curious viewers, but it always sovereign quiz has, quite rightly, a few million viewers, almost manically follow each program.

This year’s female presenters (appointed by television viewers)

Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer , Channel 5, Gry Forsell , TV 4, Malin Gramer , TV3, Sanna Nielsen , SVT.

If they are host in the traditional sense know in hell, but … Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer communicate effectively all possible feelings when they pull out on the road trip the US or Europe.

This year’s male host (appointed by television viewers)

David Hellenius , TV 4, Erik Ekstrand and Mackan Edlund , TV 6, Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson , Channel 5, Lasse Kronér SVT.

Lasse Kronér. Just gets better and better in their own concept “Doobidoo” and is able to maintain energy even in semi-dull “Smarter than a fifth grader.”

This year’s sports television profile (appointed by television viewers)

André Pops , SVT, Anna Brolin , TV 4, Frida Nordstrand , TV3, Roberto Vacchi , Eurosport.

André Pops. Seems tireless, how many long broadcasts he does.

Net TV personality

Dragon , “Bolibompa” SVT Gunilla Persson , “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, TV3, Marcus Oscarsson , Nyhetsmorgon, TV 4, Mia Parnevik , “Parneviks” TV 3 Sefik Ibrahimovic , “Ibrahimovic from Rosengård more more than one goal,” Kanal 5.

This year’s new category recorded. How to compare dad Ibrahimovic’s interest in his son’s football career, with Gunilla Persson’s follies? Thanks to his curiosity about everything and everyone, his warmth, charm and humor, I vote Mia Parnevik.

This year’s TV drama

“Blue Eyes” , SVT, “Earth Shots’ , SVT, “Digicode 1525″ , SVT, “torpedoes” , TV 4, “Viva Hate” , SVT.

“Earth Shots’. A daring concept that could be both canon and turkey, but got a reasonably cheap “Twin Peaks” -substitut.

This year’s female actress in a TV production

Christine Meltzer , “partying”, Channel 5, Lena Endre , “Viva Hate”, SVT, Mia Skäringer , “Oh Värmland”, TV 4, Moa Gammel , “Earth Shots’, SVT, Rachel Mohlin ,” partying “, Kanal 5.

Moa Gammel. Here you can talk about an actor who carries an entire series, a character who probably was not simply to grasp, so strange as the whole series.

Best Male Actor in a TV production

Adam Lundgren “Blue Eyes”, SVT, David Sundin , “Not OK”, TV3, Goran Ragnerstam , “Earth Shots’, SVT, Johan Petersson ,” partying “, Channel 5, Peter Andersson ,” Viva Hate “, SVT.

Johan Petersson. Well, he’s “just” a comedian who jokes and “have to”. But he does so damn good, whether he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fredrik Reinfeldt, or anyone else.

This year’s comedy programs

“Ack Värmland” TV 4, “Not OK” , TV3, “Full pattering” , SVT, “Morran and Tobias” , SVT, “partying” , Kanal 5.

“Full pattering”. The sisters Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöf ventured out in the crowd, dared to be political and feminist, but never forgot to be damn fun too.

This year’s reality show

“Farmer Wants a Wife “, TV 4, ” The Dictator “ UR ” All of Sweden bake ‘, Seven, “Paradise Hotel” TV 3, “Reality Stars in the Castle” , TV 3.

It should be understood SVT’s “Everything for Sweden” to win every year. And backlit pictures of cornfields and Swedish love songs may stand me up in his throat, but … it is impressive to function as well feel good television year after year.

This year’s reality TV

“Mountains and Meltzer in Europe” , Channel 5, “Klippan karaokecup” , SVT, “Happy Street” TV 4 “Parneviks” , TV3, “Are we going to end?” , Kanal 5.

“Parneviks”. Thought it would tire after receiving the go hussesyn in luxury villa in Florida, but the friendly and curious family produced lovely and unexpected encounters. As a policy the talking between Ohly and Samir Badran.

This year lifestyle program

“All the photographers’ , SVT, ” Angry carpenter VIP “, Channel 5, ” Married at first sight “, SVT, ” Historieätarna “, SVT, ” Husdrömmar “ SVT.

“Historieätarna”. Although their longörer. And Erik Haag baby chatter becomes tedious in the long run. But it is an original, fun concept, well executed.

This year’s documentary program

“Astrid” , SVT, ” Parting “, SVT, ” The Hunger “, SVT, ” Brottskod “, TV3, ” Ibrahimovic from Rosengård with more than one goal ” , Kanal 5.

Astrid Lindgren series gave certainly lots of new angles on both her as a person and writer.

This year’s factual and current affairs programs

“Breaking news” , Channel 5, “Whoever may be” , SVT, “Devil’s Dance” SVT, “Fatherland” , SVT, “The programs that changed television” , UR.

“Breaking news”. Although it contains little too much nonsense and drivel, it is impressive to four days a week looking so delightfully crazy angles on everything in this world. Both large and small.

This year’s review

“Documents from within: Burn a car” , SVT, “Mission Review: Art Hoax “, SVT, ” Mission Review: Municipality examiners in Österåker “, SVT, ” Cold facts: Slave in Sweden “, TV 4, ” Troll Hunters “, TV 3rd

ought to vote for well-made” Burn a car “made by my neighbor Bosse Lindquist, but I was more upset by the program if they myglande politicians in the Österåker.

This year’s children’s and youth programs

“Bacillakuten” , SVT, “Extreme Moment” SVT, “Christmas Calendar: Pirate Cat’s Secret” , SVT, “Celebrity Babysitter” , SVT, “Life in Letter Wonderland” , UR.

With teenagers have left this genre behind. But “Celebrity Sitter” has had quite a few funny moments.


Critic Storm against Chrissie Hynde – Vaesterbotten Folkblad

A statement on the abuse of the rock band The Pretenders frontman Chrissie Hynde has aroused strong reactions in social media this weekend.

In an interview in The Sunday Times says 63-year-old Hynde how she was young was sexually abused by a member of a motorcycle gang. And that, says Hynde, was partly her own fault.

– No matter how you look at it, it was me who did this and it was my responsibility. (…) Motorcycle gangs do so here. One can not paint themselves into a corner and then ask themselves whose brush was. It was I who was naive, she says.

On the question of whether the motorcycle gang exploited her vulnerability respond Hynde: “It is no secret that whoever plays with fire gets burnt,” and continues:

– If I walk around drunk in my underwear, whose fault is it then if not mine?

The interview has stirred up criticism storm online and condemned even by the British organization Victim Support, which supports victims.

– Victims of sexual violence should never feel, or be made to feel that they are responsible for these heinous crimes, said the organization’s president, Lucy Hastings, The Guardian.


Morck and Nielsen got Git Gay-price – Västerbotten Folkblad

The artists Sanna Nielsen and Marianne Morck is this year’s recipient of Git Gay scholarship. They may hence share of SEK 100 000, a price that they received during a gala in Malmö on Saturday night.

Sanna Nielsen won the prize for her “despite his youth already has a long and successful career behind him , a career that in 2014 culminated in her highly acclaimed musical debut in Dr. Zhivago at the Malmö Opera, “as the reasoning goes. Morck praised for its “impressive artistic breadth, which includes everything from musicals and operettas to talpjäser and revues.”

Git Gay Scholarship has been awarded in memory of the actress, singer and revue artist Git Gay since 2007. In Last year it went to Jan Malmsjo.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Åkesson can not answer for the crimes has increased – Aftonbladet

Jimmie Åkesson can not answer if the number of violent crimes has increased in Sweden. Although a large part of his sommartal based on the rhetoric. Åkesson refers instead to the subjective human experience.

Sweden in the violent chaos – the image of the country painted Jimmie Åkesson over his sommartal. A rhetoric that he returned to several times. But when Åkesson is asked by the Times about the veracity of the image of a society in turmoil, he has difficulty gauging itself. He could not account for an increase in crime, will come by and start talking about people’s experiences.

“Suburb Riots new phenomenon”

According to the National Crime Prevention Council of violent crime is not has increased significantly since the seventies. How do you think your rhetoric rhymes with it?

– I think, first, that, that … etc … Very many people are experiencing a situation today where one has a different nature crime. This kind of suburban riots are a relatively new phenomenon in Sweden. This type of gang crime and organized crime is also relatively new, says Åkesson, adding that one can not use statistics to see whether crime is increasing or not.

Want referendum

of the suggestions that came in the summer’s was a referendum on immigration. Akesson’s dream scenario is that Swedes say yes to a severely limited immigration.

– If I had, I would question the Swedish people if you want to see a new Lucia Decisions. A decision by the Socialist government decided in the 80s. Then they said that now the situation is so extreme that we can not have this immigration anymore.

Summer The speech was the sixth in a row that Jimmie Akesson conducted in the home Sölvesborg. The influx was significantly larger than during the election year and the four seasons park was filled to overflowing. Sweden Democrats officials estimated that about 1500 people were in place.


Perrelli has said yes to his love Anders – Expressen

She said yes and he said yes.

Now, Charlotte Perrelli married his Anders Jensen.

Here is the couple’s wedding joy on exclusive Château d’Esclimont in France.

– It has been and is a fairytale weekend, says his friend and colleague Jessica Andersson.

Wedding Happiness Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen .

At the exclusive Château d’Esclimont, near the historic Versailles in France, the couple have finally gotten together and on Saturday afternoon was ordained the front of their 120 guests.

Among them appeared his friend and colleague Pernilla Wahlgren , PR-star Michael Bindefeld singer Jessica Andersson , television profile Christine Meltzer singer Peter Jöback and his spouse Oscar Jöback , schlager general Christer Björkman , songwriter Fredrik Kempe , the previous footballer Tomas Brolin singer Hanna Hedlund , TV producer Johan Pråmell artists Magnus Carlsson and Martin Stenmarck – and considerably more.

During the wedding ceremony – held after a summer outdoor lunch in the castle courtyard – bar Charlotte Perrelli a dress by the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab , slightly she showed up for the first time on Instagram shortly before the wedding ceremony.

The dress had to be picked up in London by the couple themselves, because of the risk of transporting it.

Charlotte Perrelli was led to Anders Jensen of the children and held the common son Adrian’s hand – even in front of guests.

The couple married during a several meters high flower wreath, and along the shattered aisle, next to the visitors’ wooden chairs, stood several pink bouquets lined up in shining holder.

During the wedding sang the singer Andrea “Dea” Norberg , 41, including performing with Perrelli in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.



“Been like a fairy tale”

And no luxury without appreciation. Wedding ceremony – which is estimated to cost around two million – and the entire event hailed by the wedding guests Expressen talked to.

– Charlotte and Anders, their love and generosity knows no bounds. It’s like a fairy tale to be part of this, says his friend and colleague Jessica Andersson and continue.

– It’s been fantastic, absolutely wonderful. Scarcely one finds words to be a part of this kind of experience.

– It has been and is a fairytale weekend.

Even toastmaster Magnus Carlsson, who on Friday had the honor to lead sing, enjoy your stay and love.

– It’s nice, very hilarious and heartfelt. A nice evening yesterday with much laughter and joy, he says.

While Hanna Hedlund and Pernilla Wahlgren calls the wedding fabulous and amazing.

– There has been great, says Tomas Brolin.

Spending the day in the sun

During the Saturday morning and the morning, guests have been enjoying the sunshine on the castle courtyard. Among other things, they have been playing tennis and yoga classes outdoors.

“Great morning with tennis and power walk in the park,” wrote football icon Tomas Brolin earlier in the day.

– Very generous and fun. As well as good running tracks, says Martin Stenmarck.

Meanwhile, chose others that did not work out but just relax.

“I and Pernilla Wahlgren take a cup of coffee and check out yoga gang who toil in the sun “wrote the singer James Stadell on Instagram.

And while the guests enjoyed everything palace and France offered spent Charlotte Perrelli their morning and the morning with the children and Anders Jensen. Among other things, she demonstrated – via Instagram – the sons Alessio and Adrian played in different directions at the Castle: one went swimming in the pool while the other kissed on a stuffed lion.

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Got luxurious gift of love

But there was no time for other things too. Before the wedding ceremony and the grand celebrations gave Charlotte Perrelli his love a gift.

“Anders got a nice little present from me in the day of our wedding,” she wrote on Instagram next to a picture of a Cartier watch worth of around 20 000.

With the clock was accompanied by a personalized message:

“To my beloved husband on our wedding day. I’m your wife, from now and forever. I love you. “

The day before the wedding was spent also in love. After they channeled to Paris – via a private gate at the airport – then enjoyed a lunch on the Seine aboard a private yacht.

“On the way … All the guests are here !!!” wrote Perrelli then on Instagram.

In the evening there was a big dinner and party in an outdoor tent next to the castle. During the dinner, was also invited guests on a singalong from pop artist Magnus Carlsson, who sang her own song, “Come home.”

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been married for several days

Despite today’s nuptials said Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen yes to each other as early as Wednesday – at Arlanda.

The rules for weddings is saying that – for it to be registered in Sweden – have married civilly, and be married at a castle in France do not fall under that category. Why did the couple say yes to each other at the airport.

– We handle actually there at the airport just before we leave. There will be a small swing in which to make it valid, Anders Jensen told Expressen celebrity magazine Extra.

The couple’s families are not invited to the wedding is Charlotte Perrelli previously declared with:

– We felt we had to make a choice, so I will have another event for my family down in Småland by the side.

Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen has been together since 2012. The following year they received son Adrian.

Between 2003-2008 Charlotte was married to Nicola Ingrosso. Together they have the sons Angelo and Alessio.

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Cowell about One Direction pause: “A good thing” – Aftonbladet

Heart Cross Sade fans are still upset that One Direction will take a long break from March in 2016.

Now, says music mogul Simon Cowell who put the band together that it is healthy for them.

– I said “Do what you want,” says Cowell according to Billboard.

Simon Cowell admits that he has “known it for a while” the world’s most popular boyband One Direction to take a break from March 2016 for at least one year. The band will then have released five albums and been on four tours in five years.

– Although they are young, it is an exhausting schedule. After a while I could see that they were exhausted and when they asked what I thought (about the break) I said, “Do what you want.” To have a year off is a healthy thing.

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No pressure

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson was quick to reach out to fans after the news came out to assure everyone that they still have much they want to achieve in the group.

Simon Cowell hope that they keep their promise that reunite after the break, but says that he will not be involved in it.

– I hope so, but as I said, it will not be because of any pressure from me.

Not yet

Although he is not sure what the future holds for 1D says Simon Cowell that he is confident that the guys will solve it all and make the best of it.

– It’s not over yet. They will take some time off and decide what they want to do.


Auction of Pink Floyd pig stopped – Västerbotten Folkblad

The news that Algie, the giant inflatable pig that appears on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Animals” in 1977, will be sold at auction was widely reported in the week. Now announces However, Air Artists, which made the pig, it does not get any sales.

– The pig will be back to Pink Floyd, says company owner Rob Harries.

He says the auction firm went public with the news that Algie was for sale before Pink Floyd take lats and the band, once was asked, wanted to wear a pig.

At the September auction will still various inflatable rock artifacts to be sold – including the pig’s head as Pink Floyd member Roger Waters used in his “The Wall” -konsert in Berlin in 1990 and Freddie Mercury and Brian May-caricatures from Queens tour, 1986.