Friday, January 2, 2015

Bono may never play guitar again – Aftonbladet

It is a sad news for Bono – and his fans:

U2′s lead singer will perhaps never be able to play guitar again.

It is an emotional message on U2′s website as Bono says that the recovery after bike accident in Central Park, New York, last fall slower than he’d hoped .

– It has been more difficult than I thought … As I write this it is not certain that I will be able to play guitar again. The band has reminded me that neither they nor the rest of civilization stands and falls with it.

Bono says he has no memories of the accident where his upper arm was shattered and he had fractures to the face. He has had surgery and decided to set all performances at the beginning of 2015 to concentrate on her recovery.

Titan Elbow

He also writes that he will miss the guitar playing.

– For pleasure, in addition to writing songs. But so have not The Edge, Jimmy Page or any other guitarist husband knows a titanium elbow as I have now?

– I broke my hand, my shoulder, my elbow and my face, but the greatest damage took my Irish pride when it was discovered that during my workout clothes wearing yellow and black cycling shorts lycra. Yes, LYCRA. It is not very rock’n’roll.


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