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Do you remember amusement year 2014? – Skå

Fun The year 2014 went into mourning characters. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Malik Bendjelloul, Christian Falk and Robin Williams left us far too early. Hakan Hellstrom embossed music year with his only concert at Ullevi Stadium before nearly 70,000 spectators, Jill Johnson was this year’s TV queen and Swedish filmmaker reigned at festivals.

TT summarizes the traditional amusement years chronologically in calendar form.

January 11: One of the strongest television moment occurs in “Stars in the Castle” where Leif Andrée talks about his tough childhood.
20 “reunion” is the best film on Guldbaggegalan.
25: The year’s most talked about Swedish movie premieres – Volvo’s new commercial where Zlatan Ibrahimovic recite the national anthem in the mountain environment.

February 2: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is found dead of a heroin overdose in an apartment in New York. He is 46 years old.
6: The first twelve takes place in the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. They are Evert Taube, Jan Johansson, The Latin Kings, Cornelis Vreeswijk, National Theatre, Stina Nordenstam, David Gray, Eva Dahlgren, Entombed, Monica Zetterlund, Roxette and Abba.
14: Helena von Zweigbergk and Goran Everdahl wins “On track “SVT after victory in the final over Elisabet Höglund and Jesper Rönndahl.
27: Scandal in the Eurovision Song Contest! Swedish Radio Sjuhärad reveals a voice cheating by using voting robot that must have taken place some years ago. SVT changes the rules.

March 2: At the Oscars, the winners in the background when the host Ellen DeGeneres
arrange a Selfie with a number of superstars which quickly becomes the most retweetade tweet ever.
8 Sanna Nielsen wins the Eurovision Song Contest with “Undo” button.

April 2nd 2014 is the year when The Fooo true breakthrough. On this day, the boy band’s debut album. Later in the year they change the name to The Fooo Conspiracy.
9: TV4 decides to put down all local newscasts.
15: Mikael Persbrandt convicted in the District Court to five months in prison for drug offenses, but the Court of Appeal change in July sentence of community service and a two-month suspended sentence.

May 9: Benjamin Wahlgren and Sigrid Bernson wins “Let’s Dance”. It occurs drama during the break when Jan Malmsjo, sitting in the audience, falls and hits his head.
10: Austria’s Conchita Wurst wins the Eurovision Song Contest. Sanna Nielsen comes in third.
13: Great sadness, both in Sweden and in Hollywood. The Oscar-winning filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul dies, 36 years old.
23: Ruben Östlund’s film “Tourist” wins Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard category at the Cannes Film Festival.

June 7: Hakan Hellstrom Playing in front of 69,342 spectators at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. There is a record for concerts at the stadium.
27: Lightning strikes on Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping and damaging a handful of visitors.

July 1: The Rolling Stones play at Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm. Maybe it’s the last time the veteran rockers play in Sweden.
1: Monty Python makes the first of ten reunion shows at the O2 Arena in London.
11: Tommy Ramone’s death, 62 years old. This has all the original members of the legendary punk band The Ramones passed away.
11: TV playwright Carin Mannheimer dies, 79 years old. She is the woman behind
television hits such as “Swedish hearts” and “Saltön”.
24: The artist Christian Falk dies from cancer the day before he’ll talk summer. Radio Sweden decides to send his program anyway.

August 11: Robin Williams found dead. The people dear comedian and actor committed suicide, 63 years old.
29: The Crystal Gala wins Jill Johnson entire three awards for its “Jill’s porch.”
29: Radar pair Magnus & Brasse dispelled forever when Brasse Brännström dies suddenly, 69 years old.

September 6: Roy Andersson wins the first Swedish Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for his film “A pigeon sat on a branch and thought about life. “
24: Throughout the autumn climbing Tove Lo loud on the US singles chart, reaching the final in third place with the single” Habits (Stay high) “from the album” Queen of the clouds ” .
30: One of the year’s major Swedish breakthrough stands Zara Larsson for that released their debut album.

October 17: Prince Carl Philip is a guest in “Hellenius corner” in TV4 and talks about his dyslexia .
24: Roy Andersson tells the magazine Focus that he is Hugo Rask, Lena Andersson’s fictional character in the novel “arbitrary decision” which the author denies.
24: Actress Kim Anderzon dies, 71 years old.
25: Amanda Jenssen makes an unusual and unexpected interpretation of broken played “When we dig gold in the US” in “So Much Better” and gets a big hit.

November 1: The people dear documentary filmmaker Olle Heron dies, 79 years old.
22: Carola has so much to tell in “So Much Better” TV4 extend the program by half an hour.

December 5: Lisa Ajax win “Idol” on TV4.
11: Ruben Östlund crowning a successful year with see his film “Tourist” being nominated for a Golden Globe.
13: Ulf Lundell start blogging.
17: Paulina Danielsson and Eric Hagberg wins “Paradise Hotel” on TV3.
18: Sony stops the movie “The Interview” from being shown in cinemas, after threats from anonymous hackers. But after criticism from President Obama released movie online on Christmas Eve and the cinema in the US the following day.
27: Kaj Kindvall sends his last radio program after 44 years on the air. Now, “Mr. Tracks” in retirement.


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