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Viktor Frisk nude dancing at the after party – Anna Book – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg. Spray

Victory Kumpan flows for Ace Wilder and Robin Bengtsson in “Melodifestivalen” after party after the both qualified for the final.

– I’m so proud, says Robin Bengtsson’s girlfriend Jennie Salte.

After the show the party.

and probably flock to the stars in Melodifestivalen afterparty last night.

Programs leading duo Petra Mede and gina dirawi was in place just as Vinarna Ace Wilder and Robin Bengtsson offered hearty bubbly spray to celebrate their final places among the celebrities who Orup, Andreas Lundstedt and Marie Serneholt.

Robin Bengtsson celebrated in the company of his girlfriend, Jennie Salte, who beamed with delight.

– I’m really proud of him. I voted so many times it just went, she says to Aftonbladet.

Sucked hold of Viktor Frisk

Anna Book contribution was disqualified earlier this week, but feasted grandly with her husband Roberto Toledano.

When her “Heaven for two” took over the dance floor, she became the party queen.

she sucked immediately hold of Viktor Frisk, who qualified for the second chance together with coupplehorse Samir Badran, and took over the dance floor with a fiery dance.

the other guests gathered in a large circle around them, applauded and filmed eagerly with their mobile phones.

in a fiery dance then threw Viktor Frisk clothes and bared super body after several weeks of hard training.

– He took off – and went down on his knees to me, you see, ripe fruit tastes best. Nobody wants sour strawberries. Now Samir messaged him to dance with me, chirped a happy Anna Book.

The second then she danced on the tables in the banquet hall.

Spring rolls and pad thai

on the menu are dishes taken from Asian cuisine such as spring rolls, glasnudelsallad, Japanese tofu salad, pad thai and Laab gai.

of course, there is also the other participants on the spot.

Neither Pernilla Andersson or Mimi Werner let the fact that they knocked out of the race to stop the progression of the party crowd.

– tonight we party says Werner Nöjesbladet.

at the bar stood a calm Joy Deb, one of the songwriters behind Ace Wilders segerlåt.

– it feels damn good, it is clear that there is a press after last year’s success ,. We partied hard last Thursday, but it will be hard in the evening too, he says.

Next week they compete with two entries in Malmo.

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