Friday, January 2, 2015

Want to release the film from the air over North Korea – Expressen

The movie “The Interview” has created quite a stir since banned in North Korea and US cinemas threatened.

Now we are planning defector Park Sang-Hak a coup to the North Koreans will see the film. He wants namely releasing 100,000 copies from the air over the country, state news agency AP via ABC News.

“The Interview” has created great controversy and the premiere was stopped both in the US and in Sweden. The film is about a plan to assassinate the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and this is said to be the reason for the massive hacker attack that film company Sony Pictures subjected to.

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un will also have threatened to blow up the White the house after the conflict of the film.

Now, a new turn when the North Korean defector and activist Park Sang-Hak planning a coup to dictatorship residents will get to see the movie. With the help of balloons, he wants to drop 100,000 DVD and USB drives with the film in late January, according to the AP.

The plan is to annoy the North Korean regime. But according to the AP, the main challenge is not to “air bombing” the land of movies, but rather to find North Koreans who have the ability to play the movie.

In the isolated nation, few have their own computers or DVD players and those who actually has it’s probably afraid of criticism from the regime, writes AP.


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