Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dark Tranquility | Gothenburg Sound Festival on Trädgårn, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten

The Dark Tranquility

Gothenburg Sound Festival on Trädgårn, Friday


Attendance: approx 800th

Best: Terminus.

Worst: rusty unit. And the lack of bass.

It happens now and then that the band takes strange decision. Dark Tranquility is no exception. They intend to embark on a world tour without bassist and instead make use of recorded bass on backing tracks. And oh how I stand there on the first evening of the third edition of Gothenburg Sound Festival and wish someone counterattack that idea already in the gate.

Sure, the base is there, but it is flat, indistinkt and so far from powerful as it needs to be and the 90 minutes Dark Tranquility at home therefore becomes something of an anticlimax. It simply lets the poor rather than fat.

In addition, sits the first half of the concert not confuse pure gameplay, the timing is not there and the band will live high on its Wicker Man frontman Mikael Stannes hearty showmanship. He spreads his vocal spells with honor.

It takes luckily at the end with a frenzy Terminus and a nifty exit in Misery’s Crown as highlights, but Dark Tranquility has everything a lot to think about on board jumbojetten on the way to New York right now.

The night otherwise? Jovars, both chopped and minced. A comeback of B-Thong with Metal Monster Tony Jelencovich the same great form as always sounded much exactly as they did 20 years ago. Musical-doom with Avatarium may be considered gifted but not much more. And crazy forehead Marco Aro in bänghårda Jesper Strömblad-led The Resistance can not get enough of. Or yes, by the way. But when the ears says flatly rejected more death metal’s


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