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Mary Poppins back Christmas 2018 – Västerbotten Courier

The waiting sequel of Mary Poppins may have to be patient for a while. First, on Christmas Day 2018 by Disney’s “Mary Poppins returns” (Mary Poppins comes back) premiere, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Musical star Emily Blunt stars as dashing and magical nanny, a role axlades by Julie Andrews in classic film of 1964.

The new film is set 20 years after the original version. In Depression London, they are now adults Jane and Michael Banks visited by his former nanny for a family tragedy that made them deeply saddened.

Both the previous and the upcoming “Mary Poppins” movie is based on the Australian-British author P. L. Travers books. The first book, which she wrote in 1934, was the basis for the film from 1964. She wrote seven books about Mary Poppins that were released between 1935, 1988.


This leaves Johnny Depp Stockholm – Expressen

Johnny Depp is in Sweden and accused simultaneously to assaulting his wife Amber Heard.

Now defended his – of bandmate Bruce Witkin.

– I’ve known him for 36 years, that’s not true, he said.

However avoids Johnny Depp questions from Expressen’s reporter.

yesterday, the Hollywood Vampires gig facing a full Tivoli Grona Lund in Stockholm. Among others, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry stood on the stage and reefs of rock covers.

Keyboardist Bruce Witkin says about the show:

– It was fun. A good gig, many young people. As long as they had a good life, he says.

Johnny Depp accused of wife-beating

Johnny Depp has in recent days been under fire after his wife Amber Heard filed for divorce and accused him of assaulting her during the 15-month marriage.

Among other things, he should have thrown a mobile phone in her face last Saturday, and she has appeared in court with obvious bruises on his face.

READ MORE: lawyer’s words after the charges against Heard

was protected before Hollywood Vampires gig

Superstar was protected before yesterday’s gig at Grona Lund and an area backstage had been cordoned off, a black cloth had been set up to minimize transparency – and Johnny Depp went by boat to the concert.

Bruce Witkin says that even Johnny Depp, who kept a low profile during the show and only went up to the microphone a few times to greet the audience, thought the show was fun.

– Yes, I think so, he said.

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Johnny Depp defended by his colleague

at the same time he defends his colleague after accusations from his wife.

– It’s not true. I’ve known him for 36 years, that’s not true, says Bruce Witkin.

The guitarist Tommy Henriksen also goes into the defense.

– I can tell you one thing. Seriously, I’ve known him for a while. I can say that Johnny is not the type of guy, he says.

Johnny Depp stood outside the Grand Hôtel and signed autographs on Tuesday afternoon. But when Expressen’s reporter tried to ask questions he avoided them.

Expressen’s reporter asked: How do you feel about the allegations? Johnny, how do you feel about the allegations? Will you proceed legally?

Despite the fact that Johnny Depp was in the vicinity of the reporter, he continued signing autographs and avoided the questions that were asked.

After yesterday’s gig partied Johnny Depp together with a couple of band members Cadierbaren at the Grand Hôtel. He drank cocktails and sat for quite a while and chatted with other guests. Society seemed relaxed and looked to have a nice time.

First, at 02 o’clock, they broke up and Johnny Depp disappeared into his hotel room, according to the photographer Janne Åkesson.

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Here singing fans in the queue to Håkan Hellström – Gothenburg Post

Sigrid Langwagen is first in line to Håkan Hellström at Ullevi She holds petition among those camping at the Mountain King. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

Sigrid Langwagen is first in line to Håkan Hellström at Ullevi She holds petition among the camping at the Mountain King. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

Simon Lundgren is among the first in the queue to Håkan Hellström concert at Ullevi. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

1 / 4

Mississippi can wait and it can Håkans fans too. The first köarna to Ullevi was already in place on Wednesday and since then an impromptu festival area emerged on Bergakungens roof.

It is good köväder, almost a little too good. The temperature is ticking towards 28 degrees and Hakan fans portions of water and ice cubes. During Tuesday’s already up 40 people on site at the Mountain King roofs and there is a happy and excited mood.

Meanwhile, the growing tent city of more organized than many workplaces, with frequent appeals to the in place to be able to keep his queue number. The days then turned to throw the Frisbee, kick the football, play guitar, sing, sing and play games. Each day also begins with morning gymnastics so the body remains fresh and healthy.
– It is going very well. Everyone knows how to do and are very helpful, says Sigrid “1A” Langwagen that is first in line with Mathilda “2A” Edman, which can also be seen in the film about the Ullevi concert in 2014. She was also number two in the queue and the she was of course also when Hakan played in New York earlier this year.
– It is a good figure, I feel comfortable there.

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Sigrid had to be content with “just” queuing day before 2014 because she then was limited by a school trip. But this time, she takes revenge and will be at the until Saturday. on Sunday she expects instead to recover the back. Before the concerts, she hopes to hear songs that are not played as often as Long Roads and Just as Romeo. she also likes the new EP 1979th
– it’s amazing. it’s not like any other and has a completely different sound. I like that he made it his thing to do new things each time.

But no matter how much a person loves an artist. Does it really make sense to queue for a week for a concert? When the question is put to the people in place to meet the uncomprehending glances and a recurring answers.
– Queue really feels like the wrong word. There is something else this. You do not sit and wait, but you meet lots of new people and have fun, says Simon Lundgren, who is here with his sister Angelika Lundgren.

– There has been a disappointment as well. The queues are almost as good as the concert, says Johanna Stefan and daughter taking a break from the sun under an umbrella.

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The only black cloud köarna is actually when the day of the concert will and they should leave the Mountain King and instead begin to queue up outside the Ullevi Stadium. The queues which begins promptly at seven in the morning and then you have to be first. The risk is that people come and question the existing queue system. Of course provided that they dare to stand against a high strong-minded fans with numbers on their hands.

Last year, several hundred in place when Phase 2 of queuing began with two concerts this year will probably not be fewer this time.


Man shot slightly injured in Malmö – Norrköping Newspapers

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Suzanne Osten’s film gets 11-year limit – Västerbotten Courier

It eventually becomes the 11-year limit for Suzanne Osten’s controversial film “The girl, her mother and the demons.” This then Supreme Administrative Court before the weekend decided not to grant leave to appeal in the matter, writes Swedish Radio’s “New Culture”.

The decision puts an end to a conflict that lasted all spring. National Media Council decided in March that the film would get a 15-year limit. Suzanne Osten, who want the film to have the 11-year limit, appealed to the Administrative Court of Appeal and won. National mediated appealed in turn.

The Media Council did not meet with the Administrative Court of Appeal and then pushed the case to the Supreme Administrative Court. Throughout the process, the film had a 15-year limit.

“The girl, her mother and the demons” may, however, 15-year limit in Denmark, where the Danish Media Council, like the Swedish, claiming that several scenes in the film can be scary for younger children.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Rock Depressed death – Aftonbladet


This was too depressed worse.

Somewhere Hollywood Vampires , one of the reasons that in general training to be a rock journalist.

It is sometimes the most obvious nonsense, you never would have seen voluntarily, they remember best.

and is not it strange “supergroup” with Alice Cooper , guitarist Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Captain Jack Sparrow on the way and unforgettable way.

What is this something? Have the props from the funhouse moved out of the entertainment field’s concert scene?

The show consists of 98 percent of covers and is dedicated to the members packed and dead idols or friends.

The Who “My Generation” is to Keith Moon , “Come together” passed to John Lennon and George Harrison , “Whole Lotta love” has John Bonham in mind, “Manic depression” is a salute to the Jimi Hendrix , and so on. READ ALSO Here goes the star against Grona Lund

None, however, would have been surprised if it turned out that Joe Perry was sleepwalking behind its thick and bottle-bottom sunglasses. When he is not Amar in front of a Carol -fläkt in a vain pose, most of his clothes to be fluttering in a dramatic way, in a solo, he barely bothered to smash a guitar in the song five.

With great and weary indifference bash his instrument in the drum podium, again and again and again. It takes a while before the damn thing breaks and Pete Townshend -teatern ends. READ ALSO After the scandals: Depp is in Sweden

Alice Cooper is nothing much wrong, absolutely not. But often it sounds more like he recites aloud from rock guide the ABC than sings with empathy. View karaoke version of David Bowie “Rebel Rebel” as an example.

And Johnny Depp ? He has, after all, after being smuggled dogs to Australia and a particular attention divorce, become the show’s main character.

Well, he has a guitar down there on one leg or is it a limp balloon? A very reasonable question, given the way he treats his instrument.

Depp lullar around, a little aimlessly. He was pawing at their strings, lights a cigarillo and arguing with his lank shawl (fans insist blow tygtrasorna straight up in his face). READ ALSO Criticism before Depp’s Sweden-gig

To see Johnny pirate rock around with the dough in the knees and beat some slack riffs with a stiff arm in “Ace of Spades” is truly an experience.

the rest of the band, including the drummer Matt Sorum , seems pretty fun. They save some ways the concert from getting a wooden stake in the heart, while the three main characters meet all the prejudices of unworldly and bored rock vampires.

What, for example, sounds better than tonight’s version of “Train kept a-rollin ‘ “? A cordless drill.

The pre seemed to be a funny parody lowered the trio’s total lack of joy, self-irony and humor.

So when exactly ten colorful party balloons moloket bouncing around in the audience during encore “School’s out” die the old coat again, this time with a roller coaster in the background.

Let it never be resurrected.

that’s enough now. READ ALSO PLUS Bet hotel guard in the leg at the Stockholm tavern


Brilliant! Jönsson- league is reunited – Expressen

Here reunited Jönssonligan.

Gösta Ekman, Bjorn Gustafson and Ulf Brunnberg stood on stage together last Saturday at Grotescos finish.

the three colorful characters Charles-Ingvar “Sickan” Jönsson, played by Gösta Ekman and Vanheden, played by Ulf Brunnberg, and Dynamit-Harry, played by Bjorn Gustafson, are some of the all time most beloved characters in the Swedish movie.

on Saturday reunited “Jönssonligan” -skådespelarna at the conclusion of comedian group Grotescos show at Circus – any Henry Schyffert immortalized in the form of a picture on Facebook.

READ MORE: Jönssonligan – so went there late

“Jönssonligan” -trione reunited

the post writes Henry Schyffert:

” Henrik – you know jönssonligan? Henrik 13 years – yes, it is well damn clear I know !! Henry – I just want to tell you that 35 years you will share the stage with them on Grotescos end to the circus. Henrik is 13 years – * head explodes * “.

was last seen together at the end of the 80s

Gösta Ekman, Bjorn Gustafson and Ulf Brunnberg synthesis finally together in the late 80′s.

First “Jönssonligan” movie came out in 1981, “Warning Jönssonligan”. In total there are nine “Jönssonligan” movies in the original series but Gosta Ekman dropped out after “Jönssonligan in Mallorca” for the role of Martin Beck – after the defection came three more films.

– We know each other inside and out, has Ulf Brunnberg previously said about his colleague Gösta Ekman and then continued:

– then there was the Peter Haber, and then there was Stellan Skarsgard and Johan Ulveson. But it was nice and good too. But it will never be the same.

READ MORE: Tragedies and sadness after “Jönssonligan”

Get the new film last year

Last year it came out a reboot: “Jönssonligan – the perfect heist.” The role of Charles Ingvar Jönsson played by Simon J. Berger, Vanheden played by Alexander Karim and Dynamit-Harry was played by Torkel Petersson.

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Anything is better than to turn off the emotions – Swedish Dagbladet


237 s. Övers: Anneli Axén

a honesty of this type threaten order,” said Chris Kraus friend, the poet David Rattray. It is precisely the kind of urjobbiga honesty that we find in Kraus cult classic from 1997, “I love Dick.” Now, the American book – which also recently received a British distribution – in Swedish, translated by Annelie Axen. The ambiguous American original title is still there, and it’s good. A dirty joke, a dick joke that set the tone for the text’s cape – and humor.

The autobiographical book is about the experimental filmmaker Chris Kraus, who lives with her much older husband Sylvère Lotringer. He is a popular French cultural theorist with remarkably good taste in women: the past, he has been with the feminist icon Kathy Acker. Chris is approaching 40 and is disappointed in their poor sex life, but also the loss of artistic recognition. As long as she is with Sylvère she is smothered in the role of his wife, a constant “plus one”.

Chris supplied by her husband’s money while she was doing her art. She is a feminist and Marxist but also a pragmatist: “Was there anyone who was free in late capitalism?” She negotiates up his lecture fees and invest the money in real estate that they rent out.

A day hits the pair cultural theorist Dick (as in real unit named Dick Hebdige). His cowboy mannerisms and vagabond-reeking alcoholic tendencies are in stark contrast to the Jewish, hyper-intellectual couple. He is the body, they are words. Something about him makes the dams that had enclosed Chris sexual desire shortcomings. She hit the psychosis-like state called new love. She loves Dick.

Together with her husband, she begins to write letters to Dick. First short, tentative, but soon more and more intense lyrics, full of “masturbatorisk passion”. She writes lying on your back, with your computer over him like a lover.

The letters are not sent at once, but they create a game that “is real, and even better than reality “. They remind me of the long literary tradition in which male writers are projecting their desire and their perceptions of good looking girls: Breton’s Nadja or Henry Miller Mona / June. Taking the liberty of making some of the objects of his desire is also a way of exercising power. And just sexual power is like a constant shadow over the text, where Chris Masters, even though she is the submissive, dependent. While she still had sex with her husband, there was a BDSM elements in the relationship, and it is not possible to ignore the meeting with Dick. Sylvères letter to rival Dick gets that sent from an intellectual cuckold , the term for men who are turned on by seeing his woman to be with others.

Dick turns out to be exactly the person Kraus think that he is. A pig – or, in English: a dick . The following day they finally had sex he treats her like a trash bag to be thrown out. But instead of defending themselves against the female-coded humiliation brought her, go Kraus into the feeling. She reminds the reader that those who admit their feelings – even the ones that make us who weakest – showing more strength than the rods of them.

The line between text-based art and poetry , between performance and theater, film and video art, sound art and music has become so fine that it is sometimes impossible to discern. It is something we have become accustomed, but “I love Dick” who then came out almost two decades ago is prophetic: this is the post-internet art from a time before social media even existed. Kraus himself calls his book “performative philosophy,” a performance that has become text. But it is just as easy to speak of it as a genre autofiction or a case study of erotic obsession. And in a time when artistic expression overlap as venn diagrams feels “I love Dick” hyper-date.

Chris has not previously been able to write since she compromised so much in life that it is impossible for her to “take a position “. As she writes, she is not only in love with Dick – but also in his own voice. Letters released in a diary-like form, where it is unclear whether DD stands for “Dear Dick” or the abbreviation commonly used: “Dear Diary”. The letters also moves ever further beyond the love relationship, to ideas about art and feminism. (There is also a section on an American lawyer on hunger strike to rescue her husband who belongs to the Maya people, who receive the reading to drop in tempo.)

The book says Chris Kraus that her role model is Hannah Wilke, the artist who transformed such that irritated her artwork, which “seemed so awkward while she was alive.” This is precisely what is so wonderful with the “I love Dick,” that its authors to fully embrace weaknesses, see their strength and power potential.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Major shortcomings in Gotland defense experts say – Sveriges Radio

– To begin with, all of Gotland, they can not even defend at all. We are talking about a single place, Slite Visby airport or port or something like that, Karlis Neretnieks, a former director of the Gotland Regiment and the director of the National Defence University.

Defence experts Caliber have talked to are particularly critical that there is anti-aircraft and artillery on the island.

So the crisis, anti-aircraft coming from Halmstad and artillery Constance. Even those soldiers who can run battle Gotland 14 tanks have to go to the island from the mainland.

Karlis Neretnieks do not think you can defend Gotland until these strengths come.

– Nah, you can defend a place for shorter or longer. It would be enough to supply connections to Gotland, it is not. For all the supplies that we will try to do in a place like position, the Board will also be tackled, says Neretnieks.

The defense of Gotland is a fraction of what it looked like at cold war. Since 6000 could longtime soldiers, employees, and that made military service, quickly mobilized.

2018 will be 160 professional soldiers and the Home Guard 460 to Gotland. And so the 140 temporary workers who must get to the island. Thus, about one-tenth as many troops on the island.

One billion spent on rebuilding a defense of Gotland and it is part of the 10 billion that the Armed Forces have been in extra funding over the period 2016-2020. Furthermore invested SEK 780 million to build a new garrison.

Caliber has called out Armed Forces’ own analysis of how defense capabilities will with the extra additions. The document we have got out is largely masked. But not all. So here it is:

“Risk-taking is too large relative to the opportunities to meet different courses of events. This is particularly evident with respect to information in the higher levels of conflict.”

This means that Sweden has continued difficult defending the country in war and conflict.

Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist not exclude that there will be more focus on the defense of the island.

Can battlegroup Gotland as it is designed now defend the island at an attack?

– the battlegroup can of course once it is completed to constitute something that is raising the threshold, which is an aggravating factor for a potential attacker. And that lead was also of course we have a completely different preparedness opportunity on the island. So I think this is an important investment. Then if this is the end point, it is well to early to say. But I think after all that this issue will be very relevant in the next defense preparation also Gotland, says Peter Hultqvist.


Let’s Dance “ELISA become musical star – Aftonbladet

Elisa Lindstrom’s dance band singer who recently took home all the Let’s Dance “.

Now it’s time for the next challenge – the musical star.
– Maria been my dream role for many years, she says.

dance band Elisa’s where Elisa Lindstrom is the frontman has taken a break. The members would have time to fulfill their own dreams after intense year of touring. After winning “Let’s Dance” takes Elisa now step into the musical world. She has been given the role of Mary in the classic musical “The Sound of Music,” writes Entertainment Theatre in Malmo in a press release.
– It feels great. Maria has been my dream role for many years. I have long dreamed of playing musical but have not done it before. It’s very flattering to have had a major role, first you get. I love the challenges, she said.

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Elisa Lindstrom says she can identify with Mary.
– I think we have a lot of similarities. She is very happy and starts music shows with the kids. This ingenuity with the launching of musical project is a little self. She is very happy and I think that I am also.

Participation in the “Let’s Dance” has been a contributing factor to that she dared to say yes.
– I feel that I will have great from having been in the “Let’s dance”. Especially when it comes to working with the body and not just your voice.

The premiere is not until 2017 at Nöjesteatern in Malmo. Rehearsals kicks off next summer.
– So I have a year for me to do other things. I shall, inter alia out and play in the summer and then I try to write new music, she says.

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TV superstar took Umeå – Västerbotten Courier

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Height safety before Depp Sweden gig – Expressen

The last few days have been turbulent for Johnny Depp because he is accused of assaulting his wife, Amber Heard.

On Monday, he stands on stage at Grona Lund – and the amusement park now met by criticism from visitors.

At the same time increase the security for the Hollywood Vampires concert.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard goes parted ways after 15 months of marriage. Amber Heard should have been the one who took the initiative when she submitted an application for divorce.

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp to several times during the brief marriage to have abused her, and on Friday issued a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp .

she has appeared in court with obvious bruises on his face, and to have shown up several images from various occasions when she claims to have been beaten by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp has have not commented on the accusations – but his lawyer, Laura Wasser, said that the accusations are false.

READ MORE: Amber Heard appealed in vain for help

Grona Lund-visitor calls for a boycott

After the last days of turbulence agrees with Johnny Depp on stage at Grona Lund in Stockholm tomorrow, Monday, along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, the band Hollywood Vampires.

Now meet Grona Lund criticism from visitors at this event.

“What is the Green grove to the woman abuser?” writes one person.

“I’m boycotting …” writes another person and refers to an article about the accusations.

“Do you take any position Grönan against it brought to light? I hope in any case, that as many as possible to do the right thing and boycott. Away with abusive men who maintain their careers while battered and abused women have their careers ruined! ” writes another person.

Annika Troselius: “renounces all violence”

Grona Lund has responded to criticism on Facebook. Annika Troselius, press officer at Grona Lund:

– First I want to say that Grona Lund obvious renounces all violence. But while we can not judge anyone beforehand. Everyone is innocent until proven. Of course you can express their views and criticisms to us, we read everything and try to respond to that as well. Obviously you have the right as a guest to choose if you want to come to the concert or not, she says.

READ MORE: Here’s the evidence against Johnny Depp

increased safety for the Hollywood Vampires concert

Despite the visitor’s call to boycott counts Grona Lund with it will be one of the major concerts held in the summer at the amusement park.

Therefore, raising the security – extra security guards brought in.

– this is probably one of the biggest concerts we will have in the summer, and I think it will be one of the most visited too. Safety is always high on the agenda of Grona Lund. We have a close cooperation with the police, to such large concerts we also take up extra security guards and concert hosts. Safety always comes first for us, says Annika Troselius.

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Vanessa Paradis on his 14 years with Depp: “Never be violent” – Aftonbladet

Johnny Depp is supported by a for instance.

Now, says Vanessa Paradis about his relationship with the actor.

– Johnny has never been physically violent to me, she writes in a letter to TMZ taken note of.

on Saturday went Johnny Depp ex-wife Lori Anne Allison to the actor’s defense. Now he has the support of his most recent ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis .

The site TMZ has taken note of a letter from the Paradise, where she writes about her relationship with the actor.

Just as Allison argues that Paradis Depp is a loving man who never hurt anyone. And Amber Heard story is fictional and that the allegations are “outrageous”.

– In all these years I’ve known Johnny, he has never been physically violent towards me. It does not match with the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years, she writes in the letter of May 27

The French singer Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp were together between 1998 and 2012. Together they have children Lily-Rose , 17, and Jack ; 14.

Shortly after the couple broke up confirmed Depp and Heard their love for each other.

on Sunday also broke the daughter Lily-Rose silence. On his Instagram, she published an old picture of himself and his father. The text next describes her lovingly Depp.

– My father is the kindest and most loving person I know. He has not been anything but a wonderful father to me and my little brother. Everyone who knows him would say the same, she writes.

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Chinese theme park is challenging Disney – Västerbotten Courier

The new Chinese amusement park Wanda Park has a clear goal: to challenge the theme park giant Disney.

Behind Wanda Park, which opened its doors in Nanchang in southeastern China on Saturday, is the Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin. The gigantic theme park focusing on Chinese culture and Wang is confident that Disney, which will soon open its fourth theme park in China, not a threat.

– Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck fly is over. It was years since we blindly followed Disney’s every move, he said in Chinese TV week, writes the BBC.

Wang is planning a total of 15 parks in the style of Wanda City before 2020.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

No more Bond films Mendes – Västerbotten Courier

There will be no more James Bond films of Sam Mendes, who directed the last “Spectre” and “Skyfall”.

– It was an amazing adventure. I loved every second of it, but I think it’s time for someone else, he says the literary festival Hay in Wales according to The Guardian.

After the “Skyfall” said Mendes contrary no to make yet another movie in series. But he repented and did “Spectre”.

It is not clear if the actor Daniel Craig will make the role of Agent 007 for a fifth time.

Sam Mendes is in addition to the two recent Bond films including directed “American Beauty,” which he won an Oscar, and “Revolutionary Road” as a ploy three Oscars at the gala in 2009.


‘Glee’ profile prosecuted for barnporrrbrott – Expressen

During a search last year found thousands of pornographic images of “Glee” star Mark Salling.

Now prosecuted actor for child porn crimes, writes TMZ.

He faces up to 20 years in prison.

It was last December that a search was carried out in “Glee” star Mark Sallings residence, after a tip from a former girlfriend of actor. The police will then have found more than a thousand images on his computer and then arrested Mark Salling suspicion of child pornography offenses.

Mark Salling prosecuted for child pornography offenses

Now prosecuted him with two counts of child pornography crimes, writes TMZ. Mark Salling now risk up to 20 years in prison, writes the site.

READ MORE: Salling has been arrested for child pornography

was sued by ex-girlfriend

Mark Salling also sued last year by an ex-girlfriend when he was accused of having abused her sexually. Among other things, she accused him of having forced her to have unprotected sex. When she tried to confront him, he pushed her down to the ground so that she injured her knees, she claimed then.

But the atmosphere ended in conciliation and Mark Salling was forced to pay $ 2.7 million. Mark Salling has admitted he got former girlfriend to fall and hurt themselves after having been negligent.

Mark Salling is best known for his role as Noah “Puck” Puckerman in the TV series “Glee” which aired between 2009 and 2015.

READ MORE: Glee actress is engaged to musician

Name from “Glee” – was shaken by the death

Around two years before the last episode aired shaken “Glee” of a death. The Canadian actor Cory Monteith was one of the big stars in the TV series – the summer of 2013 he was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver.

He checked into the hotel 6 July and would have left it at a later time . When he did not leave the hotel in time, the hotel staff went into his room and found him dead, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Later, it emerged that Cory Monteith died from an overdose. Cory Monteith hailed even in the very last episode of the series.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

TV star åtals for child porn crimes – Aftonbladet

Actor Mark Salling åtals now for child porn crimes, writes TMZ.

“Glee” star now risk up to 20 years in prison.

It was last year that Mark Salling , 33, was arrested after a search warrant. The actor’s computer, police found thousands of child pornography images and movies. Salling could later released on bail.

But now the case has become topical again. According to the site TMZ åtals now Salling two counts of child porn offenses. The site writes that the actor risks a prison sentence of between five and 20 years. READ ALSO The man behind “Glee” to create a better world

“Glee” star was also accused of forcing his former lover Roxanne Gorzela to unprotected sex and then assaulted her.

the two later was settled and Salling paid a compensation of 2.7 million dollars.

Mark Salling is best known for his role as Noah “Puck” Puckerman in the TV series “Glee.” READ ALSO “Glee” stars get married in secret


Amber Heard: I was beaten by Depp – Aftonbladet

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp for having abused her.

In the right appeared the actress up with pictures of herself bruised, writes TMZ.

Depp has now imposed with access and contact injunctions.

the divorce between actor couple Amber Heard , 30, and Johnny Depp , 52, takes a new turn. Heard now accuses Depp for having abused her several times.

The actress showed off a picture in court, where she has a bruise around the eye. According to her, should Depp, on Saturday, throwing her cell phone in her face, pulled her hair and hit her. Depp must also destroyed several objects in their house with the help of a large wine bottle.

The friend alerted police

The tumult must have occurred when the Heard talked on the phone with a friend, who in turn heard the drama and was able to call police. But when the police came to the home to be Johnny Depp have left the place. According to them, it should not have been any sign that Heard beaten.

Depp should have offered Heard money to keep quiet but Heard refused. Instead, she responded by sending in an application for divorce.

But it is not only time violence should have occurred in the relationship. In court, it emerged that Depp appeared “drunk and high” at Heard’s birthday party last month. After the guests left, the couple quarreled. Depp then threw a champagne bottle in the wall and a wine glass against Heard. She also claims that he pushed her down on the bed and threw her down on the floor.

broke down

Right now imposed Johnny Depp an access and contact injunctions until 17 June when the parties should be heard in court again. Heard applied for the ban when there was a risk that he hurt her again.

Depp’s representative denies the violence and says the allegations are fabricated.

During the negotiations did Heard claim the couple’s home their Range rover and their two dogs Boo and gun.

Shortly after the actress left the law she broke up. According to TMZ should be Heard initially seen unmoved until she got into the waiting car.

Johnny Depp was not present in court when he was in Portugal for a concert with his band Hollywood vampires. On Monday, the band plays at Grona Lund in Stockholm.

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Elisa Lindstrom makes musical role – Västerbotten Courier

The Star Dance Band Elisa Lindstrom gets the lead role as Maria when the musical “Sound of Music” is set up in Malmo next fall, according to Sydsvenskan. Elisa Lindstrom has frontat dance band Elisa seven years, singing in the contest, competed in “Clash of the Choirs” and she recently won the “Let’s Dance” in TV4.

The classic “The Sound of Music” by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein had premiered in 1959 and adapted for the screen in 1965 with Julie Andrews in the lead role. Earlier, including Carola and Pernilla Wahlgren starred in Swedish sets.

Anders Aldgård directs the new set will premiere on Nöjesteatern in Malmo on 29 September. The rest of the cast is not known.


Rod Stewart at the Globe – The voice has matured as a whiskey but the show is sluggish – Today’s News


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Simple and effective film debut – Göteborgs-Posten

Review: Family Secrets hurt her daughter

“If you’re living a lie from an average human take immediate happiness from him.”
It is a key point in Henrik Ibsen’s tragic play the Wild Duck from 1884. There is also a description of the Australian film daughter, directed by Simon Stone. the film is based on an updated and acclaimed stage version of the very wild duck, as Stone did for the theater Belvoir in Sydney five years ago. It’s just like the model a story about how the lies of a family hurt the young generation. And how not even the mighty, he who believes himself above the rules, can not escape the truth.
in the film version is the teenage girl Hedvig in the center. She is blissfully unaware of the great secret lurking in the dense spruce forest as a forgotten my, anytime ready to explode. Around her is her father Oliver sawmill worker, and her mother Charlotte, who is a teacher. But even his grandfather, who lives a solitary life after coming out of a prison sentence. They share a love of injured animals, including a duck, they have built a protective conservatories to.
When we come into the movie has been put sawmill. It is a hard blow for the small community, and Charlotte’s family.
Owner Henry coldly played by Geoffrey Rush, is the only one that is strong from the closure. He will marry his much younger fiancee. Just in time for the wedding, his adult son, Christian, childhood friend of Oliver, reluctantly returned home after living in the US for many years. He ends up in a difficult situation when he finds out who Hedvig’s real father is. Should he tell the truth to avenge his father, or should he keep quiet and maintain friendship with Oliver?
It is a type of drama that is made ever more frequently, with a large and renowned ensemble that portrays a story of life and death. And much is just so touching and strong as one might expect of an adaptation of the play that coined the word life lie. Odessa Young’s increasingly tormented filterless face reflects how the world around her crack. And Ewen Leslie, her father, shows the presence and warmth what it is to discover that one has lived his life as someone’s puppet.
Ibsen wrote in existentialist questions in his play, directly influenced by the philosopher Kierkegaard. Is it really worth to reveal things that only cause harm? Or is every man’s right to know the truth about their origins in order to live an authentic life? The film deepens never themes. Too much cinematic energy leaks from Paul Schneider, hardly impressive as Christian. His talkative pain will never be mine.
But that film debut considered giving daughter wanting more. It is a simple and effective story that confirms that the recent boost to the Australian film continues.

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How good is “Hello, my name is Doris” – Expressen

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rod Stewart: Malmö Arena 26/5. – Helsingborgs Dagblad

The squares can never really out. Rod Stewart performed with twelve more or less talented, more or less anonymous fellow musicians on Mamo Arena. Photo: Patrick Persson

Rod Stewart reached Malmo, with a show that right soon and very clearly presented himself as a traveling salesman from Las Vegas. Well, it was noticeable that for a while was stationary in Vegas: the decor, lavish listings, attitude and lightweight hollow luxury but luxury nonetheless.

The Americans’ final season in 2018 – Västerbotten Courier

The acclaimed spy series “The Americans” will have two more seasons – then the history of the family Jennings over. This was announced by television company FX Networks on Wednesday, reports Deadline.

A 13 episodes long fifth season will be sent next year, while the sixth and final season, with ten sections, to be sent 2018th

“It is hard to understand that we are on the way to the final sprint of ‘the americans’. We are so grateful that we get to tell this story to the end, “says the show’s executive producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields in a statement quoted by the site.

” The Americans “whose first season premiered in 2013, playing the lead roles of, among others, Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Holly Taylor and Keidrich Sellati.


Patti Smith come to the Book Fair – Göteborgs-Posten

Patti Smith. Picture: Picture: Adam Ihse

The artist, painter and writer Patti Smith come to the Book Fair in September.

– of course it is great to Patti Smith comes here and then as an author and talk about their literature. I think this is the first time in Sweden, says Daniel Levin, who is the program manager for Book & amp; Library.

At the Book Fair met Patti Smith and former Archbishop KG Hammmar in a conversation with the title Life, art and love according to Patti Smith. They will also pay a part of the conversation to their common interest in the Dag Hammarskjöld tankebok Road.

Patti Smith’s big break came in 1975 with the album Horses, which she also performed in its entirety during the last year Way out West at Slottsskogen.

2015 came her book M Train on Swedish, a follow up on the soul autobiography Just Kids, which dealt with the relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and the dream of becoming a singer. IM Train she reflects over minnnen and dreams and writes about the grief for her husband Fred “Sonic” Smith.

GP critic Johan Lindqvist wrote about M Train to “about Just Kids was a stringent, autobiographical developing story of how the young Patti Smith allowed himself electrified by New York City’s M Train a deliberately messy tankebok to continue to glow and develop while you have to accept that both the highways, and friends are becoming fewer and fewer. the grief, longing and the stark realization that no one stops whatever she returns to. “

the Book Fair will be held september 22 to 25. The conversation between Patti Smith and KG Hammar held on Thursday 22 September.