Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kim Kardashian is not recognized on the cover – Expressen

After nude cover – now Kim Kardashian back on the front page.

But fans do not recognize the reality star, who is now significantly påpälsad.

“It was crazy,” writes Kardashian herself on the shoot on his Instagram.

Kim Kardashian trying to crack the Internet in 2014 by posing nude for Paper Magazine.

The network might got a blow, but any crash was never. Now Kim is back on a new cover – and trying a new tactic. For the next issue of the magazine Love posing star sharply påpälsad in vintage clothing and Prada.

“We photographed for three consecutive days at a motel in LA. One night at 04,” writes Kardashian on his Instagram where she also shows up cover.

Overall, there will be over 30 pictures of the reality star. But fans have already reacted strongly – as they barely recognize her.

“Who is this? Wait! It’s Kim Kardashian!” writes, among other celebrity site Perez Hilton.

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