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Wolff in tears: Thought I would die – Aftonbladet

Rikard Wolff thought he would die in a sexually transmitted disease.

For four years, he said nothing to anyone.

– It was a horrific time noticed me very much, he said.

Actor Rikard Wolff upbringing in Karlstad was marked by fear.

In tonight’s “Stars in the Castle” he tells of the discovery of something he thought was a sexually transmitted disease, which he tried to confide in her mother, but got the cold shoulder.

– I hit the medical books and did a try to talk to my parents. When it was not felt that I was doomed in any way, says Rikard Wolff, 56th

When he was just eleven years old and did not dare say anything to anyone in four years.

Meanwhile lived Rikard Wolff under the delusion that he would die of the disease, he diagnosed himself with.

– It was my runaway imagination, but the consequence was that I went with this until I was 15 years. It was awful, he says.

“Lack of trust”

“Stars in the Castle” crying Rikard Wolff when he talks about the years.

– The is a lack of trust between child and parent. When fear comes across a value to somehow know which is worse: to walk around and wear it or talk about it, he said.

Wrote to the hospital

The years in silence has characterized Rikard Wolff strong, he believes.

– It was a horrendous time noticed me very much, for everything became very dangerous. Sexuality and advances. I think it has affected me throughout my life that I did not think anyone could help me.

In the end, took the actor and performer courage and wrote to the hospital to ask for an investigation time. Everything in the greatest secrecy.

At the hospital, the doctor could see that it was not dealing with a sexually transmitted disease.

– What it was is not interesting. It was a simple ailment that could not fix quickly. It had been able to go on the fourth, if I had dared to say that I had a problem.

Not bitter

Rikard Wolff says he is not bitter about that parents are not listening to him When he was eleven years old and asked for help.

But he has decided to never turn his daughter back.

– She is nine years old now. She will never feel that she loses me, and know that I will always stand on her side.

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