Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rage against men Zelmerlöw after soffbilden: “Disrespectful” – Aftonbladet

Chill force on sofflocket evokes strong reactions.

During the legs of Mans Zelmerlöw there in fact a piece of cloth that looks like the Albanian flag.

Now filled ESC winner Instagram with rage and threats.

So was Måns Zelmerlöw largest in Europe

There is a seemingly innocent image – but the photo on Måns Zelmerlöws official Instagram account has made many cursed.

In the picture, which was removed after the article published , located Mans Zelmerlöw on a couch and taking it easy during the Eurovision Song Contest. Then Mans Zelmerlöw chosen to remove the image from his Instagram also Nöjesbladet chosen to unpublish it.

The problem is that the ESC winner accidentally put legs on something that looks to be the Albanian flag. It is in any case sufficiently similar to make many angry and now filled Mans Zelmerlöws Instagram with angry comments about him to delete the image.


Many people write also Mans Zelmerlöw act disrespectfully toward their country.

– It does not matter if it was intended or not. It is disrespectful to have the legs of our flag. Many have shed their blood for that flag. Remove the picture and apologize, writes one person.

Others write that Måns Zelmerlöw should burn in hell and that they should report image for Instagram. Several also threatens ESC winner of violence.

– I hope he comes here so he may see what a real punch in the face is, writes one person.

– Delete this picture you fucking cow else do I delete your existence, writes another.

There are also pure death threats in the comments.

– If you were near me I had probably killed you, it says in one of comments.

But Mans Zelmerlöw will also be defended by those who think that people should tag down.

– He has not insulted anyone. He noticed maybe not even that our flag was there. We spoil just like our country.

At this writing, the picture over 6800 comments and every second there in a dozen new comments majority of which are written in English. Mans Zelmerlöw himself has not responded to the comments yet.

Tomorrow Mans Zelmerlöw celebrated at the town square in his home town of Lund and Anders Almgren, Mayor (S), takes seriously the threats.

– The police have been involved from the beginning and I assume that you embrace this threat and make an assessment. But it is shocking that there is this kind of threat. It’s very uncomfortable.


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