Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lisa Ajax breach of Eurovision rules – Expressen

She sings “fuck” ten times in the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

But if Lisa Ajax win and represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Ukraine, she will be forced to change the song.

at the same time reassure her that the whole thing is a PR stunt.

” I can take an example like “Fuck cancer”, you can’t say it any other way, ” she says.

Lisa Ajax, 18, competes in the second round of the Eurovision song contest in 2017, which is broadcast from the Malmö arena.

In her contribution “I don’t give a,” sings the singer to “fuck” ten times. Anything that violates the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. She goes ahead and gets to represent Sweden can, therefore, she stopped.

Now tells Lisa Ajax on how she looks on this week’s resurrection.

– the Song is about love and a couple. People are saying to them that they are not good for each other and they respond “I don’t give a fuck” because they want to be with each other. So it is not the direct translation which you think (“fuck”, ed.), she says.

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” For me is fuck an expression to explain a feeling. For this is a sense. There is no other word that can replace this in a good way right now for me. So it is an important word in this song and it will probably make if you hear it.

If you would win the Eurovision song contest and get to go to Ukraine you will need to change in the song?

” Yes, exactly. We must. But we have not thought of how we shall do it yet. Now we only focus on the Eurovision song contest. I have not even scratched so we can’t think of Eurovisiong Song Contest now. We must take then.

You did not know that you don’t get to say “fuck” in the Eurovision?

” No, I knew well that this does not apply to it. But I didn’t know it was so in the Eurovision, but we had not even thought of. For it is not there yet. So no, I did not know.

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To use a swearword is not only a PR stunt to get more attention for the song?

” For me? No, God no. This song has a very nice message, and as I said, it is not possible to replace the word with something else right now. And when we do not need to make it so we don’t want to do it for it describes something.

” I can take an example like “Fuck cancer”, you can’t say it any other way. It really is so strong, you really mean it. And it is exactly the same thing in this song. The word is very important in this song. But of course, when it is not allowed do I need to change it. But we then.