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Swedish comeback in this year’s Venice competition – Swedish Dagbladet

Seventy-First Edition of the oldest film festival will be inaugurated and film dignitaries with semi spirit admiring crowd has gathered at the small spa and beach resort of Lido, a small piece of Venetian lagoon from St Mark’s Square. Here, the festival boss Alberto Barbera prepared a prime selection of world cinema and the like together with the ice cream and the Renaissance of the host country’s absolute pride: Italian film.

The news that Roy Andersson competing for the Golden Lion with “A pigeon sat on a branch and musing on life “has already been celebrated by on these pages. On Tuesday of next week’s world premiere of what the 71-year-old author describes as “39 ​​grand swoop as the beautiful, the terrible and the fun of life.” Someone said this film story poem does not have but well, again according to its creator, a good chance to win.

Among the 19 grants as Andersson’s film must outdo seen some tough competitors. Mexican González Iñárritus opening film “Birdman” Michael Keaton burned superhero star in the process of giving the venerable Broadway stage an attempt. Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts flank. RENOWNED is also cast in “Mangel Horn,” David Gordon Green’s drama about lost love with Holly Hunter, Harmony Korine and Al Pacino in the title role.

The Asian efforts promises Japanese “Tetsuo” -regissören Shinya Tsukamotos “Nobi” , a safe eccentric remake of Kon Ichikawas extremely välbetitlade “The Cruel War” (1959) and “Tales” / “Ghesse-ha,” a series of portraits of Iranian women Rakhshan Bani-E’temad, “Iranian film first lady.”

From a well represented Europe tells French Xavier Beauvois about what happened in Vevey, Switzerland on time Chaplin died in “La RANCON de la gloire” and in Benoît Jacquot’s melodrama “3 Coeurs” ports Benoît Poelvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve in situations we promise you, will be glad to get rid of themselves. With “The Cut” concludes German-Turkish Fatih Akin on “Love, Death and the Devil” -trilogi he started with “Against the Wall” (2004) and “The Edge of Heaven” (2007). This epic of one man’s search for his two daughters started in Mardin province of Turkey in 1915, moving later to both Cuba and the United States.

Among the curiosities seen Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Look of Silence,” the sequel to “The act of killing “, where the perpetrators of the massacre in Indonesia in 1965 staged his own deeds. Now give us Oppenheimer victims versions. Exactly what “Im Keller” is all about and we will return to. Director Ulrich Seidl is Austrian. Portuguese Manoel De Oliveira, 106 years in December, has made a short film, “O Velho do Restelo” where Don Quixote goes on the garden party.

43 was Pier Paolo Pasolini by its Death 2 November 1975 Italy’s own great contribution allows Abel Ferrara portray this date in “Pasolini”. Willem Dafoe seems typecastad in the title role. We come back on this as well. Like the course of Roy, “Pigeon” and Leo.


Morrisey to Gothenburg in November – Swedish Radio

The British singer-songwriter Morrissey comes to Gothenburg for a concert at Liseberg Hall on 11 November.

As a part of a European tour he visits Lund on November 8, Gothenburg, 11 November and in Stockholm on 13 November.

Morrissey has previously appeared in Gothenburg on two occasions, on Lisebergshallen 1997 at Scandinavium in 2006.

and that he in 2013 was in Gothenburg and in North Town in connection with a high-profile signing of his autobiography Autobiography

Morrissey is currently working on their tenth studio album.

Tickets go on sale September 1


Monday, August 25, 2014

Breaking Bad “took the grand slam at this year’s Emmy’s – Aftonbladet

“Breaking Bad” took a grand slam on the Emmy Awards this morning.

The TV series was awarded with five awards, including for Best Drama Series and Best Actor.

– I want to thank my TV wife, Anna Gunn, and especially for our scenes in bed, joked Bryan Cranston when he received the statuette.


“Breaking Bad” could not have wished for a finer farewell to the television industry. Besides the prize for best drama and best lead role was assigned Crans Tones colleagues Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn award for best male and female supporting actor.

– Oh my God, “Breaking bath “has changed my life, ‘said a visibly moved Paul.

To Mr Cranstone he said:

– I have learned so much both on and off the TV. Thank you, thank you very much.

Kiss of Cranston

It was the second consecutive year that “Breaking Bad” won best drama.

This year was tipped especially “True Detective” to make a breakthrough but the series about a cancer patient teacher to support his family becoming drug dealers stood strong.

It also did “Modern Family” on the comedy side when the series won for the fifth year in row.

The award for best female actress in a comedy went to Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Veep.”

She was rewarded with a long, theatrical kiss from Cranstone.

– He was really in “Seinfeld,” began the 53-year-old actress thanks century.

“Great time for women on TV”

The prize for best drama actress went to Julianna Margulies “The Good Wife.”

– What a great time this is for women on television, she said.

On the male side was the award for best actor in a comedy series for the fourth time to Jim Parsons of “Big Bang Theory.”

Acclaimed Williams

Billy Crystal , 66, responded to an emotional tribute to his late friend, Robin Williams.

The tone was on the light that Williams created but it felt as if Crystal had to fight to hold back the emotions.

– He really made us laugh. I spent many hours with him on stage. I used to think that if I can just get on a saddle on him and keep time for eight seconds, it would be fine.

– In the nearly 40 years he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy.

“I do not know what to say”

Stephen Colbert won best entertainment program with “The Colbert Report” while “The Normal Heart,” the drama about the early days of the AIDS crisis, took home the statuette for best TV movie.

The story is based on playwright Larry Kramer’s experiences. He suffers himself of AIDS, but was on the stage during the awards ceremony.

The TV series “Fargo,” which is based on the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen film, won for best miniseries.

Jessica Lange won best actress in a miniseries for “American Horror Story: coven.”

– I’m really surprised, she said, after having brought in his third Emmy.

– I do not know what to say.

Trains with industry

As the host of the gala was the comedian, TV host and SNL veteran Seth Meyers.

He took safe than uncertain and drove in his opening monologue with the industry rather than with individuals.

He made a big point of the gala for the first time since 1976, had been moved to a Monday.

– On TV series of language, that means we will be closed, he said.

Best Drama Series:

“Breaking Bad”

Best Actor, Drama Series

Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad “

Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series

Aaron Paul,” Breaking Bad “

Best Actress, Drama Series

Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”

Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series

Anna Gunn, “Breaking Bad “

Best Director, Drama Series

Cary Joji Fukunaga,” True Detective, “” Who goes there “

Best Screenplay, Drama Series

Moira Walley-Beckett, “Breaking Bad”, “Ozymandias”

Best Comedy Series

“Modern Family”

Best Actor, Comedy Series

Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Best Actress, Comedy Series

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series

Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

Allison Janney, “Mom”

Best Actress, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Jessica Lange, “American Horror Story: Coven”

Best Actor, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Benedict Cumberbatch, “Sherlock: His Last Vow”

Best Script, Comedy Series

” Louie, “” So Did the Fat Lady “(Louis CK)

Best Director, Comedy Series

Gail Mancuso,” Modern Family, “” Vegas ”

Best Miniseries


Best Director, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Colin Bucksey, “Fargo”

Best TV movie

“The Normal Heart”

Best Entertainment

“The Colbert Report”

Best reality series competition

“The Amazing Race”

Best Screenplay, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Steven Moffat, “Sherlock: His Last Vow”

Best Supporting Actress, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Kathy Bates, “American Horror Story: Coven”

Best Supporting Actor, Miniseries & amp; TV movie

Martin Freeman, “Sherlock: His Last Vow”


Swedish success gives more translations – helagotland.se

The Brits are reading more and more books in foreign languages. It’s got the publishers to translate more and more writers. Now they look for foreign writers high and low.

That was before a feeling that translated books were like vegetables, good for you and not so good. But they’re actually wonderful books, says Liz Foley at Harvill Secker publishing house, which publishes Haruki Murakami and Jo Nesbo, the newspaper The Observer.

The success of foreign literature is of course Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, but also Karl Ove Knausgård, which has become a phenomenon, and Jonas Jonasson’s “Hundred-year-old who escaped through a window and disappeared.” A book that sold 500,000 copies in the UK.


Swedish success gives more translations – Västerbotten Courier

The Brits are reading more and more books in foreign languages. It’s got the publishers to translate more and more writers. Now they look for foreign writers high and low.

– There was previously a feeling that translated books were like vegetables, good for you and not so good. But they’re actually wonderful books, says Liz Foley at Harvill Secker publishing house, which publishes Haruki Murakami and Jo Nesbø, the newspaper The Observer.

The success of foreign literature is of course Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, but also Karl Ove Knausgård, which has become a phenomenon, and Jonas Jonasson’s “Hundred-year-old who escaped through a window and disappeared.” A book that sold 500,000 copies in the UK.


Richard Attenborough’s death – was 90 years old – Aftonbladet

The actor Richard Attenborough is dead.

According to the BBC, he died after a period of health problems on Sunday.

He was 90 years old.

The British actor Lord Richard Attenborough is dead.

BBC reports that he died at noon on Sunday, this according to the actor’s son.

British Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to Richard Attenborough on Twitter after the death announcement.

– His acting in “low card is” was brilliant, his director of “Gandhi” was awesome – Richard Attenborough was one of cinema’s greatest.

Posted in Nursing Homes

Richard Attenborough has in recent years been admitted to a nursing home with his wife, according to the BBC.

He also has been in a wheelchair since he fell down the stairs six years ago.

Richard Attenborough was one of Britain’s most distinguished actors, and also multiple awards director.

Even actor Mia Farrow expressed his sorrow on Twitter.

– Richard Attenborough was the friendliest man I ever had the privilege to work with. A prince. Rest in peace – and thanks.

Name from “Jurassic Park”

As an actor, he is best known from movies such as “low card is”, “Strangler at Rillington Place” “The Great Escape” and later in “Jurassic Park.”

As a director, he won two Academy Awards for the film “Gandhi” 1983rd

Richard Attenborough was knighted in 1976 and was awarded the title Lord of Queen 1993.

He was also the brother of the famous zoologist and presenter Sir David Attenborough.

According to the BBC, his family issued a statement on Monday.

He leaves behind his wife Sheila and three children

Richard Attenborough was 90 years old.

The text is updated.


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“Locomotive” secret role “Bingolottos” backdrops – Expressen

They have been the host of Bingolotto

Leif “Loket” Olsson

(1991-1999 , 2004)

Lasse Kronér


Gunde Svan


Rickard Olsson


Lotta Engberg


Jan Bylund


Marie Serneholt


Ingvar Oldsberg

(2014 -)

Who is your favorite of “Bingolottos” eight presenters through the years?

In the evening it’s time for the revival of Bingolotto. Nye presenter Ingvar Oldsberg will then have the eyes of themselves – from former TV host and friend Leif ‘Loket’ Olsson.

– The locomotive will get put its rating. Is it bad I put on the phone, saying Oldsberg.

– I’ll record it for Ingvar’s sake, saying “loco.”

New game, a more analog studio and longer upload time. The news in this year Bingolotto are many and Ingvar Oldsberg is full of enthusiasm for the challenge – to raise the ratings.

– It will not be so much technology, it becomes more analog as it was before. Some new games. We have half an hour longer transmission time and there will be no advertising. I will try to create the mood and have the element of surprise, Ingvar Oldsberg earlier this week told GT.

“hangs up”

He says he does not feel any pressure – but he has eyes on her. Not least from the former TV host Leif ‘Loket’ Olsson. Oldsberg says that the shipment will be evaluated afterwards.

– The locomotive shall control, but he’s on the job in Karlstad right during transmission. I’ll call him in any program going forward so that he may put his or her grade. But the grade badly so I put on the phone, laughing Ingvar Oldsberg.

Leif Olsson confirms that he will evaluate the program after broadcast. He’ll even record it.

– Since I am not at home so I have to record it and watch it afterwards. I do it for Ingvar’s sake, and I will tell him what I think. He will also call in any program, says locomotive.

It was originally the one who suggested his friend Ingvar as hostess. Prior to the premiere, he fits in to shelf him.

– I hope it goes well for him. It was I who suggested him from the beginning, he is well suited to all applications. He is accessible, popular and talented.

Pepper the other

The Hours before shipping spends Ingvar Oldsberg by pepping its employees. According to him, it is important that everyone is relaxed and happy when the transmission kicks off.

– I sleep long in the morning, watching television and touch me there in the afternoon to accommodate artists. It is important that we all pull together. We need to take seriously and show respect, sing a little in the corridor so that people get a good mood.

New Specials

Above all, Ingvar Oldsberg forward to a special game tomorrow : his very own Ingo Bingo.

– There is a separate game called Ingo Bingo. An employee in the newsroom told me that her peers during childhood called me Ingo Bingo. It’s a nickname I like.


Swedish woman stuck in the shootout during a Chris Brown concert – Aftonbladet

Three people have been injured after a shooting during a pre-party hosted by Chris Brown in Hollywood, according to American media.

A young Swedish woman got caught in the shooting incident.

– All threw themselves on the ground. It was chaos, she says to Aftonbladet.

The Artist Chris Brown appeared at the star-studded nightclub 1 Oak in Hollywood when someone in the audience opened fire on the stage area.

The Daily Mail writes how three people were taken to hospital with post haste, one of the legendary record label director Suge Knight .

taken to hospital

Knight should have been shot six times in the stomach and arm and was taken along with two others to Cedars Sinai Hospital at 11 o’clock Swedish time. One should have received serious injuries, writes the Daily Mail.

According to TMZ, Suge was hit with six shots, he underwent surgery in the afternoon.

The site says that the situation is still critical for one of the met .

The Swedish woman was standing in the audience when she heard several shots fired.

– The girl who was standing next to us got hit in the leg. We threw ourselves down on the floor and had to crawl out of the blood and glass. It was chaos, she says.

living under death threats

The venue was evacuated and a large area around the club is now cordoned off. According to American media, Chris Brown, who lived under the threat of death for a long time, to be undamaged.

– He stood in the middle of the dance floor, in the middle of the club. It was impossible to see who shot, we were just trying to get out as soon as possible, says the Swedish woman who describes how the police targeted automatic weapons against guests who left the club.

The perpetrators could later be arrested by the police, says the Daily Mail.

Denied entry

At the club, there were also stars as Justin Bieber , and the Black Eyed Peas member Apple de Ap . Earlier, it was tense atmosphere at the club, then hip hop artist Game got into a fight with several security guards at the club. He was denied entry to the club and later disappeared.


Bingolottos last chance “- Aftonbladet

Now is the last chance for “Bingolotto.”

Creator Gert Eklund judge the program’s future.

– You have made too many mistakes , then it’s hard to get back the number of times, say “Bingolotto” -grundaren.

Ingvar Oldsberg , 69, draws in like a storm over “Bingolotto.”

Longer air time, more crazy elements and a talk show sensation to save the program and attract more and younger viewers.

But “Bingolottos” founder Gert Eklund , 69, is concerned about the changes.

He believes that the program risks losing its soul if you do it for anything other than a game program.

– I wish Ingvar luck, but I get a little scared when he’ll add a half-hour interviews. It’s not the players’ favorite feature, I can tell right away, he says.

Lacks soul

In the program’s heyday it attracted around two million viewers each week. Last season attracted the regular programs that best 280,000 viewers and worst 165 000th

From his home on the Spanish Costa del Sol saw Gert Eklund last year’s edition with dismay. He lacks the program’s soul – the game itself.

Eklund says that “Bingolotto” gone from a drawing program for the game to an entertainment program.

– It does not seem as if anyone cares about, and may, lottery. The only thing you look at it all around. What was done last fall was unsightly bad when it comes to winning presentations. They had missed all that excitement is about. It feels as if someone there can not be this topic, someone who has too much influence, he says.

is the last chance for “Bingolotto” now?

– I would sadly suspect. They have made too many mistakes and then you lose your persona. Then it’s hard to come back how many times.

Åsa Sjöberg is the program director for TV4. She rave about Ingvar Oldsberg.

– He is so synonymous with “Bingolotto” with Gothenburg and homey unit. It was “locomotive” who was first out but it might as well have been Ingvar.

Hope you on a Ingvar effect now?

– Yes we do, I have to say anyway. Of course, she says.

After last year’s poor viewing figures, she wants to see more viewers.

– If the program continues to be in line with the previous, it’s okay, but it is clear that one could wish for more viewers.

offers his help

Gert Eklund says that who is the host of little importance. The most important is that you focus on the game. He offers his help channel if they do not manage to find viewers.

– I feel like this program, I created it. I have many ideas but when the premise is that they are listening.

Åsa Sjöberg embrace of Gert Eklund’s criticism.

– It’s a good point and we will have with us , she says.

“Bingolotto” premieres tonight at 18.30 in the seventh with Ingvar Oldsberg as hostess and Robert Wells as a conductor.


The perpetrators have ordered goods for over 20 000 in her name. – Aftonbladet

Artist Sara Li has had his identity hijacked.

The perpetrators have ordered goods for over 20 000 in her name.

“Scary which disgusting people there are, “she wrote on Facebook.

The Artist Sara Li , 26, broke through in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 where she performed the song “Miracles” with writer Bear Ranelid , 65th

Now tell Sara Li, or Sara Larsson as her real name, she received their identities hijacked.

“Someone / Some idiots have ordered goods for over 20 000 in my name. They even made a fake id, and bring out some of these products at a shop in Ystad, in addition have it deducted money from my account, “she wrote on Facebook.

Did the police report

When Sara Li discovered the identity theft escrow she’s bankort and made a police report.

She describes the incident as unpleasant.

“Scary what disgusting people there are out there,” she writes.

Nöjesbladet have searched Sara Li for a comment.


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Bush on stage after 35 years – Västerbotten Folkblad

It has been described as a musical event this year, perhaps the decade – after 35 years returns Kate Bush to the stage on Tuesday. 100,000 tickets for 22 concerts in London sold out “in minutes,” writes the Guardian before the premiere at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The newspaper expects a “theatrical spectacle” considering Bush’s penchant for dance, theater, poetry reading and mime, the latest before shown in the only tour she made, the Tour of Life 1979th

Very little has been leaked about the rehearsals other than that Bush, aged 56 years, showing his usual control mania over every detail, down to the ticket the design.

Kate Bush broke through almost overnight with the single Wuthering Heights in 1978 and her subsequent albums The Dreaming Hounds of love and cited by many younger female artists as a strong inspiration. The album Aerial (2005), writes the Guardian, was created to kill off rumors that she was crazy, drug addict or had severe agoraphobia.


Birgitta Stenberg always gave a different answer than others “- Swedish Dagbladet

Some people can does not die. They consist of so much life that it is impossible.

I cling to that thought when I on Saturday morning greeted by the news that the author Birgitta Stenberg has died during the night, 82 years old, after a period of struggle against cancer. Then I still have just recently read a nice, long interview in which she admittedly is very sick but seems very much alive.

“A rare bird in our thrumming and småpryda culture,” wrote a critic when her pioneering, famous autobiographical suite began to be issued, the one that began with Love in Europe in 1981 and ended with the sixth Eldar and ice, 2010 Ever since his debut with the novel, Michael and poet, in 1956, dared Birgitta Stenberg choose other – wilder – roads than they Most of us so meekly trot on.

When I met her in when she got Selma Lagerlof’s Literature Prize in 2005, she saw the heavy award as proof that she was no longer what she called the gravel in the shoe as a writer: “That I get to sit here and accept the award shows that I’m not bothering anymore. I have done all my life, so it feels a little strange. This is wonderful for the environment that we have come this far, but for me it will be a new role. There was a price she got for her as Selma Lagerlof dared to face the world and see without judging. “

Birgitta Stenberg is an example of immeasurable importance – especially for young feminists. She seems to have dared and done almost everything.

Birgitta Stenberg is an example of immeasurable importance – especially for young feminists. She seems to have dared and done it all: a very young cast out into Europe, survived the wild, bohemian life; in Paris, in Mallorca, everywhere. Explored drugs, sexuality, love. Lived as a fisherman with her husband on the island Åstol in Bohuslän, doing beekeeping, campaigned to live in threesome … Always in symbiosis with the writing. The autobiographical suite, life project, made her ever-ready, all that happened to be written, it could be the seed for a new book

In an interview in 2011, before her radio show author colleague and close friend Marta Tikkanen, she said, apropos of that she was done with her suite, she saw it as his duty in the world to explain how things stood: It feels really good to now be completely free. I no longer have to wonder if some replicas I hear can be used in a book.

That was one of the times I interviewed her. Like her books was a conversation with her is always exhilarating, as to be filled with wisdom of life adjusted for moralizing. Called to her husband always got a different answer than from others, as in 2007 when many thought that the literary debate in connection with, among other things, Maja Lundgren mosquitos and tigers, become gossipy and thin. “It’s always fun when something happens and the fracas and tjafsen shows you we writers live,” said Birgitta Stenberg.

It is for the autobiographical the suite she will mainly be remembered . But she has also written about such as beekeeping, islands, grief and cuisine. And for children, in the popular books about Billy. Nothing seems to have been alien to her.

In the last interview, the magazine we read, she explained that she was not afraid to die, so in typical Stenbergskt way: If some billions of people before us have dared to die well then every single person who you know also dare it? But one thing bothered. It’s a little smoldering for I will not be able to write about it. However, such risks may be taken.

Nah, just that if there must we may not read. But happily, she finished just a new book, with articles, short stories and poems that will be published in the autumn. The title is write me out of the world. When switching out “of” with “in”, we summarize the whole Birgitta Stenberg’s life.


Gothenburg police have cordoned off an area outside the Liseberg amusement park. – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg police have cordoned off an area outside the Liseberg amusement park.

– There is a suspected rape that we are investigating, said Björ Blixer, press officer at the Gothenburg police .

On Saturday morning, police have cordoned off outside the main entrance to Liseberg. A green area outside the amusement park and right by a stream has been closed by the Örgrytevägen. According to the notification to the police were subjected to rape a woman in the area at 04 o’clock this morning.

– We are working on this. We are on-site with techniques and will eventually hear the plaintiff. We do not suspect that we are looking for at the moment, says Björ Blixer, press officer at the police.

The woman is under police at the hospital, but she will not be physically damaged.

The one who has seen something are encouraged to inform the police at 114 14th

The text is updated


“Birgitta Stenberg was a dream” – Swedish radio

The night of the day went writer and author Birgitta Stenber away. Lisa Belfrage made the documentary “All wild” with Birgitta Stenberg about her life and remember a woman who was “good at being the center of life.”

Lisa Belfrage traveled around the world with Birgitta Stenberg when they made the documentary “All Wild”

– Birgitta Stenberg was one of the kindest and most open-minded people I have ever met. We traveled around the earth when we did dokumnetärfilmen “All wild” where she meets her old lovers and mistresses in different locations. Travelling in this way can produce even worst sides, but she was a dream to travel with and to make films with, says Lisa Belfrage.

One of Lisa Belfrages memories of the then 80-year-old Birgitta Stenberg takes place outside of a gay club in Rome.

– At first we thought “we must plan rests around filming so that she can rest dinner,” but after a while we noticed that she was the one who could most. We stood outside a gay bar in a back street in Rome and on 25-year Italian interpreter was tired and wanted to go home but she just said “we are entering.” Once we arrived, it took like five seconds before she was sitting and talking to someone who wanted to ease his heart.

Birgitta Stenberg was 82 years old.


Åsa Moberg: She was remarkable in every way – Swedish Dagbladet

– She was remarkable in absolutely every way, says Åsa Moberg known as Birgitta Stenberg since the 1980s.

Åsa Moberg speaks on a person who “never cared about any limits or taboos. “

– She was one of the most positive people I have ever met. She was very little overall conduct to complain or whine, says Åsa Moberg, adding that Birgitta Stenberg, who was deeply religious Catholic, kept his bright outlook on life even during their disease.

In recent years Birgitta Stenberg has been hailed by a younger generation of feminists. All young people can recognize themselves in her books, says Åsa Moberg.

– She had steady stream of fan mail and emails from admiring the very young. Her young fan base has probably never been greater than now, says Åsa Moberg who followed Birgitta Stenberg since the early 1980s.

Birgitta Stenberg was a debating and discussing authors, always aware human vulnerability.

– When she was angry, it was more than a social phenomenon, which is that women writers were so unfairly treated, and even forgotten.

In the 1980s, left Birgitta Stenberg Norstedts, furious that the publisher has released a newly written literature that hardly mentioned some women. She continued to be seen and heard in public debate lifetime.

Last summer opening speech Birgitta Stenberg at Pride Festival with Alexander Bard. She wrote regular columns in the OT until last winter.

– She showed in the way they live that life does not have to end just because you’re about 80, can still have as much fun, you can still participate in public debate.

In an interview recently published in “we read” spoke Birgitta Stenberg unsentimental about death. “It will be probably the greatest experience in life that I can not write about,” she said in there.

The actor and artist Rikard Wolff got to know Birgitta Stenberg during the filming of the TV series Orange Man in the late 1980s and since then they have had contact.

His encounter with the world Birgitta Stenberg talks about in his autobiographical boktrilogi Love in Europe, Orange Man and the Spanish Steps, he describes as “an eye opener” .

– The whole story about Birgitta Stenberg, Paul Andersson (Swedish poet and the character Richard Wolf played in the Orange Man, editor’s note), Paris and bisexuality, that there was a separate Swedish island in the world. It was fascinating and magnificent. says Wolff.

He has had regular contact with Birgitta Stenberg the last 25 years and used to see her every summer in conjunction with appearances in Bohuslän Åstol.

– I liked her very much. She was a cross man and she followed no standards. She had strong morals and a strong sense of man’s greatness and desire for freedom.

Rikard Wolff says about Birgitta Stenberg as a female role model in a time when women had to fight to not be referred to the home and family.

– She got a lot of beating. She was severely criticized from both the right and left. She was street smart, a little piafsk. A libertine, one could say. There was also a lot of drugs, but she has never apologized for. She never said “I should not have …” says Rikard Wolff.

He lifts, as Moberg, up her importance for the gay movement.

– She was a major political figure, and she had in her literature a theme that you had not previously touched and with her ability to tell a story, it was also very accessible. I will miss her.


The author Birgitta Stenberg death – Aftonbladet

The writer and author Birgitta Stenberg has died, writes Expressen.

According to the wife she fell asleep in the home.

“Painless, happy to go Furthermore, “it says on Birgitta Stenberg’s Facebook page.

Birgitta Stenberg had cancer, and in the night she lost her fight against the disease.

Kerstin Bjärkstedt have in a post on Birgitta Stenberg’s Facebook page posted that she fell asleep in his bed in Smedsbolet on Tiveden tonight.

The same post was Birgitta Stenberg’s last words:

“Now this and alles ist gut “

wrote about Kejneaffären

During his life Stenberg wrote a number of novels, short stories and children’s books. She debuted in 1956 with the novel, Michael and poet where she wrote about the so-called Kejneaffären, a turn of events that she returned to the novel Orange Man publicerdes 1983 This book was the basis for the TV series of the same name.

Among children, the audience, she became known as the songwriter behind the little boy Billy that she wrote several books on.

Kerstin Bjärkstedt writes on Facebook page that Birgitta Stenberg was painless and happy to move on.

Birgitta Stenberg was 82 years.


Friday, August 22, 2014

TV4 forced to apologize – Trailer Västerbotten Courier

TV4 has been forced to ask Costa Rica apologize. The reason is that the country’s national anthem is played in the trailer of humor program “calls” that on Sunday the revival after a three year break.

Costa Rica has made a diplomatic protest to Sweden, arguing that the trailer, with, among others Babben Larsson, Petra Mede and Pia Johansson, taunting the country’s national symbol.

– Viewers got in touch via our watch service and Facebook about this. The attention then all the way to Costa Rica, their embassy in Oslo contacted us and asked why we used it, says Anders Edholm at TV4 Aftonbladet.

In an apology posted on the channel’s website writes TV4 that lacked “aware that this was Costa Rica’s national anthem.”


Ola-Conny’s hand stain apart – by watchdog – Aftonbladet

Ola-Conny Wallgren was attacked by a guard dog.

television profile be after losing his hand in the accident.

– The only stabbed, slashed and stabbed, said Ola-Conny.

It was on Thursday that the Ola-Conny Wallgren , 50, bowed his down to feed his dog Buddy.

“Ullared ‘profile would only stretch up some treats to the dog when it attacked.

– Just as I was under the nose so just stabbed me. It went on a millisecond, he says.

Watchdog, as Ola-Conny think is the Japanese breed Akita, biting repeatedly in his hand and arm.

“The hand hung solved “

– Half the palm was divided, it was like someone slashed with a knife by hand half. It hung loosely. It was bleeding pretty damn much and did lot of pain, he says.

Ola-Conny managed to push the dog away with the other hand. Since he was taken by ambulance to Varberg Hospital where he underwent surgery late on Thursday evening and plaster was.

– It was very dramatic, I got a drip and morphine. I panicked because I thought I would get rid of the hand. I was really sad and I thought I would lose my fingers, he says.

“Should be fine”

Ola-Conny’s dog friend and have a dog myself.

– Akitas’s one-man dogs really. I respected that I would not touch him, but he was looking to me. He was nice and go, I had command over the dog, but then just stabbed me.

The dog, who was a year old, has now killed.

Ola-Conny is hopeful in the future.

– I’ll be good again, I can move your fingers. It feels good.

Ola-Conny is in the new program “Strong Norway History with Morgan and Ola-Conny” which airs on Mondays at 20:00 in Channel 5th


Now rages against Costa Rica trailer for the premiere on Sunday. – Aftonbladet

TV4′s humor program calls making a comeback.

Now rages Costa Rica against the trailer for the premiere on Sunday.

– The taunting our country symbol, says Ambassador Manuel Antonio Barrantes Rodriguez, according to AP.

On Sunday makes TV4 humor classic ‘Parliament’ comeback after a three year break.

The Comeback presented in a trailer with humor skits that right now goes into the canal.

But all do not underestimate.

In the clip played namely Costa Rican national anthem, which brought the country to see red.

– Viewers got in touch via our Viewing Service and Facebook about this. The attention then all the way to Costa Rica, their embassy in Oslo contacted us and asked why we used it, says Anders Edholm on TV4.

“A grave smädning”

He believes that everything depends on an error.

– We had no idea that we were using their national anthem. We had this song in our music catalog and thought it was a beautiful if grand song that suited the trailer.

In the afternoon have fadäsen cabled out as a world first.

Ambassador Manuel Antonio Barrantes Rodriguez tells the AP that he sees the trailer as a “grave smädning of the country’s national symbol.”

– We feel insulted. It is terrible to use an anthem as background music.

Ber country apologized

TV4 is one repentant and promise that the music will not be used for “Parliament” premiere on Sunday. The channel is now asking the Costa Rican people apologized and sent apologies to the ambassadors of both Sweden and Norway.

What can you do to make it not happen again?

– We’ll try to keep track of what is or is not the national anthem, says Anders Edholm.

Is it in your catalog what is the national anthem and not

– I do not know.

You can then ensure that you do not use any country’s national anthem?

– In all cases not Costa Rica, we promised them.

Stenmark and Harnosand

In one of the cartoonist Jan Stenbeck Marks infamous enrutingar ran a woman in full panic on a forest road. Under the picture were the words: “It was not a lone madman. That was the whole Harnosand. “

It got to the city to light while Stenmark shook his head.

” The idea that an entire city can be hurt has actually never crossed my mind. “

Karlstad rage against TV3

 Lena Melesj & # xF6; Windahl (S). Lena Melesjö Windahl (S). Karlstad municipality plastered into SEK 150 000 in the TV3 soap opera “Wermland forever” in hopes of attracting young people to the countryside.

111 000 persons benched himself to watch, a frail figure found municipal governance.

Opposition Council Lena Melesjö Windahl (S) went even further – and demanded that the municipality would claim the money back.

Russia against Melodifestivalen

The f & # XE4; rgsprakande intermission in Eurovision finals in 2009 were Russia to see r & # xF6; tt. & # x201D; Tr & # xE5; ngsynta and f & # xF6, r & # xE5; ldrade stereotypes & # x201D ;, said Anatoly Kargapolov, Russian Embassy spokesman in Sweden. The colorful interlude in the Eurovision final 2009, Russia to see red. “Bigoted and outdated stereotypes,” said Anatoly Kargapolov, Russian embassy spokesman in Sweden. Photo: SVT A bear. Kosackdansare. Challenging girls with red star on her panties. Mafia figures.

As portrayed Russia in the video for the song “Tinker Bell Goes Russia”, humor collective Grotescos halftime entertainment during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

The Russian embassy in Stockholm drew not a smile:

– An event such as the Eurovision Song Contest would not take place in a country where the Mafia controls. Nothing in the element can be linked to Russia, it only creates prejudice. I see it more like a bad horror movie, said the embassy’s press officer Anatoly Kargapolov to echo.

After the game became somewhat chaotic. SVT’s project manager Ronnie Lans sent flowers to the embassy as an excuse – but SVT then pulled back the apology.

– He regrets that they took offense at that and wanted to mark it with this gesture. But because it has been misunderstood and seen as some kind of public action by SVT line, then it has become an unfortunate misunderstanding. So it was never thought on his part, either, said Helga Baagøe, Communications Director at SVT.

The Russians chose to never make a formal diplomatic protest.

– It’s a singing competition and we do not make it a political thing, said Anatoly Kargapolov.


Weiland: The police tricked by a doppelganger – Expressen

The fans can relax.

After reports that Stone Temple Pilots former frontman Scott Weiland is in prison will now explanation – it’s about a doppelganger.

– In fact, I’ve been out on tour, written and recorded my new album explains Weiland in a video after the police failed.

TMZ was first to report that Stone Temple Pilots former frontman arrested with methamphetamine.

the site, police said in Beverly Hills that “the suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland member (46 years old), is in custody on suspicion of burglary and possession of an illegal substance.”

But the police were wrong.

Weiland picked shortly after police statement posting a video on his Facebook – with the words “Scott Weiland … locked up in the studio.”

– So what I want to say to our fans is that whether you think it’s funny or interesting, or you were sorry – do not worry, it’s a lie, Weiland explains in the clip.

In prison for four weeks

According to the initial information to TMZ had it that you thought was Weiland been in a Beverly Hills store, in the process of stealing razors and cosmetics.

When the man was searched they found methamphetamine.

At the arrest should he have said, “I’m Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.

The offender has been imprisoned for four weeks with a bail of 95,000 dollars, according to TMZ.

But it was then before the police realized that the wrong “Scott Weiland” put behind bars.

Was the intent to steal

Well revealed that Weiland in fact, was in a studio, it was concluded that there is a doppelganger.

His real identity is, according to TMZ, Jason Michael Hurley, 44 – who is now also suspected for supplying false information.

The reason that Hurley also suspected of burglary is that the police believe that he had the intent to steal. It is because of that he carried with him an “isolated” case – which would prevent the store’s security gates from the feel of the goods.

Scott Weiland was forced last year to leave Stone Temple Pilots. After Weiland formed his new band The Wildabouts.


The Knife bid farewell in Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

sibling duo The Knife bids farewell after 15 years together.

– When we finished our November tour we will put down, it will be our last tour says Karin Dreijer in the magazine Dazed and Confused.

The Knife announced on Thursday that they make their final tour this fall. Now, says Karin Dreijer that the group put down for good.

– We have no obligation to continue, it must always act and has always been about having fun, says Karin Dreijer to Dazed and Confused.

The Knife’s press officer confirmed to the newspaper that the group with the concerts in November say goodbye for good.

Karin Dreijer currently has no plans for what to do in the future, but will take some time in it after the tour is completed. Olof Dreijer will continue to produce and work with artist Howaida Hedfi.

Ola Broquist on Luger, The Knife bookers in recent years, he also believes that the concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the autumn will be the group’s last ever.

– Judging by their statements so it looks like it’s over in November. Is it that I’m sick glad that we do among the very last one of the world’s best and most important band, says he told TT.

The Knife perform in Stockholm on 31 October and in Gothenburg on November 1 . In addition to playing dates in Sweden The Knife also in Berlin 3/11, 5/11 in Manchester, London 6/11 and 8/11 in Reykjavik.


TV4 profile Lasse Bengtsson SR – Aftonbladet

Lasse Bengtsson will be the new host of “P4 Extra” with Lotta Brome.

It has given him performance anxiety.

– She has put very own stamp on the program that I have a responsibility, says Lasse Bengtsson.

From War to the radio studio.

Now Lasse Bengtsson , 62, host of the P4.

Along with the popular Lotta Bromé 49, he will lead Swedish Radio “P4 Extra.”

Lasse Bengtsson has worked as a reporter for the “echo” and is best known from TV4, where he led the “Lowlands” and “TV4 news.” In 2010, he left the canal for work information coordinator for the “Swedish Committee for Afghanistan” in Kabul, Afghanistan.

– Lasse Bengtsson is one of the nation’s most experienced presenters and we are delighted that he accepted the invitation, saying Lotta Mossberg , channel manager at P4 Radio Stockholm, although she previously TV4 profile.

“Keep on practicing”

Lasse Bengtsson and Lotta Bromé will broadcast two programs were each week during the fall.

How are you?

– I keep on practicing right now because it is quite different to the TV, but yet So far I have not screwed up too, he says.

Lasse Bengtsson acknowledges that it will be a bit nervous to do a program together with Lotta Brome.

– Lotta’s a unusually popular hostess with a very own style, which I will not try to imitate, says Lasse Bengtsson.

“happens a lot in the world”

Do you have performance anxiety about running together Lotta Bromer?

– Of course I have it, she is doing great and has put a special stamp on the program that I have a responsibility, says Lasse Bengtsson.

The program mixes fun things with heavier elements is something he appreciates.

– There is so much happening in the world now and I are engaged in war torn countries, but I’m open to all subjects, says Lasse Bengtsson.

On Monday, he makes his first program when he interviews the cross-country skier Charlotte Kalla , 27.

– I made one of her first interviews before she hit it , so it feels a little special to interview her again, says Lasse Bengtsson.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forss about # insufficient: “Do not close the door now” – Aftonbladet

They told us – and feel zero shame.

Now, Cecilia Forss and Paul Jerndal that we continue to talk.

– We have opened a door, close it, says Cecilia Forss.

Reader Reactions during Nöjesbladet Article Series # insufficient room has entered.

The actor Cecilia Forss , 29, and director Paul Jerndal , 35, who kicked off all overwhelmed by the response.

Now they thank you for talking about mental illness and asks you to continue the conversation.

– It has been crazy, I was not expecting this response, and feel happy that we did this. I really hope this continues, says Cecilia Forss.

were moved

She’s with Paul Jerndal receiving emails, messages on social media and thanks from people on the street who have taken part of the duo’s stories of panic disorder and burnout.

– A guy came up to us and said that he has got the power to take hold of their own mood. We were concerned how any time, says Paul Jerndal.

This week shows Nöjesbladet his short story “Indigo” with Cecilia Forss in the lead role, on the web. The film is based on personal experience. They tell their story for others to share theirs.

– It should be just as normal to talk about mental illness like talking about that has damaged a knee. Now we have opened a door and want it to be wide open, close it, says Cecilia Forss.

Feel zero shame

She feels relieved and happy to have told of her anguish.

– I have been talking about it for more years with loved ones, but there have been a hint of fear of what people will think. Now I feel zero shame for the first time. Helping others can also be helping yourself, says Cecilia Forss.

Paul Jerndal is also relieved.

– I’m happy. If the decision to talk about it can help people, it’s worth it every day of the week, he said.

Now, they leave the baton.

– People have said that it’s nice to see public people go out and tell me, if we dare to dare. I hope it continues, and that everyone feels a responsibility to try to help each other, listen, let people in and not feel any guilt or shame, says Cecilia Forss.


Yohio: “It is enough – I am tired of this” – Expressen

Yohio is furious with rapper Nicki Minaj.

The reason is the daring video for “Anaconda” as Melodifestivalen artist calls “dirt.”

Nicki Minaj released the video for new song “Anaconda” two days ago. And the reactions to say the least daring video has not been forthcoming. The video has already been viewed over 20 million times on Youtube and one that is roaring mad at the video and its contents are the artist Yohio.

“This is the reason why young people have the wrong idea about sex. This is too much . Smuts, “he writes in a post on Twitter, where he links to the video.

Yohio:” Sick of it “

He continues his rampage with writing that it disgusts him to see where the world is heading and that sex always sells music with it the last few years becoming pornography.

“It is enough., I’m tired of it,” writes Yohio.

Yohio has previously talked about her role as a model.

– I think it’s great that it’s me they look up to. Many American artists do not take account of their audience. It is often sexual content, and it’s very unnecessary, he said in an interview with Helsingborgs Dagblad.

“Feels like clockwork”

– I get the kids to understand that they can be themselves and do what they want. I am proud to be a role model for children. It feels great that few have gotten it at such a young age, he has said.

It is not the first time Nicki Minaj attracts attention with her daring style. When she last year took part in a daring video with Lil Wayne for the song “High School” featured the hot steamy sex scenes, and as a jury member of American Idol, she wore creations that got twitterers to roar.

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