Sunday, January 4, 2015

The love for Miley could cost him 253 million – Aftonbladet

Make out with Miley – or lose 253 million.

The announcement stated Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, having received from the Father Arnold and mother Maria Shriver.

Miley Cyrus , 22, popularity with her boyfriend’s parents have been rather lukewarm. But just a few days ago reported to Arnold Schwarzenegger have crawled to the cross and blessed his son’s relationship.

But according to news agency Bang is now the parents agreed to put hard against hard:

The $ 32 million (about 253.8 million dollars) available in a fund that Patrick Schwarzenegger would have access to on his 25th birthday freezes inside – unless he dumps Miley Cyrus .

– They are both convinced that she has a bad influence on their son and are determined to try to stop the relationship, says a family friend to Bang.

“‘d rather be with Miley”

But Schwarzenegger, who dated Cyrus for a few months now, is said not to bother. He’d rather be with Miley, they receive that money, claiming another source.

The family must have been “desperate” when Patrick took with Miley to celebrate Christmas with family in Massachusetts.

– Maria and Arnold are upset because they fear that Miley will lead him astray and then break his heart, the source said.


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