Friday, February 10, 2017

The film about Django is full of links to our time – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Cecile de France, director Etienne Comar Reda Kateb posed on the Thursday before the screening of "Django" at the Berlin film festival. Photo: Michael Sohn / AP

guitar virtuoso, jazzikon, legend among his own people, and the right amount of kulturman – belgian-French-romske Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) did much, during his short and intense life. Which has been the experienced French producer Etienne Comar ("Men and gods", "the Women on the sixth floor") for the first time, take registolen. "Django" has just opened the 67th international film festival in Berlin.

For regidebutanten himself, the main character has appeared since boyhood, tells the Comar during the press conference.

– Django has always existed. My father was a big fan and had the wonderful ep’s and albums. I have always been very aware of the music around me. To move me out of the world and into a world of its own, just my felt fantastic. The score fits in very well into Django’s own essence.

Biografifilmen seems to bring an ever-vital existence, not least in the field of music. Lately we have from different directions take the part of the life stories of Monica Zetterlund, Liberace, Bob Dylan, Serge Gainsbourg, Ian Dury, Miles Davis and Edith Piaf. It’ll be more. Works on, inter alia, Destiny’s Child, and Victor Borge is in the offing.

the Methods vary and Etienne Comar soon had his own idea about what he wanted to show, namely a few critical years during the second world war.

– the Most obvious would have been to depict the years before the war with Stéphane Grappelli and French Hotkvintetten, and the arrival of a music that was like when the rock showed up, or technon. But the period we portray is less known.


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France is occupied and the legendary quintet scattered to the wind. Violinmästaren Grappelli (well worthy of his own film one day) is in England. Reinhardt stay in France and continue playing.

And it was precisely this that he and his fellow musicians were able to make themselves into a universe of its own beyond the reality that surrounded them. Instead of making a biografifilm if his whole life, so I wanted to focus on the years between 1943 and 1945, when he was confronted with the second world war. The music stands the out additional greatly during the German occupation. Every time I hear it I am as moved.

the Credits of "Django" accompanied by authentic photos from the records that the germans created in connection with the rasforskning of different travellers.

– It is a story that has not been portrayed very often, reminds Etienne Comar, who, during the filmmaking also discovered some parallels to today’s världssituation, on several levels.

” I thought a lot about it. I would ask the audience to reflect on this angle? To suddenly be samtidsdebatterande is not something you just do.

this points seems to match Django’s essence.

” He was a rather egotistical artist, whose eyes were opened to the world around him. Then he took the position, but by his passion and his art – not by means of stylish statements and placards. That’s when it really makes an impression.

the"Django" will be purchased to Sweden and should be launched later in the year.


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